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Surgery [Quest: Kerii]

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It was a new day. Kerii had successfully done three requests in the span of two day's time. She had certainly been able to do more in a shorter amount of time, but for someone who had just had their magic taken away, the very thing that linked them to their deceased mother, she was doing alright. It was needless to say that she was still negatively affected by it, but her mother wouldn't have wanted her to be down in the dumps. It infuriated her that Carnil would have gotten pleasure from seeing her be tormented by the loss of both her magic and her mom. What kind of sick person wanted to see that? She smiled slyly to herself, just thinking of what he may be feeling at the moment, seeing her surpass the odds and continue on with her life, seemingly as if nothing had changed at all. Of course, he may feel a little bit of satisfaction if Kerii's theory was right about him possessing telepathic abilities. He would be able to see what was going on in her head. While what she displayed showed a calm persona, inside her head it was a raging storm. Too many thoughts were bouncing around, tossing from side to side without making much sense to even Kerii. Most of them were centered around Carnil, who was probably laughing at the dramatic irony. He knew all the answers Kerii had all the questions for, but he chose to remain silent and let them frustrate her even more.

Getting out of bed, Kerii tried to clear those thoughts. She took a shower, which felt very refreshing, and got dressed in a pair of jeans, a sweater and a warm jacket before she left to go look for a request. She didn't go out to eat for breakfast, which she sometimes did. Although she was getting a steady flow of income, she wanted to save up for something. She didn't want to spend it all on café and restaurant food every single day. So, instead, she ate a couple granola bars and drank a bottle of water. It was all she felt she needed to start off her day, and she was usually right about those sort of things. Although breakfast was considered the most important meal of the day, she seemed to always get along fine without eating a lot of food.

When Kerii came across the request board, she scanned it to see if there were any requests that needed immediate attention, such as the one that Dr. Gerard put out the day before. She had to admit, it was nice helping him out, especially since what she did pertained to medicine. Even if it was a simple delivery job, it felt good to get back into a medical atmosphere. She considered becoming a doctor. She didn't just practice Celestial Sky magic because it was simply the one that was passed down through her family's lineage. She loved to heal people.

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Surgery [Quest: Kerii] JDUskSb
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She loved to heal people and feel like she did something significant in the world. Maybe it didn't impact a lot of people's lives, but as long as she positively impacted one, her job was done and she felt satisfied. It was just in her nature to be a healer. She supposed that if she wanted she could learn offensive magic, but she really didn't want to at this point. She was just so used to playing the role of supporter. Being out in the battle field hurling one spell after another, it just didn't suit her. She didn't want to hurt people that way, even if it was to protect her friends.

Kerii found another urgent request put out by none other than Dr. Gerard. All she needed to see was "surgery" before she was hooked. She didn't even care if she was just going to observe a surgery. This was the chance for her to get back into the medical environment, and she was being thrown right into the deep end. She wouldn't be observing or helping with something simple such as stitches or putting in IV fluids. She was going to be doing something with a surgery.

The elf practically sprinted towards the hospital. However, approaching the doors, she calmly went in. It wouldn't do any good to startle anyone, especially when the hospital was already abuzz. It seemed even more chaotic than last time she was there. However, this time, Dr. Gerard was bustling around, most likely worrying about that heart transplant. When he caught a glimpse of Kerii's bubblegum pink hair, his eyes lit up and he ran right to her. "Thank goodness you're here!" he exclaimed. "I need you to help me out with a heart transplant. Are you up to the task?" Kerii nodded her head assertively. "Yes, Dr. Gerard," she replied with confidence. "Okay, let's go."

They had to move swiftly. The patient was rushed to the OR. Dr. Gerard, Kerii, and some other people scrubbed in. Kerii had never worn scrubs before. Her heart fluttered at the excitement of wearing them though. This was beyond cool for her. After scrubbing in, she entered the OR and marveled at the patient on the table. A blue cloth covered the patient, save for the head and a spot near the chest, where they would be operating. Under the effect of general anesthesia, Dr. Gerard made his first incision. Clamps held the skin apart, letting them see into the chest cavity. Strings tied the nerves back. Kerii assisted Dr. Gerard, handing him all the necessary tools and cleaning used ones. He separated the sternum, giving him access to the patient's heart. He put the heart on bypass, but when he was going to take the heart out, something happened. He accidentally cut himself. He couldn't let his blood contaminate the heart, so he handed the job over to Kerii. She looked at him astounded. Was he really trusting her with the rest of the heart transplant? She couldn't believe that he was.

Kerii took charge. She removed the diseased heart from the patient's chest and inserted the new once. Her hands flew as if they were acting upon muscle memory. She sutured the new heart, connecting it to the aorta, the pulmonary artery and the atria. Of course, Dr. Gerard was instructing her what to do, but she was surprised that she could do it without mistake. Everyone in the OR was elated when the heart began to beat on its own. It was taken off of bypass and Kerii closed the sternum with metal wires. She stitched up the incision and let the patient be taken away. She returned to the room where she scrubbed in and removed her gloves. Her hands shook from the excitement. Dr. Gerard patted her on the back and complimented her aptitude for this kind of thing and her ability to work so well under pressure. "Have you ever considered becoming a doctor?" he asked. The words echoed in Kerii's mind. Now that she didn't have magic, she was seriously considering it. "Maybe," she admitted. If she was allowed to be a doctor and still be with Lamia Scale, that would be a dream come true for her. "Well, if you need any support, you can come to me. You've earned it. Oh, and thanks for the help," he said, handing her some jewels. She heard him mutter something about the cause of the probable plague before he walked out of earshot. She changed out of her scrubs and put her jewels away. Maybe Dr. Gerard was right...

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Surgery [Quest: Kerii] JDUskSb
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