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Basic Duties [Quest: Kerii]

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When Kerii came into Hargeon, she felt as if she walked through a time portal and stepped back through time to the time when Hargeon was built. The town by the sea was absolutely breathtaking. From where she was standing (which wasn't even a spot that far into the town) she could already see that sparkling waters. Sailboats and fishing boats dotted the ocean. The town seemed to be quite peaceful. Although some spots smelled strongly of fish, a small Kerii very much disliked, the town was really great. She could definitely understand why someone would want to vacation at Hargeon. It wasn't just for the beach, but it was for the whole culture.

Kerii continued to walk around the town and observe. There were vendors lining the streets. A good number of them sold (surprise, surprise) fish and another good portion of them sold little Hargeon souvenirs. One of the souvenir shops sold snow globes, but instead of fake snow, it was sand. A tiny family stood in the "snow globe" with a palm tree behind them. When you shook it, sand would cloud the water, but would then fall and settle on the ground beneath the tiny plastic family, save for the grains of sand that stayed nestled in the dad's straw hat or in the kids' hair. Kerii didn't want to take any souvenirs of any kind though. She wasn't a tourist. She wasn't at Hargeon for her summer vacation. She was at Hargeon because she was a mage and she wanted to do some jobs there. Kerii knew that Hargeon had its own guild (Blue Pegasus) residing in the town (which was actually fitting considering the stereotype for Blue Pegasus members and the look of the town) but that didn't mean Kerii couldn't do quests. It was the same as Magnolia. Kerii did a whole bunch of quests in Magnolia even though their own guild (Fairy Tail) was situated there. In fact, Kerii crushed it with all the quests she did while in Magnolia. She didn't see why doing quests in Hargeon would be any different.

Like Magnolia, Hargeon was a completely new town to Kerii. So, like Magnolia, Kerii would just have to get used to the town. However, Hargeon was much smaller and much less crowded than Magnolia, so Kerii didn't think that it would pose much difficulty for her to navigate Hargeon. After all, she really only needed to know a few locations. The first one being the request board. Kerii wandered around Hargeon looking for it. As mentioned before, since it was a small town, it didn't take Kerii more than five minutes to stumble across the request board. She took a look at it and scoured the board for a good request that she could take. There were quite a few different ones she could take. Kerii decided to go with a relatively simple one though. There were some kids causing trouble in Hargeon by spraying graffiti. Basically, an officer needed help dealing with them because he had his hands full.

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Kerii supposed that she could lend a hand. After all, it would be good for her to get on the good side of the law right away in Hargeon. What better way to do that than by helping out a police officer with some little kids? Besides, it shouldn't be that hard. How much trouble could a few pesky kids be? Well, considering that a police officer put out a request for someone to take, it must have been too much for him to handle in one day. Maybe those kids frequently caused trouble though and the police officer was just tired of dealing with them all the time. Kerii knew that if there was a recurring dark mage all the time that she constantly had to defeat, she would get tired of it as well. Kerii ended up snatching the request off the board and went to go see Officer Kenji Maki.

Kerii went to the police station and asked to see him. She was told where to go and went to that location. When she was there, she saw a red haired with equally red eyes. He wore a blue uniform with a golden badge on the front of his shirt. His hair was tied in a short ponytail and atop his head was a police hat. "Officer Maki?" Kerii asked. She already knew that this man was most likely the officer she was looking for, but it didn't hurt to double check. "Yes?" he replied, looking up from some paperwork he was filling out. "I'm Kerii, a member of Lamia Scale. You said you needed some help with some kids who vandalized part of Hargeon with graffiti." Kenji nodded his head. "Yes. They were spraying graffiti over near the harbor last I checked. They really need to stop doing that. I don't want you to just stop them this time though. I want you to make them never want to spray graffiti around this beautiful town ever again, understand?" Kerii nodded her head with a smile across her face. "I'll do my best," she replied.

Kerii began to make her way towards the harbor. That was the one spot she didn't think she could ever not know the location of. It was just so huge and was a major part of Hargeon. How could anyone not know where it was? Eventually, Kerii spotted some kids spraying graffiti all over a building that would otherwise compliment the theme of the town very nicely. However, it was ruined by the graffiti. The graffiti didn't even look good which just made it worse. Kerii confronted the kids and first, asked them to preserve the beauty of the town and not vandalize a perfectly good building. Of course, that didn't do the trick so Kerii resorted to threatening them. "Listen, you really don't want to mess with an elf," she said in a sharp tone, pulling back her hair so they could see her pointed ears. "Humans and elves never got along and I'd be more than happy to bring back our bad blood. You really don't want to get in a fight with an elf, trust me. We've been trained in combat since we were younger than you." The kids got uneasy the moment Kerii said that she was an elf. "Now give me those cans," she instructed. They willingly handed over the cans to Kerii and she ordered them to clean up every single bit of graffiti they sprayed. She watched them to make sure they were actually doing it. Afterwards, she returned to Kenji with the confiscated cans and she was rewarded.

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Basic Duties [Quest: Kerii] NjlPZG5
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