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Noble Reconstruction [Quest: Kerii]

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Kerii took the jewels she earned from trying to take a picture of a mermaid with Jacob and shoved it into her wallet, which she promptly shoved into her back pocket. Feeling very seasick, she shakily walked over to a bench and sat down until her stomach settled down. After about five minutes, Kerii got back up and bought a can of ginger ale and drank it to ameliorate her nausea. After drinking all of it, she felt much better than she did before and proceeded to walk back over to the request board. She may have gotten a little seasick, but that wouldn't stop her from doing another request. As Kerii walked towards the request board, she noticed some construction going down at the docks. She didn't remember it happening the last time she was at the docks, but she did recall seeing some old or broken things at the docks. She even thought she saw rotting wood, which actually juxtaposed the vibes the vintage town gave off. When someone walked into Hargeon, they were supposed to feel like they went back in time. When they saw a dock, they expected the dock to look like how it did back when Hargeon was built or close to when Hargeon was built. Therefore, it wouldn't make sense to have things like rotting wood, which would imply that the docks and harbors were actually old and would fail to emulate what the old town used to look like. There was also the fact that it was probably a bad idea to keep rotting wood and broken parts around because it could potentially put people in danger. Say, if they leaned against the weak wood or broken thing and toppled off the dock and onto the beach or into the water and hurt themselves, Hargeon would most likely have to pay for it. Having those things wrong with the town would be both a liability and a disturbance to the beauty Hargeon embodied.

Kerii walked away from all the construction going on and went to go check out the request board to see which request she should take, or if there were any ones she even wanted to take. Upon taking a look at all the requests she was able to take, Kerii saw one put out by a man named Reign Valystasia. It sounded like a fancy name. Perhaps he was a lord like Medias who was in Magnolia. However, unlike Medias, this Reign Valystasia person didn't offer a large reward for his request. So that meant he either wasn't a lord or he was actually reasonable (unlike Medias) and would supply an adequate reward for his request. Coincidentally, the request Reign put out was to aid in the construction that was currently going on. Although she saw some construction going on in the docks, the request said that Kerii would be able to find Reign in the streets, just like how she found Medias, so maybe there was some other reconstruction going on too.

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Noble Reconstruction [Quest: Kerii] NjlPZG5
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Kerii took the request off the board and began to look for Reign in the streets. At first, she didn't see much. Overall, there wasn't a lot of construction going on in Hargeon's streets. Most of it was going on in the docks. The thought came across Kerii's mind that perhaps there wasn't any construction going on anymore in the streets. What if Reign really was down by the docks? After all, the request was probably put out earlier in the day. In fact, Kerii could almost remember seeing that request when she took the mermaid picture one that Jacob Fischer put out on the board, so it was entirely plausible that the reconstruction going on at the streets was done. Kerii and Jacob did spend hours searching for the mermaid after all. Kerii obviously didn't like the fact that they spent hours doing so, since it only increased the amount of seasickness she got. Why did Kerii think that none of the quests would result in going on a boat? She was in Hargeon for crying out loud. Boats were everywhere and where there were boats there were people who sailed on them and where there were people there were requests, so getting on a boat was almost inevitable.

Kerii was about to head back towards the docks when she heard some hammering. Kerii turned to where she heard it and started off towards the sound of the reconstruction. When she arrived, she saw a young blonde haired man with green eyes overseeing the construction. By the way he was dressed, it only made sense for him to be Reign. Kerii went up to him. "Reign Valystasia?" Kerii asked. The young lord turned towards the Lamia Scale mage and responded, "It's Lord Valystasia, but yes?" "I'm Kerii, a member of Lamia Scale. You said you wanted some help with construction?" "Yes, yes. I want some help with the construction going on down by the docks. Help out in any way you can, be it carrying materials, doing the actual reconstruction, or anything else you can think of. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Once you're done with all the reconstruction, please meet me back here. If I'm not here, you'll actually probably see me by the docks instead so you may not even have to come back to this part of Hargeon, but who knows. Anyway, good luck with rebuilding." "Thank you."

The young elf left the section of Hargeon she was in and began to make her way towards the docks and once she was there, she went onto the construction site. Kerii did a little bit of everything. She helped carry materials back and forth. She helped reconstruct a few things, and she even helped out with reading the blueprints when someone wanted a second opinion on what the blueprints were actually saying. All in all, it was tireless work which only ended at sundown. Once Kerii was finished, she went back to find Lord Valystasia who rewarded her for her work.

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Noble Reconstruction [Quest: Kerii] NjlPZG5
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