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What might the wood hide. (Yuurei)

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What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 8 Empty Wed Aug 10, 2022 1:15 pm


Renji was glad that Revy had taken a break to eat with him. He was glad that she was coming back to normal. It seemed like Kaito's mark on her was working, but they were going to have to leave before it disappeared.

“It seems we’re going to the south after this. I haven’t been there in a long time. I think I should go visit Nimbus if I’m allowed in Blue Pegasus.” He said as he wasn’t sure how they felt about Yuurei and Brone leaving.

Yuurei would keep looking through another book. He had put the other one down because there was nothing there. He would skim through the pages now as he felt like he was rushed to get out of here. It would seem like Kaito was also doing his best to speed through this, so they could be on their way. He was going to have to take a few days before he could figure out where they could explore in the South.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 8 Empty Wed Aug 10, 2022 1:25 pm


"I hear that Blue Pegasus are pretty petty so I think they will probably bas you." Kaito had no real idea of if that was true or not but he didn’t really think they would really be very welcoming of him either though since he had ignored their invite to go to their event. He had nothing to do there as Kailani had ignored him for so long so he just figured she hated him which hurt him a bit but he never thought he would end up with her in the end as she was far too good for him.

Revy throws snacks at Kaito who catches the snack in his palm and she throws one at Yuurei as well so that they have both snacked as well cause she was having to be team mom all over again just to make sure of them not passing out of it or going hungry because they were too busy doing the page searching.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 8 Empty Wed Aug 10, 2022 1:33 pm


Yuurei and Renji would hear Kaito’s words and they would look at each other. He doubted that Kailani would be that upset with them. She would probably scold them though for not seeing her all this time. Still, there was nothing he could do as he had a lot of things to do in the North.

“That’s interesting. I wasn’t a petty person when I was there. Still, I guess the guild leader and her wife could seem like the type of people to be like that.” He said to him as he wondered how they were all doing.

Yuurei would see something being thrown at him, and he would catch it and notice that it was food and it had come from Revy. He would take a break as he would eat what she had given him. Renji was finishing what he was eating and he would continue working.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 8 Empty Wed Aug 10, 2022 1:45 pm


"I meant that as I have heard rumors of them being. You are more a narcissist." he was teasing about the narcissist thing as Yuurei seemed to be a little more level headed then that. He looks to yuurei as he snacks to see what the man makes as a face to him teasing him about him use to being a Blue Pegasus member before he got wise and moved on.

Revy giggles at Kaito’s comment as she knows he is not really meaning it about Yuurei being a narcissist. She looks to Renji to see how he reacts to Kaito saying that about Yuurei in case he gets mad about it and she was going to calm down Renji in that case so he doesn’t lose his cool and get made at Kaito.

Kaito reaches his hand into a portal thinking that he saw something in the portal and he keeps digging around in it like he was about to pull a rabbit out of a hat shaped portal.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 8 Empty Wed Aug 10, 2022 2:07 pm


Yuurei and Renji were done eating their snacks, and they had finished looking through the work together. It would seem like there was nothing here, which meant that Yuurei had to go do some research on ruins and ancient things that were around Fiore. He would look over to Kaito as he would get up from where he was sitting. Renji would do the same thing as he would stretch his arms into the air.

“Alright, there isn’t much here. We took care of the fortress, but we couldn’t find a lost page here. I say let’s go to the South. We go there, we take a few days to relax and see what we could find in our spare time and see if we find a place where the lost pages could be located.” He said to Kaito.

Once the man would agree with him or not, Yuurei would move over to the door, and he would use his key to open it. This would lead him to Hargeon, which was a place he was very familiar with.




What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 8 Empty Wed Aug 10, 2022 2:16 pm


Kaito nods and puts back all of the books he had in his dimensions besides the one that had saved his life in the god fight he keeps that one in case anything in it might lead him to something else later on and he packs up everything else and he kneels so Revy as an easy  time jumping up into his hood and he would look around once more before he moved his hand and a gate appeared and it opened wide for them, Kaito enters it with Revy who looks like she is totally worn out and he figures they could use a small break and catch some shut eye if they can really catch any while they are there if the Blue Pegasi don't go nuts that they are back around their turf. He walks into the gate and it  closed behind him and then he stepped out and he was in the south safe and sound with a sleeping Revy in his hood.


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