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Ariael's Sheet

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Ariael's Sheet Empty Sun Jul 18, 2021 2:26 pm






Relationship: ???

Team: ???



Magic: Nightmare Dragon Slayer

Weapon: Lysander's Cursed Sword

Off-Hand: Yata no Kagami

Head: ???

Body: ???

Necklace: ???

Ring: Pocket Dimension Ring

Earrings: Pyaar Earrings

Companion/Relic: Asimov

Modification: Pact of the Dead God


D-rank Spells:

C-rank Spells:

B-rank Spells:

A-rank Spells:

S-rank Spells:



Topics Completed:

Topics Ongoing:



D-rank Quests Completed:

C-rank Quests Completed:

B-rank Quests Completed:

A-rank Quests Completed:

S-rank Quests Completed:


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