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Beach Gym [Quest: Kerii]

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It didn't take Kerii long at all to deal with the kids vandalizing Hargeon. But seriously, why would they even do that? Were they looking to get attention? Were they trying to seem like bad kids? Were they part of a little gang? She hoped they weren't, because that would actually be pretty terrible if they got into bad habits at that young of an age. Kerii really hoped that the lesson she taught them was permanent. The kids didn't know if she was from out of town or not, so hopefully they would stop and keep the beauty of Hargeon preserved. The last thing Hargeon needed was for some modern graffiti art to be sprayed onto their buildings.

Now that Kerii was ready to take another quest, she began to make her way over towards the request board once more. When she first arrived at the request board, she saw a surplus of requests. She wasn't doubtful that she wouldn't find a request to take. But first, it would make sense for her to check into an inn. So, she found one that was actually pretty close to the beach. She got a room (thankfully they weren't all booked yet) and set down her suitcase. She would unpack later. First, she had to take another request.

Kerii walked over to the request board and, as expected, there were a great number of requests to be done. A lot of them were menial, like the one she just took on for Officer Kenji Maki. But menial work was what she traditionally started out with and was a great way to get to know the town. Kerii ended up selecting a request which was put out by a man named Jay Holiday. This man merely needed someone to spot him while he worked out at the gym. She thought that there were people at the gym who already did that, but perhaps Hargeon's gym had a different policy regarding spotters.

Kerii took the request and began to try to find the gym. Along the way, she walked along the sidewalk that was right up close to the beach. She saw a multitude of people in bathing suits all across the beach. There were some people in the water swimming, playing in the waves, and surfing. Others played volleyball in the sand and others were tanning - some unsuccessful and getting sunburnt instead of getting the golden tan they had hoped for.

It wasn't much longer until Kerii came across the gym. In front of it was a tan man who was extremely buff. He had blonde hair that probably only got blonder from being in the sun all the time. The was a group of girls fawning over him as be flexed. Kerii drew closer to the gym and thus the group, she heard one of the girls say, "Isn't Jay so athletic?" Kerii paused and turned to the girl who said that. "Jay as in Jay Holiday?" Kerii asked. The girl looked at her with an incredulous look on her face, as if there was nobody else she could have meant. "Well, yeah. Who else?"

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Kerii smiled. She knew exactly who her client was now. She walked up to Jay Holiday who was still flexing his muscles and showing off to the girls. Kerii rolled her eyes, not even the slightest bit impressed. A ripped tan man with blonde hair and no obvious personality may have been enough to swoon any other girl, but not Kerii. She tapped on his shoulder and Jay Holiday turned towards her. "I'm Kerii-" she didn't have enough time to say anything else because Jay automatically assumed that she was one of the girls oddly attracted to him and just told her to go with the other girls. "Yeah, no," she said. "Other girls may find you to be irresistible or a total hunk or whatever, but not me. Not even close. I'm just here because you wanted someone to spot you." Jay frowned. "Were you hoping for someone else?" Kerii asked in a threatening voice. He shook his head. She swore, if he wanted a man to spot him rather than a girl, she was about to get really angry. Despite how she looked, Kerii was stronger than most girls. Also unlike most girls, she had the chance to work at a forge. She hammered and pounded out countless pieces of metal into sheets. She repeatedly heated pieces of metal up, and those pieces were not light. That was more work than spotting someone at a gym. She was more than qualified to do this work.

"Great, then let's go." She went into the gym and Jay Holiday trailed right behind her. "I'm going to be doing some bench presses," he explained, "and the weights I lift are really heavy. And when I say heavy, I mean heavy. Even though I'll be doing most of the work, some of my spotters still get a workout, especially when I do my last weights." Kerii nodded her head in understanding. "Are you really sure you want to spot me?" Kerii flashed an angry glare at him. "I'm sure. Don't underestimate me just because I'm a girl. I'm a member of Lamia Scale, and if you didn't know, we are known for our strength and overall power." It was true that Kerii was a healer for Lamia Scale, but that didn't mean she couldn't fit the stereotype lots of people in Lamia Scale got. In fact, Kerii wouldn't mind being stereotyped with being powerful.

Jay went over to a piece of equipment and when Kerii got into position to spot him, he began his bench presses. Jay did a few sets, each with eight reps per set. After each set, the weight increased. At first, it wasn't too hard. However, the more weight that was added, the more effort Kerii had to put in. At the end, Kerii definitely felt like she had a workout herself and Jay seemed surprised that Kerii was able to spot him as much as she did, but he didn't say it out loud. All he did was thank her and give her, her reward.

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