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To the Beach [Foot Travel | Magnolia -> Hargeon]

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To the Beach [Foot Travel | Magnolia -> Hargeon] Empty Wed Jul 05, 2017 12:40 pm


Kerii double checked to make sure she packed everything. She packed her toothbrush, toothpaste, and basically all her bathroom supplies. All her clothes were clean and folded up and packed neatly away in her suitcase. She put on comfortable travelling clothes and had food and water to keep her energy up. Kerii had a whole bunch of jewels with her so that she would be ready if she needed or wanted to buy anything. Actually, on second thought, it would probably be better to put most of those jewels in her luggage so if she were to be pick pocketed, she wouldn't lose a lot of jewels. Not to say that it would happen, but if it did, she would rather lose only a little bit than a lot.

Kerii checked out of the inn and started walking towards the southern edge of Magnolia that would put her on a path towards Hargeon. Once she got on the path, she took minimal stops and made it to Hargeon.

Elf Perk - 20% foot travel discount

WC: 169/160

To the Beach [Foot Travel | Magnolia -> Hargeon] NjlPZG5
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