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What might the wood hide. (Yuurei)

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What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 10:53 am


Renji would continue to walk around with Revy. She would answer his question without a problem, and he was happy that she could confide in him. He would nod because he knew that Kaito was a dragon eater or whatever, but he didn’t think he had a transformation. It would seem like everybody in their mother had a transformation, which made him wonder if he could obtain one in the future.

“I see. That sucks, I think he should refrain from using it. I don’t like him with he looks stressed like that.” He said to her as he shook his head.

Yuurei kept moving through the fortress as he would look at an interesting-looking door. The light mage would walk over to it without a care in the world. When he got to it, he wondered what might be in there.

“Please wait until I open the door.” He would say this as Renji would stop walking.

Yuurei would open the door hoping nothing would happen, and at the same time hoping it was an important place to find a lost page.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 11:17 am


"I guess so as the power seems to be a step toward godhood." Revy rubs the back of her head as she was unsure how true or much deeper that goes that he hadn't told her about. She worried that he might have signed a deal with some kind of god that is forcing him to use it sometimes but she wasn't even sure that, that was even the right choice of words or thought for it or if it was something completely different as she knows that Kaito might have hidden something from her about it as to not worry her about him using it.

Kaito looked into the room that Yuurei had just opened and he sees woman like creatures with leaves on them looking out from the room at them he wonders if they are test subjects or if they are some kind of magical creature that was also trapped in this place or if they chose to be here of their own free will.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 11:29 am


Renji heard those words coming from Revy, and it would make him look at Yuurei. It had seemed like the same thing had happened to his best friend.

“So, Yuurei isn’t the only one. No wonder those two are like magnets to each other.” He said to Revy.

Yuurei was also given the power of angels, but he was also given powers much more than that. It was crazy, but he felt like Yuurei was making this power into his own, and not even the Seraphim that granted him this power would be able to stop him.

Yuurei would notice the dryad that had peeped her head out of the door he had opened. His eyes widen when he saw this he wondered why she had been in that room.

“Hello there, are you okay? Have you been trapped in this room this entire time?” He asked the dryad as he hoped that she would sense the nature of being a half-elf from him.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 12:04 pm


Revy wonders what Renji is meaning by that, is he meaning that Yuurei is also like that, does Yuurei also get sick and fatigued from using his power as well or was that just a turn of word at the godhood thing she had said. She knows that Yuurei has angel like powers.

They look at Yuurei and they don’t move closer to him and they go back against the wall and look like they are scared of one of them that are out side of the room. “Please leave us alone, we are of no harm I swear please go away.” they kept back away from the door way and they don’t look like a threat.

Kaito steps back looking away from the room as he had no idea what was going on in that room and he didn’t want to be, being rude to them by looking at them and tries to clear his head and he hopes that maybe trouble will not be following him or them.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 12:17 pm


Yuurei would look at her as she would speak to them to go away. He would be confused because he didn’t see why she was so afraid. If they were going to harm her, they would have done so the moment she had appeared to them. That wasn’t the case, but it didn’t seem like that to her.

“I want to leave you alone, but at the same time, I feel like you need our help. Why are you in the fortress? It seems abandoned and has been for quite some time. Wouldn’t you like to go back home to the forest? Wood Worthsea isn’t too far from here.” He said to her wondering what she would say.

Renji would look at the dryad and he felt like she was hiding something. It wasn’t just that, but the fact that there was a dryad in the fortress made him even more confused.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 1:33 pm


“We are safe in here unlike out there please leave and do not draw come closer.” They reached for a staff that was against the corner of the room to defend herself if the man was to draw closer to her, after her warning to him about leaving them alone. The woman was clearly scared of them and them trespassing was making her on edge.

Kaito wonder# if they were scared of him or Yuurei more here and he gets close and he points his finger at her and he wags his finger as to tell her to stop as they really didn’t want a fight and if she grabs that then she is showing she is looking for one and he doesn’t need the woman to get trigger happy and hurt herself or someone else.

The woman stopped reaching for the staff and bowed her head and she goes and she sits off to the side to left them in with a sigh, something about Kaito had either scared her or relaxed her enough to trust him that they weren’t gonna do something to her if they get to look into the room they will be out of her hair faster.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 2:00 pm


Yuurei would hear the Dryad and it seemed scared out of its mind. He wanted to help, but she wasn’t giving him the answer he needed. He figured he would be more specific on the question at hand. If he couldn’t get an answer from the dryad, then his next plan was to enter the room the dryad was in.

Still, it seemed like Kaito had stepped forward and he had gotten the dryad from being in their way. All he did he was step forward and did some hand gestures. That was it, and she would sit down and let them come in. He would walk inside, and he would look at the rest of them.

“Let’s not mess anything up in here.” He said to everyone as he looked over to the dryad.

“Can I ask you what are you scared of that is outside?” He asked her because he felt like they could help.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 2:52 pm


Kaito again stays out of the room and he stays on watch as he was not going to trespass into the woman’s room he would let them handle it and the woman keeps looking at his back like she was keeping a very close eye on him to make sure he doesn’t do something funny while he is near her room.

Revy wonders if maybe the woman liked Kaito and that is why she stood down once Kaito came forward and gave her non-verbal commands to not do what she was doing or was planning to do and she wondered if maybe Yuurei isn’t use to not being listened to by woman that he spoke to and she didn’t seem the least bit interested him him either.

The dryad looked at Yuurei and she looked angry at having to have to answer to him and that he wouldn’t stop asking stupid questions that had clear answers that anyone with a brain would know in a heart beat. “Human and half elves of course are why I will remain here. You even brought one that is a monster and freak.” She pointed at Kaito’s back as she could sense dragon magic and transcender power in him and that scared her more then just a normal human could ever do.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 3:17 pm


Yuurei would continue to search the area that he was in. It seemed like she had used this place just to hide., There were a lot of things around here and he would pick things up and put them down right after. He would hear her words as it seemed like the two of them were people that she didn’t trust. He would rub the back of his head when he heard her words. He would stop what he was doing, and he would look back at her.

“I see; humans can be a problem, but none have entered this place until today. The guy you called a monster, and a freak isn’t going to harm you. He’s one of the good ones, so need to worry. I’m surprised you don’t like half-elves.” He paused for a second.

“Half-elves wouldn’t harm you, or at least I wouldn’t that’s for sure. And here I thought you were scared because there was some monster hidden within the fortress.” He said as he had gone back to searching for the lost page.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 4:07 pm


“It doesn’t matter if he is a good one all humans are bad at their core rather they are good now or not I will not forgive them, as for half elves they still share blood to humans so they are just as bad as humans.” Her voice rattled with a hatred that only someone that truly hated something or someone could put in their voice. She keeps her eyes on Kaito like he was a murderer that is on trail for wiping out a whole family even the children.

Revy puffs up like she was about to start yelling at the woman when Kaito clears his throat and Revy stops herself from saying anything and she gets back to looking through the papers again so she can help Kaito from where he is standing cause she knows he wasn’t coming into this room because he could tell that the woman was scared of him and he didn’t want to cause her any more discomfort from him being around.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 4:45 pm


Yuurei would laugh when he heard her words. If that were the case, then everyone was terrible to their core. The dryad spoke nonsense now, and he would only shrug at her words now. If she couldn’t see that, she was already too far gone. He would brush his hair back as he would continue looking around.

“I feel sorry for you if you feel like that. It sucks nobody will be able to change your mind. If humans are bad at their core, then we all are. It all depends on the environment we’re raised in, the people we surround ourselves with, and our will to not hate and change for the worse.” He said this while searching around the place.

Renji was surprised that Yuurei was lecturing someone about this. Still, he knew that Yuurei and this woman were different. Yuurei’s hatred was for one vampire and only that one. He didn’t judge them all the same.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 5:21 pm


She looked him dead in the eyes and looked likes she was going to scold him for his stupid way of speaking like he was entitled when he himself was a glorified freak in his own right but not as much of a freak as the human standing at the door. “So you are saying the wood elves treated you like one of their own? You are not even the same race anymore you are a Nephilim.” She didn't care for his answer as he was clearly speaking as if he knew better but he was still a na├»ve fledgling at his age.

Revy goes to go off again and this time Kaito spoke up. "I might be a freak human but I dislike humans as well, my father had me tortured and tested on. My grandmother a high elf saved me and she raised me never telling me I was of her blood but she treated me as a wood elf or a half elf. She didn't treat me different and they didn't treat me different either the wood elves or half elves. I think you have been here to long and let yourself become too jaded and cold to give the out side a second chance." His voice was full of stern tone toward the dryad.

Revy looked at him as she heard him speak and she wondered why he was speaking to the dryad that seemed to be so pissed off by Yuurei's words and he is trying to talk sense to her as she hadn't been listening and just out right attacked Yuurei with her words as she didn't seem to care for what he had to say.

The woman went red in the face like she was embarrassed that the human had just called her out like that and she looked away from him with nothing else to say to him. She wondered if he was right and see needed to go outside to see how things had changed and nothing stopped her from returning if she didn't like it out there still.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 5:26 pm


Yuurei would chuckle as he wished the wood elves treated him like he was one of them. They didn’t, and that was the point. They didn’t treat him the same, but he didn’t grow to hate them. He had four wood elves that treated him with kindness and much more. Still, before he could say something he would hear Kaito speak up. He would smile as he was glad to see that he had opened to the dryad just to prove her wrong

“They didn’t treat me like one of their own. I was belittled, bullied, and much more. Still, it doesn’t make me hate wood elves. I had wood elves who treated me with kindness and respect. They gave me a home and food when nobody else would. This world isn’t as bad as you think it is.” He said this to the dryad.

Yuurei would continue looking around though as he was almost done with this spot and he would leave her alone if she truly wanted that.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 5:56 pm


The dryad picked up a book and she walked toward the human man and she tapped him with the book and Kaito turned and took the book from her then she quickly walked away from the man as if he was about to attack her or assault her if she stayed to close to him and back to the seat that she had left she had just ignored Yuurei as she had heard enough of him. She knows she has a lot that she is gonna have to learn before she sets off very far from here and she needs to not cross this man again as he seems like a very unforgiving foe.

Kaito looks at the book it seemed to be bound in some sort of magic and the pages seemed to give off a faint glow and he looks at the pages and the words glowed as well as if it could tell where in the books page his eyes were looking and the very word he was reading and it was strong but it was a book he would have to look over more later after they had some time to rest and weren't deep in a hunt for pages of ancient knowledge that might change their lives.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 6:02 pm


Yuurei would see what he had said had been ignored. He would shake his head at that, and he would continue looking. He was hoping that she would listen to reason, but that wasn’t the case. She did surprise him, when she had gone to Kaito with a book, he had a smile on his face. It seemed like she was trying to help out and that she possibly felt sympathetic for the man. Still, he would ignore her, for now, as he was moving through the stuff in this room.

Renji was helping out as well as he was hoping that he would be able to find something if Yuurei wouldn’t be able to. He figured if they were both looking for it, then they would be able to find the lost pages faster. Still, he wasn’t even sure if the page was in this place. It had to be somewhere else in the fortress.


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Kaito thinks he sees Revy runs out of the room and down a hall way and Kaito follows after her putting the book in his pocket as he chased after what he thought was the exceed. Revy is still in the room looking through things doing her best not to make a mess or anything as she went and she hadn't even realized that Kaito was gone.

The dryad giggled to herself quietly and tried to not show that she was so that the other man wouldn't realize anything and she looks toward the female exceed casting a spell making her and anything she touched invisible and so she makes no sounds so it looked like she had disappeared from the room as her spell made no circle there was no way the other two males would have noticed her cast it on to the female exceed.

Kaito kept following the exceed to a hidden door way that lead to stairs and he went up them after the exceed which he thought was Revy but wasn't Revy.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 6:53 pm


Yuurei would give up with this room. There was nothing here for him to find here. He would look at the dryad in the same room as him and he would bow slightly toward her. He would look over to Renji after he had done this and he would smile as the Exceed wasn’t giving up.

“Renji, there isn’t anything in here. Let’s leave her alone. We will venture deeper into the fortress. Hopefully, we can find the lost pages that we’re looking for.” He would say this as he would walk through the exit.

Renji would hear this and he would run out of the room as he followed Yuurei and the others. Yuurei would look back to the dryad.

“Thank you for letting us check the room, sorry to have bothered you.” He said to her as he kept walking.

He would follow Kaito and see that there was a hidden doorway. He didn’t hesitate as he would go toward it.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 7:47 pm


Revy finishes with the boom she was reading and she looks around as she notices that Renji had abandoned her she could understand Yuurei doing but Renji had done it to her that was nearly unbelievable of him to have done to her. The dryad moved her hand and the door closed and then she looked to the exceed and she frowns. Revy is now startled that Kaito and the others had just left her like this and now she is panicking cause she wasn’t sure what this woman was going to do to her and no one was here to help her.

“Seems your friends left you here guess they didn’t care what happened to you and they just walked off with out even telling you they were going are those really friends you need?”

Revy looked down because she knew she was right how could they just abandon here were the pages that important that they would just leave a friend behind in this room with a strange woman, what right did they have and now she was mad as she couldn’t believe it.


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Yuurei and Renji would enter the hidden room, and they would look at Revy as she kept going. Something was wrong here; she would never go on ahead. She was the type to stay with the group because there was danger everywhere.

“Revy doesn’t go that far ahead of us.” He would say that to her, but noticed that she kept going.

It was then he felt like something was off, and then looked back down.

“I’ll be back Yuu. You and Kaito do your own thing.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage heard this and he was going to say something, but Renji ran back to the room from before.

“Follow him and protect him from any danger please.” He said to his cape as it would start following behind Renji.

Yuurei would keep following Kaito as he was wondering what was going on. Renji would go back to the door and he would try opening it, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Open up! I forgot something!” He shouted out loud as he wanted to see if Revy was there.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 8:40 pm


Nothing was heard in the room from out side of it as the dryad had planned Revy put her hand on her chest and she went the locket that Kaito had given her as a gift while they were traveling together. She stops feeling mad and she looks at it and opens it and a magic message popped out “The greatest catches are the ones that come after a long wait.” She giggled as this was a stupid message Kaito had recorded into it that meant nothing but to her it was something from him that held memories dear to her through their misadventures and near death experiences. She realizes this dryad was trying to turn her against them and she gets to the door and touches the knob and opens it and she sees Renji.

Kaito had already realized it wasn’t Revy but he figured what ever it was, was leading him to something, he knows he left Revy with Yuurei and he wouldn’t leave with out her he trusts Yuurei to keep her safe. He is lead into a library and there looks to be a bunch of books and things like it.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 9:52 pm


Renji would try to open the door once more, but it would open. He would fly straight into the room and he would crash to the ground. He would look up to see that Revy was fine. She opened the door, and he would smile at her.

“I came crashing in it seems.” He said to Revy as he would get up on his feet.

The cape would be there as well as it would point in the direction they needed to go.

“Let’s go catch up to the others.” He said to Revy as this time he waited for her.

The cape would lead the way.

Yuurei would continue to follow Kaito and soon enough they would reach the library. This was an interesting place, and he didn’t think that a fortress would have something like this here. Still, it would seem like they had found a place that might contain the lost pages.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 10:09 pm


The shadowy creature makes a kind of crying sound and Kaito kneels and looks at it. "This thing seems like it is shadow magic." It goes toward an aisle and meets with more of the shadow creatures and they disappear. Kaito goes to the shelves they were near and he starts to look around and he feels they are still around in the shadows and he wonders if they are the keepers of this place or if they are just something else that dwells here and they came across them and were lead by one by chance.

Revy walks with him and she wonders if that Dryad was evil or just lonely and she was the one that got picked from the group or if it was a way to get back at the human man she calls a partner by trying to turn her on him and she was just lucky that she broke free of the charm she was under or if this was just some game.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 10:17 pm


Renji kept walking as the cape would continue to lead them. It had a connection with Yuurei, so it knew where to go. While he was walking he would look over at Revy as it seemed like she was thinking about something.

“Are you okay Revy? The group thought u were leading them somewhere. Of course, I figured it wasn’t you since you wouldn’t stray too far ahead from the group.” He explained to her.

Yuurei would hear what Kaito said, and he would also see the shadow creatures right before they disappeared. He found that interesting, and he would start looking through the books together with Kaito.

“That’s interesting that there are things like that in the fortress. They don’t seem to be harmful creatures. It just looks like they were trying to guide us to this place.” He said to Kaito as he would close the book, put it away, and then get a new one.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 10:48 pm


Revy looked at him and she pushes him gently. "You trying to say I can’t lead?" she giggles as she was teasing him about it, she wonders how he will take it, will he take it on the chin or will he hit her with a strong come back line. She wonders if there is anything good at the top of these stairs or if it is all of just trouble and tricks there.

Kaito looks around and he sees that both exceeds are not with him. "where are the exceeds?" He is a bit confused had Renji and Revy stayed back and are they safe or did he just royally mess up. He takes a couple books and he goes to look for the exceeds just he can’t just stand around and leave Revy out there lost and maybe in trouble cause he gave his word to the woman that he would protect her and he is failing right now as she wasn’t with him.


What might the wood hide. (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 10:55 pm


Renji would chuckle when he heard Revy when she said that. He figured she would say that if he spoke about what happened. He would rub the back of his head as they kept walking.

“Nope, I think you can lead, you are just smart enough to know that with danger around us, you would want Yuurei or Kaito to lead.” He said with a smile on his face.

Once they got to the top of the stairs, the cape would continue to move as it would know where Yuurei was located.

Yuurei would look at Kaito as he had asked him where the Exceeds were.

“Renji went to go and get something. He should be with Revy, and my cape is with them as well. I told it to protect them at all cost, but they should be arriving soon.” He said to him as he continued to look at the books.

Renji would see Kaito appear, and he would wave at him. The cape moved past Kaito and toward the library Yuurei was in.

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