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Dance of the Undead [Quest: Kerii]

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Dance of the Undead [Quest: Kerii] Empty on Sun Aug 06, 2017 10:13 am


Kerii sluggishly returned to her room at the inn she was staying at and curled up on her bed to take a nap. She had stayed up all night to watch over a caravan that admittedly didn't even need that much watching. The rumors Augustus Tavalar spoke of ended up to be completely and utterly false, but it was still a good idea to hire someone to watch over the caravan just in case. Kerii didn't often pull an all nighter like what she did for the request, but it was for a good cause. She just wished that she brought coffee or some other caffeinated drink with her to keep her up, awake and fully alert.

The moment her head hit the pillow, she was out like a light. The bright sunlight that shone through her window didn't even phase her. She fell asleep for only a few hours before she naturally woke up again. It was weird. Kerii expected herself to be asleep longer, but for some reason, her body only wanted her to sleep for around three to four hours. When she woke up, she was still tired and fatigued, but that wasn't anything a cup of coffee couldn't fix. She went to a nearby café. She honestly didn't know if the coffee there was any good or not, but as long as whatever she drank got her energized, she really didn't care. Well, that was a lie, but you know what she meant. As long as the coffee was suitable, she would be fine.

Kerii got a shot of an espresso. After drinking it, her system flooded with caffeine. She could feel her heart beat faster and suddenly she was more awake and more alert. She was ready to tackle another request, just as long as it wasn't another one like the caravan guard quest that had her pull an all nighter. She wasn't sure if she could do two of those in a row, but if need be, with enough coffee, she was sure that it was possible.

The Lamia Scale elf went towards the request board. At least, she went in the direction where she was fairly certain it was in. Era was a large town so she hadn't exactly mastered where all the specific locations of it were yet. The only definitive place she knew of was the inn she was staying at, and soon, she was sure that she would have memorized the location of the request board.

When she arrived at the request board, she took a look to see which request she should take. One titled "Dance of the Undead" put out by a man named Marwin Awedin caught her eye. She smiled to herself as the request mentioned something about zombies. Zombies? How ridiculous. Zombies weren't real... were they? No, they couldn't be. She was sure that there was some sort of reanimation magic that existed somewhere, but the term "zombie" was a bit of a stretch in Kerii's opinion.

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Dance of the Undead [Quest: Kerii] Empty on Sun Aug 06, 2017 10:13 am


The idea of zombies was completely absurd to Kerii, which was all the more reason to take the request. She snatched the request off the board and looked at the location specified on the request. She was given instructions to start her search at the gates leading out of Era. Kerii was fairly certain she knew where those were. She entered through them, so she knew that she had been there before, but she couldn't remember which buildings she passed on the way towards her inn. Actually, it wasn't that she couldn't remember. There really wasn't anything to remember to be honest. She didn't pay that much attention to the buildings when she was walking through Era. All she was looking for was an inn. All the other buildings were ones Kerii paid no mind to. As such, she didn't want to nor think she had to remember them. It turned out that she was very wrong.

Kerii did end up finding the gates leading out of Era and took a look at the report Lieutenant Marwin Awedin attached to the back of the request. In his report, the rumors of the zombies came from deep within the woods just ahead of the gates leading into and out of Era. If there were zombies, Kerii would understand why Lieutenant Marwin Awedin would want them dealt with as soon as possible. If the zombies were in the woods (if they were even zombies at all) all they had to do was walk out of the woods and into the town and suddenly, there would be a mini zombie apocalypse in Era. Kerii didn't know if that would happen. She highly doubted that it would, but she supposed that anything was possible in the world of magic. The dead rising on their own free will was within the realm of possibility, but still seemed unlikely in Kerii's opinion. If the dead did rise, they didn't do it because of some sudden disease or pathogen that grew and overtook dead brains. Some sort of necromancer was most likely the cause of it.

Kerii braved the woods and went deeper and deeper. She searched and looked as much as she could, but nothing was showing up. Not even the animals seemed disturbed and they had keener senses than the average human (or elf, in Kerii's case). Just as Kerii was about to give up, she heard some chanting in a language Kerii didn't understand. It sounded archaic. She crept closer to the sound and held in a gasp as she saw a cult surrounding a statue of a pagan god. The undead were being resurrected all around the statue. The reports were right. There were zombies, but they could be stopped if the cult was stop. Marwin needed to know about her findings. She returned to the gates to see a blue haired man wearing armor seemingly waiting for something. "Lieutenant Marwin?" Kerii guessed. He nodded his head and she explained everything to him. A grim expression crossed his face and thanked Kerii. He handed Kerii her reward and the elf went back to her room to go back to sleep.

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