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Kerii Virrel

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Name: Atani "Kerii" Virrel

Age: 20 | May 14, X767

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Caelese

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Hierophant

Race: Wood Elf

Rank: B-rank

Guild: Lamia Scale

Tattoo: Green - Left shoudler

Face: Princess Zelda - Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Height: 170 cm/5’7”

Weight: 62 kg/136 lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Overall: Kerii, like most Wood Elves, has a slender and graceful build, yet still has visible curves. She is fair skinned, without a single blemish on it. As with most elves and mages, Kerii is fit, partly due to good genes, but largely attributed to the training she had done practically her whole life. She has long blonde hair that reaches down to her waist. She styles it in various fashions, ranging from updoes to just wearing it down. As far as clothing goes, Kerii tries to keep her clothing practical, but also somewhat stylish at the same time. She rarely dresses up too fancily, but generally wears something better than a simple t-shirt and jeans.

Extra: --


Personality: Kerii is not shy, but she is quite introverted. She doesn't have any issues meeting other people, but she would rather stay at home than go out to a party or even the guild hall if it's rather crowded. If she does end up going somewhere like that, she'll end up feeling as if her energy was drained from just being there.

Despite being rather introverted and generally disliking being around a lot of people, she does like them. At least, she likes helping them in any way possible. She is a very caring person - a great trait to have for a healer. She will help anyone in need, even if it means putting herself in harm's way to do so which can unfortunately end up being her fatal flaw.

Kerii is also a very trustworthy person. She very rarely tells a lie unless it’s either for the greater good (or simply because she wants to keep her private life a secret), and when she tells the truth, she's usually very blunt about it. Doing otherwise, in her opinion, would be just as bad as lying.

Nobody's perfect. Kerii is both impatient and impulsive. She doesn't like waiting and also tends to act before she thinks. Of course, when necessary, she can develop a plan, but otherwise will not and will dive right into something without a well thought out plan. Despite being impatient though, Kerii is also quite obsessive when it comes to treating illnesses or injuries. That is the one thing she will never become impatient about. She takes both illnesses and injuries seriously and will make sure that each one is treated with precision and perfection, up to the point where it sometimes looks like she's obsessing over it.


  • Nature: Being a Wood Elf, Kerii has an undeniably close connection with nature. She much prefers to be outside whenever she can, rather than being cooped up indoors.
  • Books: Even as a young child, Kerii has always been a huge bookworm. When she's not doing research or going on a quest, you can almost always find her reading a novel of any genre.


  • The Tathvirs: Her mother's side of the family has all but set up Kerii's life for failure when Riniya made a contract with Ëala, and for that she resents them.
  • Pride: One of the most distasteful traits, in Kerii's opinion, is having too much pride. There is nothing wrong with having dignity, but when one's pride gets in the way of doing something, it becomes very irritating.


  • Getting Rid of Ëala: Riniya made a contract with the spirit named Ëala in an attempt for more power. When she tried to get rid of it, the spirit moved to the next female in line, and eventually made its way into Kerii, and has since tried to corrupt her. Kerii wants to get rid of Ëala, but in a way that it doesn't harm anyone else in her family.


  • Amnesia: Kerii has lost pieces of her memory twice. The second time, she lost even more than the first, and is terrified to find out how much she would lose if it happened a third time.
  • The Contract: Kerii has the spirit Ëala sealed within her. Although it gives her magic, it in turn progressively corrupts her. The last think she wants to do is turn to the dark side, but Ëala may have other plans in mind.


Magic Name: Ëala's Blessing

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description: The spirit known as Ëala cannot exist without a host. When the spirit has its host, it shares a bit of its magic with said host. It varies in function based on the host's desires, but its element is always nature. In Kerii's case, this is expressed through great healing powers, but average supplementary and other-buff abilities. It is rather weak in regards to offensive, defensive, and debuff spells. She can do these things via creating an assortment of plants and their parts, ranging from clouds of pollen spores to flowers, vines, small trees, and the like.



“Why did those days ever have to go”

Kerii was born to an elven family residing in Crocus: the Virrels. Her father, Túrelion, was resistant to humans and their customs. Meldë, Kerii’s mother, was more tolerant; however, she would have preferred it if her daughter stuck to elven traditions. Contrary to her parents, Kerii felt no need to dislike humans or their ways. Although she was raised to be more caring about nature and being overall more dedicated to traditions, she saw no reason as to why humans were "inferior" to elves. In her mind, they were all equal, hence why she began to go by the name Kerii, rather than Atani.

Growing up, she was taught Celestial Sky magic and caught on really quickly -- quicker than most people in her family. Although Kerii’s parents wished for her magic to aid her in the process of becoming a doctor, the elf had other plans in mind. She didn’t want to be tethered down, focusing her life on one specific goal. She wanted to explore Fiore and use her magic in areas other than a hospital or clinic.

When Kerii turned 16, she told her family that she was ready to leave home and join a guild. They were cross with her, but even at that young of an age, she had her mind set on leaving. She didn’t care what they said in protest. In fact, just to spite them, she cut her long blonde hair and dyed it pink. While she might have been born from a family of Wood Elves, her father was still from Elvhenan and, while contrary to most Wood Elf customs, treasured some of the values of the High Elves there. As such, he was completely baffled by this rebellious action his normally obedient daughter did. Although she would never admit it to either of her parents, she did feel guilty. She had never acted out like that before, but there was a first time for everything, and Kerii would feel like a traitor to herself if she simultaneously held onto her elven roots and embraced her new lifestyle. So, with her new look, the elf proceeded to join Lamia Scale, a light guild, under the pseudonym “Kerii.”

“You fall, and you crawl, and you break, and you take what you get”

Being a mage of Lamia Scale, Kerii was able to travel to various cities across Fiore at her own will. She met new people, took requests, and finally let her spirit have the kind of freedom it longed for all this time. She really liked someone other than “Atani.” The only duty Kerii was bound to was spreading good, whereas Atani was bound to following her father’s wishes. The longer she stayed with the humans, the more she felt at ease, and all the matters she had to deal with under the Virrels’ roof seemed to melt away. Well, that is, until August 19, X785.

Nearly a week after August 19, much to Kerii’s surprise, she received a letter from her father. Kerii’s mother had died, supposedly of some mysterious illness, and her father wanted to see her. Guilt consumed Kerii, and Túrelion didn’t do anything to make it better. In her mind, if she was home, she could have recognized some early symptoms of her mother’s illness and potentially treated her. She was certain her healing magic was strong enough. Evidently, it came on quite suddenly. Everyone in the family was shocked. Elves rarely got that sick, but it wasn’t unheard of, so while sad, it was a plausible, and unavoidable, cause of death.

After her mother’s death, Kerii slipped into a state of mild depression: not so severe that she would do anything drastic, but just enough that it halted her from doing her duties. Though she was still a member of Lamia Scale, she decided to take a break from her job as a mage for a while, at least until she could finally get over being guilt-ridden. It took a few months, but Kerii eventually regained her composure, and much to her father’s dismay, resumed her activities as a wizard. Although it was a slow climb, she eventually became close to getting back to where she was prior to her mother’s death. The only thing that was standing in her way from becoming even better than she was before was the “silver-haired elf.” That was the loose term she used until she found out that his name was Carnil, and he, for some reason, knew an unnerving amount of personal information, including Kerii’s real name, her family, her magic… but most importantly, her fears.

Carnil messed around with Kerii’s mind. He stalked her, tried to set her back, and acted like he was some otherworldly being. He even revealed that Meldë did not fall ill, but she was poisoned by him. How much magic and knowledge he possessed, Kerii supposed that someone could in fact believe that was the truth. Although she knew better, everything he did fueled her with anger and confusion. At this point Carnil decided that it was the perfect time to take away her magic. Kerii thought it was another test to see what it would take to see her break down, but stealing her magic actually had the opposite effect. Instead of dipping back into depression or giving up, Kerii just felt more motivated to prove him wrong, and that’s exactly what she did...  but that was when her memories stopped.


“I wish that I could wake up with amnesia”

Little by little, bits and pieces of Kerii’s memory began to come back to her. Although it gave her a better understanding of what had happened, she still could not paint a clear picture of many events. One person she could remember though, was Carnil. He paid her a few visits now and then. Each time, he informed her about some of her missing memories. After a few months, she had regained nearly all of them, and thus found out about the spirit inside of her. Additionally, she discovered the specifications of the agreement her aunt Riniya had agreed to when first making the contract, and the caveats that came with it: The spirit could do nothing without the host being aware of its existence. Once the host was aware of the spirit, she had to agree to let the spirit do its magic, or else the spirit would progressively make her sick and weak until she died. And of course, if the host did accept the spirit's powers, they would in turn become more corrupt. Kerii didn't want to die, but she didn't want to become evil either. So, she found a potion that was supposed to remove very specific memories. All she wanted to do was forget that the spirit was inside of her. She drank the potion, but it did not go as planned. Due to having taken a similar one before, it removed even more of her memory.

Kerii fell asleep with all her memories that night. When she woke up, all she could remember was that she had just heard word of her mother's death. Once again, she was filled with guilt, and felt obligated to return home to her father. At home, she was shocked to hear that her mother's death was over a year ago, and that she had also returned home for a short period of time not too long after. It became clear that she had some form of amnesia, but that didn't change how she felt about anything. She stayed with her father for a while. She grew out her hair, letting the pink dye fade and returning it to its natural shade of blonde. She studied medicine just like he wanted her to, while taking a few jobs on the side for some extra cash. The elf was on her way to leading the life her father expected her to.

Just as Kerii was getting comfortable with her new lifestyle, more memories started flowing into her mind. She remembered Carnil. She remembered what he had done. But most of all, she remembered Ëala. By this time, Carnil had once again, been paying her some visits. Still not knowing she was the one causing her memory loss each time, Kerii looked for a potion or spell to erase that specific part of her memory. Luckily, when she came across yet another potion in Crocus, Carnil stopped her, and told her that if she took that potion a third time, there was no telling how much memory she could lose. He was right, and she couldn't stop running away from her problems. Although it went against all her morals, she had to let Ëala do its work. It was either that, potentially ruining her mind, or death.

After accepting Ëala, Kerii's system was flooded with a new magic that overtook her other one. She could no longer use Celestial Sky magic, let alone the wind element. Her newfound abilities allowed her to create plants, but she could still heal others. She honestly couldn't see what was inherently evil about these new abilities and cautiously embraced them. After practicing her magic and becoming a more capable mage, she completely broke away from her father's desires and resumed her full duties as a mage of Lamia Scale.

Reference: --

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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: N/A
  • Weapon: N/A
  • Off-Hand: N/A
  • Head: N/A
  • Body: N/A
  • Relic: N/A
  • Race: Reclaim (Elf → Wood Elf)
  • Companion: N/A

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 137

  • Strength: 25
  • Speed: 20
  • Endurance: 35
  • Constitution: 35
  • Intelligence: 22

Other Changes

Kerii Virrel JbHIa7L
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