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Granny-Sitting [Quest: Kerii]

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Granny-Sitting [Quest: Kerii] Empty on Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:39 am


After a day of full of questing, Kerii returned to her room and collapsed onto her bed, not so much out of exhaustion, but out of relief. She was back to something familiar. She was back to something she knew she could never forget. She was back home. She changed out of her clothes and into her pajamas. As she crawled back into bed, she was instantly enveloped by the comfort of her own sheets and her own blankets. The elf looked out her window. The sky was dark, and the streets were quiet. It was night, and most people were drifting off to sleep, but Kerii? Although she felt drowsy, she was afraid to fall asleep. What if she woke up not even remembering where she was, or who she was? For all she knew, if magic was involved in her amnesia, it could be progressive, and she could wake up not remembering what Lamia Scale was. She couldn't for the life of her imagine what she would do without the guild. When she left her family, Lamia Scale became her new home. If Kerii didn't have that in her life, she didn't know what she would do. Her mother was already gone, and she wasn't all too close with her father. The guild and her friends were all she had left...

Her friends. Kerii's heart jumped. She had no idea what happened the last several months. What if she didn't contact her friends? What if she was terrible to them? If magic did play a hand in all of this, who knew what it could have done to her? What if... what if some of her friends weren't alive and she didn't even know it? Being a mage wasn't exactly the safest job in the world. There was a very real possibility of death, especially pertaining to the more difficult and higher paying requests. The little jobs Kerii was taking were far from lethal. If she did happen to die during one of them, it would have been from a freak accident, or from some highly unlikely occurrence, but fighting a beast or dark mages could easily result in serious injury or death.

With all those terrible thoughts running through Kerii's mind, it was a miracle she managed to fall asleep. In fact, the elven mage wished sleep wasn't possible when she felt her eyelids grow heavier and heavier. She prayed to whatever deity was out there that she would retain her memories when she woke up, and when she did, she breathed a sigh of relief. They were all there, or at least, whatever memories she had the day before were there. Nothing more was lost, but nothing more was regained. Having sleep be over with, Kerii slid out of her bed and began to get ready for the day. A mage's work was never done, and for Kerii, who was a bit of a workaholic, going numerous days without work was close to torture. As one would imagine, knowing if she was working or not for the past several months was an absolute nightmare.

WC: 518/1000


Granny-Sitting [Quest: Kerii] Empty on Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:39 am


The mere thought of not working for so long quickened the elf's pace. She grabbed a bagel from her basket, flew down the stairs, out the door, and sped walk to the guild hall. The bagel tasted... oddly fresh. She didn't recall buying a bagel, but distinctly remembered it being there the day before. She obviously hadn't been doing nothing during whatever period of time she had no recollection of, so the question was, what was she doing? It occurred to her that she hadn't checked to see how many jewels she had, but obviously she hadn't been evicted, so that was something. She must have been working, because she knew that she didn't have enough jewels to pay the rent, buy food, and do absolutely nothing at the same time. The whole thing was very puzzling, but she hardly had enough time to think about it at the moment. She had to get her mind focused on work.

Approaching the request board, the elf randomly selected one that looked like it had a good enough payment. A man named Mitya needed someone to look after his grandmother. Kerii couldn't help but smile. For some reason, these kinds of tasks just filled her with joy. Although this introvert didn't like socializing, she loved people -- an odd contradiction, but nonetheless true. As the pink haired girl went towards the address listed on the request, she wondered what kinds of tasks the grandmother would be interested in. She expected that she would be interested in knitting, baking, sewing, painting, or another artsy hobby that an elderly person would like to occupy themselves with. When Kerii approached the door and knocked, she was greeted by a groan, followed by a drowsy brown haired man opening the door. "Do you have to knock so loud?" he asked. She could smell a little alcohol still lingering in the man's breath. "Are you Mitya?" she responded. He nodded his head, so she continued on saying, "Well, I'm here to watch over your grandma, um-" "Rynah." "Yes, Rynah. May I come in." "Yes, please. Just, please spend the day with her. Don't let her get hurt or into trouble. I need to go out. When I come back, I'll reward you. Deal?" "Sure!" "Great, see ya." With that said, the hungover Mitya left the house, leaving Kerii with Rynah.

Rynah did mostly what the elf predicted she would. She knit, did some crossword puzzles, and told Kerii a few stories about her past, although Kerii was almost certain Rynah just did it to reflect on and indulge in the sweet memories of her youth. Once she was done, she suddenly go the idea to bake some cookies. The mage was impressed by how quick and nimble the lady's fingers were. The dough was rapidly prepared, but before they were put in the oven, she sprinkled some blue crystals onto the cookies. Usually, the sprinkles went on last, but Kerii had a feeling Rynah knew what she was doing. Once the cookies were done baking though, Kerii had to take them out, as it seemed Rynah had forgotten. The grandmother offered the pink haired elf a cookie. Although she felt a little guilty taking one when she was already being rewarded later, the old lady's eyes told her that she wanted her to try one. So, she did. Kerii ate the cookie, and once she was finished, she felt a rush of energy surge through her body. Rynah saw the surprise on the girl's face, and just kindly smiled at her. Nothing much happened since then, as Rynah took a nap. When Mitya returned, Kerii got her reward, and she left, ready to start another request when the time came.

WC: 518+622=1140/1000

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