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Don't Know How to Stop

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Rerolling both with puzzle

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#79Game Master 

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Game Master
Last Phase

Everyone was attacking her companion; someone she didn't see at the same level as herself. Gods weren't supposed to. She heard the white-haired man speak her actual name. She sneered in annoyance, "How dare you speak to me with my name, you fake Demigod,", she was about to say more till she saw that Meinu finally stopped moving. Her blood dripping and flooding the cold stone arena like a lake. Slowly it pooled over the edges and creating a waterfall. Meinu's head turned towards the Shogun and gave a light smile, "J-just... remember, no matter what anyone tells you, you were always enough, always important and ... I-" her body glowed into glittering dust as it floated towards the heavens and her soul was no more. The only body left was her humanoid one that was obviously laying there cold.

It was just the Shogun who stood there. Her eyes didn't blink, her facial expression didn't falter nor moved, but her arms slide down and now her head tilted to look at the ground. "M-meinu...?", she spoke. She felt lost and alone. She never had anyone, everyone left her and even now? Meinu left her alone too. These people took her away, she felt betrayed and humiliated by the Kami. They didn't want her to have anything and even sent their sibling and daughter to punish her, the one she originally tried to frame. Her eyes dimmed into stones of onyx as she dropped her gun. Ayame cupped some of Meinu's blood into her hands and stood up. Clapping her hands she let her own blood and Meinu's blood drip down. It wasn't dripping like normal liquid though, it was now forming into a sword. "Everyone will parish..." she muttered in Joyan. As the handle turned solid, she picked it up and pointed it at them. Her eyes turned into Kanji symbols, the area became darkened as the area was now in pure darkness.

Anyone who could see, could see everything was turning into molten lava-like blood that stung like acid. The sun, earth and everything that once was, was not allowed to exist. The sword she was holding was still dripping blood. Her breathing was quick and heavy. "This world... does not deserve to exist anymore. I will ruin it and it will be reborn..." she chanted softly as she closed her eyes and a body forms out of the blood, appearing her physical clone. Slowly she picked up the gun and they stood by each other.

The clone chuckled and pointed the gun at Yuurei, Ayame left a forshadow of herself where she once stood, teleporting forward and behind her target to stab them from behind. She was no longer playing... All hope was gone, all sanity ceased to exist and she'll take the light of everyone with her.

Meinu died and caused Ayame to use her signature weapon "Minazuki". Activating this sword brings the magical darkness in her soul into the real world, blinding all who cannot see magical darkness. (In roll terms, you get a -5 in your rolls, and her a +5 if you're blinded) This is dependent on your gear, not rolls.

Everything from the ground, walls and all solid things that aren't the targets, allies and their equipment turns into acidic blood, harming all within it and heals allies each turn with a success roll for A Rank damage, this will last till it's no longer sustained. (YOU will roll once to see if this inflicts you and will always be the last number)

Due to Meinu dying, she used the opportunity of her action to clone herself who now becomes a thing of their own.

Ayame's Aura during this phase gives her the ability to do 2 actions per turn, using her teleporting to behind the Target that is chosen and impales them for 5S rank physical damage. (This pierces armor, but can be blocked by shields/Barriers)

Clone Ayame shoots at Yuurei and Renji, harming them for 2S rank damage. Ignores Barriers/Armor.

Roll order:
Ayame's attack against ? and if it hits.
Clone Attack against Yuurei and Renji


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#81Game Master 

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Game Master
Mishiko Hits Meinu, misses Shogun for 2S

Shogun hates that a human called her by her actual name

Renji hits Meinu for Srank damage.

Meinu has died

Jikan and Kaito miss

Tempris failed to roll, they may roll during the next turn without using an action if they wish to use the same spell.

Jin successfully healed for S rank damage

The damage hits Shogun

Alisa's attack against the Shogun was fired at herself as if attracted to her. (11 out of 100 is a 1)

Newly Actions:

Everyone who cannot see Magical Darkness is now blinded. (-5 to your hit,+5 to Ayame's)

Ayame impaled Jin for 5S. This can be barriered/Shielded, but goes through Armor.

Clone Ayame shoots Yuurei and Renji for 2S. Ignores all Defense.


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◈ --- ◈ --- ◈ --- ◈
Meinu died, that was it. She knew if Ayame was anything like her and someone killed my bond partner, she'll lose it. She'll become something along the lines of 'Demonic God' of some sort. Her eyes flicked to Ohta who was beside her, still having a barrier up on all of her allies and herself. He looked so tired, as much as herself even. Her eyes flicked back towards Ayame who didn't take it well and as she assumed, everything was now in turmoil. Darkness doused itself in the world's oyster and all were blinded that cannot see through magical darkness. All was boiling down into blood as it burned all it touched like acid. Waterfalling down the edges and onto the ground below, it was burning people alive and the nature that once was. Was this an illusion or was this actually happening.

Her tired eyes suddenly saw the quick movement of Ayame's clone now shooting towards Yuurei and Ayame herself was even faster as they were now behind Jin, impaling him. Her eyes gazed at Meinu's body who was untouched by this, obviously respecting their owner's wishes to keep her intact. Mishiko on the other hand had different plans. She raised her hand with her free hand and sighed, "I'm sorry..." she whispered. Mishiko shoots forth a deathly Miasma that permeates into Meinu's body and it starts to rise up. Her body now hers to control which she brought her to herself. She felt the capabilities of the companion and now looked at Ayame.

"Ohta, do what you must to protect everyone," she told him and had Meinu lift her hand, creating a blade made of air. Her eyes shined and glowed, dashing forward towards the Shogun, she went to slice her armor. Ohta decided to do so and kept the barrier's up. Meanwhile, he decided to then send out a shockwave, that no one that was blinded could see as it erupted into colors of reds and black. Aura-like souls bursted through the ground and towards all enemies around him as it would normally send nature, etc. flying, but as this was towards Ayame, it was a warning to her.



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Yuurei and Renji had looked over to the woman, the shogun. The companion had finally hit the ground as Renji had dealt the last blow. Now they were able to finally focus on the woman herself. She was the one that they wanted to take care of. She would be the one that would decide whether this war ended now or later. Still, when others came to help her, they would also be taken out before they proceeded to the Shogun.

It would seem like she wasn’t pleased with what had happened. This wasn’t great, but it also meant that she was getting serious. The Seraphim had a smirk on his face as he couldn’t wait to see how things would unfold. He wasn’t sure how messy things would get here, but he wouldn’t feel the fear in the change.

Still, the form he would see was new, and cool, but seeing a clone of her appearing would become a headache. They were trying to focus on the Shogun, but the appearance of a clone would just give him a headache. It was then that she would shoot at the two of them, and he was so preoccupied with how annoying it got that he decided to take the clone out first.

He saw Renji being hit by the attack as well, and he would laugh a bit as he was pissed now. Renji looked hurt and it wouldn’t seem like he could last another hit. He would change into his Exceed form and he would get close to Yuurei and he would activate his transformation alongside Yuurei. He would feel himself become durable, taller and ripper than he was before.

“You did your best Renji, I got it from here.” He said to his companion.

Renji would hear him as if they were one now.

“Yeah I’ll just leave the rest up you, and I will make sure things stay how they are right now.” He said to Yuurei.

It was then that Yuurei would bring out a second weapon now that Renji was holding the Jeweled Sword Zelretch. This was his Excalibur as it was invisible due to Yuurei activating the spell for it. He didn’t need to see in the darkness because he was able to feel the vibration of where the clone was located, but he did notice something before it had become dark. The world had change and it looked nasty, and dangerous. It was then he would use his cape to fly into the air, so he could avoid whatever might have been on the ground.

When the clone had attacked him, it had allowed him to know where she was. He would go for the clone first and he would swing Excalibur at the clone. The sword was invisible, so the clone would find it hard to know where the blade would end. Migi would stretch the sharpened blade by two meters to also attack the clone. The Gae Bolg didn’t seem to have had hit Ayame previously, which meant that it was still trying to land its mark. It was homed into her and it would continue until it landed a hit on its target and her chest.

Combat Log:

Spells Used:



Migi's Arm:

Shinigami's Red Eye:


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Finally, that annoying pest that crawled on the edge of her skin with each utterance of her breath was gone. A surprise, to find out that the Shogun’s companion was a demon. A thrilling fact when her true form was revealed. But all the same the bombardment for her was all too much. And although she had missed, Jikan still got to  witness her fall. The crimson color painting the floor and her form before Ayame seemed to snap. Dropping her gun and dipping her hands in Meinu’s blood before a blood blade formed. A mark of the bond and service Meinu had to her master even in death perhaps?

Or perhaps a reminder for the demon the shogun was. The Kanju symbols forming in her eyes before a pitch darkness filled the area like an all consuming nothingness. Vision lost to Jikan and only the lingering scent and sounds are the tools for her senses. She would still suffer from this environmental change, it would be a challenge to pinpoint her in these conditions! The ground seemed as if it was breaking apart on itself; bubbling and spilling in a continuous approach. Hearing her voice still and movement, she dashed forward. Charging in a sprint before sliding to a stop. The sounds of a sound swinging tickling her ears and the smell of the demonic god. Jikan widened her stance.

Taking a deep breath as she focused before letting her hands hang to her side. A weak glow flowing from the ground as dozens of pink glimmering blades made out of mana extended out of the ground. Shining before bursting as they broke apart as the extended exertion of Jikan’s mana was brought to the world. The new, stronger flock of petals charged towards the moving body attacking Jin, his body becoming more visible as she neared him. The razor sharp blades sliced from the side, hoping to separate Jin from his attacker. If this separation attack was successful, the shogun would suffer 3xS damage. But this was not all, for from above a second strike would come, the smaller petals from Jikan’s previous attacks continued to flare with life. Attempting to hammer into the shogun from above for 2xS damage.

Stats :


Abilities / Perks:

Spells used:

Summary :


Order: attack 1, attack 2, see if effected by enviroment

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Joyan ff99cc


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Kaito seeing the woman start to show signs she was about to go mad took an image in his mind of where his team mates where and who looked the most hurt as they would probably be the biggest target for the woman. Once the darkness over took the area he ran right toward Jin with is hand out stretched hoping he would get to the healer in time as if he was right Jin was probably the closest to getting himself killed, plus Kaito knows this fight might go on for a while and they may really end up needing a healer to keep them all standing. "Jin don't move what ever you do!" Kaito felt his hand touch someone and he instantly used his phasing spell to keep them and himself safe from damage this turn. Kaito hoped that Jin had stayed still and hadn't thought that this might be a trap to get him killed.

Revy move

Revy wonders what was going on as the darkness covered the area after the shogun had her melt down and she knows she is basically on her own here so she was going to have to strike as well, so she ran forward and takes her swings at the clone that was still there not knowing that the real one had taken off to try and kill off someone from the team but Revy knows that all she has to do is hit and if she can do that then they will be one step closer to them making it out of here and onto the next adventure but she was not feeling very confident in herself after all the misses that she had had going up to this point but now was as good as anytime to get a lucky hit and help take down something and not be a total weight on the team.

Kaito's spread:


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(using my free action to cast my healing spell... sigh...)

There was a pool of blood, a horrible fate for a loyal sheep. Tempris wished the woman was alive so that she could be a prisoner but it was not her fate. The shrieks of the shogun fell on deaf ears for the girl. Her voice, her will and fate had been damned by his cold unloving judgement. Meinu was suffering under the cold shadow. If only... she could have experience warmth... If only she could have be... Tempris felt her mind fritz as her broken memory and experience failed to pull up something that should have been natural.

It made her feel so much colder. Tempris stood up and then made a diagonal swinging motion as if she was holding a weapon and activated her second spell, Forgive all Sin. Fire would erupt under both her and the shogun which would burn the shogun and purifying Tempris from her injuries and the sinful damage from the shogun.

(Total healing for tempris because of two spells is S.)
(damage to shogun is 1 S)

Roll 1: Healing Tempris
Roll 2: Healing Tempris
Roll 3: Damaging Shogun

Name: Forgive All Sin
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Holy Flames of Illumin, Double Element (fire)
Type: Healing/AOE
Element: Fire
Range: 25 Meters
Cooldown:5 Posts
Duration: Instant
The user makes a Diagonal swinging motion as if holding a weapon or a Diagonal swinging motion with a weapon. This creates a magical circle 4-Meter Diameter magic circle under the user. A 16-Meter Diameter magic circle is created at the target location. When the spell activates an 16 diameter explosion of white and red holy flames purify all who are inside the magic circle cleansing them of their sin and heresy. This Heals everyone in the area by 1 S-Rank.

"Illumin forgives all who are misguided. Let this baptism of fire seal our pack and envelope his children under his brilliance."


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#92Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
A small sigh of relief left the healer's mouth as the minion fell to the ground. One dangerous threat was finally taken care of. The healing wave he had sent out seemed to refuel some of the current allies even if they were strange bedfellows for the occasion. The sigh of relief quickly changed as a sword made of blood dripped down from the woman. The sky began to turn black and twisted. Whatever was happening the paladin knew this wasn't good. The final burst of fury from an enemy pushed to the brink. The darkness was going to be a problem and there was only one thing he could think to do.

As soon as the darkness began to overtake the area, Jin concentrated on the solar disk above his head and let it radiate an immense light as the woman's sword was dripping with blood. On some level, he could understand her rage. Losing what you cared about can put things in a desperate light.

With the solar disk flaring to life. It cast bright light around the area, attempting to counteract some if not all of the woman's power. Perhaps the dominion of the God of Light could overcome the dark turmoil. "RA," his eyes flashed white. "Lend us Light."

The next thing he knew, was an ally's voice yelling for him not to move. He didn't really know the man, personally. But he was a fairy tail mage and had already used his defensive abilities to protect them all. It was a bold request, but Jin had no reason not to trust his ally in arms for this fight.

The paladin stood still with his light radiating and the man's hand fell on his shoulder and shimmered them into a transdimensional existence as a sword pierced through where Jin's body had been. "Whoa...Holy...Thanks," he replied. Jin would take a step to the side away from the woman and her blade as the attacks from his allies rained in.


roll 1 for impacted by lava.


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WORDS: 200 | TAG: @Mishiko | OUTFIT

"Tch...!!", Alisa gasped as despite her best aim, her spell mysteriously detonated the moment she launched it. To think that she'd just ended up casting her barrier to protect herself against her own attacks... In any case, her powerful defenses were able to endure the destructive power of her attack. When it came to unstoppable force versus immovable object, Alisa clearly fell into the latter category first and foremost, "Why you... That's an awfully impressive array of trickery you have there."

Nonetheless, she couldn't really see whether or not her actual attack had managed to hit her target, considering the shogun's diplomat perished soon afterwards from the endless barrage of attacks. Even as the Shogun covered the entire area in darkness, her powerful left eye could still see as clearly as day... Well, not see per se, instead she could simply sense her environment:

"HAAA!!", without wasting a breath, she simply shouted in the direction of their foe, making it quite clear she still had many ways of sensing her even if her sight was somehow taken away.




Strength is also Beauty

"Mind over matter"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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#96Game Master 

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Game Master
"Tsk," she was about to speak till she noticed one of the people that attacked her. "Meinu...?" she whispered and then looked over to Mishiko who was doing something to her. What was she doing? Did she really become the true Goddess of Death? One who can make someone come back? To control them? The blood in this world her sword created was healing her slowly. There were too many people gazing at her, crowding her. Something in her was creating something. Something rather sinister, something that belonged to the depths of the abyss. If anyone can literally see in this darkness, they can see eyes and a large body. Her breathing became heavier, and she gripped her bleeding sword tightly.

Those who cannot see can hear a growling sound, a deep, dark growling. Their large hands swipe towards the party, hand large enough to hit them all. It will only effect the chosen to actually be hit as it'll phase through the rest of the party. The Shogun ignored this phenomenon as if it was their inner demon or beast, whatever it was. She disappeared into a mist of blood, zooming from one person to another, stabbing them all at least once before appearing away from everyone. "I hope you all suffer..." she speaks as she watches the large hand swipe up whomever.

Actions: Shogun is angered and is mentally unstable, releasing the soul of the sword.
The soul formed into a giant creature that swipes the targeted people that the Shogun no longer wants around. IF you are swiped, you are permanently dismissed from the topic, but will be rewarded as if you were here.

The reverse psychology Spell: The first 3 lowest numbers, other than the host, are dismissed from the battle.

Shogun's Ultimate: Blade Waltz - The Shogun grips her blade, disappearing into a bloody mist as they become Untargetable for the whole round. She goes to each enemy and slices through them with the damage of her STR. This cannot be nulled.

She ignores resistances, armor and DEF Spells with her weapon.


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#2 'Dice 20' : 3, 14, 6, 8

#98Game Master 

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Game Master

Mishiko took control of Meinu's body and everything they owned.

Undead Meinu sliced Ayame, destroying her armor and Helmet and giving 1S rank damage.

Ohta keeps shields up, attacked Shogun with Kami, but missed.

Mishiko is harmed by the damage of the permanant DoT A rank.

Yuurei hit the clone for 4S rank damage, Yuurei receives 2S rank damage back from damage return, this ignores resistances. (Damage Return by hitting the Clone is discovered)

Migi Missed

Gae Bolg hit the Shogun for 2S damage (Immunity to Hinder is discovered)

1S is shot back at Yuurei, ignoring resistances. (Damage Return from physical is discovered)

Yuurei is not harmed by the damage of the permanant DoT A rank.

Jikan Missed due to being blinded (-5) from 17.

Jikan is not harmed by the DoT damage this round.

Kaito protected Jin

Revy Missed against the Clone

Revy and Kaito were not hit by the DoT damage.

Tempris Crit healed for a 1 rank up

Tempris missed their 2nd healing.

Tempris was hit for 1 A rank damage by the DoT.

(Solar Storm does not work with Magical Darkness Blindness, as the Shogun's ability is a spell)

Jin was hit for 1 A rank damage

Alisa hit Shogun for A rank damage

Boss's Results

She feels herself in danger and becomes desperate. Her Sword Soul becomes a physical being and 'erases' a few of her problems.

The Clone has vanished.

The reverse psychology Spell: Cannot be nulled

Yuurei, Tempris and Alisa were hit by the spell, teleported or 'erased' by a mysterious palm. They were teleported to the refugee camp safely.

Posting Order: Mishiko, Jikan, Kaito, Jin

Jikan has been hit by Blade Waltz for 5S damage.


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Mishiko could see it all, she still had her grip on her weapon while Ohta stayed next to her, never to dare to leave her side. His golden eyes looked at her and then towards the Shogun who soon decided to disappear. As soon as that happened, eyes of hate was seen glowing in the bloody and dark mist. They witnessed a giant hand go through and hit specific people, Yuurei, some kid and Alisa. She then suddenly saw her go for Jikan, stabbing them. She didn't have anything to help defend against it. She had to hope they'd be fine. She couldn't do anything of course as the Shogun was untargetable. She prepared her spell instead as she made Meinu do the same thing. She could already feel that this battle was going to be a little annoying. Yet, she knew that even if somehow her armor was to be put back together, she she had to be harmed a little more, large enough though to where the healing did not matter so it had to be huge hits by more than one person. For now, though, physical would do nothing while her damn sword was existing. "Ugh, Yuurei, what kind of help was that," she muttered in Joyan in hopes that he'd just appear from her shit talk.

Action: Prepared a spell since Shogun is untargetable this round.


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Yuurei was hurt by the battle that he was going through with the Shogun and her stupid clone. He did his damage to the clone, which is what he wanted to do. He needed to get that thing out of the fight so that they could all focus on the Shogun. She was doing something clearly that seemed to never bring her back. Still, he could see what was happening, but he could tell something happened to the clone. That was good because now he was able to focus on the Shogun. He thought that, but then he was hit. He felt his body being pushed off in a direction, but he didn’t know where. It was then he would notice that he was somewhere else.

He was not alone, no, there in this place he could suddenly tell it was the refugee camp. He could see people hurt and being taken care of.

“Did they take me out of the fight?” He asked himself and Renji as well.

Renji was there as if they were one, and he would shake his head.

“Yeah and it seems like they didn’t take you out only. It seems your old guild master and the little girl were thrown out of the fight.” He said to Yuurei.

He would look back to Alisa and Tempris and he would only shake his head. He didn’t expect that to happen, but he wasn’t going to stay out of this fight. He went through hell to find out about his past and learned what the Shogun had done to his family.

Still, the damage he felt from the battle made him remember that he was not invulnerable. That was interesting and he couldn’t wait to see what would transpire there.

“I’m not staying here and waiting for the results to come back to us. I said I would help Mishiko and well the Shogun deserves what’s coming to her.” He said to Renji.

He would feel Excalibur healing him for the damage that he had taken from the previous attacks. He didn’t even get hit but he had been harmed every time he damaged that clone. It was something that was similar to Brone’s old armor. He didn’t mind it, but now it was time to leave the refugee camp.

Yuurei would touch the Paradise Dawn Insignia that was on him, and it would start to glow. It was then a magical circle that would appear in the area where the Shogun and everybody else was fighting, and the other one, well that would be under him. He had two allies in that fight against the Shogun, and he wasn’t going to let them fight this on their own. He would be teleported from the refugee camp and would return to the battlefield.

Those who could see in the darkness would see Yuurei return to the field as he himself couldn’t see in the darkness. Still, he would shake his head as he would crack his neck.

“You really piss me off, but I’m back. Did you say something about me Mishiko?” He said as was looking around in the darkness.

He placed his Excalibur into his right hand and he would change his Gae Bolg out for his Ynag Gaunlet.

Combat Log:

Spells Used:



Migi's Arm:

Shinigami's Red Eye:

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