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Lucky Charms [WotS]

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#1Mistress Elvira 

Lucky Charms [WotS] Empty Sat Dec 03, 2022 3:21 pm

Mistress Elvira
Quest: Lucky Charms

Rank: A

Type: -

  • 2000 WC (You may do more if you wish for S rank rewards)
  • Solo or do it with one other, but one of you cannot apply for winning rewards.
  • You are not required to be A-S rank to do this quest.

Mistress Elvira: A Rich, powerful woman who has no interest in politics. She is from a different universe she got bored of and now resides here. Her origins are truly unknown other than the info above. Her true interests are traveling, auctions, and giving Earth Lander's chance to become great with her gifts.

Summary: Mistress Elvira went to the Palace for a dinner party. When she returned to her Vacation home in Joya, she realized her lucky charms were missing. She sent her maids to put out fliers in Joya to get people's attention so they could help her find it. It came from an important dog that entrusted her with all three of them.

Enemies: None

Objective: Go to one of the Lord's palaces and search through the place and get clues as to where the Charm is located, finally giving it back to her.

Reward(s): Quest rewards (Non-modified), Mysterious Pouch Gift (If you become one of the winners)

  • Create a topic in Joya
  • Go through the Lord's Palace to get clues as to where it could be
  • You could ask one of the servants where Mistress Elvira has been while there.
  • If you do, you find out she was mainly at the noble Gardens with the pond, tea gazebo, and flowers.
  • You will be stopped by some guards occasionally, and you will have to show the paper from Mistress Elvira of your permission to be here, or you can just run away and have fun with it.
  • You will search through the Gardens for a while and find them in the garden filled with greenery. Realizing it was hard to find because the charm was also green, shaped like a clover.


  • Please post an RP post of you returning to Mistress Elvira on the porch of her vacation house and give the charm back to her for your reward alongside your link to your original thread where you did your mission.

  • This will be checked after a week for rewards to be handed out, as this mission will only last a week. Anything handed out afterward will be invalid.

  • WCR Does not affect this quest. And you are not required to sign up. You may start it.

  • Read the rules HERE before starting it.


Lucky Charms [WotS] Empty Tue Dec 06, 2022 2:27 am

Yuurei and Renji were moving through the sky as fast as they could. They were making their way to Mistress Elvira and he would soon see the home she was staying at. He would descend from the sky and when he got close to the ground he would land safely as his wings would disperse. He would look over to the woman who was hanging out on the porch. She had a smile on her face as she was surprised that Yuurei had shown himself again.

“Ah, Yuurei, I did expect you to show up. I’m assuming you saw my flyer in Joya?” She asked him.

Yuurei had a smile on his face as she was right about that.

“Yes, I did, and I found your lucky charm. It was not easy to find.” He would hand her the four-leaf clover.

She would take it as she was happy he found it for her.

“Thank you for finding it. Take this bag as your reward.” She said to Yuurei.

He would take it and he would bow slightly to her before he made his way out of there.

Quest Link
Reward: S-Z rank rewards

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#3Kaito Todaro 

Lucky Charms [WotS] Empty Tue Dec 06, 2022 1:10 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito and Revy come out of a portal nearby to the woman's porch where they were told to come to once they had found the charm, he looks up toward her and he holds up the charm in his gloved hand so that she can see it in his hand and he thinks he sees the woman looking back at him, then wigging her finger telling him to draw closer, Kaito went up to the area of the woman standing on the porch with her and she gently and very caringly took the charm from Kaito's hand and she looked it over as she was making sure that it was indeed the real deal that she had lost.

She smiled sweetly at him and then held out his reward to him for what looked like a job well done and he gently took his reward as he didn't want to seem like he was overly aggressive or that he was just in it for the jewels or anything like that.

He puts his reward away in his pocket and then he bows his head and he removes himself from her porch.

Lucky charm quest link.

Reward: S-Z Rank Rewards


Lucky Charms [WotS] Empty Thu Dec 08, 2022 10:17 pm



Jikan walked with a relaxed causal stroll as she walked out of the garden area with the lost lucky charm held within her left hand. A carefree and satisfied expression held on her face that was also somehow a bit distant due to the level of ease seen. It was all a matter now of returning it to Mistress Elvira. Jikan wondered when-

Oh! She was here already? Well, this made returning the item and getting her payment even easier now. No need to deal with those grumpy guards again. Seeing Elvira resting on the cool shaded porch, Jikan walked over with long soft strides of her legs. A smile was on Elvira's face as she saw Jikan approach.

"Hello there stranger, I assume you are here due to seeing one of my flyers placed in Joya?", she asked Jikan.

Jikan nodded her head as she traveled up the steps to the porch. Standing a bit from Elvira before extending her hand out. Opening her palm to reveal the item she had found. "Yes, is this the item you were missing madam?".

"Ah yes yes, it is thank you", she said as she reached out to take her beloved charm with a bigger smile on her face. The clover shining in the light gently. She then called behind her, a number of maids and butlers coming to answer her call. "Thank you for your service, follow them and you shall be rewarded".

In response to this, Jikan simply followed the directions. Nodding her head before following some of the maids and butlers inside.

Reward: S Rank Rewards, fame, any

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#5Mistress Elvira 

Lucky Charms [WotS] Empty Wed Dec 14, 2022 9:43 pm

Mistress Elvira
Oh dear~ It doesn't look like many were able nor had the time to help out a Lady like myself. Perhaps another time, but I thank you to those who did help. As a token, you shall have the clover of luck that my dear and beloved pet has gifted me.

Please link my lovely quest in your Statistics Sheet alongside where you want +10 stats..

@Kaito & @Jikan have claimed the Lucky Clover and received S rank Quest Rewards.

@Yuurei has claimed S rank rewards.

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