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Winter Semester

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Lumikki walked up the stairs with silent steps, looking around the college grounds. This would be her first time here, though it should prove far from her last as Lumi is considering teaching here. She moved in her human form, with a long dark blue dress that trailed behind her. Her periwinkle hair was tied back in a bun held in place with a black ribbon tied into a bow and raven feathers tucked within her locks. Her eyes were the hues of the sun and sky though they were hidden behind dark rounded glasses, and her lips were painted with the darkness itself.

The grounds were puzzling to her, large towering purple husks would provide the space of her lessons. A detail the Demoness didn't know how to comprehend, but not a factor she wanted to linger long over. No, she read about this place briefly in a circulating article. It seemed that with the surpluses of talented individuals, there was a need for mentors and teachers to apply. Lumikki admittedly hardly had the extra time to entertain such a prospect. Becoming a Guild Master in recent times among other things. But she employed a burning passion to strive for more, as pass times like this would continue to fascinate her, and she wanted to make use of her excess knowledge. What a humourous thing for a Demon of all creatures to become a mentor! And it would be the absurdity of it all that compelled her toward it as chaos comes in different forms and perhaps shaping students to her preferences could be one.

After scouring the grounds for long enough, Lumikki would settle on a tower that was to her preference with a fine view. As she climbed to the top, a fine flurry began to trickle from the sky. Landing on the ground before but not cold enough to stick or pile up.

Ravens would also persist in the area, holding cards and messages in their beaks to announce the creation of Lumikki's new class. Though who happen upon them would be able to find the Demoness as she entertains the prospect teaching her first lecture on matters such as destruction and chaos. Though in her wait for students to come, she'd probably settle on something quite simple for an introduction instead.

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Another school-day in the storied life of Tachibana no Momiji. The gold-haired, emerald-eyed minx lived up to his fae heritage; he encompassed the best and worse natures of his sidhe, one league below a school menace and three above a class clown. He was properly imbalanced - he had to be on his best behavior for his chances at remaining in the Academy, and he understood this intrinsically, but often could he not ... resist the natural, playful urges that drove his impulsivity. He was widely adored among the younger adult and child crowd, but the faculty's opinion on his brazen, ostentatious attitude was mixed - to say the least.

This didn't seem to slow him. He was always somewhere in a crowd, hanging off of or slumped with a group of students in an overabundant display of public affection. He was uncontrollable. The hyena-like giggling that rose from cherry-red lips echoed through the halls and dorm rooms like a haunting melody, for he was somehow everywhere - every college, every class - that his curious little paws could take him. The cat, after all, needed his satisfaction. Maybe he just truly enjoyed learning? You'd find no dissidence, no outward disinterest in the green-bright gaze that rose to meet the faces of his teachers with untenable enthusiasm.

"Alo!" Today would be no different, Momiji slipping into the Destruction College's instruction all smiles and ecstatic energy. His body twitched. He was never quite still enough. There was a vibration there - a current of energy, charged and sparking off his frame in every short slide and scamper that had him any and all locations at once. He had to be pinned down manually, with only a grin to offer in return, for even his good-natured attempts at being a respectable student had him quivering in place with barely constrained activity. He'd take every chance he had to prance about the grounds and meet today's teacher at her chosen tower. The raven was unharmed. The note, however, hung crumpled at it edges, lifting to his lips to shade a lopsided smile.

"Momo is ... here!!" Would come his pronouncement, his Joyan accent thick and his speech in Fiorian stilted in a peculiar way. He used it to his advantage, spinning in place with a wide throw of his arms and that same chaotic pealing laughter. He watched the sky with his tongue out, accepting the grace of winter's approach with parted lips and eyes that coursed with static. They glitched between his states of mind, landing on joy with the pierce of luminescent jade. "A l o , ᵃ ˡ ᵒ? Momo has come to be a good student! Teach Momo to ...,"

And he waved his arms again, indicating the world et large, before tucking an arm in in what could be a half-bow; such that a performer would give. "Explode? ₈ₒₒₘ , boᵒᵐ ~"

"Bang!" A revolver peeked from behind the fold of his fine clothing, unhidden. "Hai, hai, Sensei~?"

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In his that’s right it was his quest now for more power Ittindi wasn’t to humble for any avenue. So, when he was involved with the meetings where the Council was trying to mentor the next generation of mages to find the next great. The idea of an academy was sprung, and there were many generous donators, as a result the academy was set up quickly. Ittindi had signed up for the college of destruction and hadn’t decided what he wanted to minor in just yet. His heart was in between Obscuration or Invocation.  Ittindi had purposedly not looked up any instructors so not to influence his decision on what he wanted to train in. Walking through the grounds for the first time, Ittindi was truly proud of the work the world could get done when they worked together. That was part of the magic council, while they rarely had agreement between all the nations whenever there was the result was always astonishing.

His head would be rotating in every direction taking it the overwhelming architecture, it reminds Ittindi of a more academic version of Era or Crocus the way the buildings crowded your every approach. He was wearing his magical tuxedo as usual; his top hat had a white stripe today. His gun was tucked in his holster underneath his coat, on his left hip belt loop there was a weird looking enchanted piece of metal. It turned into a spear rod of flaming energy, something Ittindi could overlap his naginata whenever he needed fire damage. More importantly it was the perfect utensil for any fire needed when butlering.

On his way to his first destruction class he would receive a pamphlet, and Ittindi could of sworn the bird delivering the pamphlets were ravens. He smirked thinking that the chance wasn’t zero but still unlikely, but there it was laid out in the pamphlet. Lady Lumikki would be his main professor, it seemed that they would continue to build their relationship. He could probably tease out what she liked in architecture naturally this way. The idea of his gift to his Young Master still fresh in his head from their last get together.

Ittindi would walk to the classroom a pep in his step knowing that this would be quite the class. He would be at the door when he watched Sir Momo as he tried to impress Lady Lumikki. It was natural for a teenager like this to be excited by a higher caliber demon well women, he was unlikely to know her true nature. He’d quickly pull out his gun and spin it with his finger throw it up in the air catch it and rebolster it. Ittindi would be careful to make sure the barrel was never pointed in either Lady Lumikki or Sir Momo’s direction.

”I’m here for the Bang and Explode as well, always a pleasure Lady Lumikki.”

Ittindi would tip his hat and do a quick bow before taking it off and putting it besides him wherever he chose to sit; pulling out a notepad and pen from his leather brown satchel. He didn’t bring designer, just in case there were possible wealthy mages here he could be employed for. They didn’t like to hire those that had better fashion sense than them.


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Desdemona Lafayette had become captivated in the throes of the hallowed halls of Amaforth Academy. The days spent toying with such scrumptious prey in the form of cute, geeky boys, or quiet, geeky girls. All in good fun, never fully sinking her fangs into forbidden fruit, lest she break her demonic vow. The temptations just below the edge enticed her always to leap toward the abyss, but she maintained complete authority over those compulsions. Mona enjoyed the freedom of this social setting, regardless of the fun she made in the misfortunes of others. It served also as a means to exude her influence, the influence of a proper princess with legions of minions to grovel at her feet, and... a semblance of friendship and camaraderie in the quiet genuine moments.

Mona loved this school. Every single aspect. A ripple of excitement in the prancing clacks of her heels, eyes subdued in the light of lime but dilated as all good predators are. Today would be the first lecture in her chosen specialization; the College of Destruction. She was elated, the delighted hissing of the serpent with sparkles spilling from the usual vacancy of her eyes. Mona regularly attended classes and lectures, but they rarely served a veritable purpose to her growth as a mage. No, they were akin to a stage show and the main actress must always make an appearance else her eminence slowly fades to obscurity.

She adorned her school uniform as she was oft to do on school grounds, cosmetic glasses, and thigh-high socks to complete the costume. She'd respond to the ravens with the grace of her presence. A hypnotic sway, weaving like a pendulum as she glides through the halls to the lecture's arranged location outdoors.

A picturesque scene, a snowglobe with the transient specks of snow that encompassed her domain; A queen atop her tower and the nobility of the court gathered below to hear her decree. Mona's starstruck for lack of a better term, the kind of quality and ambience she'd like to nurture for herself so readily within her sights. She scours the surroundings, focusing in on the few that had arrived earlier, and Mona eye's flare a muted shade of pink, singling out a familiar face. She wasn't surprised to see him waving his gun around, nor the way he shouted and rejoiced with such exhausting fervor. It was charming, alluring. "Hihi~! Momo~!" She'd screech in a rough soprano, jittery in the dropping temperature and flustered by urges obscured in this painted world. "It's always such a delight to see you~ Mhmhm. Bang, bang~" She playfully smiled at the boy, a single eye closed in a wink that's smeared by a soft snowdrop, as she props a hand up in a pale imitation of a gunslinger. Mona could never scold or dissuade the boy's uncontrollable nature. No, he was too fun like this. Better to always encourage and reap the rewards later.

The second was a well-dressed man she'd never encountered before. Mona would check him out, a proper appraisal with gluttonous eyes, determining whether he would be food or friend. The jury was still out, so she'd play it safe. A quick stride towards the regal man so dutifully fetching his notepad for the lesson. Adorable. "Desdemona Lafayette. A pleasure to meet you... Mr. Butler?" She'd offer a playful giggle, a fault in the way her eyes flash rapidly between muted jade and bold fuschia, and raise her dainty hand to be held in a proper greeting.

She'd saunter over to be beside her guildmate, gazing up at the raven atop her heavenly perch and bow with sincerity. "Good afternoon, ma'am~ I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity to learn from you. I yearn to see how beautifully you can break things~"


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Flipping through a book containing the history of Pregrande, a collection of stories and myth, Lumikki sat on her make-shift desk created with black frost. A note pad sat beside her elbow propped atop the table, with a visible list of furniture and items she’d desire for her class. She was fairly lost in her thought, eager to absorb the information of another locations. At this point, she had fair amounts of knowledge for Joya, Iceberg, and Fiore, with a little understanding of Sin. But now due to an interesting new friend of hers, she decided to add another prospect.

And so as Lumikki was flipping through the pages, she’d overlook the pitter-patter of her first student’s feet as they climbed her particular tower. It was only when they began to speak out to her that she shook off her book to look up and observe him. His introduction was a tad sloppy, but his eagerness and playful nature would suffice. Lumikki smirked, her fangs poking out from the corner of her lips. ” Kon’nichiwa momo-kun kurasu e yōkoso,“ she uttered, voicing good afternoon, welcome to my class momo-kun, in a way she assumed he’d better comprehend. The gun in his hand, catching glints of the light didn’t threaten her but she wondered if it would pose a problem for the remaining students.

Sure enough, just as Lumikki was mulling it over, her next student entered and it would be none other than her good friend Ittindi. It would be like he read her thoughts when he pulled out his own gun and maneuvered it masterfully. Lumikki couldn’t help but chuckle at the display but she appreciated the skill all the same.” Likewise friend, I’m surprised ye took fascination but pleased all the same. And what a perfect person to ask, but could ye help me tutor the lad in handing their weapon as smoothly as ya do yer own? We’d could discuss it after class if the two of ya would comply.”

Ittindi settled into his seat and took out a notepad in preparation to the course. A gesture that pleased her to see and as Lumikki sorted out her notes for the lecture, the last student would show. She was a very dazzling and energetic girl but what made her particularly interesting to the Demoness was her race and nature. Lumikki couldn’t help but take a peek at the two new faces with her “World’s eye” but she found them more amusing for it.” And it’s nice having ye Desdemona, let me know if ye want further lessons in hexing yer enemies and breaking their will to battle~”

Lumikki rose from her seat and circled the desk until she stood in front; leaning back so that she now half sat against.” Welcome to me class for the basics of destruction, though I hope to mentor more advanced things in time. I am Lumikki Hrùtr, a prominent Spellhowler and affiliated with the guild Paradise Dawn. Ye don’t have to be a Spellhowler for me course, ye don’t even need to use magic. As destruction is more than what the word implies, ruining the strategy of yer enemy is but one example. This could become more chaotic later on, should the room or space get ruined as we learn, it’s fine as that will be expected and accommodated for. Destruction will not be the only kind of lectures I plan to provide, but I feel it will be the most beneficial to provide. We shall get things started with basic introductions and what ye want to get out of the course.”

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A cacophony. It hit him from three directions, dizzying with colors that sparkled in each jade-hued eye only to refract and reflect on the eager little part of his lips; and he gasps in, out, a jolt to his system in a visible startle down his frame. Momo sees: A handsome, mannered man, fingering his pistol with a showmanship display the boy could only admire to. "Woah ... k-kakkoii ... You're a real man," he posits, awkwardly, the terming lost in his accent but the brightness in the eyes that fell on the other offering his genuine excitement.

Momo sees: the snake of Eden, her fruit offered in candied tones and a playing wink until he wanted nothing more than to sink his teeth in. "Yay, yay, Mona ~ Again! ᴬᵍᵃᶦⁿ! You look so cool! Go ..." And he clicked his teeth, reeling back on a foot to hold a finger-gun in a mirror to her and aim it at the floor, slanting his eyes to a grim facial expression and its lower tone. "See ya'. Bang." He'd swivel fast on his legs to beam at her, all grins and roses. "That's you! Wa-ha!"

They had all collected here with their teacher, and she was no less a sight for keen eyes. Momo sees: a stature that belayed nothing of her presence, for a wisdom and power hung off her frame and in her every word that kept the ecstatic creature well-behaved. More or less. He twitched at his arms, a shiver down his legs, and he wanted to lunge at her - his eyes flashed, his mouth opening slow, and her Joyan hit his ears with a fluidity that had him immersed in a dazzled sea. He trembled there for a moment longer. It was just ... she was just ... "S-so cute! Uwaₐₐ! You're so cute, Sensei! Awoooah, woah, that was really good! Really good job, Sensei! Sensei's Joyan is better than Momo's Fiorian - ehe." A cheeky little grin, cocking his head. "But Momo's cute, hai, hai? Right? So it's o~tay!"

Ah, and so fell his decorum, a better warning in the slight flush of his ears keening him off the way he wanted to throw himself at her in a hug and spin -- and so he hopped in place, clapping the excitable patter of his hands together until he worked out his building energy. "Good! Day! Sensei! It's ... Momo! And ...," and so he glanced over the other two, tilting his head in a way that tumbled his golden locks down a curious expression, and he pops his lips in a smiling transition. "Friends! Momo and friends for BIG DEATH class! Or --"

He'd stall during her explanation, tapping his chin with a weedy arm and a cross to his eyes until he refocused them in a lightbulb thought. "... Careful ... death?" He struggled to wrap his head around her explanation of 'Destruction' and what it would mean to their lessons, tamping between his feet as a shark in motion lest it stop breathing altogether. "Momo will do good, anyway! Momo is ... Momo!! Guar - dee - aah, Companya!" His arms would throw wide, a pronunciation born more of a playful tone than an inability to recite his guild; he had practiced it enough times to get it right, but wasn't it more fun this way? "So is ... Mona!!"

He presented her like the showman on a game show, waving his arms to the side, and then spun to thrust the spotlight over the butler-esque older figure. "And this guy! Wow! Uhm, ₙₒ. Momo doesn't know him." He rattled off giggles, jittering to the side until he stood straight and clasped his hands together. Angelic, addressing Lumikki. "Momo is a really ꜀ₒₒₗ strong ⁿᵉᵃᵗ Sum-mo-ner and is also really good at shooting things, yes. Oh, oh, but Butler-san might be good too! We'll see it, yeah, yeah?" He sticks out his tongue and winks one of his eyes, fanning a finger out from his lock and against his cheek. "Momo doesn't want to get out of the course. Will you teach that?"

His hand motions, indicating Lumikki's general ... everything. "How to be scary and ⁿᵒᵗ scary?"

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”Greetings Lady Lafayette, I’m Ittindi Amali, Mr. Butler is acceptable as well.”

Ittindi would flash a quick smile looking into Lady Lafayette eyes before, holding her hand in his, he would grip firmly but not enough to squeeze her hand while speaking. If she looked at all his golden Rune Knight ankh tattooed on his tongue would be obvious to her. Then he’d release after turning his attention to Lady Lumikki who asked him if he could stay after to teach weapons safety to Sir Momiji.

”Of course Lady Lumikki it wouldn’t be a problem at all.”

Ittindi was surprised to hear that Sir Momiji was from Joya, Ittindi had been to the country but wasn’t aware of what their Florian accents sounded like. It was hard not to laugh when Sir Momiji called him a real man, Ittindi couldn’t quite place what was off about him. Likely just due to the differences in upbringing. He’d listen to his excitement as he talked about what he wanted from this class at Lady Lumikki’s prompting. Ittindi felt it was his turn next as he considered everything, and how he’d word it without giving away to much information.

”Greetings Classmates, I wish to learn how to control and use my magic to its full potential. I’d also like to work that in conjunction with my magical issued gun.”

So his classmates were in Guardian Compagnia, he thought of his friend Decebal. That had been a great festival, he needed to make his way out there again. Wondering if this class would be where they’d have practical application since Lady Lumikki mentioned practicing and destruction not being an issue. He hadn’t worked on his magic to be applied in that sense, but there wasn’t a reason he couldn’t. He felt that he needed to make a spell that was unique to his identity, he had borrowed so much from others already.

This class would serve as a good bouncing board for his ideas. Two guild mages that didn’t have any relation with him and Lady Lumikki who knew the intricacies of his magic. There couldn’t be a better environment to stop his shyness around his new magic. They would all be just students here, and with Guardian Compagnia being a legal guild the chance of them running into each other again was unlikely. Ittindi would start to inspect his writing gear as he waited for instruction to start, he knew that he had done a pre inspection before leaving his room then again when he arrived on campus. Nothing stolen, no issues so far, Ittindi would turn his attention to Lady Lafayette for her introduction.


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A tongue lolls from the viper's nest to partake in a drifting snowdrop, descending slowly into the maw that would signal its abrupt departure from this painted world. The frigidity sends chills through her cold-blooded body, a shiver hidden in the hand that raises to parts the curtain of her lilac-bordered hair. A satiation in the response of Professor Lumi, a flare of pink that smoldered only in the revelry of her imagination. Desdemona loved it when people spoiled and enabled her. A shrill, flit of her voice in delight causes a leg to raise in a display of theatric affection. "Awa! You're the best, Sensei~" It was better to have the devil wrapped around your finger than incur its wrath and the woman perched upon her abyssal perch was assuredly an overwhelming, destructive force of nature. Just the kind of gal, Mona strives to be.

"Ittindi Amali~" She played with the name on her tongue; a pop in the way it escaped her lips. It was charming, befitting still of the handsome man that was graced with such a melodious name. Elegant still in the display of nobility, the proper care of a lady. The man was a Rune Knight, which could serve as a boon or detraction of Mona's appraisal depending on the mood "Mm. I've taken a fancy to Mr. Butler~" She'd offer the man a curtsy before bowing out to join her guildmate.

Momo was Momo, as always. A wry, twisted grin in light of his imitation with the slight peek of a playful tongue and giggle. The boy was chaos incarnate and Mona truly loved that aspect of him. The freedom that flowed so freely in every one of his movements, or perhaps it was the inability to be controlled drew her towards the fae. "Aren't you just as adorable as ever, Momo~!" A squeal that borders on hysterics in its pitch. She would then slope against his slender frame, head resting on a shoulder as her hand lifted to graze the underside of his chin. She'd ensnare every hiss, buried deeper into a purr that accompanied every tap against his skin.  

The lecture would begin with the closing of a book, but a new chapter was dawning nonetheless. A finger would trace the contour of her lips as she composed her answer, listening to the others until it was her turn. A renewed, kindled fuschia flares up with predatory pupils as she hums along, tapping. "Oh, goodie~ I'm a Spellhowler, too~! Uhmmm... I want to be able to inflict as much misery and cause as much devastation to my enemies as possible~! I'm only allowed so much fun to begin with in the name of so-called 'virtue.' Honestly, kind of a buzzkill having to be such a good girl all the time." She'd roll her eyes at the notion in a display of childish rebellion. A hand lifts and she stares down at her nails with a breathy huff, eyes fading back to a soft viridescent. "Also kind of feels like I should pick up a gun at some point. That could be fun!"


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With the peaks and troughs of Momo’s voice as he introduced himself and his desires, Lumikki would sway her head matching his melodic nature. A small dance to mirror the other. His wording was somewhat hard to follow, but in time Lumikki was sure to learn his expression in time. So thoroughly in fact, that she’d be able to mimic his voice if she so wanted, but the Demoness would refrain from that.

” What a lovely introduction lad. I hope to help ye benefit from me guidance. As for walking the line between scary and not, on could easily say I do it all too well…” Her voice at first was filled with with so much warmth, the desire to support and accommodate growth was easily apparent; but as Lumikki indicated her darker nature, the warmth drained in a moment leaving behind a cold echo that rung in her tundran tone. As kind as the Demoness could present, she still every will was a monster, and the glow of her eyes would only emphasize it further as she drove her point home.

Attention turned toward Ittindi, who may have sought some of her guidance but still held a depth of experience of his own. The contrast of his stature compared to the other two was refreshing, as Lumikki was not entirely sure how well she could be favored by the youth. But the contrast and his presence helped her settle the needless thoughts as she was overjoyed to both see and aid her good friend. What more one she was beginning see much like family.

” I may work predominantly in a particular set of magic, but I know the fundamentals to the craft quite masterfully. Whatever practice ye wish to pursue, I very well could nurture, including the desire to pair it with yer weapon. Ranged combat is where me strengths lie, so I could very well design something for ye and Momo to excel in over time.”

When her words ceased, it would be Desdemona who chimed next with a passion that could rival Momo and beautiful eyes that only deepened her beauty. The youth in her was emphasized by the budding desire for destruction, only made more potent by the Obscura that merged with girl’s mana. It took Lumikki back to her more volatile times when being a Daemon still proved to be a fresh burden. To match her cute students desires, she’d shift her eyes to their true colors as well, a dark violet paired with a bright fuchsia.” I was considered a Daemon of honor meself, though I believe I’m the last of me kind in that regard. I still remember the restrictive nature of me pact, it keeps me…empathetic….If by chance ye ever need to discuss yer circumstance Desdemona, yer free to speak out to me. I believe I am to be one of the most qualified to guide ye, speaking of which, attaining yer dream for destruction and misery is what I came to teach for. It would be lovely cultivating a new fledgling in me own work and craft. To which I could prove doesn’t need a gun to be effective~” Lumikki would end her sentiment with a sweet smile before proceeding to the next part of her lecture. They room they occupied proved to be rather large, but the doorway behind her led to a better location. Rooms such as the one she directed them to follow were prepared with the intention to cultivate and handle the lessons. The front proved a good place for notes while the back was the area assigned to practice.

Lumikki didn’t stop walking until she was a little more than half past the room, drawing a circle and rune with her hand to conjure a portal that held her things and supplies. She’d reach in and pull out a few sticks of dynamite she gathered from the mines located a short way from her guild.

” This is the first day, so I opted for a simple lesson. One we could build on over time, but it’s simply a means to get yer mind started. This stick of explosive is much like ye all. It’s so full of potential and explosive power. If I were to ignite this, then that potential would be released all at once.” True to her word, Lumikki continued with her demonstration, chucking the stick just behind her before it popped with power and fizzled out to nothing.” Of course if one wants to make practical use of their power, the first step I’d recommend is mastering the charge and flow of yer mana. To expend a lot all at once for a devastating attack, ye’d need to know how to store and release it. Inversely, if ye don’t won’t to waste yer entire reservoir all at once or in a few spells, then ye’d need to learn to manage and moderate that flow. So this would be the first lesson, should ye want to take a stick for yerself to test it out is up to ye. But the focus we shall entertain now is proper control. Ittindi, I would like to work with ye in particular with store and releasing yer mana in a more explosive burst and how to use yer mana more efficient so that ye won’t tire out. The last I’ve seen of yer training, ya manage fine with different degrees of spells and executing them, but I’d like to hone in this skill with ye a bit more and maybe the executions of yer spells so that their come naturally.”

Lumikki then walked toward the end of the room, putting a good distance between them and facing the opposite wall in a direction other than theirs.” Allow me to demonstrate one of me more devastating and destructive spells. Here, I’d store the magic in me leg, and upon contact to the ground I release it all at once in a controlled manner, so that the mana follows me desires and execute the spell as I’d want.” In one smooth action, albeit slower and more simple than her usual uses of it in battle, Lumikki leans back with her leg raised. She holds the pose for s moment, raising her dress enough to expose her limb before stomping down with all her weight. A magic circle would flicker underneath before a rapture of ice stalagmites ripped up from the ground and destroyed the floor. Her black frost jagged shard pierced the air before staying still and glimmering in the light.

” Without control, this spell would fall apart. If I dispel me mana too soon or too late, it would not rupture and if I don’t store enough, it would be weak. I’d like ye all to consider how this pertains to ye and yer magic. Takes a moment to try and then I’ll come around to observe and guide.” With a sweet smile and clasped hands, she’d instructed them to begin.

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Momiji boiled over. He had hit his brim for general eclecticism, his cheeks burning from the heat of his ever-present smile and how wide it stretched, how bright it shone, and how uninhibited the giddiness of his canines and subsequent hyena-like giggles. "You wanna learn guns, Mona? O~tay! Catch!" He'd cackle to his guildmate, twirling his revolver through its loop on his finger and tossing it into the air; only to bound a step forward, skipping, and land on the ground again alternating energetic legs with it back in his grasp. He'd tap the side of his head with the barrel, beaming to Mona with a poke of his tongue through bared teeth. "Just ~ kidding! That's dangerous! Hehe!"

"You have to learn proper safety like Momo! See, you ₙₑᵥₑᵣ --" And his next demonstration was caught off by the reality of his situation and the people around him, snapped back from the inch of his finger in a display to his trigger with his unfocused eyes bobbling back onto Lumikki. He shifted back all at once. He fell to attention, his hands clasping loudly behind his back to dangle his weapon like a tail, and he'd giggle at her. "Momo's lovely for lovely people, like Sensei! You're --," another show, a static in her own expression, and she enraptures Momiji wordlessly.

He couldn't help the biological reaction. His sidhe flared up within the instant of her change in demeanor, burning fae symbols in the green-bright eyes glued to her and rising off his body in a lurch of blue. His aura sprung, spattered, and twitched; and he reeled it back in with a gasp, bringing the hand not holding his gun to his lips in bashful surprise. "You ˢ ᶜ ᵃ ʳ ᵉ ᵈ Momo, Sensei! Wowow! Good job!" It was, equally shocking, not a joke - his body had naturally reacted to the perceived threat, going on the defensive with his nature released and forcing a conscious effort to slow his heart and pull his sidhe back inside. He settled, teetering playfully.

"Ama-chan, Ama-chan ~" He called to Ittindi, the butler's name lost in the over-lisp of his mouth and the way every word stumbled with boundless energy. "Did you hear? Did you? Sensei said she'd help us shᵒᵒt better. Momo's gonna have cool tricks! We could train together, hai, hai? A stand-off! A shoot-out! Waha!" He'd jump a few times, guiding himself backward to make space for their coming lesson, but flashing that lopsided smile at the Rune Knight.

It was a concerted effort to wait patiently - well, quietly, at the least - through Lumikki's teaching, one that he put forward even as he began to visually vibrate from lack of inertia. The explosions helped. They widened his eyes into dilated discs, locking his chittering behind the gate of his teeth until she had finished. He faced a blocker quickly after her instructions, while her black frost still shown its brightest: efficiency was not Tachibana no Momiji's strong suit. It wasn't a suit in his deck at all. He crackled, his mana eager to burst from the purr of his revolver, and he pulled it to his chest with thin fingers.

Momiji's magic didn't function like a typical mage's, let alone a typical summoner. He paid a greater price for greater power - his life force gifted to the beings he called under his control instead of his mana, allowing him significantly more to expend in the salvo of his gunfire. Truthfully, he was still in the learning stages of his time as a mage, and he had no idea what that would mean for him - nor did he think about it often, not until this class environment. He'd take another step back, making further space and giving Ittindi and Mona the floor before it came back to him. An uncharacteristic contemplation. He turned his gun over in his hand, sending a current of mana down his arm to briefly illuminate the weapon, before stalling out silent.

Was he meant to call『love』to the classroom? The 'angel' in gild and green raised chatoyant eyes up to his teacher, watching her with peculiarity.

"Momo dunno how to do that."

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Ittindi would be delighted by Lady Lafayette’s curtsy return, it was rare to meet someone with manners. When it was her turn to speak it was a surprise to hear mischief the kind that often ended with others harmed, was an old itch for her. He wasn’t here as a Rune Knight while technically he was always one. However, when Ittindi wasn’t actively on a case his rule was simple, if the person wasn’t actively committing a crime in front of him it was bygones. However, he also knew how fun it was to watch others figure out where the line was for him. So, he wouldn’t mention his personal ideals instead looking at Lady Lafayette with a neutral face as she finished up her introduction.

Lady Lumikki had a great response for each of them and Ittindi would wait hungrily for his feedback. When she spoke of ranged combat, Ittindi thought back to their two adventures in the forest up north. Even then she had seemed more worried about hurting her allies than harming the enemy. Ittindi couldn’t understand that perspective…yet anyways he knew he’d surely cry when he reached it for the first time. As she returned to talking to Lady Lafayette, Ittindi couldn’t imagine someone becoming as strong as Lady Lumikki. An interesting ethical question for him, if there was someone who had Lady Lumikki’s potential would it be just to strike them down early?

Sir Momiji seemed to be having a bad reaction to Lady Lumikki’s shifting nature. That explained what felt off about him, he wasn’t human. Ittindi didn’t familiarize himself with the different races, believing humans to be superior. He wondered if they were opposites or something, if so he felt bad for Sir Momiji he couldn’t imagine a worse opponent. Until he just admitted he was scared, then turned to Ittindi to be excited about their gun training. To have such energy again, Ittindi didn’t miss it better to be patient.

” Yes Sir Momiji, I hope they have training guns similar to mine. I have gotten so attached to this model, how are you with pain Sir Momiji even training rounds hurt a little. ”

Not something Ittindi would worry about now, as Lady Lumikki continued her lesson. He’d jot down the meat and potatoes; he had learned that trick from transcribing for Employers. If it was anyone besides Lady Lumikki, he might have been a little more freaked out by the dynamite. Instead Ittindi would continue to write his notes calmly as she chucked the stick and continued lecturing. He was not prepared for a practical so early, but Ittindi wouldn’t show his surprise, instead standing up. He’d move towards the center and grab a stick of dynamite while talking.

”Yes, well I trust your unorthodoxy, I however don’t fully trust my control so best I stay in the corner over there for my first couple attempts.”

Ittindi would move over to the corner of the room furthest away from the class as he would try to feel the flow of his mana. It was still there, just in different waves since his magic had changed, before he could feel it like veins from a tree and even the sunlight seemed to charge him. Now there was nothing, Ittindi had to exert effort to see his reserves, a different feeling entirely.  Since willed it would be easier to choke off, just harder to get started with a singular flow. He’d send it through the stick of dynamite and then choke it out less than a second later. It had the intended effect of igniting then fizzling out.


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A vibration that never ceased, carrying on, everlasting. Even in the cold tundra, Momo would shine bright, burning through the ethereal monochrome canvas. That's what made him so enticing, so delectably appealing. The bioluminescence of a predator is masked by an innocent veneer. Mona was attracted by that quality. A forbidden fruit that she would be prohibited from, but there were still voyeuristic pleasures to be had in the temptation of an apple. Aiming him like a gun to do what she, could not. Her eyes widen, a frantic step back in abject bewilderment at the sudden toss of a gun and Momo's deranged cackling. All a simple jest, of course, but she was positively bristling, fangs grinding together in the tensing of her jaw and the forced smile that would tentatively curl her lips.

"My, my- You got me, you little... Scamp~!" Mona's pitch fluctuates through her teeth and her vision dims, ripping control from her rotten nature and more colorful vocabulary options. It was difficult to control the extremes of her emotions, but cruelty felt futile and far too dangerous to direct towards the excitable boy. But, then she saw the finger on the trigger and opulent fuchsia smolders again in anticipation of a bang that would quietly fade from his whims. He was trying to behave himself as well, it seemed. "Aw~ Maybe you can show me another time, hon. Maybe on one of our after-school excursions?"

Mr. Butler was so courteous, so nobly kind, but how she would yearn to understand him more. He was a Rune Knight, but everyone's morals are flexible to some degree and she would trifle with the thought of having a servant with such important connections. He was already so adept at the role. She'd quietly relish in her delusions, a finger tracing the contour of her bottom lip with a flash of doe-y eyes directed towards him. She hadn't even realized the severity of her little confession, playing still at her innocent facade. "Go easy on Momo-chan~ I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt." She'd break her silence with a soft little hum before turning her attention back towards the lecture.

Mona found Lumikki's avian-like mimicry rather endearing, arms propping up to cross beneath the breadth of her bosom as she awaited every movement that mirrored Momo's mannerisms. The genuine interest she was showing in her students was also delightful. She truly did desire to foster a genuine mentorship between each individual and cherish them as if they were a member of her flock. Snakes were often the prey of birds and perhaps Mona could see herself falling victim to her vexing charms.

Oh. Mona's skin feels far too restrictive, with keen needles that prick the entirety of her body in the vibrant luster of her Obscura and the way it resonates with her daemon blood. She needs to molt, the tepid maelstrom of something so constricting, ready to burst out in response. She's elated. Euphoric. Hands ascend to cusp the edges of her cheeks, flushed in the same fulmination that saturated her eyes. "Absolutely sublime!" A fracture in the passionate shriek. "Mm. It's wonderful to know that I'm in such capable hands and somebody that can truly understand the ailment that plagues me so~ I just want to learn how to use my power to hurt people in the name of good! If I have to be a good girl; I should get a little treat for it. That's all~"

Mona would listen closely to the instruction, fully captivated by her demonic professor, an adoring fanatic through and through. She'd behold in awe, black ice glimmering still within the opaqueness of her eyes, dilating until almost no color remained. The lesson was simple and something that Mona had practiced with her mother extensively. She'd clap her hands joyfully, an almost childlike grin as she pulled at the seams of her long, black glove. It was nostalgic in a way, a stark reminder of home. Magic would coil to her fingertips and then ripple through the entirety of her hand. A tiny snake would emerge from the the magic circle that manifests, shedding repeatedly until it would stabilize and wiggle in the palm of her hand. It was a construct born of pure darkness, an amber glow peeking from behind the veil.

She'd crouch down, patting down her skirt and beaming up with fluttering eyelashes, patiently waiting for Professor Lumikki's appraisal.


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Lumikki made note of all her students’ reactions to her prompt and exercise, understating that what she requested was a bit odd, if not, difficult to execute early. This was somewhat the point, as to Lumikki who was a powerful mage in her own right, had came to understand the importance of this subtle control and its effects on spell casting. Of course, two of which thrived with means Lumikki didn’t usually consider for weapons but that would be just fine. A proper teacher must be able to adapt to the needs of their students.

The first observation that struck her was Momo, who though seemed like a very energetic child, now stood as if lost. Propping up his gun as if to do something, only to let it fall away and fizzle out. Ittindi on the other hand was more active in his attempts to try, and mature enough to do so while off to the side as to avoid injury. She’d smile from the comfort of knowing he was around because with a presence like his, Lumikki felt she could remain grounded. After all, being among people of chaos often brought out her more volatile and dark nature.

Lastly was her little Spellhowler fledgling, masterfully displaying intuitive control over her magic. Lumikki made it clear with her expression that she was impressed, enough to send a black frost raven across the room to fly her way, circling Desdemona before fizzling it out.

Ittindi instruction
In a quick stride, Lumikki approached Ittindi. She figured with the distance between them and the little ones, it would help him speak freely with her for a moment before moving on to check with Momo.

” If I recall, ye told me ya used to cast silk magic when we first met. I’m curious how well was yer control then. If ye needed the space, then I assumed that means yer not confident in yer skill now. But the distance also makes it easier to talk with ye on the side. Tell me friend, do ye struggle with this practice prompt? I’m not familiar with yer magic work, but I assume that yer still smoothing out yer new spells as well? Any of them ye’d like to use for demonstrating this task?”

Momo instruction

At the conclusion of assisting Ittindi with his magic, Lumikki would now saunter over to Momo who seemed as though he was suffering the most. She figured it could be a matter of mana not coming natural to him yet, but from what her “World eyes” could glean, it could very well be his magic holding him back as well. She wasn’t familiar with summoners but she could infer their magic process was different. Yet the gun in his hand inspired to try another approach.

” Hello Momo, wanna show me how ye shot? I’m curious if ye could change just how much damaged ye do playing with yer mana.” Lumikki swiped her arm upward, not even looking at the spot her magic circle flickered along before three massive ice pillars rose. She’d circle Momo until she was behind him and crouched down a tad to point the way to her ice structures.

” I’m curious if ye could pull off a nice trick Momo. Could ye charge up a shot for me? See how big the dent ya could leave on the ice?” Before she left him to do the task, Lumikki offered another demonstration. Her hand now in the gesture of a gun, rose and aligned with her target. Nothing happened at first but the growing of mana on the point of her nail slowly grew more apparent before eventually becoming a sizable shot. When she felt it was held for long enough, Lumikki released the mana. It froze rapidly in the air to make an ice shard before darting to the pillar and lodging itself inside the ice. ” See that’s what happens if I wait until I store the mana and then release it all at once.” She’d gesture again with barely a fraction of the time and the result was a shard far smaller than the prior. Even as it soared in the air, it barely looked strong enough to keep on course. Once it made contact with the same pillar, it’d simply bounce of with hardly a scratch made for the effort.

Lumikki rose and stepped behind, prompting him to give that a try instead.

Desdemona instruction

Finally it was time for the darling Desdemona. The student that for the moment, Lumikki was the least worried about. ” Ye did quite well lass, color me impressed. Clearly in terms of controlling yer magic, one could say yer ahead. So tell me dear, what would ya like for me to guide ya in first? Have ye dabbled in more debilitating spells yet?” Lumikki thought over the implications of her offer and the extent it would require to succeed.

She couldn’t comply with her students being test subjects for the other, when such magic as that was by nature to be very cruel, but if that malicious work wasn’t seen through properly then it would leave her student unprepared for a real battle. She’d have to talk with the board and arrange something promptly. Until then, well Lumikki was sure there must be a surplus of criminals around. The North of Fiore alone had countless dens for thieves and bandits. Ensnaring a target or two for her student to work on shouldn’t be all that hard. Perhaps she could even make a program out of it.

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Pokedex Entry

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Individuality, finding himself in a rotation with his two ⁿ ᵉ ʷ friends and the spectacle that was his Sensei on this exercise of sorts. Truth be told, Momiji rarely drew a difference between having personal - private - time with someone else and if a group was a melting pot of people all talking about, around him; as far as he was concerned, any number of people came to the same conclusion. Their eyes back on him. He'd giggle, his little shoulders shaking with the undercurrent of energy - and the light, electric, that sings in his eyes when he looks back to Ittindi.

"Momo can handle it, Ama-chan!" Momiji had rarely gotten injured and couldn't speak from any level of objective truth; but if something goes through you, does it ever actually get the chance to hurt you? It's not like the magic stays in you when you're hit, like a knife does. He wouldn't want to be stabbed, no, no, but to be shot? What would that feel like ...? How fast do you just die? "Maybe you can teach Momo to use your cool ᶠᵃⁿᶜʸ gun, hai? Momo's is fine ... not as pretty as yours," and a glint took his irides, the procession of the class drawing him away from advancing curiously on the Rune Knight's firearm. He had postured for it, mulling over the idea that he wanted something cleaner ... cuter ... prettier than his revolver. This was just what he'd been able to pilfer on his way to Fiore. He'd spare it a glance, pouting briefly, but whisk it up into a passing smile for Ittindi.

"Don't worry, don't worry, Mona-chan ~ Mona Mona won't miss her time with Momo, 'cause we got lots we can do ~ Like ... like, if you wanna learn, too ... Momo can show you." His voice dropped to a reverent whisper, the light gone from his eyes for that half-shaded, half-lidded look of danger and thrill that ate his other inclinations in its gluttony. "La ~ ter. We're good seito for Sensei, silly! Do your best!" A hop and a skip, offering her a wink in turn and the playful loll of his tongue between cherried lips.

- - -

He'd take in Lumikki's 'lesson' with a studious expression, passing his gun unmeticulously from hand to hand as if it was a simple ball. The way she talked to him endeared him - her teaching wasn't too heavy-handed, and playing in Momiji's space made it a lot easier for him to catch on to what she was asking from him. She just wanted to see something cool! She did cool things, so couldn't Momo, too? Momiji loved doing tricks. He loved showing off. He loved the way the cold of the barrel pressed into his forearm and then slid down it in a spin he made off the length of his arm and back into one hand, pointed straightforward at the spires of ice. Their teacher did such grand magic so gracefully, so naturally - it bled away the consideration in his eyes to wonder and excitement again, the thrill coming back to the jitter of his legs and forcing him to tap them as if kneading the ground.

"Charge ... charge. Uhm ... eto ... hmm ... Sensei wants Momo to - to ... o~tay! One big bang." His muttering had him lost in his own world, running through her instructions and the visual aide she offered. It was - fairly - entirely new to him, this idea of building up his mana instead of firing off his hair-trigger without a second thought. He'd never had the need or environment to practice theories like this ... but if Lumikki was set on teaching a manic cat new tricks, Momiji wasn't going to be the disappointment in the room. The rest of the world bled away. Just her eyes on him. Center stage: Tachibana no Momiji and then warm thrum of his fingers down the guard of his gun. He'd whistle out between his teeth.

He tried to focus and wait as she offered, building the static of his magical expression in the hum of the revolver's mana receptors - but he fired too fast, excited, at the first flash; and it glanced off the ice, earning a hiss from the boy and a furrow of his brow. "No!" He exclaimed, at himself and the circumstance, and he tossed the gun to his other hand in a rough pass that had it spinning around his fingers and 'aimed down sights.' His determined face was almost petulant. It built, too, in his eyes ... and as green as they glowed, so did his weapon. It sparked off him in waves; and while he couldn't quite do it naturally, he didn't need to. He had something else to tap into.

He drew the power from his sidhe and its manifestation, discordant crosses flaring in that unsteady stare again. He'd bore into the ice. His breath hitched and came with static and frost, sighing out his lips and crystalizing in the air. An aura of blue licked up his edges, blurring him ... but it fed into the gun, and with each 'tic' of every second that passed as his mana built so did his softness drain from his features. He got sharper, apathetic. He looked upon the pillar with such disdain ... and when he fired, dispassionately, it flared to fill his space with its light and splashed a sizable dent. It wasn't enough to destroy it - he just wasn't that strong yet - but it made an impact.

He'd drop his arm slowly and have it pendulum at his side while he resealed his nature with slow breaths, only to swallow the rest of it down with a gasp and turn on his heel; jumping up and down and clapping. "Sensei, Sensei ~ Hururthr-san, Momo did it! Big ~ bang! Eto ... errr ... grrr ... Momo could do bigger." He'd tap his foot impatiently after the manic enthusiasm scrunched his nose at the resulting damage, spinning his gun idly. "But, but! That made Momo sleepy. Oh ₙ ₒ ! Just have to shoot more, more, ᵐ ᵒ ʳ ᵉ ~"

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Lady Lumikki would come up behind Ittindi, sometimes he’d forget her demonic nature. That wasn’t the case today, as he didn’t feel her presence in his concentration the surprise flustered him for a  half second.  A demon hidden in one’s shadow was that Lady Lumikki’s type? He thought back to the day she had mentioned how she had become his Young Master’s patron demon.  How do you beat someone you couldn’t sense, the same way you cleaned a grandparent’s beach home. One room at a time, Ittindi would focus on the words that Lady Lumikki spoke.

”My control then was near perfect, it was like being first chair in an orchestra. Now I’m one again a child on a tricycle which is more frustrating than anything else. I know with practice I will blow past my old progress, but its an odd feeling having more talent than control. I have control just not close to what I used to have; these situations feel minor to the real danger in training, so I appreciate you trying to elevate the risk. I’m not sure you’ve felt it in a while my Lady due to your strength, but in real danger with death hovering, that’s where I fear about lack of control. Sure, I’ll display a spell I’ve mastered enough control of those through practice. “

While Ittindi liked to pretend he was only being dramatic for the children’s sake, the truth was Ittindi just like dramaticism. First he’d walk over to where he had been taking notes and grab his top hat. He’d look over at Sir Momiji smiling then give a friendly wink to Lady Lafayette before speaking in a showy Transatlantic accent while walking back to his spot.

”Gather around for the magic, Lady Lumikki has asked for a show of wonder and verisimilitude. What’s that you say?  I don’t know either it’s just a word people say to sound smart. Now watch this!”

Ittindi would take the dynamite and light it with his mana placing it in his top hat, then he’d spin it on the index finger of his right hand. His left hand would clench as a spell circle would appear to the right of Lady Lumikki. While Ittindi was spinning the dynamite on his hand the Kusarigama would slice the fuse leaving the dynamite inactive again.  Ittindi would do dramatic bows before putting the dynamite back in his hand. Then he’d frisbee his top hat trying to land it on his desk, instead it slid to his seat. Still acceptable enough for him as he would watch Sir Momiji, the power unleashed was not what Ittindi expected. His biology, Ittindi could swear it wasn’t human, but it wasn’t his place to ask one of the rules he had tried in vain to get changed. Every species was accepted into the academy even ones that the council wasn’t aware of. He couldn’t believe how progressive the organization had become in just a short couple of years.


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The serpents wriggled a pulse of magic in the tiny amalgamations coiling and rippling in their little garden while the devil manipulated their every move. She'd coo at her creations, an ember smoldering in the apple of her eye as a hand flits to cusp her cheek dotingly. This much was simple for the princess playing at something more nefarious than god, but she craved more. She was always a glutton for the tepid stimulations that came with power and the carnage it wreaks in its wake, but her fangs were muzzled in more ways than one. She feels tethered to the idea that she must remain harmless lest she lose control, become a beast scorned by her patron demon, and suffer forever under His endless torment. It was vexing, truly. She wanted it, and yet she was afraid of being shackled and punished even more than she'd already been, resigned to be a voyeuristic spectator, basking instead in the revelry of less inhibited creatures of the night. Not that she disliked that aspect of herself. It kept her safe. There was a degree of control in watching from the shadows, keeping your claws pretty and pristine, living vicariously through others.

Mona would posit her instructor's question, a puff to sweep cascading lime locks that drooped across her brow and beam a crooked grin with relaxed eyes. "Oh goodness, Sensei~ You're too kind~" She'd close her fist, squeezing down on the pitiful fabricated lives born of her penumbral magics, trailing down the slant of her cheek to tap at her lip. "Mhmhm~ I've picked up a few little curses and hexes to make my enemies really hate their lives, but I feel like I'm lacking a little... OOMPH! I need more- So much more than what I can do now. It's boring. I want to..." Be free. She'd pause, stare up at the noble raven that could easily smother any threat under the sheer breadth of wintry embrace, with a flash of magenta tinging her irises. "I desire to be as all-encompassing as you are!" It was a petulant squeak, bordering on something close to envy. "I struggle... with control, big surprise! But, I crave power! Independence! To be stronger- Cast grander spells that my prey could never hope to escape from... And bigger snakes for my garden! And..."Her mannerisms were bordering on manic with the shrillness of her tone peeking from beneath her usual veneer. She was being honest; and earnest in the vulnerability of divulging her true desires, and the very thought of it frightened her.

...To not feel helpless.

She'd offer an anxious laugh, scamper away to catch her breath, calm her nerves for the moment, and glimpse at her classmate's efforts. Her eyes would glitch in technicolor, crack, and fracture repeatedly as she collars her frenzied emotions. Momo had successfully blown a chuck in his test dummy; the block of ice so carefully crafted for the occasion and she'd blow a kiss towards the boy when their eyes next met. A theatric pump of her fist raised to the heavens in impish reverence, the serpent's eyes dimming to a muted viridian. "Good~ Job~ Mo~ Mo~" She'd hop, and clap her hands excitedly like a little cheerleader. All budding devastation was to be applauded. It benefits the serpentine princess first and foremost, but there's an odd fuzzy feeling within her heart, frigid needles pricking her dainty skin as she shivers. This is what friends do, isn't it?

She'd click her tongue and be caught up in the piping of a showman selling himself rather well. Come one, come all, and Mona would never miss a performance. The mask slips back into place, a hand clasping the bend of her hips to edge closer with a feigned indifference betrayed solely by the stoking of fire in her eyes. "Oh my~ I do enjoy a good show, Mr. Butler." She'd purr, lean against the wall, and remain ever attentive. The fireworks were lit and the man displayed an impressive feat in the flourish of his top hat. The princess was too busy to fully appreciate the act, too distracted from the carnival imagining the beautiful mess and pretty cascading lights if the show would indeed derail. It's not as if Mona was rooting against the butler; no, she was rather fond of the man and how well he served and spoiled. A single intrusive thought swiftly snuffed out like a smothered fuse.

The show would go off without a hitch, a masterful twirl of his weapon that cleaved the fuse straight off the stick of dynamite with such precision. Mona would briskly pout and curve her lips, a sharp smile and sharper eyes that bloomed discordantly. She'd slink over, offer rapid applause, and curl a finger against her flushed lips as she giggled. "Impressive, Mr. Butler~ I was utterly entranced~ ... My, my~ An expert with blades and firearms? My little heart was beating so fast- Scared for just a moment that you might miss, and... go boom." Her tone is bled in a venomous degree of overacting punctuated by a shrill feverishness, swinging back and forth as her hands entwine behind her back. "I am glad you're okay~ You're much more charming in one piece."

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