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Medicare [Kerii]

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Kerii grinned from ear to ear as she walked out of the doors of Fernando Milano's very colorful boutique and pondered what to do next. She honestly felt like taking another request. However, since she got up early without anything to eat, she decided that it would be best to take a little breakfast break first. After all, if she ended up taking a request that would take all day to complete, she would need to have at least eaten something to tie her over. Additionally, she may also want a drink. Preferably, a caffeinated one. As it turned out, going to bed earlier didn't provide her with all the energy she needed. A nice cup of coffee should do the trick, she thought. So, as planned, she made her way over towards the café she saw near the request board the day before. It wasn't crowded, but not barren either. Given that it was a weekday and later in the morning, that was understandable. Not everyone had the luxury to go to a café at this time of day, especially since most people had jobs with a structured schedule. Not everyone's job was as flexible as Kerii's, whose was quite simply to fulfill the requests of anyone she chooses. It was actually very nice. It paid well and fit Kerii's likes. She loved to travel and she liked having a job where she determined her hours. True, the requests ultimately decided how long she would take to complete something, but she always did a request with the thought in mind that it may very well take all day, so unless she wasn't prepared to do a request that may last all day, she wouldn't be taking one, and that seldom happened. She did take a break every once and a while though.

Kerii arrived at the café and ordered a large cup of vanilla chai flavored coffee, along with a breakfast sandwich and a yogurt parfait. All of it was absolutely delicious and fueled her up. She was filled to the brim with energy and just sat there in her seat for a moment, just imagining what kind of requests she would take. She wouldn't do one just yet that a more experienced mage would take. Despite the need to adapt to a magicless life, Kerii still felt uncomfortable with the fact that she didn't have magic. It just felt weird to her. She decided that she would get back in the swing of things before starting to take more advanced requests.

Approaching the request board, Kerii marveled at all the requests she could choose from, but one stood out from the rest. Although the pay was the same as the one Fernando Milano put out, this one was labeled urgent. A man name Gerard had put out the request. He wanted someone to deliver medicine to people who needed them. The patients, of course, needed the medicine as soon as possible, which must have been why it was labeled as urgent.

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Since the request was obviously an urgent one, she sped her way on over towards Baska's hospital. She had thankfully never had to go there herself for any medical reason, but she knew where it was. As someone who was previously a healing mage, she tended to take note of where every hospital was, because who knew? She may, at one point, need to transport someone there. While using healing magic in the field was okay, someone may need professional medical attention at a hospital for something severe that would need special treatment such as surgery, which was something she was unable to provide at a random moment in a random location. As such, it was useful to know where one was... also if she needed to go to one herself. As powerful as her Celestial Sky magic was able to become, she would never have been able to heal herself. It was just something she was incapable of doing with her previous magic. She didn't know if it was the same case for every other healing kind of magic (actually she highly doubted that was the case) but from what she had seen, it seemed unlikely.

Kerii couldn't believe how crowded the hospital was. There were dozens of families, anxiously waiting for something, probably a word from the doctor. The elf went up to the front desk and asked the lady sitting there if she could see Gerard. At first, she warned Kerii and said that he was rather busy, but upon brandishing the request and explaining why she was there and stating that she was a member of Lamia Scale, she realized that she was there to help Gerard, rather than her being a patient or someone who wanted answers to the mysterious plague the request vaguely talked about.

The elf went up to see Gerard. Kerii explained who she was and why she was there, but he still treated her somewhat like a patient. Although she felt perfectly fine, Gerard wanted to check her out to make sure that she wasn't infected by the plague. He seemed to check for the tell-tale signs of it first, and then went on to take a few more tests such as temperature and taking a swab before confirming that she did not have the plague. After all, it would be bad if his deliverer could potentially pass on the plague to someone else.

Gerard handed Kerii the two bags of medicine and along with them, the corresponding addresses of the people that needed them. There were only two of them, but Gerard seemed very thankful that someone finally came along to deliver those two bags of medicine. Kerii left the hospital and, as quickly as she could, found the addresses of the people who needed the medicine. She made the deliveries rather swiftly and both people thanked her very much for the medicine. When Kerii returned to Gerard, he too thanked her for her help and paid her for her services, before bidding her farewell.

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