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The Black Pearl [NQ] [Zane]

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Atani Tathvir
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For the first time, she wasn't sure she could do something alone.

All the pirates she had defeated in the past were nothing more than common criminals who stole simple treasures from merchant ships. Of the items she retrieved, there was nothing that stood out as particularly interesting. Jewels, necklaces, gold, shiny trinkets from foreign lands... It was all simple stuff that any pirate would want to get their hands on to make a quick profit. This time though, a magical relic had been stolen: an item known as the Black Pearl. Atani had not heard of it before. The request in her hands didn't detail what this relic could do, but the man who had put it out was willing to pay a large sum of money for its return, as well as any other miscellaneous items hopefully had not been sold off yet, but the Black Pearl was the most important one to retrieve.

The complexity of the task didn't stem from the fact she was retrieving a magical artifact. It had to do with the band of pirates who had stolen it. They were Boscosi sailors, some of which specialized in earth magic. They were notorious in Fiore's waters, and Atani wasn't sure she could handle them alone... But there was a certain wind mage who just might be able to help. She had let him know about this job and waited on a park bench at the meeting point. The elf looked around the area in anticipation, hoping he'd show.
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Fighting pirates

"I'm just surprised she'd even want to remember you in any capacity, to be quite frank." Zane scratched his chin a little bit. "What makes you say that?"

"I would've imagined any woman who did such things with you would probably seek out a path to amnesia immediately." Zane face frowned in a rather unamused way. "I'm not sure why I would've expected you to say anything but that." While Zane's confidence was usually quite high thanks to his stupidity, he did somewhat agree with Beelzebub's surprise. Zane didn't really expect to see Atani again, though he was certainly happy that he did. After some self-reflection after that night he decided that he definitely wanted to see more of the girl. For good reasons, of course! Maybe. Still though, this wasn't exactly the next meeting Zane was expecting. The letter Zane received from Atani spoke of a job involving pirates, a task Zane thought was a tad too stereotypical for Fiore's main port. He made sure to wear his eyepatch this time around, perhaps hoping that it would allow him to blend in with the pirates should a chance for stealth arrive.

Approaching the park bench, Zane straightened his hair a little bit as he walked down the path leading towards it. Hopefully she didn't think he looked stu- wait. Wait, wait. Zane was getting ahead of himself. There was no need to get all nervous around this girl as though he was still a child! Stopping in his tracks for a moment, Zane took a deep breath in and out, reaffirming that he had confidence. "You're going to be getting my peanut gallery comments this time around, you know." Zane would choose to just half-ignore Beelzebub for the time being. Fully ignoring the demon would be a waste - some of his comments were kinda funny.

Waving to Atani, Zane placed his other hand on the hip of his armor. "Nice to see you again." Zane took a seat on the park bench next to Atani, the two of them only a few inches away. It wasn't exactly the biggest of benches. "Pirate problems wasn't exactly what I imagined for our second date, but I'll take it. You ready to go beat up some dude with a peg leg and parrot?"

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Atani Tathvir
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Atani would be lying if she said she wasn't apprehensive about calling for Zane in the first place. After all, that one night they had together was... Well, the elf wasn't even sure she had the words for it. It was out of character for her to be so careless with her drinks, but then again it was her first time consuming these sorts of Fiorian beverages. She knew her limits with elven meads and wines, but for other spirits and liquors? Evidently not. Frankly, it was embarrassing. A girl belonging to a race known for their grace and elegance completely succumbing to alcohol and having a one night sand. Unthinkable.

And yet, rather than forgetting about the whole thing and forgetting about Zane, he ended up being one of the first people to come to mind when she realized she needed help for a quest. One would think that there would be plenty of aid available in Blue Pegasus, but strangely enough, there were not many people Atani knew well. Raze was probably the one she knew the magic abilities of the best, but he was but a beginner light mage. If she took him on this quest, it would put him in great danger.

Zane was a wind mage. She knew that much, and she figured that would help greatly against these earth mage pirates. Despite Zane's seemingly foolish and humorous nature, she couldn't help but feel that he was more capable than he let on.

The blond finally showed himself and sat down next to Atani on the bench. She shifted her feet uncomfortably, yet hopefully subtly enough that Zane wouldn't notice. She flashed him a smile after that joke about their 'second date.'

"Yeah, though if you look here, there's going to be a lot of earth mages on board." She showed him the quest. "And our primary task is to retrieve this relic called the Black Pearl. I'm not sure what it does, but since it's magical, I assume it's going to be heavily guarded."
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A lot of earth mages on board, huh? It made a bit more sense as to why she invited Zane now. His wind spells could do a lot of work here, even if it did mean he'd have to bring out the rather unlikable Beelzanebub. "About that train of thought..." Beelzebub chimed in, causing Zane to raise a bit of an eyebrow. "What do you mean?" Zane asked, confused. "I may have sort of changed the nature of our powers... I doubt Beelzanebub will be using any spells today." Zane sighed eternally. He had a lot of questions about a million different things involving that sentence, but he saved them for now. It wasn't a good idea to get upset here, especially considering the fact that internal arguments between him and Beelzebub could often go on for hours if left uninterrupted. "We'll figure something out. I'd rather not involve that idiot anyways."

The black pearl sounded like a pretty cool object. He was never fond of the color of the average pearl. Perhaps the black one would look a little nicer? His greedy instincts instantly led him to want to take the pearl for himself, but... that probably would result in getting paid nothing and having Atani hate him. Not something he was willing to go for right now... he'd keep the idea of the black pearl in the back of his mind however. Perhaps him and Beelzebub could steal it for themselves at a much later date. "Seems simple enough. How do we plan to get on board their ship?" Zane asked, placing his hand on his chin as he spoke with Atani. He closed his eyes and imagined a way to get in without fighting. Because Beelzanebub couldn't be useful here he'd have to rely on his wits rather than any sort of magical prowess. Thankfully Zane was often much more competent then he appeared. "What if we approached under the guise of wanting to join their crew? We could get on board rather easily that way." Zane looked over to Atani, tapping his eyepatch as he opened his eyes. "I already look the part thankfully. You certainly would have to do a little work though... your look is a bit too, well, good for a pirate." Zane was quite curious what Atani would look like with a look that was a little more rough around the edges. "It wouldn't be too hard to find a more suitable outfit though. I'm sure some run down shop could give you the whole rough pirate-y look."

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Atani Tathvir
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After showing Zane the quest, he seemed to think that the pirates shouldn't be too much trouble. The elf nodded her head as he said the words. Though they would doubtlessly be tough opponents with the reputation those Boscosi earth pirates had, Atani felt much more at ease knowing that another person would be on her side. Alone she could probably take them, but she wasn't guaranteed to make it out unscathed. Nor was she for any job, but this one came with higher stakes than the others. The exuberant reward for the mission was enough proof of that.

Zane brought up a good point about the job though. They needed a way to sneak on board. For Atani, that was rarely an issue. Her magic allowed her to manoeuvre through the water in ways that otherwise she would but unable to. She didn't know if it was the same for Zane. If he was a water mage like her, she would expect him to be able to do the same as her, but with wind magic? That was another story.

"I can use my magic to walk on water or swim underneath for as long as I want, but..." She brought her hand to her chin like Zane and bit the bottom corner of her lip in concentration.

"What if we approached under the guise of wanting to join their crew?"

The elf looked to him with a gleam of surprise in her eyes. He went on to theorize that he would have no problem blending in, especially with that eye patch of his, but as the Blue Pegasus stereotypes went, she was more of a finer creature. At least in the outfit she was in now she was.

"It's funny you should say that," Atani spoke. She glanced down at the ring upon her finger. Using the pocket dimension powers stored within the band, she summoned an outfit she had worn on a previous quest, a traditional pirate's uniform. "This isn't the first time I've dealt with pirates here. I've disguised myself with something like this before. We'd just have to hope they won't be suspicious of new recruits."

The pirate crew she temporarily joined tried to be cautious with her, but they were not cautious enough. She ended up succeeding in stealing back their loot, so the method proved successful once. It was successful though when she hardly spoke a word. She played the silent type, hoping not to slip up and reveal anything. For Zane though... ? Atani hoped he could pull that off as well.
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"Don't worry about us being suspicious. I'm very capable of being discreet."  Zane's words immediately made Beelzebub doubt just how well this mission was going to go. Still though, Zane found it quite surprising that Atani had dealt with these pirates before. Then again she WAS a mage in Blue Pegasus after all - it'd make sense for one of the largest guilds in Fiore to deal with the problems that pop up in their city of operations.

Atani changed in an instant, Zane being blown back a bit by just how fast it all happened. What kind of magic was that? Being able to swap outfits in such a speedy manner certainly seemed rather useful. Before Zane could think of just how fast he'd be able to get his eyepatch on and off with that kind of spell his eyes were treated to a fine sight. Atani's pirate uniform managed to be both convincing and stylish. "Oh wow, that looks great!" Zane exclaimed, his eyes browsing all the cool little details her outfit had. "I think I woulda made the cape and shorts just a little bit shorter, but other than that I think it looks pretty good!" Once Zane had finished his examination of Atani's outfit he'd start to work on his own. Zane's hands grasped the plate of armor he wore, lifting it off of his chest to reveal an all-black long sleeve undershirt below. "I doubt I could pass as a pirate if I wore something that expensive looking." While Zane's armor in no way looked expensive, it was true that the style certainly wasn't optimal for life on the high seas. Zane grasped at the sleeves of his undershirt, crudely ripping them off one by one so that they showed as much of his arms as possible. It actually ended up looking much more convincing this way as Zane's rough treatment of the fabric just now gave it a much more ragged look on the edges. Zane's left hand straightened his eyepatch just a tad while his right ruffled his hair in an attempt to make it look more wild.

"So do I look like someone you'd wanna avoid on the street now?" Zane asked, looking towards Atani for approval. "If yes, then great. Let's go become pirates."



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Atani Tathvir
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"Don't worry about us being suspicious. I'm very capable of being discreet."

Was that sarcasm? For their sake, Atani hoped it wasn't. The blond fellow was anything but discrete in her opinion. His loud attempt to sell that book on the streets of Hargeon alone were testament to that. And he certainly wasn't keen on hiding thoughts that may be better to keep to himself. Every mention of her appearance in wearing revealing clothes, for instance. He was a shameless flirt. It was her hope that Zane's typical behavior was something that he kept off duty.

All her experiences with the wind mage considered, it should come as no surprise that a mild look of suspicion crossed the elf's face. "If you say so," she replied. That said, words to the pirates aside, Atani had to admit Zane looked the part more than she did. He already had a certain ruggedness towards him. It was only accentuated by the eye patch he wore from time to time. Though certain Wood Elves were more on the wild side-- one of the many traits High Elves detested and wished to distance themselves from-- Atani was not among those numbers. She had no natural abrasiveness. Unlike Zane, she had to really work to look the part. Change her entire attire from head to toe. Upon putting on her new set of clothes on, Zane once again gave one of his signature compliments. Always laced with immature wishes.

"Thanks," she smirked. A subtle eye roll. Atani raked her fingers through her hair, tousling it just enough so that she looked a little more rough around the edges, as if she had done her time on the water, getting dirtied with the salty sea air. As she did, Zane too began to alter his appearance. Not as much needed to be done as her. He took off his armor to reveal a black shirt. Instead of leaving it as was, he promptly began to rip at the sleeves, tearing them into something shorter and, well, more pirate-y. He too ruffled his hair at the end.

"So do I look like someone you'd wanna avoid on the street now?"

She thought the two of them looked rather convincing. With no words spoken, Atani gave Zane a nod. Now looking the part, the duo was now set to try and join this infamous pirate crew. Luckily, from her time dealing with sea scoundrels of her own and trespassing on board, she knew where to start looking.

"Come on, I know a place." Turning on her heels, she went to face the direction where she knew a backwater pub to be. One that was frequented by pirates. She gestured for Zane to follow. As they walked towards the location, she went on the explain a bit of what she knew from experience. "I don't think it should be that hard to join a crew. As long as we can prove we have worth to them, they'll likely be able to recruit us, especially with guarding as much loot as they have. This band of pirates will need all the hands they can get."
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Zane was satisfied in learning that he had managed to look the part pretty well. He definitely would've never been able to do something like this back when he was an elf. He was too cute and well kept back then, not to mention soft spoken and shy. Looking back Zane couldn't even believe that he was the same person these days... he always suspected that it had something to do with whatever happened to turn him into a human all of those years ago. He kinda forgot about investigating that. Perhaps he'd come back to it later.

"Hmmm, aright. It seems like it'll be simple enough. Lead the way and I'll do the talking once we get there." Beelzebub could immediately sense the danger coming. "I really don't think you should do that, Zane. I'd rather we end up with money by the end of the day. After that point Zane got into an argument with Beelzebub in his head, one that would last the entire way to the base, Zane becoming completely unaware of his surroundings until they finally got there.

Once the pair did arrive at the pirate meeting place Zane would immediately take the initiative and waltz on up to the large and slightly threatening man that they were supposed to talk to, waving along Atani so that she would come with him. "New recruits eh? Haven't gotten many takers for a while. What brings you here?" The man asked, raising an eyebrow at the two. While Zane and Atani had certainly taken measures to rough themselves up a little bit they almost definitely looked better than the recruiter. It would take more than just makeup to look like you lived a lifestyle THAT bad. Thankfully Zane was an expert at spinning stories. "Me and my girl here used to work on some merchant's ship." Zane explained, trying to paint a cleaner background for the two of them so that it made sense that they looked slightly more well kept then the rest. "But it was hell, I tell you! All that work and nothing but pennies to our names. We though we'd join up with you all instead - if we're going to bust our asses out on the ocean we might as well be making a proper living, right?"

The man chuckled while crossing his arms, Zane being disgusted at the mere sight of the man's teeth. How the hell did they survive on that ship? "I like your attitude, son. You and your lady can join us for a while. It'll be rough, but I'm sure ya knew that already. Why've you got the eyepatch, by the way?"" Zane paused for a moment. He had never even considered giving a story for the eyepatch that didn't involve some dark, brooding and edgy anime protagonist bullshit he'd come up with in the past. "Rough fight when I was a lad." That seemed simple enough. The man seemed to buy it.

Within the day the two would manage to get onto the pirate ship as new recruits.



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Atani Tathvir
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"... I'll do the talking once we get there."

Atani nearly opened her mouth to protest, but strangely decided not to. "Alright then," she found herself saying in agreement. This was an S-Class quest. Zane knew that. It was evident on the paper she had shown him. As silly and rambunctious as Zane could be, she doubted he would knowingly jeopardize something of this caliber. She couldn't believe she was actually going with what he was suggesting in this moment, but for one reason or another, she trusted that he could get by. Even if it was only just, as long as they got on that pirate ship, it would be a success in her book.

Upon reaching this backwater pub Atani knew about, the two mages in disguise could see that it was full of all sorts of criminals. But most importantly, there were pirates. On top of that, there were also pirates belonging to the very crew they were attempting to infiltrate. The details of them were written on the request, of course. How to identify them, where their ship was last spotted, essentially any useful information that could aid in tracking them down were indicated for hers and Zane's convenience. It ended up paying off rather quickly.

The faux pirates walked up to a rather large, muscular man who seemed to be in charge of new recruits. As promised, the Wood Elf let her partner do the talking. The first words to come out of his mouth though made her regret letting him do so. Apparently, in this story they were spinning for the pirate crew, she was 'his girl.' Atani fought every urge in her body not to stomp on his foot for leading off with that... For the sake of the mission, she had to play along.

In addition to them being together, they supposedly used to work on a merchant ship. On that ship, they didn't make nearly enough jewels for the amount of work they did. But to be pirates? To loot the same captains who kept too much cash for themselves while selling their employees short? They were more than willing to experience a change of pace if it meant becoming wealthier. All in all, it was a believable story. Greed was a powerful motivator for some. As it turned out, the man Zane was talking to believed it. In no time at all, they were aboard the pirate ship.


The whole place reeked of alcohol, sweat, and dirt. Pirates didn't have the best reputation for cleanliness. This crew was no exception. The two had a little tour of the ship first to get oriented. Where the captain's quarters were, where they would be sleeping, where the gunpowder and weapons were, and anything else they needed to know to start their 'new lives' as pirates. However, once that was done and over with, she and Zane were able to get a few moments alone. Once she was certain any nearby crew mates were out of earshot, she felt it safe to talk about the next steps of their plan.

"So, loot is usually kept in the captain's quarters, which I doubt we can just sneak into. We could always brute force our way in I suppose, or we could try and steal a key. Either way, the only thing we really need to get our hands on is the Black Pearl."
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The ship really wasn't in the best of states. Zane had to admit that he kind of expected it to be a little more... grand. Clean. Something that didn't look like an absolute hellhole. He supposed he could probably blame his expectations on all those romanticized pirate novels that really tried to make the whole thing look cool and dashing or whatever. If this was what a pirate was really like, then perhaps he wouldn't be wearing his eyepatch that much anymore...

Atani explained the situation, giving some pretty good intel as to where the treasure they were looking for was located. Zane nodded, thinking a little bit in his mind: he also put his hand onto his chin in an attempt to look more intelligent while doing so. It didn't work. "So we need a key to get into there, eh...?" He asked, his mind (and Beelzebub's) thinking of every possible way they'd be able to nab a key from the captain. Or one of them could bust down the door or break through the window that led into the captain's quarters while the rest of the crew was distracted. Both plans relied on one of them grabbing the attention of the rest of the crew... but that had the potential to lead to a fight. Maybe a fight was the best distraction, in fact...

"You're really gonna need to trust me on this one." Zane intended for Atani to do the rougher part here. Thanks to the flight Beelzebub gave him Zane could easily fly around to the back of the ship and bust through the window of the captain's quarters, but it would require something loud enough for nobody to hear. "You need to distract them with something loud on the front of the ship. Fight someone, yell something outrageous: point is, make a lot of noise and grab everyone's attention. I've got a flight spell I can use to break into the captain's quarters through the back window." Zane explained, hoping that Atani would see the benefits in letting Zane be the one sneaking around. It would also mean he wouldn't have to admit that he had little offensive power overall. "Once I get what we need I'll fly back out and pick you up. My wings will give us an easy way back home." Atani seemed easy enough to pick up - not to mention it gave Zane the satisfaction of being the one to save Atani. Sorta. Not really.

"Sound good?" Zane would begin the plan as soon as Atani made enough noise to mask the shattering of a window.

If Atani did such a thing, Zane would nod and wait for her to begin her distraction. Once he finally heard the noise needed for this kind of stealth, Zane would utter the word that allowed him to transform into Beelzanebub. His once blonde hair turned to green, as did his eyes. Zane's teeth became shark-like, much pointier than usual. Two insect-like wings sprouted from his back, somewhat big when it came to their wingspan. Beelzanebub let out an exhale to relax. They hadn't been like this for quite a while. Usually Zane and Beelzebub tried to handle their problems without transforming - this time was different. This was something that required the power of flight, an ability that Beelzanebub could use quite easily. Beelzanebub pulled out a cap from their pocket, something that Zane had made sure to bring from his hotel room to the job today. It was enchanted with a magic that enhanced flight. Not only would Beelzanebub be able to fly higher, they'd also be able to fly faster. Beelzanebub gave a heart flap of their wings, taking off from the ship's deck and circling around to the back of the ship that was thankfully nearby.

Beelzanebub kicked through the window, the glass not being quite as loud as he imagined it would be. The captain was thankfully absent at the time. Beelzanebub hastily searched through the room, their hands tossing around all sorts of things. If nobody noticed the window breaking then it was safe to say that nobody would notice if a few staplers got thrown on the floor or anything like that. After a little while they finally found it - the black pearl, encased in a small box that looked just as grand as the item itself did. Beelzanebub smirked, pocketing the pearl as quickly as they could and flying out the window.

Beelzanebub zoomed to the front of the ship, their speed greatly enhanced thanks to the power of the pilot's cap. They grabbed onto Atani by the shoulders, picking her up without warning and speeding off into the distance toward Hargeon, crossing tons of water as they went by. "Hahahaha! Wow! You were really something! We don't think any of them had a single clue that glass was broken." Beelzanebub was seriously impressed, their peppy and over the top personality really making every compliment stand out. And they'd give a lot of them as the pair headed towards Hargeon.

Beelzanebub gently dropped Atani on a nearby beach, doing the same soon after. They de-transformed, Zane letting out a relieved sigh now that Beelzanebub was gone. "Sorry you had to see that - my magic's requirement isn't the greatest." He hoped that was a good enough explanation for his sudden change in, well, everything. Zane took the pearl out of his pocket, handing it to Atani with a smile. "Here you are. Feel free to call on reliable old me again whenever you want." Zane turned around, waving goodbye to Atani. He wanted to spend some more time with her, but flying made him tired. "Send me the money when you get it from the client! See ya!"

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Atani’s experience in the field of robbing pirates— she had done it about ten times by now, and yet the occurrence of scoundrels persisted in Hargeon’s waters— came of some benefit to Zane. Or at least, it seemed like it. They had not done much conversing in terms of a plan. Their one goal was to sneak aboard, and that had already been accomplished. Now, they were aboard, and Zane only just discovered about this hypothetical key. Probably attached to the captain’s belt loop if Atani had to guess. A difficult thing to snatch stealthily, lest the captain allowed himself to get inebriated. But seeing as this crew not only was in possession of a magical treasure, but had a reputation to uphold across Fiore’s seas as well, Atani doubted that would end up being the case. It would have been helpful she supposed, but it wasn’t a necessary handicap. Not in the slightest. Besides, regardless of additional circumstances, either helpful or not, Zane had a plan. He told her once again to trust him.

"Alright." This time, however, she said it with more confidence than before. When Zane had last said that, she was skeptical of what the guy would end up doing, but in the end everything turned out fine. She was more trusting that this new plan would yield a similar outcome. "Let’s hear it."

Zane described his plan to Atani. She was to create a distraction, and he would swoop around to steal from the captain’s quarters. Seemed simple enough. She could manage a distraction. Once everything was over with, he could transport them back to land by flight. "Sounds good," she confirmed.

And so, she made the distraction just like Zane said. She made up spotting some sea monster nearby the boat. Bubbles churning in the sea with the help of her water magic made the story more believable. And apparently, the captain had lost a leg to a creature in those waters. Not an uncommon story among career sailors, but it was Atani’s luck that it helped get the crew into even more of an uproar about it. They cheered on the captain as he aimed is harpoon at the swirling depths, waiting for the right moment. As the glass broke, Atani winced. The harpoon flashed into the water. To her surprise though, the crew thought nothing much of the glass. In fact, they were worried about damage to the belly of the ship, worried that the "sea monster’s" tail had broken something.

It wasn’t long before her and Zane’s rendez-vous. Though he had mentioned having wings from his magic, she did not expect to be lifted out of the air from what looked like an… insectoid demon? Who still managed to look distinctly like Zane. Though he spoke to her, she remained speechless. She was under the assumption her ally used wind magic… not take-over.

Once they were safely on shore, Zane apologized for his appearance. He called it a "requirement." Whatever that meant.

"It’s alright," she replied. Her initial shock through the flight had become replaced with curiosity at this point, though it didn’t seem the elf would get more out of him. Atani and Zane parted ways rather quick, and she went off to return the stolen item… As for the pirates? All the commotion did, as a matter of fact, attract a sea creature. One that Atani would later hear did a number on the pirate ship. Nature made sure those folks wouldn’t be causing trouble anytime soon.

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