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Atani Tathvir

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Name: Atani Tathvir

Age: May 14, X767

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Caelese

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Paladin

Race: Wood Elf

Rank: A-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: Green - Below Left Collarbone

Face: Princess Zelda - Breath of the Wild


Height: 5'5" // 1.65m

Weight: 135lbs // 61.2 kg

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Overall: Atani stands relatively short for an elf, but blends in perfectly with humans in that regard, save for her pointed ears. Her thick blonde hair trails down to her back, which she normally lets hang loose, though she occasionally ties it back. A crown braid goes neatly over her head to keep her bangs out of the way. When she walks, she exudes the natural grace of wood elves, though does so unintentionally. Similarly, her sense of style complements that. While she normally wears something sensible to adventure and quest in, as per her job as a mage, she always manages to add a little flair of elegance to it. If not, she at the very least keeps a clean and presentable appearance at all times.

Extra: A strange scar in the centre of her lower back that Atani has no memory of receiving.


Personality: Atani is not shy, but she is quite introverted. She doesn't have any issues meeting other people, but she would rather stay at home than go out to a party or even the guild hall if it's rather crowded. If she does end up going somewhere like that, she'll end up feeling as if her energy was drained from just being there. Instead, she mostly keeps to herself. She remains quiet and buries her nose in a good book.

Despite being rather introverted and generally disliking being around a lot of people, she does like them as beings. At least, she likes helping them in any way possible. She is a very caring person - a great trait to have for a healer. She will help anyone in need, even if it means putting herself in harm's way to do so which can unfortunately end up being her fatal flaw. Similarly, she always tries to see the best in people, even when their history says otherwise.

Nobody's perfect. Atani is both impatient and impulsive. She doesn't like waiting and also tends to act before she thinks. Of course, when necessary, she can develop a plan, but otherwise she will not and will dive right into something without a well thought out plan. Atani can also be quite obsessive and a perfectionist, especially when it pertains to her performance as a mage and her studies as an academic. Nothing can be out of order, and when it is, she gets annoyed very quickly. If something is more challenging than expected, she can also tend to get frustrated, but it fuels her with a strong sense of determination to overcome that struggle.


  • Nature: Being an elf, Atani finds herself at home among nature, especially in the woodlands.
  • Books: Atani loves books of any kind, but is drawn to ancient texts the most in her pursuit of knowledge.


  • Needless Fighting: Atani is a peaceful person. Her healing magic reflects that nature. If she must fight someone she will, but she prefers to resolve things with diplomacy.
  • Crowds: A classic dislike for an introvert like Atani. They're loud and draining. As such, in crowded areas, Atani is drawn towards the corner of the room where it's quieter.


  • Knowledge: If Atani’s time in Athalran taught her one thing, it was that she had a natural affinity for learning, which perhaps stemmed from her amnesia. She was like a sponge, absorbing every bit of knowledge she could gather with enthusiasm. This desire motivates her to move forward as a mage and truly understand everything she comes across.


  • Incompetence: Atani cannot stand the mere idea of appearing incompetent. She always strives to be the best she can in fear that she would otherwise come off as unskilled or ill prepared.
  • Being Controlled: Atani is incredibly free-spirited, and being like that means she is terrified of having her free will revoked. She fears being physically or mentally restrained in any form.


Magic Name: Sky Magic

Magic Element: Wind

Magic Enhancement: Focused Healing & Buff

Magic Description: Hailing from the Athalran region, this version of Sky Magic harnesses the power of the wind and sky, and infuses it with mana in such a way that brings out the healing and supportive properties of it that would otherwise be dormant. This magic is capable of generating wind that has defensive, healing, buffing, supplementary, and debuffing abilities. It is oddly lacking in offensive prowress.


History: Atani was born to a small Wood Elf family. Her father was named Túrelion Virrel, and her mother was named Meldë, who was born of the Tathvir family. The family resided within Crocus as opposed to Athalran. This was due to Atani's father being a diplomat. For the majority of her life, she too, stayed in Crocus, and was exposed to human culture there. In the summer, she would travel with her mother to Athalran and learn from her fellow Wood Elves all the important traditions and practices. She would learn about the elven pantheon, her innate connection with nature, and various weapons to use for hunting. She would play in the trees and navigate the wilderness. But come autumn, the fun would end, and she would return to Crocus to focus on her human studies once more.

Eventually, Atani's trips to Athalran had come to a halt. As she grew older, it was important for her to decide what to do with her life. Her mother wanted nothing more than for her daughter to follow her heart, but her father had his own ideas in mind. All her life, she was taught healing magic. It was where her talents lied, so it was what her parents cultivated. Her father dreamed of her becoming a doctor. Atani earnestly wanted to help others, but she did not want to be tethered down to the lifestyle her parents laid out for her. She wanted to go out and see the world. She wanted to use her powers for more than just healing the sick and injured. She wanted to join a mage's guild.

Atani's father was not okay with this, and afraid of ridicule, her mother spoke no word on the matter. Still, her silence came across as agreement. Her father refused to let her pursue the life of a professional mage, not while Atani lived under his roof. And so, she left. She dropped her elven name and adopted the pseudonym "Kerii." She chopped off her long hair in a fit of rebellious spite and dyed it pink. She ran off to Orchidia and joined the Lamia Scale guild as a healer.

In her travels, she had come to really like this alternate self she had created. "Kerii" was able to do what she wanted without having to worry about her parents' wishes. She could venture to her heart's content and get into as much exhilarating trouble as she wanted. All excitement came to an end, however, when she got news that her mother had passed away of a strange illness. It came as a shock to everyone in her family. It was rare for elves to get sick, but it still did happen from time to time. Despite the suddenness of the event, Atani felt guilty for not being there when her mother fell ill. She was off enjoying the world while her mother was on her deathbed, not even knowing if her daughter was safe. So, Atani took some time off from the guild to reconcile with herself.

After her break, Atani tried her best to return to her old self, but a silver-haired elf got in the way. His name was Carnil Sylceran, and he had Tathvir blood. She knew nothing of him, but he knew everything of her. He kept an unnervingly close eye on her. Despite Atani's best attempts to figure out who he was, she only knew what he wanted her to know. Eventually, he revealed that Atani's mother did not die; she was poisoned. By him.

She was possessed by an evil spirit named Ëala that had transcended her mother's bloodline due to her ancestor's practice of magic that was only meant to be wielded by Dark Elves. It was only a matter of time before her mother turned to the dark side, so she had Carnil discretely kill her before it was too late. Only, Ëala did not end its life with Atani's mom. It found a new home inside the next living descendant: Atani. She gained new and exotic abilities with Ëala inside of her. She didn't understand what was inherently evil about the spirit. She could heal others better than before, and she felt more connected with the earth than she did in Athalran. She cautiously accepted Ëala, which was the elf's downfall.

Atani didn't realize the impacts Ëala carried at first. She unknowingly became more impulsive. She cared less and less about how her actions affected people. She would get bouts of anger, frustration, resentment— Atani didn't know how bad it had gotten until in a moment of clarity, she read a journal entry that pondered leaving Lamia Scale. If it hadn't been for the fact it was in her own handwriting, she wouldn't have believed that it was genuinely her thoughts. It immediately became apparent that she had to somehow get rid of Ëala... but her mother had only done so through death, and that was not an option for Atani.

Tireless research came across one possible solution from an arcane ritual: ablution. She had to draw a rune on her body and bathe in Athalran waters. After, someone would complete the ritual. Only a Wood Elf who studied runic magic who was connected to the spirits could pull off a proper ablution, and Carnil, being of Tathvir blood, just so happened to fit the description. The rune seared into Atani's flesh as raw mana burned the spirit away, permanently scarring her. After the ablution, she collapsed from exhaustion and woke up in an Athalran healer's quarters with no memories of her past. Carnil had died not knowing the risks of the ancient ritual.

The only thing she had of hers was a locket that housed a single photo of her mother that she had received after her death. On the metal locket was her name engraved in elven: Atani. On the back of her mother's photo was written: Meldë Tathvir, X785. She assumed that meant her name was Atani Tathvir, so that is what she went by, but a name only meant so much. Atani had no idea who she truly was and tried to rebuild her identity in Athalran. She rediscovered her affinity for healing magic and proceeded to learn how to use Sky Magic. One day, the tattoo she had on her shoulder that resembled a snake woman she didn't know the significance of disappeared. She asked the elves about it, and someone told her that must have meant she was part of a guild at one point in her life. Guild tattoos were made from magic. But now, for whatever reason, she was not part of the guild anymore.

As time went by, Atani started to see the reason her old self joined a guild. From what she heard, light guilds allowed for travel. They allowed for open use of magic. They allowed for a certain freedom she could not attain within the secluded land of Athalran. Nobody was stopping her from leaving, so what was holding her back? Atani set forth for the main region of Fiore and found a home within Blue Pegasus where she began her old life as a mage once more.

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Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 332

  • Strength: 31
  • Speed: 31
  • Endurance: 31
  • Constitution: 118
  • Intelligence: 121

Other Changes

Removing guild titles/levels. Keeping "The Sylvan Fay" epithet.


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This character application has been approved.

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