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III. Beastly Beats

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III. Beastly Beats Empty Mon Sep 25, 2023 8:17 pm


「 Beastly Beats 」

≫ Slot | Headpiece
≫ Type | Studio Headphones
≫ Quantity | Custom
≫ Class | Unique

Damage | -
Durability | 2xS-Rank
Element | Lightning

「 Details 」

Description | A top brand headphone made by a privately owned company.
To no surprise, this was one of the first legitimate purchases Tech made upon being employed under the Akudama Syndicate. A necessity by their own standard that they cant live without. Unless otherwise required, it is unlikely you will ever see them leave the reptilian's body in some form.

Measurements | Stylish, Sturdy, and built to last.
The quality of the design speaks for itself of the careful consideration that went into their creation. With a weight of 0.55 lb [0.25 kg] and precise dimensions of ‎19 cm across, 18 cm thick, and 8.5 cm tall. This set of melodious monsters is nothing to sneeze at. Crafted from a selection of high grade metals and fabrics. The attention to the finer details is where they shine. With a solid over the head band to keep them in place, a cozy pair of woven pads over each ear, and customized Oni engraving for aesethic flair. It's an all in one package of personalized delight. Which also features pristine audio quality, a built in microphone, and a wireless connectivity feature to any device of the owner's choosing.

「 Extra 」

Requirements | This pair of Beastly Beats have been modified so that they digitally link to Tech's own bio signature. As such, they will only activate when turned on by them.

Bonus |
  • No benefits acquired

Drawbacks |
  • No detriments incurred

「 Effects 」

  • Motivated |
    You receive an additional 15% jewels when completing quests.

  • Just Vibin |
    You receive an additional 15% experience when completing quests.
    This may not be applied to weapons.

「 Points Breakdown 」

  • Unique = +30 Pts
  • Headpiece
  • 0.55 lb [0.25 kg]
  • No Bonus Attributes
  • No Bonus Damage
  • No Bonus Durability

  • Effects
    Bonus Quest Jewel Reward = -15 Pts
    Bonus Quest Experience = -15 Pts

  • Spells

Total points Acquired = 30
Total Points Spent = 30


III. Beastly Beats Empty Mon Sep 25, 2023 8:18 pm

Claiming via Adventurer Perk. Approved custom linked below:


III. Beastly Beats Empty Thu Sep 28, 2023 10:46 am



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