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What might the wood hide. (Yuurei)

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What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Tue Aug 02, 2022 6:55 pm


Renji didn’t ignore it; he was completely overwhelmed with everything and that was why he hadn’t said anything. When he had calmed down, he would look over to Revy and he would smile at her.

“I’m sorry about not saying thank you, but it did warm my heart when you kissed my cheek. These pages are just driving me nuts.” He said as he would kiss her on the cheek, and he would of.

He would stay on the same aisle as she was, but he was blushing as he would put his face into the book. He would start looking through everything hoping to find what he needed.

Yuurei would continue looking through the books right now as he was hoping that he was getting close to finding a page. It had to be here somewhere, and if not, they should try looking somewhere else. Renji would notice that Revy walked away from him, and he would walk toward her and stand on the opposite side of where she was.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Tue Aug 02, 2022 7:06 pm


Revy ignored him and pretended he didn't exist as she was not happy with him and she did not want to speak to him. She just keeps her attention in the books and doesn't even look in his direction or even care to let him know she was even thinking anything about him or her anger at him just ignoring everything that wasn't the book or if Kaito called her to let her know that he had found his page from a book that was in the library but she didn't know how she would handle that.

Kaito was just coming up empty handed as he jumps back to the ladder as he was tired and shouldn't be monkeying around cause he come slip and fall and at this point he might just let himself fall and take a nap that the fall would allow him to take. He slides down the next ladder and he walks around on the floor a bit while he looks to see if he can see anything that would attract his attention to it.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Tue Aug 02, 2022 7:44 pm


Yuurei would look at a certain book that he had seen through the library, this one was different than all the rest. He had figured and hoped that he would find the lost pages that he was looking for. He made sure to look through the book carefully because he didn’t want to miss anything. He looked around and it would seem like Kaito was looking for the page too, but it seemed like he was not enjoying his time here. He would shake his head as he continued to do what he needed to do.

Renji would look over at Revy and it would seem like she didn’t want anything to do with him right now. He would sigh because he had messed up it seemed.

“I’m sorry.” He would say this to her as he continued to look through the books. He figured he would leave her alone until she was ready to talk to him.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Tue Aug 02, 2022 7:50 pm


Revy looking in the book thinks that she had seen something and she gets up and she runs in to show Kaito and ask him if it was anything or if it was just her over reacting to something that was nothing in the end and she was looking to help him with the finding of the page but she hadn't gotten lucky up until now and she hoped this was the page that she had been looking for so that she can take a break while Renji and Yuurei bust their asses to find their own.

Kaito looked as he saw the female exceed rush in and toward him and he hopes that she doesn't trip and fall as some part of the carpet in the room is a little beat up and when she gets close to him he takes the book and he looks into the book to see what had gotten her so excited that she had to make a mad dash to her and he was unsure if she found something or not.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Tue Aug 02, 2022 7:55 pm


Yuurei kept looking through the book that he was going through, and he was hoping it was good. Renji was doing the same thing with his book, and he was hoping to get something out of it as well. They were both going through everything, but were they going to find anything out of it? It would seem like Revy had found something, but she wasn’t sure if it was the page Kaito was looking for. He hoped that one of them found it, so they could help the other look for a page of their own.

Still, he would move around while looking through the book and soon enough a page would fall out of the book. He would look down at it and he wondered if this was the page he was looking for. Yuurei would kneel to pick it up and when he did, he would hope it was the page.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Tue Aug 02, 2022 8:12 pm


Kaito finds some interesting info but there wasn't any page to be found there but he did learn a decent set of recipes to try out later once he gets some down time from page searching and helping to save the world from the clutches of death. He pats the exceed's head and he lifts her up and he has he grab some new books before he placed her down and lets her run off to read again and then he gets back to looking for books that might have the things he might need to know and he tries to get himself back in to the mind set that there might just not be anything here for him as he keeps trying to find his footing here as there might just be nothing here and he really needs to be ready to face that is it comes to pass as he is not infallible but he knows that he can't just give up either.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Tue Aug 02, 2022 10:05 pm


“Did you get anything so far Kaito? Or are we both hitting dead ends after dead ends? Why do I feel like the dryad played a trick on us.” He said to his friend as he truly thinks that, but it could be a theory right?

Yuurei would put the books away as he would look around the library instead. He was fascinated by how this place came to existence. It meant that when this had people in it there was someone who wanted this build here. Still, how long was this place abandoned? If he knew that, then he could tell how old these books were here.

Renji would notice that Revy wasn’t talking to him, which made him scuff. He wanted to walk away from her, but he felt the moment he did something bad would happen. He would grab another book and start searching for information there.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Tue Aug 02, 2022 10:21 pm


He shook his head as he had, had no luck either as he wondered if the dryad had played a trick on them as well but I think she was too scared of him to really mess with him. He looks up at the mirror ceiling and he wonders something if maybe they were looking at the room the wrong way then he moved something but it moved something else in the reflection in a different part of the room then where he was standing. He keeps playing with the reflection and he sees it always changes something different like the reflection was wrong or trying to make a point to him that there was more to it than the straight forward puzzle he thought he was solving this whole time.

Revy looks at Renji. "You feel like we are wasting our time here as well or is it just me ?" Revy wondered as well if this all has just been some trap set up for them that they are just rats in someone else’s maze.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Tue Aug 02, 2022 10:33 pm


Yuurei noticed that he was also having tough look at finding the pages. It would seem like this was going to be the hardest one to fine yet. Still, he was not going to lose hope. They were destined to find these pages, and he knew that it would be just a while longer than others. He would look over at Kaito and it would seem like he was doing something. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he was looking around himself. He didn’t notice the reflection thing like Kaito did. Still, he was moving things around with pure strength.

Renji would look over at her as she had finally decided to speak to him. He would put the book down for a second.

“Yeah I don’t think the lost pages are here. I think we were led to this library though. I think it might lead to another place in the fortress.” He said to Revy.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Tue Aug 02, 2022 10:44 pm


Kaito transforms and lifts a shelf and moves it the a path opens at the back wall. Kaito looked toward the place he had heard movement from as his transformation was released him returning to his normal appearance and he starts walking back that way to see if he sees anything back in that area he followed the path and he finds what looks like a war room and books with very worn out titles and bindings the most he could make out is the demon prince on one of the books. He wondered if this book told of the demon princes or if it is some kind of manual on how to defeat them or revive them the text is out and some of it is missing. “The ru— h-l-s him b-t - - - se— will be b—ken some day.” He wonders what that means did it have to do with the sealed box in the room above the mirror or is this speaking of a different sealed thing. Kaito is very unsure how he feels about this trip to her now.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Tue Aug 02, 2022 11:04 pm


Yuurei kept moving things on his own, and it wouldn’t take long, but he would find a secret door. It was interesting to see, but it seemed like this place was indeed hiding a lot of things. The light mage would open the door, and when he entered, he would see that it was a small room. He looks around to see what was inside of it, and while he was doing that he would see these three tools on the desk. He would walk over to it, and on top of them, there was a note.

“To whoever finds this, I have left my greatest creation on this table. These three tools will bring forth Galatea. A beautiful woman, a masterpiece, and an excellent fighter. May she help you as she helped me.” He read this out loud, and he would put the tools in his pocket.

It would seem like he may not have been able to find the page, but he was able to equip himself with some good stuff.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Tue Aug 02, 2022 11:17 pm


Kaito looks at the other books in the book at his front right is a strange book full of runes Kaito can’t read any of it but he keeps looking through it and looks at the pictures in the book and he tries to understand the motions and things of the book but he needs to do some more research before he does it he places the book down. Kaito looks next to a book of sealing that speaks of the ways to seal creatures, monsters, and mages of different races. Kaito wonders if he will need to do such a thing ever but he guesses he will learn it in case it will come in handy later in his adventure.

Revy looks up into the library and she doesn’t see Kaito or Yuurei around in there any more and she looks at Renji. "ahhhhh Renji where did the knuckle heads go?" She keeps looking around a little more still not seeing them and she is worried.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Tue Aug 02, 2022 11:38 pm


Yuurei was still in the room he had found. If he had gotten this, then it meant there might be something else in this room as well. He figured it was time to start looking. He would go through the paper reading through the person’s notes. It seemed like these writings were old, but he was hoping that this guy might have had a lost page. He kept reading them and he was learning about the fortress itself. It would seem like they had hidden a lot of things from the people who were guarding this place.

With what he could read it would seem like there was indeed hidden and locked deep within the fortress. Yuurei wasn’t sure what it was though, and he hoped that they didn’t find out.

Renji would hear Revy and he would look to see that they were indeed missing.

“Do they just mindlessly walk off all the time?” He said as he was helping Revy out.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 5:39 am


Kaito is unsure if what they need might be in here but he can at least tell this place is here for a reason for what reason or what cause he was unsure but he does wish to know what this evil was that was locked away here and if it was something if ignored could get out and cause them a lot of issues or if it was just a small danger in todays market. He wanted to make sure they didn't end up letting anything loose into the world that didn't belong in it and he finds books on dragons as well not that, that would do him any good as dragons a super rare and pretty much dying out for the most part and he wants to make sure he gets through the book though in cause he has to face one listed some day but he doubts it but you shouldn't look away from free knowledge even if it might seem useless.

Revy sighs and then takes Renji's hand and walks deeper into the library. "What are we going to do with them, they are sop much trouble." She giggled at her own comment.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 10:21 am


Yuurei was concerned about this. If they decided to venture deeper into the fortress, then they might unleash this darkness in this world. If that happens, then it would probably be up to them to stop it. Still, he was thinking negatively, and he would shake his head. He would finish reading the notes, and he would put them down. His eyes scanned the area as he started opening things around the room. He was hoping that there would be some form of clue here for the lost pages, right? He wasn’t sure, but he would go through the cabinets here, and he would find more paper that was left behind.

Renji would feel his hand grabbed by Revy. He wasn’t used to this still, which brought him to smile and blush all at the same time. They would start walking through the library together, and he would hear her words.

“Yeah they are, they also need an alarm spell attached to them.” He said to her as chuckled.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 11:26 am


Revy sees the two open paths. "Hmmm which one you think Renji?" She looks back and forth between them thinking which one which could be in and if they were even worth going into and risking their own lives that could be in danger. She thinks it might be better to wait and see if anyone comes out and if it really has anything to do with them or if it is just them being dumb dumbs again.

Kaito keeps digging through the papers he sees old plans and things, he wonders if this was a base for people of the north that wanted to attack the kingdom or maybe these plans are what the last set of kingdom works used to take it in the first place, maybe this was just old plans and maps that never got used or did these items magically appear her to suit Kaito's tastes as he was into older things and he wondered about them but he had no idea if they were or were not there because of him.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 12:05 pm


Renji and Revy would move through the library, and they would come to a stop. He noticed two paths that they could take, and it would seem like Revy was asking him which one they should go to. He would look at both paths, and he would rub his chin with his free hand as he was trying to decide which one.

“I say let’s wait right here. We should just continue to look for the pages for those two. I don’t think the two knuckles head are weak enough to let anything take them out here.” He said to Revy with a smile on his face.

Yuurei kept searching as he was hoping he was getting close. If this person was able to leave something as important as those three tools, then he figured that he might leave something else of importance here. He just had to look for it and he was doing just that.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 12:38 pm


Kaito sits back in one of the chairs and he keeps looking as he wasn't sure what all there could be hidden in this place was all of it fake was it a trap to lure people into it with the mystery and the reason no one takes it is because they can't take it cause it will drive them all mad before they can really stick a claim to it. He isn't sure if that is the case or not but he knows that it could be the answer to it all the last puzzle piece but he at this moment isn't sure.

Revy agreed to it then went to looking in the papers and she thinks that she can find something if maybe she looks harder then the other three were doing and she will not give up will it really be the answer she can't be sure but if she keeps pushing her limit them she will do what she had come here to do and that was to find a page for Kaito.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 1:15 pm


Yuurei would continue to look through the place. He was seeing how interesting this information was. It seemed like there were tales of ancient gods living amongst the people in this world. It seemed like something had happened, and gods had disappeared from this world. It wasn’t just that, but it seemed they moved to a different dimension. It was interesting to read, but what was worse is that there were some gods that didn’t leave with the rest of them.

It made him wonder if that was what had been trapped inside of this fortress. That would be bad if they had unleashed them. He would put that away as it wasn’t the information he was looking for. He would move on to the next paper.

Renji was looking through the books in the normal library. It would seem like Revy was determined to find this lost page. He would start to work hard because they needed to find this crap.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 1:30 pm


Kaito finds things on some cults and some goddess names Morgan and wondered what that was about and it has a map to shard like things and he figures that was probably something dangerous so he throws it in the fire after memorizing the map in case he ever wanted to find what that map was pointing toward and if he could do anything with it. that was for another time though because right now he had a lot of things to deal with and none of them were to free a goddess from her prison. He goes deeper into the room and he finds other records of things and happenings and he is unsure why but about half way through the book it goes blank and the last date in it was today and he looks at a picture of himself looking into the book in the book and he is a bit weirded out by this but he flips back and he starts reading about past events, this book is a single historic record of magic and events this thing is probably worth more jewels then Kaito would ever see in a thousand life times. He keeps looking in the book and wondering if he can find his birth in his book or anything on his mother.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 2:13 pm


Yuurei kept looking through all of this, and he would find a bunch of things. It wouldn’t take long, but he would see that there was a place around here, that held a golden helmet. This Golden helmet was said to be the ultimate monarch. It seemed like this helmet was worn by a monarch who had taken out the monarch circle. They were trying to gain ultimate power, but the person who wore this helmet stopped them from achieving their goal. He would take a hold of this paper as it would give him clues on where to look for this helmet. Still, now that he had this information he was nowhere close to finding the lost page. It frustrated him as he would sigh as he looked around to see where else to look around.

Renji was hard at work as he was making sure he didn’t go into the places that Kaito and Yuurei had searched earlier.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 2:43 pm


Kaito finds more on some of the other things that may be of more use to him later if he plays his cards right. He wasn't sure how much of what he was learning was going to be worth the time that he was spending he had totally lost focus on looking for a page just to learn what was in this room and why it was here and if there was any real way to use it or if it was all just wasted out dated information that wouldn't be of any use to him.

Revy is still hard at work looking for things that could even be close to counted as a page and if so she needed to keep track of them and she wondered if Kaito was having more luck then she was having or if he was having the same amount just in a lesser bit of it.

Kaito sighs as he is going crazy looking at all the things and the book at the same time and he finds the part of the book that has his mother in it and he wondered if that was really her or if that was a lie that the place was making.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 3:23 pm


Yuurei found particular large documentation. He would take it out and he would slowly look through it. The reading was intriguing as it spoke about an ancient civilization. Still, he wasn’t sure if this would correlate with the lost pages they were looking for. The Nephilim would start reading it as he was doing this quickly. He would miss a few words here and there, but he would put it together. The light mage was hoping that this would lead him to a lost page, or that there would be one of them somewhere within the documents.

Renji would continue looking around and he would see that Revy was working hard. He would smile because it gave him hope that they would be able to find this page.

“Don’t worry we will find what we’re looking for here Revy.” He said this to her with a huge smile on his face.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 3:44 pm


When Revy heard him say that she had to hold herself back from making a snappy sassy come back from their past where he said he would be able to get his toy count back up to the place it needed to be in three days but failed horribly and she had to help him catch up so he didn't end up having a stern mister Claus talking to for being a bad helper. She keeps looking and trying her best to not fall behind them as she kept doing what she can but she was starting to get very tired and the words were just starting to blend together and she needed a break as they had been at this all day and she was not sure how much longer she could keep going they needed to find this page and fast or she was gonna have to tap out on it.

Kaito finds a book on empowered gems and powers they could give to peoples magic but most humans bodies couldn't handle even touching them for very long and it seemed to drain life from the users.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 4 Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 4:53 pm


Renji would continue to go through the things with Revy. It would seem like they were doing their best to help their partners obtain what they need. Yuurei would go through the documents in his hand. He continued to read through it all, and he wasn’t sure if it would have the answer he was looking for. He decided to move toward the exit with the document in his hand. He kept reading it as he was basically almost done with it. The Nephilim moved through the path, and he would be back at the library. He would see the two Exceeds were doing their thing as well.

He would look back at the documents that he had in his hand and when he got to the end of it, he saw something weird about it. Still, he wasn’t sure if it was his imagination, but he tried to peel something weird on the sheet.

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