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Dahlia - Testing the Waters

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Dahlia - Testing the Waters Empty on Thu Dec 20, 2018 1:19 pm



Quest: Testing the Waters

Rank: D

Type: Bad

Requirements: None

Elaine Latimer: Gifted with silver hair like a beam of the moon, and golden eyes like a drop of the sun, Elaine was destined to be among the most courted women wherever she went. She didn’t shy away from using this to her advantage, while retaining her grace and pristine character. She chose to marry a very wealthy businessman after he mysteriously lost his first wife. She has a sharp mind and carefully wields that power as she’s admired and feared in equal measure.

Summary: Elaine’s husband is more than three decades older than her and extremely chauvinistic. Despite being aware of this when she chose to marry him, it doesn’t take the edge off the frustration. This has finally compelled her to seek solace and comfort elsewhere. Thoughts and memories of her ex-lover, Mark, plague her mind; she wishes to find out if that is reciprocated.

Enemies: None

Objective: Deliver the locket Elaine received from Mark back to him and strike a conversation about their relationship and his feelings towards her.


  • Create a topic in Dahlia.
  • Elaine’s hand-maiden will approach you and ask you for your assistance; she will escort you to a room in the upper floor to meet Elaine.
  • Elaine will give you a locket to deliver to a guy named Mark and ask you to find out how he’s faring.
  • Follow her directions to Mark’s house and deliver the locket.
  • Mark will break down and share his romantic history with Elaine before she left him to marry the powerful and old Henry. He’ll tell you he hasn’t forgotten her and never will.  
  • Return to Elaine; tell her what you learned about Mark and collect your reward.

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Levi Mahlet
Taking this job.


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Levi Mahlet has started this quest.

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Levi Mahlet


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