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The place where you can create your character. Be sure to read the regulations to understand what the fields in the template mean, because once you are approved you won't be able to edit your character anymore. Besides that, if it is clear that you have not read the regulations through the content that you have submitted, the application will be moved and not reviewed.

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    ● SPELLS

    Purchase your spells here to fill up your spell slots. Depending the class that you have selected certain type of spells will be cheaper and others will be more expensive or not even possible to create. Do not forget to register your approved spells in your sheet.

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      ● SHEET

      The sheet is probably the most important topic that you will have on the forum. It contains a lot of information that needs to be updated as you progress. Staff will always use the sheet to control if the progress is legit. Other members may for example ignore your spell if it is not listed in your sheet.

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        ● REVIEW

        There are multiple topics inside dedicated to all kinds of moderating aspects such as characters, spells, shop purchases and so on. Whenever you need a moderator to take a look at something you can post in here. Be sure to post in the right topic as different moderators are in charge of different sections.

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