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Gravity Magic (2,000,000J)

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Gravity Magic (2,000,000J) Empty Tue Mar 29, 2022 3:26 pm



Name: Gravity Magic

Element: Arcane

Category: Single

Quantity: Unlimited

Description: Gravity Magic is a magic that involves the manipulation of gravity. Utilizing this magic, the user can control and manipulate gravity. This can be achieved via various gestures and movements of the hand, such as simply spreading both arms with the index and middle fingers of both hands splayed, or by thrusting one hand towards the target, palm facing forward.


Requirements: None.

  • None


  • Offensive-type spells apply a Debuff (Speed) to the target equal to the rank of the spell. The target is affected by the Debuff (Speed) for 3 posts. The effect does not stack, however, it does reset the duration back to 3 posts if the target is hit again while the effect is applied to them.
  • Debuff-type spells are doubled in range.
  • Debuff-type (AoE) spells are doubled in size.
  • Normally, the Speed attribute cannot be decreased below 1, however, Offensive-type (and its additional Debuff through this magic) or Debuff-type itself via Gravity Magic is capable of doing this. Should a target be lowered in their Speed below 1, they will suffer a percentage reduction. At its most powerful stage, the target can no longer move.
    SpeedLunge Distance & SpeedRun Speed
    0 to -502.5 m/s5 m/s
    -51 to -1001 m/s2 m/s
    -101 and lower0 m/s0 m/s


  • Name: Telekinesis
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 500
    Requirements: Gravity Magic
    Type: Offensive
    Element: Arcane
    Range: 16 m
    Cooldown: None
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The user may manipulate up to six objects around them, All of them must within a meter of the user initially. These can be manipulated freely to block, stab, etc., within the given range without any motions. Each object must be at most 4m2 and deal B-rank damage, have 1x B-Rank durability, and travel at spell speed. Telekinesis can be re-cast only if all the manipulated objects are destroyed or if the user deliberately cancels the spell. Spell modifiers do not apply to Telekinesis.

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Reclaiming this magic


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Sho has reclaimed Gravity Magic.


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Claiming this as my starter magic


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@Dr. Corvus Corax has claimed Gravity Magic as their starting magic.


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Claiming as my starter magic


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