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To Marigold [Foot Travel]

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Hargeon was a great town. It was the absolutely most perfect spot to vacation in, but Kerii never went to Hargeon with the intentions of having a vacation. She went to fulfill her duties as a mage of Lamia Scale to help better the lives of those living in Hargeon by completing tasks so either they didn't have to do them or they wouldn't have to do it themselves. Kerii had done a considerably large amount of requests in Hargeon, and because of that, the pink haired Lamia Scale mage decided that her work was done in Hargeon. Other towns needed some help. Next up on Kerii's list was a town near Hargeon called Marigold. She heard that it was supposed to be similar to Magnolia, but didn't know for sure. She would just have to see the town for herself.

After packing her bag and checking out of her room at the inn, Kerii made her way towards Marigold.

20% Foot Travel Discount (Elf perk)
WC: 164/160

To Marigold [Foot Travel] NjlPZG5
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