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「 Tech's Data | Forge 」

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Forge」Files . . .


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「 Crescendo 」

≫ Slot | 2-H Weapon
≫ Type | Compact Scythe
≫ Quantity | Custom
≫ Class | Unique

Damage | 110
Durability | 2xS-Rank
Element | Lightning

「 Details 」

Description | Stolen and reconstructed to suit the needs of it's new wielder.
Tech has put a surprising amount of time and effort into the piece as a means to make themselves more combat able. In past hostile conflict was often settled by means of flesh against blade. With their side being the one to bare knuckles over steel. However as time has come to grace them with hardship they have learned that sometimes a little more power is needed to prove a point. Becoming a weapon of their own design over time, Crescendo's unique structure allows for Tech to stay true to the pride in their own physical capabilities. Complimenting their relentless style with a weapon suited to sharpening their already existing abilities and not necessarily out shining them with flashy metal.

Measurements | In full glory from top of blade to bottom of pommel this mechanical mischief maker spans a total of seven feet [213 cm]. With the crescent shaped blade at the top fastened by bolts, screws, and springs spreading a width of four feet across [121 cm]. When in travel form, the weight of the build remains the same at about thirty pounds [13 kg] with the folding pieces meshing together into one air tight compact that measures in at no more than two feet long [60 cm]. In such state it can attach to the back of the waist via a customized harness. When in travel form the weapon cannot be used for its intended purpose until it is returned to full state.

「 Extra 」

Requirements | Crescendo is digitally linked to Tech's own bio signature.
As such, it will only activate when wielded by them.

Bonus |
  • +10 Strength

Drawbacks |
  • No detriments incurred

「 Effects 」

  • Item Spell Range Increase | The range of spells attached to items are increased by 5 meters.
    This must be applied to a weapon or relic.

  • Mobility Improvement | An improved jump and lunge up to 5 meters.

「 Spells 」

  • 「 Super Bass 」
    Rank | A
    Mana Cost | 200
    Requirements | Crescendo
    Type | Offensive
    Element | Lightning
    Range | 20 Meters
    Cooldown | 4 Posts
    Duration | Instant
    Effect | The user presses down on the trigger built into the shaft of the scythe. Energy from within the hollow barrel built inside the shaft charges up before being released all at once. Upon release a condensed bullet made of lightning aspected magic roughly 20 centimeters in length is launched. This bullet travels at a select target at spell speed. Upon making contact the target will be damaged for 1x A-Rank damage, while the bullet dissipates and disappears.

  • 「 Feedback Loop 」
    Rank | A
    Mana Cost | 200
    Requirements | Crescendo
    Type | Supplementary
    Element | Lightning
    Range | 20 Meters
    Cooldown | 4 Posts
    Duration | Sustain
    Effect | With a squeeze of the trigger located on the shaft of the scythe. A lightning aspected projectile is released that is 5 centimeters in diameter. Upon making contact with a select target they will be sent the total distance of the spell after spell range modifiers at their lunging speed. This spell ignores terrain and will continue on until it hits the target or reaches the spell range limit.

「 Points Breakdown 」

  • Unique = +30 Pts
  • Weapon
  • 30 lbs / 2-Hand
  • +10 Strength = -2 Pts
  • +10 Bonus Damage = -2 Pts

  • Effects
    Item Spell Range Increase = -5 Pts
    Mobility Improvement = -5 Pts

  • Spells
    Super Bass = -8 Pts ( Based on Offensive Projectile Spell )
    Feedback Loop = -8 Pts ( Based on Knock-Back Projectile Spell )

Total points Acquired = 30
Total Points Spent = 30


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This custom has been approved, please create a copy of the item and the source post in a reply post using its name and rarity for its title in the Customs section.

「 Tech's Data | Forge 」 Lightning_bolt_simple

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