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A Dragon's finest treasure [Maple]

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Voda river, the lush landscape that surrounded the riverbanks made for an environment that the principalities had long desired to claim as their own territory, and after the campaign from her order she had successfully conquered the surrounding region.

The settlements had all joined under Illingrad's rulership, and in return received peace and prosperity. These that opposed them? They were turned into an example, a reminder of what would happen to those who didn't know their place in the world.

It was not that surprising that some of the factions opposing the prince had painted her as a tyrannical warmonger, and perhaps in their eyes she was truly a 'Tyrant Dragon', but there was a side to her that only few people knew about.

Thanks to the safety that was found in the abundance of the order's presence she felt safe enough to invite Maple over, but even now Ryuko was not entirely certain what the half-elf thought about the recent events. Perhaps that was why she wanted to talk to Maple, to hopefully convey that the woman she adored so much was still there, behind the conflicts and hunger for power.

She had been seated at the riverbank, her legs quietly swaying back and forth in the water as she watched the lush green landscape. Nature, pure and unchained nature that had been allowed to coexist along civilization. There was not the typical desire of mortals for expansion, because in this case people had come to respect the bounty that nature gave them.

"Maple?" Ryuko called out, wondering if the half-elf was nearby.


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If Maple even heard of all of things that had happen recent was a good question, Maple's major flaw she never kept up with a lot of events, bring Maple places was merely guided by Ryuko to go some where, when she was left to her own devices she just merely existed in anywhere woods related, unless these things came to her. Maple was most likely not gonna know unless there was a rare chance she went to the towns close by to find something. Most of the time Maple could be left in a peaceful section of woods entirely be safe from what goes on around her unless something was trying to find her intentionally.

With luck, Maple was left in area far away from any conflict and war calling her there was most likely a safe thing unless people started letting things slip to the things going on. The quiet nature area seemed almost like she was not there at all. Ryuko could have expected this Maple was more adapted to nature enough that she seemingly was not there.

When calling for Maple, It would be a few minutes but she would eventually show up. Maple as always was just a happy woman. Calling for Maple upon in which the few minutes passed. When Maple seemingly just popped out of nowhere from behind Ryuko, Wrapped both her arms around her and seemed to kiss Ryuko twice on the right cheek of her face and rested against it like it was nothing and seemed to just stay there.


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Maple's sudden emergence brought a genuine smile onto her lips as she felt Maple leaning against her back, the warmth of her embrace, the gentle kisses on her cheek and the way she was resting her cheek against hers... It truly soothed the turmoil in her mind.

The dragon girl's tail swished lightly around Maple, coiling around her back as Ryuko turned around in the half-elf's embrace and leaned against her, one kiss on the lips, two on her cheek as she attempted to gently guide Maple onto the grass, and then she simply stayed there, hugging her wife.

"Maple my dear... I have been thinking." She paused, attempting to decide on the best way to convey the meaning of her words. "I'm not sure if you heard about the recent events. War is brewing in this land, a war from which I stirred the embers of conflict. It might be difficult to imagine, the gruesome actions I performed so far. Some might say they were all for the sake of power, and they would be partly correct. I desire power, but the reason behind it is far different than what one might think."

She closed her eyes, nuzzling against her lover as she continued. "I seek power to unite my people, and to become capable of protecting that which I hold dearest. When the gods send their champions to kill me I was determined, but also scared they would one day target you. And that is the one thing I can't allow. Never will I permit for this to become a world without you by my side."

She paused, a hand raised to Maple's cheek as she attempted to caress it tenderly. "It is for that reason I hope you will be willing to remain at my side, even after I formed the Dragon Order. I know you like nature, which is why I made the headquarters of my order here of all places. But there will be times you hear things... terrible things, but I want you to know that even if there is truth in these things, I am still me. I still love you more than anything in this world. And neither have I forgotten our promise~ Although I guess you didn't expect to get a castle when you agreed to become my wife~"

A playful wink followed as she leaned in to kiss Maple once more, asking softly. "Maybe once things calm down we can think about building a family together~"


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At least for how seeming sheltered Maple was, the reality of war and conflict was not something she was most likely numb too, in some manner Maple seemingly just had been able to deal with it all being out of the way. But this is the kind of world that most like she assumed was ,ere;y the cycle of human, Another part of most likely why she merely often just stayed in the woods. But at least seemingly for now most of this did not seem to bother her.

Guiding Maple was easy she was not resisting, most likely because there was not a reason too. Maple was in no threat and she over all was okay but lead to the grass seemed to be simple. But over Maple seemed content with how. She merely seemed to listen what was going on it was not really seemingly unsure what all was entirely needed to be said by her right away.

Since all she could do is ponder over all how long this could last, Even if it would be a safe idea even until all of these things were done."The only thing you need to over worry about is my safety."Maple did mention of since well she could do so much but knowing when throwing a large scale situation as this no doubt these people might get an idea knowing some one existing such as Maple. but knowing this there was mos likely a plann already in mind.


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Ryuko nodded her head gently in response to Maple's words. To protect Maple... It was the very reason she had been working so hard to become more powerful, to attain the means to protect her beloved against any and all threats. "mhmm~ I will do my utmost to ensure you'll be safe." A hand gently rested against Maple's cheek, her fingers brushing tenderly against it. "Despite the fact that my ambitions are proceeding well, it will still be a while before this country is truly peaceful. It is for that reason I been thinking of a way to ensure I'm by your side at all times. Certainly, I could just leave one of my retainers to watch over your safety but... you're too precious to me, to the point it is a responsibility I would only grant to myself."

As she stated these words she nuzzled a bit closer to Maple, enjoying the peace and comfort that came with the half-elf her presence. It really put her mind at ease, knowing she could come here and bask in that affectionate warmth without the constant concerns and worries plaguing her mind. "Say Maple..." She paused for a moment, thinking of the next part. "How old does your kin usually become?"


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While they both stood there in there embrace there was seemingly peace in mind for Maple while then both seemingly rested upon the cheeks of each other faces. While Maple seemed very away from the world and not seemingly in tune with a fair amount of things going on. Maple was smart in she was not a fool."Just one question, Just how dangerous and willing is your foe? how far are they willing to take things?"A half elf in the forest who never lived with people normally seems that in which was what made Maple different she knew that things might work differently in these matters.

Retainers, Ryuko herself even. All of these did not seemed to be a lingering worry in Maple while it came to Ryuko's schemes after all she had to mention."But keep in mind, you might want to be here for me...But leaders must take to the field eventually, All Dragon must leave their hordes eventually."It seemed the reality of these things was something Maple had been able to understand for a while. She was adjusting well in her some what new life.

To answer that question."While I am the only half elf in my family. Any information, I had learned I could live up to 400 years."Maple answered. Maybe that was another thing Maple almost felt like was a problem she could live up to 400 years and see the family that did at one point some what reject her and tried to love her die of old age.

But alas she had to wonder while putting both of her hands on Ryuko's hips and giving her a kiss on the right cheek."Why do you ask?"She mentioned out of wonder for what the question come up.


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Ryuko nodded her head firmly. "It is unlikely that Druringrad would target you. They would know that provoking me in such a severe way would lead to their downfall in a far more horrifying manner than war could cause." Indeed, should one had been foolish enough to harm Maple, or worse... She would not rest until every party responsible and associated with them would have experienced true terror... But she shook her head lightly. A smile lingered upon her lips as she heard Maple's concern. "It is true that a leader needs to take to the battlefield sometime, but fortunately I have my means of ensuring I'd return to your side before the end of the day." Indeed, she had plenty of tricks at her disposal for that, but when Maple asked about the age part Ryuko's cheeks turned a scarlet hue.

"I... I wanted to make you a proposal. You see, us dragons have a certain longevity to them and if desired I could likely find a way to pass on that gift to you as well. However, I... planned to suggest that for when umm..." She seemed far more bashful as she whispered into Maple's ear. "We work toward bringing a child into this world." But she insisted on quickly correcting herself "But before that could happen I would want to introduce you properly to the world, not just as the woman I love, the most precious being to me in all of Earthland... but also as my wife."

She nodded her head firmly at her declaration. "It is for that reason that once the war is over I will devote myself to being at your side~"


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At least for now, These names are not really one she knew of yet. For Maple's short comings was she really didn't look into these things. Not yet anyway. It was another things over time."You merely think that now, Are you not worried some one will eventually wish to change that?"Who knew she was some what forward thinking, As everything could change it was entirely possible of things to happen.

But Maple most likely not dumb to the realities of what and what could happen they just never mattered to her and she figured if it ever happen she would die first. But would not openly admit it. While Ryuko seemed to have been turning more shades of red Maple seemed to not pay it much mind at this time.

But Maple seemed to just merely enjoy her bonding time with Ryuko continuing what she had to say Maple went back to being Maple, the only thing so far expected of her, Resting her head upon one of Ryuko's shoulders listening with her eyes closed.

Was Maple going to answer quickly? not entirely it seemed in her mind normal life events she should have expected to come."What do you mean by these gifts?"It sounded very vague. After all gifts could be many things, A simple answer was just over all just open ended."Rushing into things are we? It seems some things I have done with you in the world has given you a new outlook in life."

But Maple in some manner might feel like she was worthy in some manner."While a child is something manageable, Hardly feel like need to parade me around to show whom I am...but that might just be me."Sure Maple was able to handle the spotlight but it almost seemed she viewed it as unneeded, Most likely she could talked otherwise.


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Ryuko couldn't help but worry a little about Maple's concern. All things considered the dragon lady did understand the concern that someone might want to try to disrupt her plans by targeting Maple, especially if they knew just how much she adored the half-elf. Perhaps it would be safer to remain careful and secretive about their bond?

When asked about the gifts Ryuko's cheeks remained scarlet in hue as she whispered softly. "I mean, I could bestow onto you the same longevity as the rest of my kin, but that is only if it is something you would long for yourself. It is a choice I wouldn't force upon you."

Yet the words that followed made her exclaim excitedly: "So a child would be okay?!" Quickly correcting her demeanor her flustered reaction turned into a more serene one as she returned Maple's embrace. "You're right, there is no reason or need to 'parade' you around, as long as you know just how much I love you, then that is all I could possibly ask for. Well, alongside that bit we talked about earlier~"

A soft hum followed as she leaned back to look at Maple, her expression far softer than what most mortals would ever see from her. "I know I saw this so much already, but I never get tired of doing it: I love you so much Maple~"


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Maybe this was just the equal parts thinking of having Maple around, She thought of her own means to live compared to just being a public spotlight.But she was not shying away from being shown. But mentioned it as a means to get her to think. Since Ryuko was actually thinking about it now. Maple would now get her to relax a bit. Rather then still resting her head on Ryuko's shoulder she changed it around for Ryuko's head on her own shoulder and casually just continued going on about what they where doing.

Even rubbing her back slightly."I will consider the offer, But if the forest and nature did teach me. Nature balance of life and death is important even if we can control how long. We can not avoid what can come."I was interesting to realize how smart Maple was. she saw so many things differently.

It was all about how lives balance out and Ryuko being happy seemed to be something Maple did not mind trying to get work."It is normal with bonding to eventually lead to parent hood."She's a silly forest hippie who was really pretty she sure was prepared for a lot of thing to possibly happen in her life. Almost like in some manner it was entirely a dream she was hoping for. But with her content smile she merely mentioned."I would not have agreed to such things, If I did not love you too."It was pure love seemingly from this woman going about this.


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Ryuko nodded her head gently at Maple's words, the fact she was willing to at least consider the offer made the dragon girl happy. She knew all too well that it was a difficult choice, one that would require some careful thinking and consideration for the future. The smile, the words that followed filled Ryuko with such joy and pride that she gently leaned in to kiss Maple's lips, indeed... this was a love born between equals, there were no games, no deception, it was simply the truth: Ryuko loved Maple, and Maple loved Ryuko in return. a bond born from mutual affection of each other, a bond that grew stronger by the day.

Of course, the dragon girl did have her own ways of expressing said love, for her hands sneakily went back to Maple's pillows to give them a playful squeeze, and soon inquired with a smile. "I have nothing planned for the rest of the day~ How about I show you just how much I love you my dearest Maple?"

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