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Fantastic Fabrics [Solo]

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After returning to her room from her encounter with Carnil, Kerii instantly fell asleep to recover her energy. Even after waking up though, she felt weird. After having magic almost all her whole life, being devoid of any felt beyond strange. Sylveon brushed up against her arm as she sat up in bed and curled up in a ball in her lap. Kerii smiled and began to pet Syl. At least she still had something magical in her life. Without magic, questing would be a lot harder. Well, it's not like she could fight anyway with her magic, but it still made her feel more secure. Carnil wanted to make her feel broken. He wanted to see how much she could endure. He started by killing her mom and then, since that didn't do much in the long run, he took away her magic. If she lost her magic any other way, Kerii would have been more likely to become depressed again, but Kerii wouldn't let Carnil win. She wouldn't let him enjoy seeing her be broken and defeated. She would still make the best out of her situation. She would still do quests and bring honor to her guild.

Kerii nudged Syl so she would get off of her and then she proceeded to get out of bed. She took a refreshing shower and changed into a clean set of clothes. Before she went out, she took a look at Syl. She tilted her head to the side, as if waiting for Kerii to say something. She pondered taking Syl with her or not, but decided not to. She didn't plan on taking a difficult request that would potentially require Syl's magic to be used. Instead, she would go alone. "See you, Syl," Kerii said, bending down to pet the pink cat. Right afterwards, she left her room and went in search for Baska's request board.

In all honesty, Kerii had absolutely no idea where it was. Though she had been in Baska for a few days, she had hardly paid any attention to where specific things were. She remembered passing things such as taverns or little shops, but she couldn't remember anything specific, and that included the request board. However, she didn't think that it would take her too long to find it. After all, it was just Baska. It wasn't like she was in the middle of Era or Crocus.

As she expected, it didn't take her long to find the request board, and when she did, she was relieved to see a large quantity of requests that she was able to take. There were plenty that didn't seem like they would require the use of magic, so, Kerii chose one that was put out by Fernando Milano, a fashion designer. Since the flier was pink, it really stood out from the rest of the other requests. The flier didn't say much, just that he needed a rare fabric and that she was to meet him at his boutique.

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So, Kerii took the bright pink flier off the request board and went on over towards Fernando Milano's boutique... wherever that was. However, like the request board, finding Fernando Milano's boutique wasn't difficult. There were few boutiques in Baska, and Ferndano Milano's was hard to miss. Mannequins wore bright, colorful, wild, abstract outfits that instantly gave Kerii an impression of what kind of a person Fernando Milano was. Of course, she also got that from the flier he sent out. Who else would do something as special as writing a request on a sheet of bright pink paper? Clearly, he was all about receiving attention.

Kerii went into the boutique and saw a man with two-toned purple hair adjusting some clothing on one of the mannequins. A stuffed animal pelt was wrapped around his neck like a scarf. Clearly, this man had to be Fernando Milano. Even the name suited him. The elf walked over towards the man she assumed to be Fernando Milano and asked, "Excuse me, are you Fernando Milano?" The man turned around on his heels and flashed a toothy grin. His teeth were so white she swore they sparkled. "The one and only. Can I interest you in any of my extraordinary, one-of-a-kind designs?" "Well, you see, I'm actually here because of the request you put out," she explained. Fernando Milano lit up. "Oh, right! Here, come with me. I'll show you what kind of fabric I need." So, Kerii followed the flamboyant fashion designer and saw what kind of material he was looking for. He already had a few examples of what he wanted, but needed something just a little different for his new line of clothing. Knowing exactly what this man wanted, Kerii told Fernando Milano that she would find the fabric and set out to do just that.

She started with the local stores. She didn't think she would find anything so rare and precious in a simple Baskan store, it was still worth it to check it out. Finding nothing, as expected, she moved onto the flea markets, where she definitely saw much higher quality fabrics than the ones she found in the local stores. After all, the flea markets were full of merchants from all over Fiore. It greatly increased the probability of Kerii running into a merchant who sold the fabric Fernando Milano wanted. As it turned out, she did. With most of the money Fernando Milano gave her, she purchased a large quantity of the rare fabrics he wanted. Going back to his fashion boutique, she made sure that the fabrics stayed in the same condition she bought them in: absolutely flawless. There was not even so much as a wrinkle when she brought the fabrics back to Fernando Milano. The fashion designer was overjoyed to receive his fabrics. Kerii gave him back the extra money that she couldn't spend (or else it would have gone over the budget) and in return, was paid for her services. With some money in her pocket, she started making her way back to the request board.

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