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RAID: Nine Tailed Fox ♪

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Judgement Tarot
1-5: The User fails to cast the spell in the post, the user receives 75% of the Mana used to cast and the spell goes into a one-post cool-down. (+375MP)
16-35: The user casts the spell for one rank lower


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Mishiko saw two people vanish, one being swatted like a nat and the other just went poof. She sighed and saw that Kurama was attacking once more, but not just her - everyone that was in the area. Her shield was destroyed and Ohta's creation was pissed. Mishiko and Ohta stayed far away enough to not get hit by a close attack, while she had to think of ways to not get overly spent on things. She had to keep at least a 20-meter range so she could either step out of harm's way or do a spell that would cost her less mana and trouble. Suddenly, Mishiko heard a helicopter but kept her eyes on Kurama. 'What now?',  Mishiko thought as she gripped her scorpian weapon tighter. Her eyes glared coldly as she didn't know what that was about even though soon she'd find out.

The 10-foot Amazonian demigod suddenly made her hand into a fist and opened it to summon a 2x2m otter that suddenly bolted towards Kurama and clung onto Kurama, cuddling them aggressively, making them take damage due to how overly powering and aggressive the cuddle was. It then disappeared with a cute otter noise. Suddenly I see a bow and arrow fling towards Kurama and prepared for what she will have to do next rather for the humor of it or the seriousness of all of this. Mishiko knows that this city is already in ruins because the late shogun destroyed it, Kurama now just using it as their tantrum domain.

Summary: Ohta keeps his barrier up for Takao and Techtile
An otter cuddled Kurama aggressively
Mishiko is prepared to dodge as needed



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Kurama's piercing yell penetrated the vast surface of the ocean. Noel at this time was situated on a Joyan vessel of war on its way to Joya, he'd been using it as a taxi. A privilege well earned for his service in Joya--prior to the revolution, of course. His name still carried enough weight for him to enable these types of escapades. He was one of the few on this Ship o' the Line that recognized the immense power, and from such distance too. The tall, former hero of Fiore felt as if nature had called out to him, once more--to rise beyond the call of duty.  

Though with his greying hair, he'd sit back down, relax and adjust his hat to blot out the moonlight from his sight. Surely, the younger generation will deal with this--such were his thoughts. As the vessel continued its voyage, the captain had changed course to go towards the origin of the screeching sound most those on the ship had heard.

He'd hear chanting. The soldiers on this ship were excited to finally see real combat. They were singing melodies of war. This concerned Noel. The closer they came, the more inevitable it seemed to him that he had to involve himself. All those years of dedication to bushido; did it really all lead up to this moment?

Bravery. Loyalty. An unwavering spirit. Honor until death. These were the required attributes to deal with such an abomination. Flashes of orange flickered the blissful sky periodically, as many of the crew begun to prepare for the kerfuffle. Noel felt pressured to help in as well. Bluffing his way onto it as a straggler, former war hero, he had to. Maybe for one last time, he'd go out with a roar. While the Joyan soldiers continued to prepare, Noel finally stood up straight and discarded the cowboy hat he'd been wearing, throwing it akin to a frisbee disc towards the ocean.

He'd put on his armor and weapons, and ready himself for war.

With the might of a thousand leagues, the deadbeat wizard set off from the ship which was still a fair distance away from the monster that terrorized Joya. He'd fly with unyielding determination towards this behemoth, this lusus naturea. He'd activate his half werewolf transformation mid-flight. If the sea was going to be his grave, he'd accept it with open arms.

A mystic strength awoke within the mage. Rekindling the nostalgic years of his youth. Combat was the linchpin that held the puzzle pieces together, even after so many years of absence.

Normally he'd approach this type of situation very non-chalantly. But with such havoc, such capacity to bury the entirety of Joya under fire and chaos, he did not wait and hesitate--there was no outbraining this opponent. It was over a hundred meters tall! It had begun to appear within Noels eyesight as he moved horizontally towards it, well above the ground, roughly at 30 meters per second with his right fist pointed at the beast. In his left arm, he'd hold Ajam's Illumination sword. It was in its sheath for the time being. During his flight, he'd notice flying metal beasts of war, a contraption he hadn't seen before. On the ground were many bodies, strewn across the streets. Panic and yelling. A fate he'd wish upon Fiore, but not Joya.

There were others fighting this wretched abomination. He'd start seeing trailing smoke clouds--indicating that some type of spell had been fired from that position a moment before. Dark malignant storms lurked on the horizon, he'd avoid flying through these types of places. Noel flied into the heat of the combat as Kurama' was done with his last flourish of attacks, the grand wizard managed to expertly dodge and weave through his onslaught and evade every single strike that had been thrown up to this point. Simultaneously, he utilized his mastery over his Gravity Magic to free civilians that had been struck by rubble from buildings being exploded as he flied past by them.

Noel noticed a young man with long white/-silver hair with one knee on the ground, close to the front of the orange beast. As if he was going to propose to the orange monstrosity! Preposterous. His clothing indicated to Noel that he was a Joyan male. Noel slowed down at a fair distance away from Kurama, he'd activate various spells, performing feats such as raising his arms in a specific way, as he yelled words of encouragement from the sky towards the silver haired Joyan looking male.

"Fight on! Where is your fire and fury!? Die with 名誉! No Joyan warrior should have scars on his back!"

Noel wasn't one to speak softly and carry a big stick. He spoke loud, and carried a weapon of mass destruction; that weapon being himself. He didn't really understand the deep intricacies behind the Kurama, and the reason for his appearance. During his dialogue, the male paid special attention to evading any incoming strikes--should there have been any. As this was happening, another man from what seemed to Noel had been firing arrows at the Kurama. A fat otter had been fired at the Kurama too, the mago couldn't spot from where it came. Noel thought of this as an opportune time to also launch a wave of attacks.

Noel moved forwards, towards the Kurama--until he was at a range of roughly fifteen to twenty meters to away from Kurama, Noel was close to his left side instead of in his direct line of sight. While levitating roughly five to six meters off the ground, he'd gravitate several large chunks of broken buildings towards Kurama starting off slowly but immediately picking up speed. Making it tricky to predict the actual speed, especially because he'd try to time this correctly with the assault of others in the area--those who hadn't given up. The sizes of his projectiles steadily increasing, it'd start with decent sized rocks and soon escalated into full sized compounds with garden and all.

"Clear the area! I need some space to blind this monster!"

He'd yell to the others, while one of his hands directed the objects being hurled at Kurama, the other released Ajah's Illumination sword from its sheathe, holding the sheathe in his armpit to be able to exert enough strength to pull it out, without harming himself in the process.

Using a full sized compound as cover, he'd direct its path towards Kurama while flying parallel around the compound the compound serving as a temporary shield from Kurama, once he got close enough to Kurama--and hopefully being far away from the others to not affect them. He was certain the silver haired male was far enough, but couldn't tell if the bowman was--nor where the sky Otter came from. Though he was sure the sky Otter sender was also far away enough not to be effected by his blinding ability.

Noel extended this weapon into the air, a flash brighter than the sun followed. He'd avoid crashing into the compound he'd sent towards Kurama and glide a bit away from Kurama to stay safe while observing its next move.

combat stuff:


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'Dice 100' : 35


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Targeting roll for closest party members

1-33: Takao, 34-66: Noel, 67-100: Karisa


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'Dice 100' : 36


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Kurama is simply in the middle of a blind rage, putting very little thought into what his next move is going to be. He didn't even realize that reinforcements had arrived and were going to attempt to turn the tide of this battle in their favor. That is when a hail of otters, rocks and debuffs came in and slammed into Kurama. This would have been a devestating attack to most creatures on this planet, but Kurama was not one of them. With a simple shrug of his muscles, he broke the S rank Bind using raw strength though he was weaker then he was a moment ago. None of that mattered as he turned his attention to the one that hit him with a bunch of rocks and he reach out and with a snap of his jaws attempted to eat and kill Noel. Something that Noel quickly realizes is that whatever this thing is, it's mana is so pure and violent that it seems to burn off your own mana while fighting, and that mana begins to damage you until you put it out.

Noel takes 3xS Physical Damage, because of the Debuff pushing his Strength down a bracket. He then takes 1xS MAGIC Damage due to Violent Mana Ability, along with losing 1000 Mana. For a total of 4xS and losing 1000 Mana. (All damage but the Mana Drain can be reduced or blocked by defenses)

Total Damage Dealt: 2xS+1xA+1xB

Total Health Remaining: 34xS+1B+1xC+1xD Health Remaining

Strength Reduced to 751-1000 Teir. 841

Takao was so far out of his league here, because now not only did someone who up in some weird flying machines and then try and fire off some arrows into Kurama. Then he watched his mother summon a large otter that seemed to... snuggle? Kurama and it then took damage in addition to whatever was left over from Mishiko's last attack. Then a man began to scream at him about "Fire and Fury" or something. It was very hard to hear him over the sound of the ringing in his hears from the previous attack. So he just assumed that the man was here to help and he was right as the man began to fling large rocks and everything else at Kurama. Takao got up from his kneel and drawing his sword began to run towards Kurama and attempted to cut it's leg and much to his surprise it went well as his eyes, inherited from his mother he could see the spots where the skin was thinner as he went to cut Kurama's toe.

Takao deals 1xA Damage due to the Weakness he gives with his eyes.


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Deleted Deleted Deleted

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For the few men who followed their Don off the helicopters, an unsatisfying end befell them within the first thirty or forty seconds of their life. Firing their automatic weapons which had done nothing. Only Erebus seemed to harm the foe, and the most he did was weaken its power. They were slain, the pilots driving their vessels had taken off— removing their traces from this battlefield— but not before attacking and spreading as much led as possible, as if it woiuld do anything to harm the demon.

Contrary to the light damage the beast was feeling, Erebus had succeeded in at least bringing the monster down to a manageable level.

His poisoned arrow had landed true— the other not so much. Kurama did not even appear to feel such effects, causing Erebus a fair amount of irritation. He could expect nothing less of a 100m behemoth; quickly putting the thought of loss away, in exchange for bravado. It was soon his turn again, and after seeing the mages blitz and do some range of techniques, Erebus targeted the tails of the monster again.

Viewing with eyes on the Nine-Tails rather than the other mages, Ere watched as large hurdling rocks fly from the mountain-side, crashing into the beast’s body, as well as another creature— albeit Erebus couldn’t name the species off-hand, some kind of large toothed mammal. In the same moment, A bright light was glaring in the dim of his peripherals to which Erebus used the Chaos Claw to block out some of the invasive magic from affecting his person.

Where had that light come from? He wondered, clearly Kurama had as well— for in that moment it attacked the source of the warm light. Kurama’s rage blinded it’s defenses, for in trying to quell the Light Bearer, Kurama ignored the Silver-Haired warrior, who swiftly executed an attack against the fox’s foot.

Only— Erebus was a bit shocked. Where he remained pragmatic, he had to respect in the bravery of the mage. Melee again? Erebus thought.

Surely the beast was just too big— able to step on and squash one of they had just gone running up & into it.  ”There is a smoother course for victory.” he figured to himself and so audibly— found himself talking to any who had caught his words on the air. Had the case been they weren’t rival guild mages, then Erebus would have pushed out some suggestions for a victory, but frankly he knew all too well that those who survived would reap the greatest rewards. Such was war, and whoever wins war, profits greatly on the grief of the damned.

Erebus pulled back another arrow, and then another, and finally let the last one stroke the quiver. The influx of mana needed all at once forced his  breathing to picken up, and he could feel the curse’s drain at his mana. The monster closed its eyes after attacking Noel, Erebus tilted his head, eyeing its disturbed and frantic movements, so it was blind?

Erebus could see everything from his location. The Don quickly realized what may have happened— this added some foresight into that mage (in particular), just more for the Akudama to observe another day.

The Akudama Mercenary took an opportunity to glance up at the skies, his helicopters were now hundreds of meters in the distance, moving out over the Island’s port, they would be leaving the immediate area. But Erebus would see them again, when the time needed it.

They would head straight for the coordinates Erebus had given them, meanwhile, the force of infantry men did their best to follow on their orders at ground zero. Picking up wreckage, and in turn, helping wounded locals.

Erebus maintains his distance, shooting blast after blast until he has to evade. His arrows would cause thick blank ink to amass and glob up around the foe, constraining its movements. When finished, his finger quickly goes to his neck, and he begins to signal back to the Akudama Lizard. His eyes scanned for the demi-human through the hellish dusts of the battle.

“Techtile, I’ve got your six.” Erebus said, finally noticing the Akudama, near— what Erebus could only assume was the Joyan Empress defending them. Interesting.

Actions and Stuff:

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Judgement Tarot
1-5: The User fails to cast the spell in the post, the user receives 75% of the Mana used to cast and the spell goes into a one-post cool-down
6-15: The user casts the spell for two Rank lower, the user receives 50% of the Mana used to cast and the spell goes into a one-post cool-down
16-35: The user casts the spell for one rank lower
36-64: The user casts the spell for the same rank
75-94: The user casts the spell for one rank higher
95-100: The user casts the spell for two ranks higher.


1st Arrow - A-rank DMG
2nd Arrow - B-rank DMG
3rd Arrow - S-rank DMG


Poison Tip is sustaining.


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Mishiko saw that the man known as Noel was using a blind. Thankfully, due to her own attunement of her eyes, she wasn't going to be blinded. Quickly, she decided to take a chance and the ten-foot Amazonian shogun went forward with her chained kunai, shooting it toward Kurama's side. It was finally time to go up as Ohta saw the damage coming through towards her ally, he snapped shields to protect Noel and anyone who was 50 meters from him. His golden gaze watched as Mishiko had a determined gaze as her kunai pierced the nine-tailed fox's chest after saying 'get over here' and since the fox was 100 meters tall, there was no way she'd pull the fox to her, so she was going to use that to swing and bring herself to them. She swung in like a wrecking ball, with her scythe in her other hand to slice the fox with swinging. Ohta swiftly readjusted to get 25 meters away from Kurama, his eyes mainly on Mishiko and her own well-being. Mishiko used the end swing to land perfectly without being too high to where it'd hurt. The chain retracted itself to Mishiko's hand as the alive-looking kunai sunk back into her hand.

Summary: Ohta refreshed barrier on all.

Noel got a barrier before the attack towards him, blocking the hit and the potential effect.

Mishiko went in and swung in like a wrecking ball, slicing with her scythe causing 2S+ rank damage (max being 2S)
Ohta moved 25 meters away from Kurama and Mishiko safely landed on the ground to stand next to Ohta.



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During his sequence of various actions, Noel had received a barrier which protected him from the strike of Kurama. Noel didn't know where the barrier came from, but assumed it was one of his allies recognizing his bravery in moving towards the beast with such aggression. This happened when Kurama's jaws moved towards him--the blinding had yet to take effect, either that, or the beast had a 'third-eye'. Though its head was very big, his jaws served like a fishnet in the ocean.

With David v Goliath in full effect, Kurama was under constant attack by others. Noel saw its head moving very close to him, he'd lash out a few times with his sword putting heavy strength and oomph into his strikes, harming the Kurama from inside its mouth with extensive damage, knocking out a few teeth as the barrier protected him from his bite. He'd push its mouth open with his sword and continue his flight away from Kurama.

The beast was massively slowed down and blinded, reduced in strength. Binding him seemed to have no point as the monstrosity was too strong to respect any bind placed upon him. Noel was lucky when his biting inflicted no damage upon him. He was surprised, for a moment, he'd pat himself down to check for any injuries as he didn't feel any pain. He was fine. Now at a distance of around thirty meters away from Kurama, having fled away after reacting with his physical strikes, Noel observed a good part of the battlefield down below him, wanting to observe his 'teammates' and their location to make sure whatever he was about to unfold wouldn't welcome harm onto them.

He'd close the gap to a 16 meter range towards Kurama once more, and continue pelting him with massive rocks through the use of his gravity magic--mostly aimed near his feet to solidify a manual binding, instead of a mana-based one. Being soundless as he was, having blinded the beast before, he wasn't just being brave by committing to this move but very calculating. Being way older than he was, he felt cocky or comfortable enough to talk smack to it, which stood to such contrast to his skillful maneuvering. Perhaps this was a trick in order to enrage the blind Kurama even further. Ground zero seemed to be evacuated mostly.


With one arm, Noel continuously guided an onslaught of massive rocks at the beast, ever aware that it could turn to him at any moment. For that reason he tightly held his sword, ready to enact a new flurry of attacks. The man was still in his half werewolf form, as it greatly enhanced his physical attributes.

combat stuff:


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The member 'Noel' has done the following action : Spin

'Dice 100' : 50


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Move #6 46-55
Name: Beast Stomp
Rank: A
Mana Cost: ~
Type: Offensive
Element: ~
Range: 50 Meters
Cooldown: ~
Duration: Instant
Effect: Kurama stomps down with their front paws, unleashing a devastating shockwave that travels forward along the ground, knocking back enemies along its path. Enemies hit by Kurama's paws take 4S rank damage.

Kurama was now feeling the pain, as three arrows made impact with his hide, then feeling a pinch as something seemed to attach itself to it's hide. Out of the corner of his massive eye, he could see a small creature swinging for a moment before he felt another shock of pain as the scythe ripped through him. His eye then turned to the being that he attempted to bite a moment ago, only to realize that his attack apparently had no reached as he felt blood running out of his mouth. With a massive blast from his front paws, he sent a devastating shockwave outward from him along the ground. He was sure there was a bug down there he needed to crush anyway, so this seemed as good of a way to do that as any.

Kurama has taken 6xS+1B Damage from all of the attacks this round, including the 1A from Takao.

Total Health Remaining: 28xS+1xC+1xD Health Remaining

Strength Reduced to 751-1000 Teir. 841


Takao was extremely lucky that his mother's partner was still keeping that shield up, as Takao was directly under the blow but when that massive paw came crashing down onto him, the shield appeared to have absorbed it without any issue. It wasn't that strong a moment ago, but he must have reinforced the spell. Well either way, this means that Takao needed to just continue to do as much damage as he could as he swung his sword again into the feet of this massive beast, though doing so was only getting harder and harder as the area around them was getting more and more destroyed. He did also notice that his mother had swung around the monster, using some kind of device that he had never seen her use before but she did look very cool doing it, and it appeared to be doing more damage then her spells were doing at that moment. So this was getting better as time went on, as long as everyone kept doing their thing, Takao might very well make it out of this alive.

Takao deals 1xA damage due to the Weakness his Eyes Give.


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Deleted Deleted Deleted

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With each arrow piercing into the tails at different places, gushing black ink began to swell against the surface of the monster’s appendages. The sheer strength of Kurama seeming to ignore the growing ooze, but the more of it there was, surely, the slower this foe would move.

Watching and paying hefty attention not only to the behemoth, Erebus took careful note of these mages. His role, in the Akudama, was to take notes. He quickly began to figure out the capabilities of his allies, splintering his thoughts into how he too could help them. It wasn’t that he particularly cared about anyone’s life but Erebus possessed the adaptability to avoid damage better than most. So for that reason, he decided it would be a good time to step in, and defend one of his guildmates the same way the empress had.

Erebus would jump, lifting 4m per foot that touched invisible surfaces until he himself was high in the air, 25m above ground— nearing himself within 15m of one the tails, the roaring shockwave of the slam against the earth seeming to have hit someone down there.

Unfortunate as that may have been, Erebus wasn’t able to do much for them. The most he could do was attempt to mitigate any damage by forcing it at himself, rather than actually defending against much as it was. That was an edge he had in many cases, but against this Fox, it was more a hindrance than anything else.

His gauntlet was swapped out in a lilac flash of light allowing it to reveal a new item, a shield was on his quiver-pulling arm. The Spellpuller, was a specially unique creation giving its user the ability to hone projectiles back towards it. Now, with his Gogglegaze being able to hone spells at the Fox, he could potentially do the unthinkable, and trick the monster into an attack on itself, while making a hasty retreat if luck was graciously in his court— should any spell come forward from that thing’s body, it would go no where but right where Erebus wanted it, or— if he really need it, he could set the volcano in Mount Kuja off by thrusting the shield towards it like a frisbee— using this monster, he might very well level the island if he needed too— but that plan was of little out of use now, this country was already damaged and war torn, the Akudama already had the trade resources to provide and to profit as it was here, so Erebus merely put that devastating plan out of his mind.

Instead, his shield hand found its way to his pocket, and threw a Companion Ball, summoning Occula. Who Erebus would set 20m forward— 15 off to the right of his current location in the air, his plan would be short and rather simple. If he really had too— he could propel the shield from his hand at his companion whom would stop it as a make-shift surface, causing any flung spells to 360° around the beast’s body towards them both and strike Occula- as well as the tails it was hiding around, which Occula was aware of— thanks to it’s control by the master, Occula would be able to navigate the air at S-rank speed, the same as Erebus.

Clever as it may be to cause Mount Kuja to explode, for profit, he had to think about his place in this foreign country as well as Techtile’s. Not only that, there was more to up in the stakes, if those actions wiped out all the heroes here— who would be left subdue the beast? Erebus wouldn’t be able to land a candle to Kurama’s power on his own.

Erebus pulled back on his quiver again, releasing a test-bait blast at one of the tails distant of the companion, he had already hit a few tails and no longer needed to ossify them (those would be where his companion knew to go and hide), but he wondered if he might be able to Ossify each and every one of the tails before Kurama could notice. Perhaps if he did, then someone could ride that thing’s back uninhibited, and really tear into it’s backside. Just then, a tiny beep was again heard in his neck, and he caught another transmission from Techtile.

“Good— I’m glad to hear that you’re still conscious Reptile-02.” A smug smile slipping in between his bandage-wrapped face. Erebus was impressed with Tech’s performance to their duty and to overcoming the monster. “Hold out so we can smoke this fox. His movements have already started to slow.”
Spells & Stuff:

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Mishiko saw many others do their own things as she was more thinking about strategy than conversation as her attack obviously did damage, as well as other people's hits. Kurama had a tantrum, but thankfully only knocked people back, not causing damage to anyone as far as she knew because he got away from Kurama in time. After that was over, she went ahead and went forward as Kurama's attack only hit people who were in front of it and not on the side or backside of it. Mishiko went ahead and used her scythe to run up and smack it because she could and then called it a day as she then was prepared to yeet out of there. Ohta kept his distance as he didn't want to be caught in the crossfire. Last thing this group needed as him to get defeated. If he was defeated then the barriers would disappear.



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A massive shockwave followed after Noel cut Kurama with his sword. Due to his flight, Noel avoided getting hit by it as it was a ground based move. He was sure Kurama was enraged. By now the blinding effects were about to cease. The tall male had begun thinking of new strategies. It seems that the best way to defeat this monstrosity was by death by a thousand cuts. So, once more, he used his blade to strike Kurama as he flied around it. Luckily its extremely large size left plenty of opportunities to perform hit 'n run strikes. Noel took special attention as to avoid any hits and damage that were being thrown at Kurama from his allies.

The ground beneath Kurama was crumbling. He doubt it could hold steady footing for much longer. The quakes induced by his ferocious attack a moment before meant any ground-based fighter to be met with a disadvantage. Noel still in his half werewolf transformation continued to deal an onslaught of physical strikes onto Kurama. The beast was being worn down, of that, he was sure. They needed to continue this persistent onslaught, preferably, without injuring each other. A translucent barrier protected him from a single tick of S rank damage.

combat stuff:


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Targeting roll for closest party members

1-25: Takao, 26-50: Noel, 51-75: Karisa, 76-100: Erebus


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'Dice 100' : 33


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Kurama was now starting to realize that the injuries it was taking was getting bad, as the cuts between Mishiko, the Shogon, Noel with his own slashes and Erebus with his large volley of arrows. He didn't really even notice the dagger that flew past him and landed on his body, it was so small, but with a turn of his head, he dashed towards the person floating in the air as they were the easiest to hit and took a big bite out of them. This wasn't enough to take their entire body, but Kurama could feel pieces of armor fall into his mouth as he took the bite. His attention then went back to the others that were in this fight with them, as there had to be more targets to be had.

Kurama has taken 4xS+1A+1D Damage from all of the attacks this round, including the 1A from Takao.

Total Health Remaining: 23xS+1A+1xC Health Remaining

Strength Reduced to 751-1000 Teir. 841

Noel takes 3xS damage, one of which being taken by the shield and the other two being taken by his armor.


Takao watched in amazement as someone managed to take a bite from this massive creature and not instantly die. He knew that if he had taken a hit like that, he would have been dead instantly and nothing could have saved him at that point. Well, nothing but maybe his mother. He was extremely happy to have the shield still, just in case this being decided to stomp him out next time. Well either way, this means that Takao needed to just continue to do as much damage as he could as he swung his sword again into the feet of this massive beast, though doing so was only getting harder and harder as the area around them was getting more and more destroyed.

Takao deals 1xA damage due to the Weakness his Eyes Give.


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Yuurei and Renji had been in Joya for quite some time; it was as if he couldn’t separate himself from all the years, he had missed away from it. He had climbed through the mountain of Kuja and now he was returning to the city itself. The young man was with his partner in crime as they were on one of the tallest structures and he remained untouched by the huge beast. He was amazed at the beast and its powers and ability to bring out destruction without breaking a sweat.

There were a lot of people trying to take it down. One of them, that he knew personally, and the other two he had heard about, but nothing too crazy. Renji was in his human form as he was also with Yuurei on top of the structure. They were both sitting down and looking at the fight and enjoying the scene.

“Are you enjoying the fight from here, Yuu? I thought you would try and help them from the beginning. What made you wait?” Renji asked him curious to hear his friend speak.

“I saw that they had a lot of people trying to take it out, so I figured I would be a spectator for the time being. It seems like they’re still doing well out there. Hell, it seems like I might not even be needed for this. That beauty is doing well to take care of them.” He said to Renji.

Migi would have his eyes and mouth pop out from Yuurei’s mouth.

“You talking about Mishiko like that? You going to try and hit on her?” He asked Yuurei.

Yuurei would laugh when he heard those words, and he would brush his hair back with his left hand as he stood up from where he was sitting. He would pay down his pants, and he would stretch a bit as he cracked his neck.

“I don’t mind hitting on her. It would be up to her though. Is she even interested in a Seraphim and powers like mine?” He said as he continued to watch the group fight off the big fox with nine tails.

That was when he saw one of the people in the group get stomped out by the cruel fox. Yuurei saw it coming and it was only a matter of time before he would join the fight ahead of him. Renji would see Yuurei get up and he would do the same thing.

“I guess you’re going to be making your appearance?” He asked Yuurei.

The Seraphim would have a smirk on his face.

“We’re going to make his appearance are you ready?” He asked Renji.

The Exceed would feel the power surging within him that was coming from Yuurei. The Starlight would wave his arm and he would place a golden helmet on his head. He had already given his Kaldbak armor on his Exceed.  The armor he had made to have light property and honestly all of his items had become that of light. He was thinking about handing Renji a weapon, but he wasn’t sure about it just yet. On his left hand he would have his Yang gauntlet on him and on his right hand he would wield his Excalibur in its invisibility mode.

As for his accessory, they were all on him, and one thing was with him. His Rhongomyniad was merged with him, and he figured he would start with stuff like that.

“Now with everything set in motion I guess we can make a grand entrance don’t you think Renji.” His wings would appear on his back and he would take flight grabbing Renji and putting him on the ground and about fifty meters behind the fox.

Yuurei made sure he wasn’t too far from Renji as he would have his Exceed fight from the ground while he fought from the sky. A huge replica of the spear that had merged with him would appear high in the sky. Yes, everybody would be able to see it as it was made of threads of light. That was when it was shot down straight at the Nine Tail Fox. It wouldn’t be able to dodge the attack; honestly, he was trying to make a grand entrance.

Renji would hop back and forth as he was getting ready to start running toward the monster or running away from it if it decided to attack.

“Of course, you had to go overkill on the monster from the beginning.” He said to Yuurei as he shook his head.


Yuurei Stats:

Renji Stats:


Spell Used:


Migi's Arm:

Shinigami's Red Eye:

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