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To Magnolia [Foot Travel]

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To Magnolia  [Foot Travel] Empty on Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:10 am


Era was nice, but it was time for Kerii to move on. She had both good and bad memories during her stay. She met Alice. She bonded with Sylveon. She fought a demon. She even got to reconnect with Videns... who she now had yet to see again. She hadn't seen him for a few months and really wanted to meet up with him again. Maybe they could even do a few requests together like the normally did, but it was more of wishful thinking for her. What were the odds that she would randomly run into him again?

With her belongings packed up, she left the inn she was staying at and began to walk towards Magnolia. Although she did enjoy being in Magnolia, she didn't plan on staying there. She was just going there to use its train station. Even though she loved to travel by foot, it was quite a walk to Marigold. Not only would it be time consuming, but tiring as well.

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