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King of Anything [Kerii & Alice]

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King of Anything [Kerii & Alice] Empty on Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:57 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Yesterday had been a hell of a rollercoaster and the problem was that she still didn't dare to talk to anyone, because she didn't want to bother people whom had enough other things on their mind. She sat just outside Era, the town was not far away from her on the right side but on the left were the mountains starting. She came here to see if the animal she had seen yesterday was still here. She didn't know what it was, she had never seen it before. It was the same as the moment she had met Ophelia for the first time.

He was hurt, or well she guessed it was a he but she wasn't entirely sure. She simply sat at a rock staring at it. He stared at her angry but didn't move, he sat there staring at her as if his eyes could shoot lightning towards her and she wouldn't doubt that for a second, she had seen that yesterday, "Well buddy, I might not look hurt but I'm not in the best mood either." she commented as she stared at it, in his spiky pelt she noticed red spots, it was already surprising that he would let her sit this close beside him. Maybe it was because she had come back for it. "What to do with you." She had noticed a creature before that looked familiar to this one, totally different but the same sort of species perhaps. If only she knew more about it, she might be able to do something.

She stood up and slowly walked towards it but indeed was hit with some lightning and that hurt so she stopped and remained staring at it. This was ridiculous.


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Kerii was enjoying a relatively nice day in Era with her new companion Sylveon, who she called Syl for short. As usual, Syl walked alongside Kerii, one of her ribbons wrapped around the elf's wrist. Sylveon had a little spring in her step and overall seemed really happy. Kerii was glad that she had found Sylveon. She was a really sweet creature and radiated joy. It was like she was the embodiment of happiness. Better yet, she was magical. Also, she really seemed to like anything flavored vanilla.

As the duo walked around Era, they passed various places and saw many things. Kerii didn't expect anything to divert their attention away from their little walk, but something did cause Sylveon to stop in her tracks. "What is it?" Syl turned her head and fixed her gaze upon a girl with long orange hair and brown eyes who seemed to be having trouble with another feline that Kerii couldn't quite call a cat. It was similar to Syl in the sense that they were both oddly cat-like, but not like the traditional cat at the same time. Both their sclera were colored abnormally and had odd colored fur. This feline's fur was yellow and spiky save for the fur that covered the neck area like a mane.

"Is everything alright?" Kerii asked as she approached the two, one of Syl's ribbons still tethered around her wrist.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice crossed her arms in front of her chest, shaking her head softly. It was good the feline was just out of town because she wondered how much people would otherwise bother her with an investigation on their own. This creature already seemed to dislike her, leave out what more people around him, she still believed it was male, would make him act out. She heard someone and looked up from her thinking and turning to look over her left shoulder to someone approaching her, she instantly recognized the girl from the raid and her companion. Which was exactly the companion she thought about in comparison to this one. However now seeing the two of them together, she didn't see much look a like parts, apart from four paws and the build of both was kind of the same but that was definitely all of it.

"Oh hi." she said looking casual at the elf, she had noticed that, her own ears were prominent there as well, she turned to look back at the feline that she was trying to help. "I spotted this one yesterday evening, he seemed to be hurt but he won't let me get close to him." she said, tilting her head a bit to the side to see if she would see the blood drops again but because he wasn't moving, it would all disappear into his fur and not drop on the ground as might have happened if he moved, "I don't believe he either likes me or get what I mean but he also doesn't seem stupid so maybe he is just stubborn." well sorry for him but so was she.

"We met, right two days ago or so. I never got your name, I'm Alice, nice to meet you again, as well as your companion. I thought about eh.. her?" Alice waited for confirmation, "well I thought about her as she reminded me a little bit of the fella over there." she said putting a thumb up to the yellow one sitting in front of them, "I know I should leave him alone but I doubt that's smart for that matter." Mainly because she was worried about it.


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The orange haired neko said that she spotted the feline only a day ago and said that he seemed to be hurt. From where Kerii was standing, she couldn't see any visable injuries. The neko tilted her head to the side of the cat-like creature that was facing away from Kerii, which is where she guessed the injuries were or used to be. Judging from the fact that the neko said that the yellow feline wouldn't let her get close enough to help him, Kerii's guess was that he probably still was hurt.

Kerii listened as the other girl explained that either the cat didn't like her, or he didn't understand her, but then went on to say that she thought he could be just stubborn. Kerii got that some animals could be like that. She never personally encountered an animal who behaved like that to her. Most animals got along well with Kerii. Her Sylveon was the perfect example of that. She was just in Era one day when the Sylveon was attracted by her vanilla ice cream and then instantly took a liking to her.

Putting the stubborn cat aside, the neko introduced herself as Alice and then said that she didn't catch her name from the raid. She then went on to say that her companion reminded her of the feline in front of her. Kerii nodded her head in cornfirmation when Alice paused to make sure that Sylveon was female. She then proceeded to respond, "My name's Kerii and my companion is apparently a Sylveon. I call her Syl for short. One of my friends said that she was an 'eeveelution.' Maybe that's what that feline is too?"

After Kerii introduced herself and explained what she thought the animal in front of Alice was, she said that she should probably leave him alone, but didn't think that it was smart. The eeveelution may not have wanted help, but Alice was right. It wasn't smart to leave him alone, especially since he was hurt. "Well, I can heal him with my magic if he's still hurt. Or actually, even my Sylveon. He might be nicer around his own kind.  You know, animals feel vulnerable if they're hurt. Maybe he's trying to be tough or act mean to compensate for that." It was a possibility. She remembered learning about animals that got hostile whenever they were in pain. If she was right, then healing the cat would most likely get it to become less hostile. Of course, his hostility could be a combination of that and being near a stranger, but there was only one way to find out.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice muttered a nice to meet you when Kerii introduced herself and curiously nodded when she told her about the eeveelutions. She turned to look back at the white and yellow feline, "Perhaps indeed. Since they look rather familiar." Though she kept reminding herself that there were obvious differences. She had to sit down again for she was really tired, she blamed the hard work she was doing lately. But she couldn't obviously there were other things at work.

From looking at the ground she looked up at Kerii, "Oh that's a great idea indeed." she was reminded of the fear that Ophelia had after being tortured by well innocent children that thought she was a toy but after that.. Alice shivered, she had not been able to protect her. "Would you try? I want to make sure he is alright." for some reason she kept calling it a he and she was sure that she wasn't wrong. She felt very emotional when she looked at the feline and she was sure that it were her emotions related to the accident that happened to her companion.

She wondered as she looked at the feline if he would understand that she meant well and that there was nothing wrong with judging her if he had come into trouble because of humans. She would absolutely understand and she swallowed with some difficulty as she blinked away the tears. She hated crying and she didn't understand why she was this emotional. But she had that lately, she shook it off and turned back to Kerii, "I hope he accepts the help your Sylveon can give to him." She wished someone would know what kind of creature it was apart from an Eeveelution.


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Alice agreed that Kerii's Sylveon and her own possible eeveelution could be of the same species. They did look very different, but so did different breeds of dogs and cats. Kerii was fairly certain that different eeveelutions would vary from one another, especially if what Videns said was true. He claimed that the eeveelutions were different depending on the element they were around most often. Kerii was willing to bet that one that stayed around ice would be visibly different than one that stayed around fire.

Once Kerii proposed her idea of letting her Sylveon try to help the yellow eeveelution, Alice seemed to think that it was a good idea, giving Kerii permission to do so. She then proceeded to say that she hoped that the hostile feline would accept the help Syl gave to it. Kerii nodded her head in agreement. "Yeah, I hope so too." Kerii honestly wasn't sure how the cat was going to react, but she was still going to ask Syl to heal him. "Syl, can you heal that eeveelution?" She pointed towards the cat. Sylveon looked to Kerii and made a small noise in reply before unraveling her ribbon from Kerii's wrist and walking closer towards the Jolteon.

While Sylveon began to heal the Jolteon (if the Jolteon became aggressive, Sylveon would just heal from a distance instead of getting too close) Kerii noticed something on Alice that she hadn't noticed before: an injury. Although it wasn't severe, it was still something Kerii thought should be taken care of. "Did he attack you?" she asked, not having seen the creature shock here. "Here, let me take care of that," she said, beginning to heal Alice. While she did it though, she could feel a bit of her energy disburse to another source within Alice's body. Kerii was a bit confused at first, but then soon realized that the only explanation was that her magic must have also went towards a baby that was still growing in Alice. She must have not been that far along because Kerii didn't see any physical signs that any baby was there. It suddenly hit Kerii that this neko fought a demon while she was pregnant. The shock was evident on her face. "You're... pregnant?" That battle posed so many risks for the baby. Maybe it was possible that Alice didn't even know? Either way, Kerii instantly regretted verbally expressing her surprise. If Alice didn't know, then Kerii would hate to be the person who told her. If she did, then she probably thought that Kerii was being rude for prying on her love life, even if it was accidental.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice kept her eyes on the yellow one as she didn't want the Sylveon to be hurt. She would step in, in that case. But she was sure it wouldn't be necessary as the two of them had handled themselves perfectly during the raid. Something that couldn't always been said about Alice but she had to admit that she was getting a lot better at taking care of herself. She noticed how the Jolteon (not that she knew the name yet) looked away from her towards Sylveon and let her get close enough, he still didn't move but kept his dark coloured eyes on the same species, apparently letting her close. He even made a sort of mewing sound as if he was talking to the other and telling with one noise what was going on or that he would be alright. She expected him, as she still thought him a male, to look far more braver in front of a female. He did get up but sat down quickly, so the pain came from the back.

Alice turned to Kerii again when the elf asked her about an attack, "Eh yeah." she said with a sheepish smile, "Aparently I came to close. He must have the element of Lightning because it was literally quite a shock." she didn't even try to be funny but if it worked with that it was a nice bonus. She was glad to have met Kerii today as well because it was nice to be able to shake the shock off her, but something was happening as well. She stared at Kerii with her big hazel coloured eyes, "Sorry?" she said surprised and not being able to process what was just stold her.

She opened her mouth to say things, staring at the ground, realizing things that did make sense for as far as she knew a bit about pregnancies. Obviously she didn't know that much but she had talked about it in the orphanage, she simply just remembered, what happened a lot with her amnesia, "oh.. oh no." she wasn't angry at Kerii, she couldn't help but ask her obviously and she also just had to figure out the information but it explained a few things indeed. "I think I need to sit down." she said now with a restrained tone in her voice. She didn't believe she would faint but a lot of things happened at once considering her emotions.


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It seemed that the Jolteon let the Sylveon take care of it without being resistant, which was good. However, what wasn't good, was that Kerii accidentally let Alice know of her pregnancy instead of letting Alice figure it out herself. At least, that's what it seemed like. Kerii gasped and held her hands over her mouth when she saw Alice's surprised expression, which then morphed into a much more negative one. "Oh my God, you didn't know..." Kerii began. That made so much sense. No pregnant woman in their right mind would ever fight a demon if it meant putting their baby at risk, let alone get into any sort of fight at all.

Alice said that she needed to sit down. Kerii didn't blame her. Finding out that you were pregnant was a lot to handle. Well, Kerii didn't have any first hand experience with that, but she assumed that it would be, especially if it wasn't planned. "I'm so sorry. I didn't think I would be the one to tell you. Um... is there anything I can do?" Honestly, what Alice probably needed right now was space, and if that's what she said, then Kerii would totally understand. If she wanted to vent, that would be fine too. It looked like Alice had a lot of things running through her mind and it wasn't good to keep emotions bottled up.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Jolteon looked at Sylveon rather curiously and at the humans. Because he simply couldn't understand why you would want to give up freedom to hang out with such weird creatures but maybe at some point he might understand. He did understand that sitting still was now the best he could do.

Alice shook her head rapidly when Kerii told her that she didn't know. "It does explain a few things." she said with a rather sarcastic smile on her face and a bit of panic in her eyes. This hadn't been the plan but she knew only one moment when that was possible and she looked around a bit trying to calculate, six weeks!? She could have known, she just didn't expect it to happen. Her cat ears were flat on the back of her head and she simply hunched down for a minute, brushing her hair with her fingers absentmindly. "Oh my god, I went to fight in a condition like this." she muttered as she thought about the day before, that electric shock was nothing compared to that! Even though it had gone alright, the demon had not wanted to kill them after all.

She looked up at Kerii as she apologized and Alice quickly stood up, "No, no it's alright. Or well no it's not but it's not your fault. You didn't know." she said trying to reassure someone else, which was really weird but it made her push her feelings away. She didn't even know this person, maybe that's what made her feel a bit vulnerable and she wished there was someone else with them, someone that knew her and she turned pale. What would Konstantin say? "Well I could have thought about it, if I just noticed the symptoms a bit more but I wasn't really considering it. I just thought I was in a bad period after all that happened. Oh it's a bit of a weird question but would you mind to keep it between us." She hoped Kerii would fill it in as a: the father should know first. But she just decided to keep it a secret for a little bit longer..

"I rather not be alone at this moment. I hope you don't mind, would you keep me company?" she said looking a bit forlorn, she definitely wouldn't be able to handle all the emotions that were coming up now and she could perhaps push them a bit away if she wouldn't stay alone and had other things to think about.


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When Kerii apologized for being the one to accidentally break the news to Alice, she said that it was fine and understood that it wasn't entirely her fault. Even though she said that it was fine, Kerii still couldn't help but feel so guilty. Kerii was basically a stranger to Alice. Who wanted to be told that they were pregnant by someone they just met? Kerii knew that she wouldn't. Judging by how Alice reacted, she may not even have wanted to get pregnant which just made matters worse. She was obviously well suited to fighting and judging how she (presumably) willingly fought a demon, she didn't back down to a challenge and maybe even liked the thrill of a fight. Being pregnant would mean that doing what she was well equipped to do would be out of the question, which would end up being detrimental in a mage's life.

Alice went on to say that if she thought of all the symptoms she had, she probably could have connected the dots. It was safe to say that Alice was very early on in her pregnancy so she was probably experiencing some things like morning sickness which brought on symptoms that could be attributed to pretty much anything, so Kerii knew what the neko meant. She then asked Kerii if she would keep it between just them. The elf smiled and nodded her head. "Of course," she replied, not even knowing who else she would tell. Really, who else would she tell? Videns? She didn't even think he knew Alice. If he did, he certainly didn't say anything, but why would he? Last time she saw him, she didn't even know who Alice was.

Kerii asked if there was anything she could do for Alice and she replied saying that she would actually like some company, if Kerii didn't mind of course. Kerii was actually surprised. She expected Alice to want some alone time, but she wanted the exact opposite. "Oh, sure. If you need to get anything of your chest, feel free to do so. It's not good to keep a lot of emotions bottled up."

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Adelaide Sokolov
There were many things she thought about. Would she have to consider this stupid, what happened, basically she should. She didn't know Konstantin that long, lots of things had happened and she did love him very much. While she thought about it now, sitting on the dirty ground in the forest just outside Era, she could only smile when she thought about him. She remembered simply sitting at a table, their first meeting, here in Era! It had been wonderful and she actually immediatelly fell in love with him the moment he invited her to dinner and how that turned out. What would he say? What would he do? There were so many emotions again, it felt like Orchidia all over again. Her sister, Kon's problem and now a pregnancy? Which brought so much more around the corner than just two people barely knowing each other getting a baby. She had just become lieutenant, priorities were a must now.

She was glad that Kerii agreed to keep it between the two of them. She didn't know if they had any acquintances, maybe that should also make her not talk about the possible.. well the possibility that she had met Konstantin. That happened more often considering Hyõen and Chelvaric. She simply smiled back at Kerii and decided to stand up again. This mental breakdown was more than enough for the matter, there were other things at hand, like the companions but she couldn't see them as there were tears forming in her eyes. She was surprised about them, she had no idea it hurt so much or that she needed to cry, she quickly wiped them away. It was probably the pregnancy as well. Oh this was going to be a very, very annoying couple of.. months.

She asked if Kerii wanted to stay with her for some time because she didn't like the feeling of being alone at this moment. She looked up in surprise to the beautiful elf when she agreed and asked if she need anything of her chest. She looked at her with surprise, would it be so easy to talk to someone that was basically a stranger. I don't want to bother anyone,, was what she had thought the last couple off days and a wry smile appeared on her lips. "Well apart from this big surprise, there is only thoughts related to that. As in to how to tell the guy and what to do with my job." She lied but it was the most accurate thing about what was mostly going through her head right now. She didn't know where Lacie was and Kon's problem with his magic would certainly also be a problem with a baby on the way and besides. They knew each other about 6 months now. This wasn't really a great way to further develop their relationship and her heart sank into her boots. Yet she knew that she didn't dare to tell him, not yet.


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Kerii saw Alice's surprised expression when she said that if Alice needed to let anything out, she could do it. Kerii just smiled at her. She really didn't think that anything the neko could have said would bother her or trouble her in the slightest. Kerii had always been a bit of a wallflower. She often overheard drama that was really none of her business, but it was still interesting. Sometimes, she would even hear the same bit of drama but coming from a different person which was what she found to be even more intriguing. She had never been bothered by any of it in any form, which made Kerii a good person to confide to. Also, she would never dream of telling a single soul anyone's secret.

Alice said that apart from the 'big surprise,' she didn't know what to do about her job and how to tell the future dad (well, she assumed that they didn't have any kids yet) that she was pregnant with his baby. "Well, you're going to have to tell him sooner or later. You know, at least before your pregnancy becomes visible. I'm pretty sure that would be the worst way for him to find out. But if you think this guy wants to be involved with raising the baby, I think it's best to tell him early on. As for your job..." Kerii pondered on this for a moment, but she really didn't see any way to get around fighting unless she had a companion with her. Actually... "I'm sure you can do smaller tasks that don't involve fighting. But if you do want to fit some action in there, you could get a companion like my Syvleon." The elf gestured towards the pair of eeveelutions. By now, Jolteon would have been completely healed and hopefully a lot less hostile. It was possible that Alice could take on Jolteon as a companion. Kerii could already tell that she cared about the creature, even when it was rude to her. Most people would have went away from anything that could harm them, but Alice was so kind as to stick around to make sure that it recovered well.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice decided to stand up again, the sinking in of the news that she was pregnant still had a long way to go but for now she simply understood. She was still wondering if she should take the oppertunity and talk to Kerii, but if she was already hesitant on talking to her friends, why would she immediately spill the beans to someone she had only met Yesterday, "Now I do understand why the demon said I wouldn't get his magic." she muttered before Kerii could answer about her worries.

She stretched a bit and let her eyes look at the eeveelutions before looking back at Kerii again, "I believe the sooner he knows the more fair it is." she nodded, when Kerii mentioned that it needed to be before she was showing, she stared at her flat stomach, and when would that be? She hoped that it would take a while, or rather not at all but she doubted that. Would Konstantin want to be involved with raising a baby? Could his mind even phantom having a baby at this moment? What would it mean for their relationship. "What will Kon think?" she turned a little bit pale. He had enough to worry about, how long were they together? They were around five months together and she already managed to get pregnant? Great job.

She looked at the ground while they moved on towards the topic of her work, talking about small tasks she could do, "A companion." she said thinking about Ophelia, not being really happy but she wouldn't blame Kerii for the suggestion, she looked up at Jolteon, she wondered if he would become her companion or was he too prideful. "It's also, I became Lieutenant two days ago. They expect things from a new picked Lieutenant I believe." she couldn't believe it and sighed heavily, oh great and she didn't want to ruin Kerii her day, even though she just practically asked her to tell her what's wrong. It was nice to have someone brainstorm with her though.

The Jolteon eyed the Sylveon, as if to ask if it was alright to make contact with humans. It apparently had always been alone in the wild or so Alice guessed after seeing its reaction. She hunched down again and held out her hand, stretched out as far away from her, so he could catch her scent. He came closer a bit, and a bit more, so he could sniff on her hand, she didn't move, she wouldn't dare to make him run away. A companion, would she be able to?


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After giving Alice some of her advice, she agreed that the sooner her... boyfriend probably (?) knew about the baby, the better. After a few moments, Alice seemed to ask more to herself what Kon would think. Then, she went pale. Kerii looked at her in surprise. "Kon?" Given the context, it seemed like Kon was the future father. "Oh, do you know how he's doing? I still can't believe what happened with him and the demon."  Kerii had only met him once before the meeting at the coffee shop to discuss the raid, but that was way back in Magnolia when Kerii was pretty much just starting off her career as a mage. She remembered Kon saying that his magic was supportive, similar to Kerii's. He failed to mention though that his involved summoning angelic beings to go and fight. That was certainly more impressive than Kerii's own magic. It must have been unique enough that he had to keep it concealed from her at the moment, which only made Kerii wonder how he could have gotten such a magic.

Alice seemed to take into consideration the possibility of getting a companion to help her out with work. However, it seemed as if she was recently promoted to become a Lieutenant, which was apparently required her to meet higher expectations - some that probably couldn't easily be met via the use of a companion. "Still, it's better than not doing anything."

Syl looked at Jolteon who seemed to be asking if it was okay to look at the human. Sylveon motioned for him to do so, and confidently strode over towards Kerii, not only looking at her in the eye, but brushing up against her leg and purring to let Jolteon know that everything was fine. Jolteon seemed to have gotten the message and allowed himself to get closer to Alice. Both Kerii and Syl smiled as they gazed upon the duo. They both could tell that Alice and Jolteon were well on their way to becoming bonded.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice looked up out of her misery moment to hear Kerii speak her boyfriend's name also. She knew him? Oh no! She surely believed Kerii would keep her mouth shut but why did they know each other. The question about his well being after the demon fight surely came after that, throwing the idea away that they were familiar with each other and that he was the father. She didn't mind that, not at all, it was a nice distraction. "Oh well.." What to say, the wounds of the demon were not that bad, healers had easily fixed that as Kerii should have been very aware of for she was the first healer there, but the part with his magic. She thought about the cut in his hand, the one that became bigger after he used his magic, "He surely will be alright very soon. Thank you for your quick work with that as well." She said with a bright smile, trying to hide the worry that she had for him and his magic. This was why he laid low, why they were together so often.

She shook her head as she thought about the demon and the moment she had noticed something was wrong. She still didn't fully understand what happened but neither did the two of them together and Tori for that matter when it came to the fight against Fairy Tail guild. So what would she say to Kerii, as it was none of anyone else their business and if it was, Kon ought to tell them not her. "I still don't fully understand what happened. Maybe it was something the demon did without us noticing." she lied, but it was for now better to leave the truth in the air and not completely be answered.

She looked at Jolteon when the conversation turned towards companions and she nodded when Kerii mentioned it was better than nothing, "It sure is." However would she be able to take care of a companion? Better than the last one? She ignored herself pitying herself and made a gesture to show the Jolteon she could be trusted, she had no idea what else to do.

He came closer to her stretched out hand, noticing she didn't do anything else but wait for him. Accidentally she got a tiny shock again but she only closed her eyes and tensed her muscles a bit but didn't move much else, it was a mistake, one she noticed as well. Finally he came a little closer even more, curious about her and she softly touched the side of his cheek with one finger to pet him, she wouldn't pet him on the head yet, that would show immediate dominance. She shot a short glance to Kerii with a brighter smile on her face as the Jolteon walked around her and let her pet him. Maybe not everything was going to be that difficult.

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Adelaide Sokolov
As she wanted to stand up straight now, because hunching down wasn't always the most comfortable stand, the Jolteon ran off and she stared at it with big eyes, "Maybe not my smartest plan, but I'm going to try and find it. See if anything is wrong." she took a few steps towards where the Jolteon had ran off to but decided that was rude, she turned back to look at Kerii, "Thank you by the way. I'm glad to know, now I can be more careful instead of mindless going around. Thanks for the talk as well. I know a few things I have to take care off but all will be well in the end. I hope we can meet again soon, when everything settled down for me." She gave Kerii a warm smile before turning around and heading into the woods where the Jolteon had disappeared into, she would find it but maybe not now and a little later, she would have to keep an open mind and perhaps see what happened.

She placed a hand on her stomach, this was going to be a rollercoaster for the next couple of months. She would have to find a way, to tell Konstantin and indeed sooner then later.


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