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Testing the Waters [Quest | Levi]

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#1Levi Mahlet 

Testing the Waters [Quest | Levi] Empty on Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:45 pm

Levi Mahlet
She had arrived in Dalhia only a few days ago, yet for all one would have believed ti would have lasted for months. There was little within the area, a town that had been ravaged by past territorial wars waged by the numerous small gangs which had long vyed for power, the result of which leaving the entire area nothing more than a slum, a place in which the curelties of man would be embellished here, a place that would have suited Levi perfectly. She had never been one to behave appropriately, indulging in her own desires and whims far more than one might have believed, even that of one of Boscon nobility, an attribute that only heralded to her own belief of power, of superiority, especially over that of the people of Fiore. After all, she were a child of nobility, someone who should have been received wherever she might have come, especially within a country as pitiful and down right disgusting as Fiore had been to her. And Dahlia did not seem anything like that of an exception, if not the personification of this country as a whole. Dirty, ugly, having a general disappointing feel to it. Wherever it might have been that Levi were to go next, it would be hard to imagine or believe that they would amount to much more. That said, it was not hard to believe that this was not going to be something better or worse than that of what she had seen up to this point anyways, and while other places may have been a bit better, they were going to still be known as the cities that shared the same country as a piece of shit city like Dahlia. Even in spite of that, here was enough of a place to at least indulge herself, at least that hwas what she was hoping for. A city like this, one in which was as pitiful and poor as this, but one that was also as engaged and flooded with as much violence and chaos as this, it typically lent to one thing that seemed to be consistent, whether it was in Bosco or within a different country like Fiore, that this type of environment lent to the excessive usage and promotion of vices. Whether it were sex, alcohol, drugs, the variance and difference did not matter ot her, only so long as she were someone who themselves could have partaken in, and that was much her plan. There was little to believe that there would be much achieved within Dahlia save for some of these various affairs and activities, if not even more than that of what she might have found within the slums of Bosco. A place like this, from what she could see from even a brief glimpse of what was around her was very much the similar type of setting, if not one that was even more apparent. She could see herself having fun within this shitty town.


#2Levi Mahlet 

Testing the Waters [Quest | Levi] Empty on Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:46 pm

Levi Mahlet
A bar seemed to grab her eye, one that highlighted high quality liquor as well as attractive women, enough of an enticing manner that would be at least enough for Levi to step inside. Whether she would stick around, that would all depend on just what sort of women were there. It had been a while, needless to say, she had certain affinities that she was interested in sating. That chance would not come though as she would be almost immediately interrupted by the arrival of a young woman, attractive all the same, though not as sexy as Levi would find, though as she imagined stripping the woman with her eyes, she guessing of the woman began to wane. Enticed enough to follow the woman to meet with her apparent master, Levi followed, hping that she would be a bit more attractive and more of an enticing character in bed than this woman would be. Worst case, this woman would satisfy her, but she was hoping for more. Once she arrived to meet with this woman’s master, Levi was floored. This woman was beautiful, one in which it would have taken her no time at all to begin to seduce, one in which she was wholly for a fun little time with her and her servant. Before she would get her chance though, the woman would begin to explain her plight, saying that she needed her to provide a mmemnto to someone who was close to her in a past life. The reasoning for it was one that Levi did not care about, nor really pay attention to, instead fantasizing about the woman before her, imaging how wild in bed she would be, or at least after Levi was done with her. Eventually the woman stopped talking and Levi agreed to whatever it was that the job was about, not for the sake of the job, but rather to instead get a chance to later sleep with said woman. Leaving after blowing a kiss to the woman, Levi headed to find the man which did not take very long. He was a fool, drunk in his sorrows, weeping over what looked like a glass of ale, only for it to be worse once Levi threw the amulet at him. He continued to cry and explain his story, explaining that the woman had apparently left him, though Levi did not really care about that. What she was more interested in was how the woman was in bed, and when she did ask the question, the man was not sure how to react, only further falling into despair, thinking that this woman was her lover in secret. It may not have been yet, but Levi was going to make sure that happened, so when she returned to the woman, she explained that he no longer loved her, effectively eliminating one of her competition in only a short matter. Comforting the woman, Levi explained that she would be there her from now on.


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