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What might the wood hide. (Yuurei)

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What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Fri Aug 05, 2022 9:10 pm

The god noticed something, Yuurei’s constant attacks were wearing on him. He was surprised that this human, wait no he noticed the wings just now. He was a Seraphim? What the hell was one of those angel bastards doing down here?

“A Seraphim down in this realm? Why are you helping these mortal humans?” He asked him as he cracked his knuckles.

“Actually, I’m a Nephilim. A Seraphim did help me live though, so that is a good question.” He said to the god in front of him.

“I see so you're still beneath the gods it seems, but your power gives you an aura of a Seraphim.” He said to Yuurei.

“Thank you for the compliment, but that’s just me constantly training every day. Now let’s continue this because you’re not leaving this place while we’re still standing.” He said as he was wondering how he was going to take this guy out.

#127Kaito Todaro 

What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Fri Aug 05, 2022 9:43 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito sees something and he wraps across the room and he drops the book, it flips to a page and it glows and he sees what he has to do and he runs his fingers along the runes on the floor and they glow from his blood from his burned arm and he keeps at it as it seems the god seems to think him as no threat then he slams his burnt hand down on the floor and the runes glow intensely and raising from the floor and begin to weaken the god. Kaito isn’t sure how long this will last be he hopes that Yuurei can use it and maybe finish off the god if it really even is a god to begin with. He just has to hope that it holds out long enough for Yuurei to put the final nails in this creatures coffin. When they get out of here he was going to sleep for days and he hopes that his arm will heal well after this but his arm seemed fine just pain.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Fri Aug 05, 2022 10:28 pm

Yuurei would look over at Kaito and it would seem like he was doing something. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he figured that it would help with this battle. The berserker would move straight toward the god, and he would transform even further than he did before. He would grow another pair of wings on his back as he would make his way to the man. He would move faster, and he would become stronger than he originally was.

He would make his way to the god, who would shoot out a beam of darkness straight toward Yuurei. The Nephilim would dodge the attack, and he would see the man’s other arm would come straight to him. He would block the attack with his left hand. He would swing his jab straight into the man’s nose and would thrust his leg into the god’s chest which would bring him to stumble back.

He felt that more than usual and he wondered what was going on.

#129Kaito Todaro 

What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Fri Aug 05, 2022 10:53 pm

Kaito Todaro
The book had shown Kaito the way to weaken it, and lucky enough for Kaito that he fit the bill a human that transgressed on the gods. His blood powered the runes that he had broken, he didn't have to understand the runes no fancy magic words just him drawing the runes with his blood, a sacrifice to the powers that be to transgress further into the realm humans were not meant to tread on. He keeps a calm mind as this runes didn't request his mana only his blood and his focus, he will not let Yuurei down here he will hold out and keep the god weakened so that he can win.

Kaito can hear whispers to him that sound close to him, some are children sounding others more adult sounding telling him of his fools errand here and that he lacks the true will to survive. Their is no actual whispers Kaito hears them in his head and he knows they are a trick to break his focus on helping to defeat or reseal the monster before he can do more harm.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Sat Aug 06, 2022 12:54 am

The god would look around, and he was trying to figure out why this Nephilim was able to harm him so well. It could have been because of all the hits he had taken, but this mortal was quick. There was nothing he could do but be a god that should have lessened the damage. So, why was it different now? He continued to look around, and he would see Kaito, and he would see the rune he created. The glow would let him know that this fool had transcendent blood running through his veins. What the hell were these two and why were they even here?

“It’s you, you’re the reason why he hurts.” He pointed at Kaito.

It wouldn’t take long, but he would run straight toward Kaito, but he would stop right when he saw Yuurei intervene in front of him.

“I’m sure you know the saying, but if you want to get to him you’re going to have to go through me.” He said as he was ready to continue their fight.

#131Kaito Todaro 

What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Sat Aug 06, 2022 4:35 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito smirks as he watches Yuurei playing the hero and he looks back at the book and he thinks it should be enough and he reaches in his cloak and he pulls something out eating it and keeping his burnt arm on the rune and he wonders what this god is gonna do now that he has more weakened state, Kaito knows this all falls to Yuurei in the end as Kaito is a joke compared to the powers of the mighty leader of the north so he was just lucky to be bathed in the mans glowing warm light for the moment and not serve him. Really this place has done little to make him feel like he is really a mage and not just a big child running in circle and the whispers tell him to release the rune and just let the angel wannabe get his clock cleaned it will teach him to be humble and not such a self-righteous prick.

He wonders why these whispers is it from the rune he drew was it a test of his own from this blasted place or was it all just in his exhausted head telling him to do bad things and not care who gets hurt.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Sat Aug 06, 2022 10:26 am

The god would hear this from the man in front of him. He would shake his head as he didn’t think that a mortal would stand in his way. He would make his way toward Yuurei, and he would swing his fist at him. Yuurei would dodge the attack but somehow didn’t see the kick coming. His cape would move toward it as the cape would block the attack from connecting with Yuurei. The light mage would swing a punch of his own as his cape had hidden his actions slightly. He would punch the god in his abdomen, but before the god moved back he would land a punch straight on Yuurei’s face.

It would force him to step back as he would gush out blood from his mouth. He would spit on the ground, and he would shake his head. Instead, of fear, Yuurei had excitement all over his face. He enjoyed fighting no matter the results.

#133Kaito Todaro 

What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Sat Aug 06, 2022 10:43 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito listens to the voices as they speak to him and he can hear something hidden in them someone being talked over like the other voices were threatening to drown that voice below the rest and not let it be heard so he focuses on that single voice as he drowns out the other voices as if he is wading through a swamp or soup it slowed him but he could hear the voice better and it became more clear and crisp to his ears. “Humans are a great evil to most races. But humans as they are many are varied in ideals and actions, some live solely to kill of things they don’t understand, while others give their lives to save other No matter the race.” He wonders if it is a human speaking in that moment or if it is someone of another race speaking trying their best to convince the others of their race. Kaito gets flashes of elves torturing humans for their blood to seal something they had summoned here. Kaito holds his head as his burnt arm throbs with every switch of the vision he sees them with papers that look like the pages they had come to seek out on their journey.

He sees them cast them out with magic maybe these pages lead to something more dangerous then they had thought but this wasn’t the time for that, Kaito keeps the rune focused on the god as he feels a ghostly had on the back of his own. “A single wall is only as strong as the brick or stone you make it from so make sure you find the right ones when you build yours” the words feel like they ring in his head as he stays focused.

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What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Sat Aug 06, 2022 11:31 am

Yuurei would push forward to the god in front of him, and he would swing his fist once again. The god would dodge the attack, but Yuurei would throw out another punch with his other hand. The god would parry that attack, and he would use his dark magic to strike at Yuurei’s face. He would dodge the magic as it would barely miss him, and the god would swing another attack at the Nephilim. Yuurei was quick on his feet as he would parry the man’s attack. They would continue to swing at each other though as they were trying to land a blow on each other.

The Nephilim were more conscious of the god’s attack as the last one had truly hurt. He had been weakened, but he had been hit previously, which was bothering him. Still, he knew that he was going to have to take this thing out before Kaito lost consciousness or something.

#135Kaito Todaro 

What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Sat Aug 06, 2022 11:57 am

Kaito Todaro
It would seem this place was built on human sin and scorned elves seeking blood from the kin of it is what truly had brought this thing onto their plain and having to lock it down had them once again strike a blow against humans and make them give their blood to seal back what which they could not control anymore. Question is was the blood given to seal this god taken or given willingly, were the elves high or wood he couldn’t tell. He was unsure what was right or wrong here at this moment should he let the god free or should he keep helping his friend by weakening it.

He was no where near his limit of holding this rune it was still going strong it just meant that he couldn’t really move or the weakening would weaken and that can’t be what happens here he has to keep strong. He shakes his head and he tries to get back in the game and keep his friend safe.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Sat Aug 06, 2022 12:09 pm

The two of them were moving around the area they were in. They continued their fight with each other as things were getting hectic. One of them would have to become exhausted for the other one to win, but who would be the first to give in? The Nephilim so an opportunity as he noticed that he hasn’t used his magic yet. He would swing his arm down in the air and a magic circle would appear. Then a light magical slash would fly straight toward the god. He would dodge the attack as it was hard to do, but it was what Yuurei wanted. He would get close to the enemy he was fighting, and he would punch him straight in the abdomen again. It would cause him to grab his stomach and he would stumble back as he looked at Yuurei.

“You shouldn’t have this much power.” He said as he was in disbelief that he could feel so much pain.

#137Kaito Todaro 

What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Sat Aug 06, 2022 1:21 pm

Kaito Todaro
He smiles as it seemed that his friend had the god nearly on the ropes and he keeps his body still and the rune flowing. The voice speaks again in a cold lonely voice. “Fools are those that have no plan and die plan less with a smile on their face. Live and make others smile till their last moments, you are chosen as well rather you feel it or not.” Kaito has no idea what that means he just keeps the focus on the god so he can not give up or fall short here he has to do it he has to make it he has to last and he needs to make this count his eyes glow and the rune glows brighter. Kaito wonders if that means the weakening is stronger with the rune or if it is just shining brighter because he was using his transcender mode and gifts. He has to be ready to be attacked cause the god will know he is near the end of his rope and his only hope was too kill Kaito and stop being weakened.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Sat Aug 06, 2022 1:31 pm

Yuurei would crack his neck as he looked at the god in front of him.

“Well, you probably would be more annoying to take down, but I had help. Still, it sucks that you couldn’t get to see how things turned out in Earthland.” He said to the god as he would get ready.

The god would hear the way he spoke, and it was as if he was about to deliver the final blows. He wasn’t going to let that happen. He would start converging all of his mana into a focal point. Once he had done that, he was going to explode this entire fortress. Yuurei, of course, had other plans. When he saw the mana being used, he would stop right in front of the god, and he would swing his Midas gauntlet at it. He would dispel the spell he used, which would drain a lot of mana from Yuurei. Still, that was just the beginning as he would start landing multiple blows on the god in front of him.

#139Kaito Todaro 

What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Sat Aug 06, 2022 1:46 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito watched as his friend keeps landing hit after hit and he hears a song in his head. He starts to hum along to it and he wonders why he is feeling light and his body feels less in pain and he wonders if this is what dying feels like or if it is something from the song or maybe it is one of the spirits that that been sacrificed here for the sins committed in this place one of the shadow creatures from the library above is behind Kaito and seems to be touching him even though it probably can't make physical contact with him. Kaito looks to it and he can tell it is not trying to hurt him and he wonders if it is a soul trapped here and not a monster and this whole time that had been trespassing in it's home even though it had welcomed them in still it probably wanted them to leave soon as they had stirred up trouble in the fortress so they need to hurry before this thing turns and attacks them as well.

At the top of the stairs is the dryad healing Kaito but not healing his arm as of yet so not to get them killed or help the god to escape from them here.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Sat Aug 06, 2022 9:13 pm

Yuurei would continue to punch the so god. He would get ready to talk to Yuurei but would meet with the light mage’s fist. It would connect to his abdomen, making him cough up blood. When he thought it was done, he would feel a punch right on his face, which would tilt his head to the side. He would look over to the god as he kept dealing blows. The god was impressed, scared, and clueless about what would happen. He didn’t think gods could die, but why was feeling weaker every second that he was hit?

It wouldn’t take long, but Yuurei would throw his all into his right hand and punch the god right in the chest this time. It would send him flying into the wall, and onto the ground. He would breathe heavily, and he hoped the fight was done with. The god couldn’t move and for some reason, he felt his body fading.

#141Kaito Todaro 

What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Sat Aug 06, 2022 10:19 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito watched the light mage connect blow after blower after blow on the so called god then he watched the god begin to fade away. Kaito guesses that the god is done for at this point it was being removed from this world and once the god is fully gone Kaito drops back on his butt and the rune disappears.
He opens the portal to his domain and Revy comes walking out and she looks mad at Kaito as his burnt arm fully healed from the dryad that left after she was finished healing them both from a distance.

"What happened why were me and Renji alone in that space! why do you two look slightly beat up a bit!" Revy placed her hands on her hips and is looking Kaito square in the eyes. She knows something bad must have happened and Renji and her were saved from what every it was but why will Kaito not just come clean and tell her what had transpired here while they were gone.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Sun Aug 07, 2022 2:47 pm

Yuurei would sigh with relief when he saw the god disappear from the area. He would disperse his transformation and he would drop onto his back as he had felt the blows now that the fights were over. He would laugh it off for a few seconds as he notices that Kaito had opened a portal. Renji would come out of the portal and run straight to Yuurei. He would look over to Kaito and then his partner and wonder what they had been up to.

“Did you and Kaito fight each other while Revy and I were knocked out cold?” He asked him wondering what he would say.

“Nah, but there was some guy that fought against us. I still have the box, you guys.” He said to them as he was just catching his breath right now.

Renji would look over to Revy and it seemed like they had missed a lot.

#143Kaito Todaro 

What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Sun Aug 07, 2022 4:56 pm

Kaito Todaro
He looks at Renji and he laughs. "We both know, never in a million years would I be able to do that much damage to Yuurei and I am not knocked out so Yuurei couldn't have been the person I was fighting." He lands on his back on the cool stone floor and he wonders if through was really a point in doing all this fortress stuff or if it was just a waste of time and he was just spinning his wheels and not getting anywhere while everyone else was making the most of the time he was just stuck in the mud and he knows that there wasn't much he could do about it.

Revy looks him over and she sees his arm is un wrapped and the black marks on his arm had gotten bigger then they usually where and he sees where she was looking and he hides his arm in his cloak and he hopes that she isn't worried to much about it.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Sun Aug 07, 2022 5:35 pm

Renji would hear him speak and he would rub the back of his head. It was his assumption, but it was only because there wasn’t anybody in the place with them. He would chuckle a bit as he didn’t think Kaito was weak or anything like that.

Yuurei would move as he would get up and, on his ass, now. He would look at everyone and it would seem like Revy was staring at his arm. He figured that the was cursed that he had spoken about in the past. He would crack his neck and would get up from the floor.

“That was a good quick rest. What do you say we continue looking around for those lost pages.” He said to Kaito.

Yuurei didn’t notice at first, but he was given another lost page in his pocket the moment he had taken out the god. It was a thank you from the fortress.

#145Kaito Todaro 

What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Sun Aug 07, 2022 7:58 pm

Kaito Todaro
"Nah I think I will just sink into the floor." He laughed then the floor opened up under him and he slid head first and was dropped off in the dryads room and he got his feet under him and landed and he heard Revy screaming seems she had fallen in as well and he catches her as she pops out of the hole.

"I need you to stop opening your big mouth!" She bopped him on the head as she got out of his arms on back onto the floor she still seemed mad at Kaito for what had happened before and he wondered if he could make it up to her.

He looked up and he wondered if there was anyone else is gonna come down the hole so he moves off to the side just in case they were gonna follow behind him and he looks into the books around him.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Sun Aug 07, 2022 8:44 pm

Yuurei would hear Kaito and he would laugh a bit when he had said that, but then he watched his friend disappear to the floor. He was shocked as his eyes would widen when he saw this. Renji had seen Revy fall into the hole that seemed to have appeared. He would run straight for her and he would jump into it. He wasn’t going to leave her to fall on her own. The light mage would rub the back of his head because he was a bit confused about what was going on.

He would walk over to where Kaito was, and he would see that there was a hole on the ground.

“It seems like everyone is jumping into the hole. I guess I should join them.” He said to himself as he would throw himself into the slide.

Renji would be the first to come down and he would fly into a cushioned area since nobody would catch him.

“Revy are you okay?” He would ask as he was looking area to see where she was.

Yuurei would come soon after, but he would stop himself when he saw Renji was on the other side.

“Familiar place.” He said to everyone with a smile on his face.

#147Kaito Todaro 

What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Mon Aug 08, 2022 5:48 am

Kaito Todaro
He was glad that  Renji had been spit out in a safer place as he would of probably hit the floor pretty hard cause he had moved so there was little to know what it his mana depleted tired state that he could have caught the small furry friend of his partner. He was surprised to see that Yuurei also came down the hole to grace them with his presence.

Kaito turns back to the extra books and papers that were on the desk that the dryad were sitting at and there are pictures old drawn pictures that kind of look like him and Yuurei along with their Exceed partners, this place felt different from what it  did before when they were in it with the dryad, like this room had been empty for a very long time with out a person living in it. Kaito wonders if maybe she was a ghost that was trapped here by her fears or her hatred kept her here, it just felt kind of eerie in this room now. Kaito keeps searching not pointing out that he had found a picture like that in the room.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Mon Aug 08, 2022 11:39 am

Yuurei did notice that the room looked different than before. It did look quite old compared to when they were here a while ago. He also noticed that the dryad that was supposed to be here wasn’t here either. She had been so stuck in staying in this room that he thought she would still be here. That wasn’t the case, and it would seem like Kaito was searching through this room. He rubbed the back of his head; they had checked everything here and there wasn’t anything here. Unless they had missed something when she was here.

He sighs as he figured he would help his friend search the place.

“How’s everyone feeling?” He would ask them as they were all hit or harmed in different ways.

Renji would fix himself and when he was done, he would start looking around as well.

“I’m good I felt like had a nap that was it.” He said to Yuurei.

#149Kaito Todaro 

What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Mon Aug 08, 2022 11:53 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito hides the picture and he takes some other books and he walks out and he looks for another room that will open so he can keep looking and he wonders if that dryad was dead or if she had just left and the life was sucked out of her room he knows the he can probably find the page.

Revy looks at Yuurei and Renji, she is worried that she had let Kaito down and she needs to get her head on her shoulder and find her self a page for Kaito and make it up to him before he replaces her and she has to be all alone again and wondering the world alone to probably die in a ditch with no hope of surviving cause she has been under his protection and him getting her thing that she is unsure if she could survive if he was to leave her behind and not come back for her and she is now scared Kaito will abandon her.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 6 Empty Mon Aug 08, 2022 12:14 pm

Yuurei would look over to Kaito and it would seem like he had taken some books before leaving the room. He kept looking through this place but knew that there was nothing here for them. He would stand straight and look over to Revy as it seemed like something was bothering her again. He would walk over to her, and he would smile at her as he patted her on her shoulder.

“Everything is going to be fine Revy. We’re alive and that is all that matters.” He said to her.

Yuurei would look over to the direction Kaito had gone and he would follow behind. It seemed like he was looking for another place to look at these books. It made him chuckle a bit when he saw this. It was as if this place had given him the creeps.

“Did the Dryad place give you the creeps?” He asked with a smile on his face.

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