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Caravan Guard [Quest: Kerii]

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Kerii looked at the request board in Era. The town was so different from Marigold. It was much more urban than Marigold. Marigold was more of a mixture of the suburbs and rural areas. The actual town section of Marigold was definitely suburban. However, it eventually faded out into a rural area that Kerii couldn't help but have a love hate relationship with. She loved the nature aspects of it. She loved how it was so wide open. She loved to breathe in the fresh and pure air the land provided. She loved seeing the farm animals and even enjoyed some of the farm work. However, there was something that Kerii did that broke her heart. While she was in Marigold, she accepted a request that told her that she had to deal with some deer that were eating Farmer Jim's crops. However, much to Kerii's distaste, she was ordered by Farmer Jim to kill the deer. She didn't like it. She didn't like killing the deer. They were sweet and innocent creatures, but Farmer Jim wanted them gone because they were eating his crops. It would be much too expensive to put chicken wire or another kind of fence all around his property. Plus, even doing that, there would be no guarantee that the deer wouldn't jump over the fence or chicken wire. The simplest and also most effective solution would be to kill the deer. That was one of the parts Kerii didn't like about rural areas. She had a big heart and her love extended out towards the animals living in all parts of the world. She didn't love them so much that she would become a vegetarian though. She loved animals, but she knew that they had more than one part of play in the world. Left unchecked, the population of animals such as chickens and cows would rise. So, humans (or humanoid beings, at least. There were still elves, vampires and the like that existed) put that population in check. Using those animals as a food source was the perfect option. It would bring order to the food web and supply people with energy and certain nutrition that they couldn't get from most other food sources.

Kerii shook her head in a pointless but habitual attempt to clear thoughts out of her mind that distracted her from the task at hand. Kerii had no idea how long she was thinking about the differences between Era and Marigold. She really needed to get focused on the requests that were presented in front of her. There were so many different ones to take, it was hard to choose. Era seemed to have a more diverse selection of requests than Marigold. Kerii could definitely tell someone that. There were requests put out by so many different people with diverse names and probably very diverse backgrounds. After careful consideration, Kerii ended up deciding on a request put out by some man who went by the name of Augustus Tavalar.

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Augustus Tavalar was an odd name in Kerii's opinion. She had heard of the first name Augustus before, but not the last name Tavalar. But then again, most people probably haven't heard Kerii's full name before. Her name was Kerii Tauri Virrel. Her parents wanted to give her a more human name so that she would fit in more with the human society she grew up in. However, they also wanted to preserve the elven culture she also grew up around, which is why she was given the middle name Tauri. It was a traditional elven name. Its meaning had to do with something about the trees or the forests. Her surname, Virrel, didn't exactly sound odd. It actually sort of sounded like a surname a human might have. At least her surname wasn't something like Celedilinlhën. Even Kerii who was fluent in the common language of Fiore and both common elven languages would have trouble pronouncing that name, unless of course she grew up with that surname. She was glad she didn't though. When the teacher took roll call, she wouldn't be surprised if he or she just ended up skipping over her last name or simply saying "Kerii C." The teacher may have said "Kerii Celedi-" and that would be it. She wouldn't blame the teacher though, even if the teacher was an elf themselves.

Kerii shook her head once more. She really needed to stop getting side tracked with random thoughts. Kerii took the request off the board and went to find Augustus Tavalar and the caravan she needed to help guard. Apparently, there was a designated caravan parking spot in Era. There was so much Kerii needed to learn about Era. She didn't even know where to look for this "designated caravan parking spot." After asking for directions, someone pointed out where she should go. Kerii thanked the Era native and headed off in the direction she was directed. She met up with Augustus Tavalar who seemed a little older than middle aged, but he also didn't seem to have gray hairs yet. She supposed that he just spent too much time in the sun, which explained his tan skin and early wrinkles. He instructed Kerii what to do and said that if she successfully guarded the caravan, she would be rewarded for her work. She sort of got that from what was said on the request, but it was nice of him to confirm.

It was night, so guarding the caravan was a more than a little sketchy. At one point, she heard some noise coming from a caravan near the one she was guarding, but it turned out to be an innocent couple flirting and giggling. She didn't want to ruin their night so she quickly went back to the caravan she was guarding. Aside from that, the night was relatively uneventful, despite the rumors Augustus Tavalar told her about. Once morning came, Kerii was rewarded since the caravan was successfully guarded and she returned to her room at the inn.

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