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The mighty beast released a monstrous roar as it charged towards the mages. Who is going to take down the beast? Send out the Battlemages, Warlocks, Sorcerers and Berserkers! Wait a minute, mayday! We're suffering too much damage! Who is gonna heal us while we try to take down the beast? Oh right, our Clerics, Mystics, Hierophants and Prophets! Everyone, get down, we're going to burned! Huh? We survived? Oh sweet, our Sentinels and Overseers blocked it for us! Quick, before it has a chance to burn us once again, Assassins, Tricksters, and Shamans, attack! Attack? You've gotta be kidding me. We got our mana drained? It's a lost cause. May Illumin have mercy on our so- Mother of Illumin, the Adventurer and Beastmaster are finishing the beast. Quest completed! Ready to tackle quests with your own team? Read the team regulations and set up a team by clicking here.


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Hey there, welcome to the forum. Come in here and read the regulations if you're new or unclear about things. It is important that you understand what is allowed and isn't so that you don't get punished.

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    Reading the announcements can save you a lot of problems. We often announce changes in rules, guidelines and updates in here. From time to time, we also announce fun things that could get you jewels. Don't be the one that missed out on jewels, we all love jewels.

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      Is that a new face? Who might you be? Oh, a newcomer? Welcome to the forum, rookie. Don't be shy. Introduce yourself to the rest of the community here. They won't bite. Say if you plan on leaving for a while you can let us know in here as well.

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        So you've read the rules and you're still not sure about something? No worries, come in here and just ask everyone. Giving misleading information as an answer is punishable. Got suggestions? You can share those in here as well.

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          ● CHARACTER

          The place where you can create your character. Be sure to read the regulations to understand what the fields in the template mean, because once you are approved you won't be able to edit your character anymore. Besides that, if it is clear that you have not read the regulations through the content that you have submitted, the application will be moved and not reviewed.

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            ● SPELLS

            Purchase your spells here to fill up your spell slots. Depending the class that you have selected certain type of spells will be cheaper and others will be more expensive or not even possible to create. Do not forget to register your approved spells in your sheet.

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              ● SHEET

              The sheet is probably the most important topic that you will have on the forum. It contains a lot of information that needs to be updated as you progress. Staff will always use the sheet to control if the progress is legit. Other members may for example ignore your spell if it is not listed in your sheet.

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                ● REVIEW

                There are multiple topics inside dedicated to all kinds of moderating aspects such as characters, spells, shop purchases and so on. Whenever you need a moderator to take a look at something you can post in here. Be sure to post in the right topic as different moderators are in charge of different sections.

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                  ● SHOPS

                  The forum is filled with all sorts of shops that sell weapons, helmets, armors, rings, companions and much more. The shops and their items are all listed here to be purchased, however the user must meet the requirements of each item before they can purchase it. Most of the items are namely unable to be purchased until certain quests are completed.

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                    ● BANKS

                    The banks in Fiore are ready to serve you as a client whether it is to send some money, to invest, get a loan, or to even transfer an item. Not all banks offer the same services though therefore it is important to seek out the right bank. The user can use most banks once per week, but besides the week limit there might be requirements. Be sure to read the rules of the banks properly.

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                      ● GOOD QUESTS

                      Quests that are listed here can be taken whenever the user is present at npc giving out the quest. Some quests can have requirements before they can be taken by the user such as other quests completed or access to locations. Good quests raise the fame level of the user.

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                        ● BAD QUESTS

                        Quests that are listed here can be taken whenever the user is present at npc giving out the quest. Some quests can have requirements before they can be taken by the user such as other quests completed or access to locations. Bad quests raise the infamy level of the user.

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                          ● EVENT QUESTS

                          Quests that are listed here are either around temporarily or ongoing for a long time. In most cases you have to apply for the quests to participate but in some cases you'll be automatically involved if you are part of a certain guild or group. The rewards often differ from general quests.

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                            ● CALL QUESTS

                            Quests that are listed here are given out to specific users or groups and can only be done by those users or groups. In case the quest is meant for a specific user their name shall be mentioned in the title of the quest. Users must respond within three days to say whether they wish to take the quest or not.

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                              West Fiore

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                              ● OAK TOWN

                              Oak Town is an old castle town. It is situated on a hill, surrounded by forests and mountains, with the river flowing nearby. The city is historic, with numerous turrets and battlements. It is located spherical and completely covered hill on which it is located. In the center, towering above the town, there is a castle which belongs to the nobles.

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                                ● BASKA TOWN

                                Baska is a small merchant town that is famous for its annual flea market festival. Literally everything is said to be sold in the town's annual flea market festival, including junk, weapons and jewellery; apparently, it once even had a crown from a distant kingdom.

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                                  ● OBERON FOREST

                                  Oberon Forest has multiple forest areas in which all sorts of creatures reside. While some places are harmless, there are areas in the forest in which monstrous creatures reside capable of taking down entire armies. It's not clear whether it's a rumor or not but it is said that the Fairy King also lives somewhere in this forest.

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                                    ● SIEGHART MOUNTAINS

                                    Sieghart Mountains is a vast mountain area with lots of dangerous passes and valleys. Many adventurers that come unprepared get lost or eaten when they venture too far into the valleys. Somewhere in Sieghart there is a portal leading to another world and a long stairway leading to a legendary smith.

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                                      North Fiore

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                                      ● NANUQ TOWN

                                      Located at the norther borders of Fiore, Nanuq Town is built into the icy landscape. Looming over the city are giant ice cliffs from which it was originally built. Nanuq rests on the shores of the Northern Sea, and behind it is an enormous frozen tundra and mountains making it impossible to reach it from behind.

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                                        ● MYRAS TOWN

                                        Myras is a town surrounded by mountains on all sides. It is composed out of multiple layers all built on top of each other becoming gradually smaller as it goes up. The way it is constructed makes it resemble an enormous fortress which is not a bad comparison because it has never been successfully breached while being sieged in times of war.

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                                          ● WORTH WOODSEA

                                          Worth Woodsea is a large forest complex in the northern parts of Fiore. There are many interesting places in Worth Woodsea but getting there is often the problem as magical beasts make it difficult to simply venture through the forests carelessly. The ruins of an ancient civilization can be found throughout the forest.

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                                            ● ORCHIDIA TOWN

                                            Orchidia Town is a large town close to a mountain range. It is best described as a roguish town. With plenty of inns to go by, the town is known for its welcoming population. Most of the buildings are very old fashioned, while it seems impoverished most of it is actually quite functional. There are a lot of buildings covered in plants due to the noble family not taking care of it in the past. The citizens have now grown used to it, and somewhat fond.

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                                              Central Fiore

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                                              ● CROCUS THE HOLY CAPITAL

                                              Crocus is the capital of Fiore and one of the largest cities with a vast amount of buildings in a circular formation as far as the eye can see. The most distinctive trait of the town is the limitless amount of flowers adorning the streets, with flowerbeds being placed everywhere, and garlands of flowers appearing as one of the town's most prominent souvenirs.

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                                                ● ERA TOWN

                                                Era is a large town, built around a high, rocky mountain. The mountain nests the headquarters of the Rune Knights. The rocky mountain is located in the heart of the city, and it features a jagged pathway that encircles the circumference of the mountain as an entrance into the Council headquarters. The town is surrounded by forestry and snow-peaked mountains.

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                                                  East Fiore

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                                                  ● MAGNOLIA TOWN

                                                  Magnolia possesses a large built-up area, extending over a large, rectangular surface to the shores of Sciliora. Splitting the town vertically and horizontally is a series of large roads. The whole place is western in style, with its buildings being mildly reminiscent of neat medieval ones.

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                                                    South Fiore

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                                                    ● HARGEON TOWN

                                                    Hargeon is located in the southern part of Fiore, near Magnolia Town. Hargeon is one of the Fiore's ports and also one of its most beautiful old towns. Like any port city, it has its own large marina, located in the southern part of town. In the town, there is also a train station and a public park.

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                                                      ● MARIGOLD TOWN

                                                      Marigold is a little town with a castle situated on top of a hill looking down on it. The citizens are all cheerful here and welcoming of travelers that wish to spend time in their inns or eat at their restaurants even though they can't house more than fifty hundred travelers at the same time.

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                                                        Great Seas

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                                                        ● GALUNA ISLAND

                                                        Galuna Island is located far east of Hargeon Town. It is far into the sea, with no other land visible around it. It is shaped like a crescent moon with small islands extending the area, covered by a large number of trees, green plants, vines and steep rocks which make it harder to hike.

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                                                          ● LOUNGE & LAUGHTER

                                                          Take a break from roleplaying and talk about anything random here. Whether it's about your character, a new anime, or a cool game, it goes here. Do note that the forum's regulations apply to each section of the forum which means this one as well. Stay respectful and keep it fun.

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                                                            ● ADVERTS & AFFILIATES

                                                            The only section where you're allowed to advertise on the forum. Read the advertisement regulations inside. The forum is guest friendly but in return we require your forum to have a guest friendly advertisement section as well. Posts that do not follow the advert rules will be removed.

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                                                              ● FIND ROLEPLAYERS

                                                              Need someone to flesh out your story better such as a rival, mentor, nemesis, friend, partner and so on? Find someone in here by creating a topic or search through other topics to see what other people are searching for and you might find what you need.

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                                                                ● GRAPHICS & GOODIES

                                                                Need an avatar or a stylish template to post? In here members offer their services for free to other members that are in need of graphics. Got some cropping and shopping skills of your own? Create your own topic and start helping out other members with their avatars.

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                                                                  ● GAMES & WHEELS

                                                                  In here you can find various OOC games that can be played whenever you have an approved character. The games can only be played by a single account, in case you have multiple accounts. Each game has different rules, and breaking the rules will result into getting your entire progress cleared on your accounts.

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