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Kerii's Sheet

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Kerii's Sheet Empty on Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:32 am





  Name: Atani "Kerii" Virrel

  Age: 21

  Birthday: May 14

  Relationship: Single
  Team: ???

  Race: Wood Elf

 Guild: Lamia Scale - Level 4

  • Lamian Scales: +10 CON in battle temporarily
  • Shop Discount: -20% for magic and items
  • Potion Purchase: +1 stat or mana potion per month
  • Bounty Hunter: +10% J for bounty hunts
  • Undying Will: Get up after KO, 10% CON


NAME: Túrelion Virrel
ORIGIN: Elvhenan
MAGIC: Celestial Sky - Offensive
STATUS: Active

NAME: Meldë Virrel (née Tathvir)
ORIGIN: Athalran
STATUS: Deceased

NAME: Riniya Tathvir
ORIGIN: Athalran
STATUS: Active
RELATION: Aunt, sister to Meldë

NAME: Carnil Sylceran
ORIGIN: Athalran
MAGIC: Chain Magic & Spirit Magic
STATUS: Active
RELATION: Cousin, son of Riniya


  Elemental Resistance: Wood Elves receive Minor Resistance to Nature.

  Elemental Weakness: Wood Elves receive Minor Weakness to Darkness.

  Pathfinder: Wood Elves receive a 20% wordcount reduction when traveling on land.

  Enhanced Speed: Wood Elves receive a 20% increase in their base Speed.

  Weapon Mastery: Wood Elves receive 20% wordcount reduction when training Dagger or Bow.

  Wood Elven Essence: Wood Elves can only utilize the following elements for their magic: Nature, Light, Wind, Water and Arcane.


 Weapon: Leaf Staff

  Head: Wizard Hat

  Body: Wizard Robe

  Earrings: Relhin Earrings

 Ring: Ghisla's Ring


D-rank Spells (4/4): - 10x Max

  C-rank Spells (4/4): - 10x Max

  B-rank Spells (2/4): - 10x Max

  A-rank Spells (0/4): - 10x Max

  S-rank Spells (0/1): - 3x Max


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  D-rank Quests Completed:

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