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Golden Scissor [Kerii]

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Kerii was about to go back to the request board when she realized that her pockets felt somewhat lighter than usual. It was as if something was missing. She shoved her hands in and felt her wallet. At least that wasn't gone, but she didn't feel her gloves. She remembered that she had taken them off when she went into Fernando Milano's boutique. There were quite a few possibilities, but only two that seemed likely. Either someone stole them, or they had fallen out of her pockets as she was leaving. She didn't think that anyone would want to steal a simple pair of cream colored gloves. They paled in comparison to the extravagant clothing line in Fernando Milano's boutique. Most likely, they simply fell out. She bet that if she went to go see if the gloves were there, she would find them.
The elf stepped into the boutique. She couldn't see the gloves by the entrance, so she went a little further into the boutique. After going closer to a mannequin dressed in fabrics quite similar to the ones she got Fernando Milano, she caught a glimpse of her off-white gloves tucked behind a corner of another mannequin's stand. Not too far by was Fernando Milano, who was still going through the fabrics Kerii had brought him not too long ago, probably checking to see that they were the right quality. Kerii was about to head back to the request board again, when Fernando Milano stopped her.
"Oh, you're still here!" he said, sounding rather relieved. Kerii turned around on her heels to face the fashion designer. "Is there something wrong with the fabrics?" she asked, hoping she had done a more than adequate job. "Oh no, they're lovely. Absolutely flawless. It's just... I'm sorry to bother you again, but is there any chance you can do another favor for me? I have enough jewels." Kerii honestly didn't care about the money. She was a light mage. For one, it was her duty to help those in need. Secondly, it just wasn't in her heart to turn someone down. Third of all, Kerii wanted to prove to Carnil that she would not be defeated just because he took away her magic. She already completed one request, so why not go complete another? Even if she needed magic to do it, Syl was not far away from Kerii at all.
"Sure!" Kerii replied, a genuine smile spread across her face. Fernando Milano breathed a sigh of relief and went on to explain what he wanted her to do. "You see, there's this pair of magical scissors. It's called the 'Golden Scissors.' Only the best, most successful fashion designers have a pair. I've actually recently heard a rumor that a merchant traveling through Baska at this very moment as a pair. It's a very sought-after item, so you need to be very persuasive. Do you think you're up to the task?" There was no way that Kerii would say no, so she gladly agreed to find a pair for him.

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"Oh, before you go," Fernando Milano began, "I think it would be best to go to the market before it even opens. Luckily, I heard that the item wouldn't be put on sale today, but tomorrow instead. You may feel uncomfortable going to the market before it opens, and that's completely understandable. I used to feel rather awkward as well, but a merchant's job is to sell. If they're selling a rather valuable item, such as the golden scissors, it's highly unlikely that they would turn down a customer who's willing to pay. With that in mind, there will doubtlessly be others with similar intents. I have come across quite a few people who wanted to buy things before the markets opened, and they did get around to purchasing something, even if they had to sweet talk their way into it."

Kerii reassured Fernando Milano that she would be there before the markets opened and went back to her room to spend some time with Syl before hitting the hay. She went to bed earlier than usual in order to make sure that she had enough energy when she woke up to go to the markets. When she did wake up, she didn't even spend any time eating breakfast. All she did was change out of her pajamas and into a pair of warm clothes before leaving the inn and going towards the market, which she already knew the location of due to her having to go there to look for the rare fabrics Fernando Milano wanted.

Arriving at the market, Kerii could already see a few potential customers wandering around the market. She only hoped that none of them were looking for the same pair of golden scissors she was looking for. She gripped the wad of jewels Fernando Milano gave her tighter out of nervousness. She really didn't want to fail this request. For some reason, the lack of magic made her feel more vulnerable, even though magic really should have no impact on the outcome of her request. The only thing that she could see happening was her needing to heal someone in the market... which wouldn't make sense unless there was some sort of violent robbery, which could possibly happen, but seemed unlikely. She really needed to get over the feeling of having no magic. The majority of people in the world went about their day just fine without using magic. At the very least, they used lacrimas. Maybe it was time for her to start giving that lifestyle a try.

Kerii eventually found the traveling merchant, but along with him, some other people who wanted the same item Fernadno Milano did. With all the different prices being thrown at the merchant, he had a hard time deciding who to sell the pair of scissors to. Kerii decided to drop Fernadno Milano's name, and a sense or recognition seemed to come across the merchant's face, which perhaps influenced his decision to sell the pair of scissors to Kerii. After paying for them, she was handed a nice little box with the pair of golden scissors inside and she returned them to the stylist, who rewarded Kerii, and went away to use them right away.

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