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Deja vu [Atani]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Deja vu [Atani] Empty Sat Aug 28, 2021 11:07 pm

Lee Nakamura

NAME: Ragtime
ASSOCIATION: Lee's Conciousness/Mentor
BIO: A choatic being that only Lee and her daughter, Hikari, are capable of seeing. He is rather random, but reasonable with only Lee's best interest in mind, most of the time.  

NAME: Hikari Nakamura
ASSOCIATION: Adopted Daughter
BIO: An demi-human orphan that Lee and her eldest brother, Ryu, had found. Lee had adopted her and renamed her after her grandmother. Hikari is extremely bright and pure by nature. She only want whats best for her mother. Sometimes she gets overly excited about everything that can drive her mother crazy, but means well. She is very well mannered for a five year-old, but doesn't tend to have a filter.

NAME: Liam Overby
ASSOCIATION: Family Friend/Escort
BIO: The son of Nicolas's best friend, Adrian Overby. Liam is Lee's persona guard, hired by her cousin, Miles, to protect her after the incident. Liam is fiercely loyal to the Nakamura family after helping him through a crisis with the Rune Knights several years ago. Liam is a ex-Rune Knight Page that takes pride serving the as a mercenary.  

NAME: Alexander Overby
ETHNICITY: Fiorian/Icebergian
BIO: A human who grew up in the elements of magic and fighting. He upholds the code of a knight. He is the oldest son of Connor Overby, best friend of Nicolas Nakamura.

NAME: Connor Overby
ASSOCIATION: Family Friend/Father of Alex and Liam
ETHNICITY: Icebergian
BIO: Connor is Nicolas Nakamura's closest friend and practically apart of the family. He is a jolly fellow that enjoys telling storys of the past and thoughts of the future. He holds the same ideals about his friend: Family, a good fight, and justice. He and Nicolas were Captains together in the Rune Knights. Now, he is retired and enjoys the occasional mercenary work and magic tutor.

NAME: Alice Overby
ASSOCIATION: Family Friend
BIO: Alice is the wife of Connor Overby and the mother of her two boys, Alexander and Liam. She is very reserved person that really doesn't like talking very much. She never was skilled in combat or fighting, but she is a rather skilled healer. As a profession, she does work at a nurse in the hospitals all over Fiore.  

LeeAnn was on the first floor of the guildhall. She was tired and run down lately with all the extra work. Though, Lee refused to ask for help, seeing as she didn't want to burden anyone else with it. It was her guild and her building. Everything was in her name. She was piled with papers and sighed, head-desking. Luckily, she managed to force herself to ask Atani to help her with the paperwork. It was to help transfer everything into her name. Her grandfather did place it in her name, but to help work everything over. They still had to perform his funeral once the family recovered. She thought about her parents and Uncle. Tadashi was at least up and at them helping her with the maitnence of the guild. It was starting to come along since the founders had come to her request.

Liam, her personal guard, was outside staring out of th window. He was expecting something of some sort, but Lee had no idea what she was doing. She rather not bother with it. "Thanks for the help, Atani. I really appreciate it. Sorry to bother you with it. Astrid usually helps me, but she is being overworked with taking care of my parents and her father right now" she smiled. The good news had arrived they would live, which was a huge weight off her shoulders. AFter several minutes, Liam had not moved. It was really itching at her. Finally, she gave in.

"Liam, what in the hell you doin'?" She called out loud to him which made him jump. Nervously, he twidling with his hair like he always had done. They knew each other since they were both young. His father, Connor, and her father were best friends in their days as Rune Knights. Lee found him to be too reserved much like his elder brother, but at least he was willing to hold a conversation, unlike Alex. Though, sh could read he was more nervous than usual. He was hiding something by his nverous habits of playing with his hair and tapping his foot. She narrowed her eyes and got closer, smelling the anxious energy. "Spit it out, Liam. What are you hiding? Are you expect a package? Or someone to show up" she hissed.

He gulped. "We're getting some surprise guest..." he rambled a little. LeeAnn narrowed her eyes then punch the wall beside him, leaving a small indent. "What did I tell you about telling people about this place. It's a santuary til' my parents and the other Nakamura's recover" she hissed. Quickly, she grabbed his shirt collar and pushed him against the wall. Her eyes had turned a darker shade of frost blue then red within a instant. "Lee...p-pl-please calm down. I promise it's within good reason! Plenty good reason...my" he was inturrepted by a door swining open.

A tall, burly male with scruffy around the edges came in with a silent, but kind woman besides him. Lee paused within mid-punch. He gave the two of them a weird look then at Atani. "Did I walk in at a bad time" he spoke. Lee dropped Liam to the ground, he landed with an oof. There was no other way she could of responded. "Mom...dad...welcome" Liam spoke kindly. Despite his shaken fear, he greeted his parents with utter kindness that Lee lacked. Her dragon-like eyes faded into a birght frost blue as they ahd always been. "Connor? Alice? What...this is the special guest? You idiot! Why didn't you tell me" she hissed. She was surprised to see his parents here. They were always there for the Nakamura family when in need. Miles, her eldest cousin, was the only Nakamura other than her two brothers, were the ones unscathed. He hired Liam to guard Lee while the storm blew over. They were told what had happened and aimed to help out Nicolas's daughter.

"Atani...this is Connor and Alice Overby. They're close friends of my father's. Practically, like, my second parents in a way. They can be trust" she spoke. Her mood changed on the flip of a dime. Liam rubbed his chest and shirt collar gently trying to ease the pain he had experienced. "Is Alex coming" he asked. Connor rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"You know your brother, always having his nose in a book. He took a late train. I keep telling the boy to buy a good griffin, but he doesn't listen" rambled his father. They really didn't see eye to eye as Alex was more of a silent type of guy that focused on his schooling and training rather than women and money. He was much like Lee's brother Hikaru in a sense.

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Atani Tathvir
Bâd gurth vi ngalad firiel
- 584 | @ Lee -
Being the ace to LeeAnn Nakamura was no easy feat.

Atani wasn't even sure if being the ace of any guild would be considered 'easy' in that regard, but the dynamic between Infinity Wolves' guildmaster and ace was exceptionally unique. As was fitting of their respective magics, the guildmaster was a hotheaded mess who didn't know when to ask for help. The ace was a tranquil elf who tended to avoid conflict, even if it meant leaving a situation to handle itself... However, that wasn't always the best solution.

Atani asked Lee multiple times if she needed assistance, but her friend was insistent on doing things herself. Though Atani could see her getting worked up over the endless piles of paperwork needed to be done, she couldn't quite gather up the courage to force herself into the situation and help Lee whether she wanted it or not. So, in the meantime, she decided to tidy up the guildhall-- gods knew it needed the work. The building itself hadn't been touched for ages until Infinity Wolves claimed it as their own. As a result, a sizeable amount of work had to be done in order to make it presentable to new guild members.

Luckily, it was not just Atani doing repairs. Someone by the name of Tadashi gave his assistance as well. In the midst of it all, Lee finally caved and asked the elf for help. With a grin upon her face, she was happy to oblige.

"Thanks for the help, Atani."

"Don't mention it." Green eyes read over her portion of the paperwork, each and every word of it being horrendously mundane. Legal language always gave the elf a headache. She could see how Lee was so quick to become overwhelmed by it all. Lee mentioned someone named Astrid being better with the things they were handling. Considering there was another person in the room who was not helping with the copious amount of paperwork, but was rather staring out the window, that man did not share those same skills. Though Atani didn't pay him much mind apart from her briefly meeting him, Lee seemed to think the guy was up to something.

"We're getting some surprise guest..." Liam finally admitted. Atani quirked a brow. She wasn't aware of any others arriving, though that was indeed the point of a surprise, wasn't it. Although Atani's reaction was of simple curiosity, Lee seemed to be quite angered by what Liam said. Atani flinched as the kitsune punched the wall, causing part of it to cave in... Well, that was another repair they had to do.

"Hey, Lee..." Atani stood from her seat and approached the angered mage. A look of concern crossed her face as she noticed the change in color in the kitsune's eyes once more. "Relax, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Probably just another person to help lessen the load on the guild."

Suddenly, the surprise guests came in. They were Liam's parents. Lee hissed an insult at Liam; Atani couldn't help but crack a grin. "He probably would've told you if you didn't scare the living daylights out of him," she laughed. Lee then proceeded to introduce her to the Overbys.

"Good to meet you." The elf gave a small, courteous bow in introduction. It seemed Liam had been expecting another guest to arrive. He asked about where someone named Alex was, only to discover he likely would not make it that day. Atani had to indulge. "Who's Alex?"
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#3Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
She felt utterly embaressed by her behavior. It was expected of her to lose her temper to protect her family to the best of her ability. The trust in people was starting to slip from her grasp. Right now, she was taking chances with a lot of her choices right now. The guild was a huge risk. It could fall apart as soon as it was created, but she wasn't going to let her grandfather's efforts go to waste. Atani was greeted by Connor giving a hardy handshake probably shaking her hand a little too much. Alice simply just bowed a little and remained silent as ever. "This is the place, hm? Surely need a lot of work. We came to help in whatever way we can. Afteral, you're practically like family" smiled Connor.

LeeAnn nodded. She grew a little pink at the mention of the comment. Rubbing the back of her neck, her gaze shifted to the floor. "I...apologize for my behavior. Things have been stressful lately" she spoke. Connor waved his hand and shook his head. He seemed to already have forgiven her as well as Liam. "I know Nicolas's daughter when I see one. You have a hot temper, loyalty, and selflessness, and the ability to lack care about yourself. I am sure your friend here could agree. Doesn't she have trouble asking for help" He smiled. His attention turned towards Atani for the question. From his appearance alone, he was a down-to-earth man that you could have a conversation with over a mug of mead.

"Alex? Wait...he's in town" she spoke. Her posture had straightened a bit with a slight glow to her eyes. Some childhood memories still dwelled in her a little. LeeAnn grew a small smile hearing his name. It was a mood Lee had rarely expressed. Atani had questioned who Alex was. Connor smiled and looked at LeeAnn who already was eager to answer. "Alex is their oldest son. Liam, him, me, and Hikaru, my elder brother, would train together under his own father's teachings. We were close growing up" she explained. Connor could already see the exciting aura surrounding her like a kid in candy store. LeeAnn handed Atani some water to drink as a offering. They both drank in unison.

"Speak of the devil, here he comes now" called Connor. The door opened to a tall, handsome man with long blonde hair with a right eye patch. He had a serious yet calm expression on his face that mixed well his with blue-eyed complexion. The stunning sculpted body of fine black and blue armor is commented with a red and blue cape. Simply put...he was hot. Lee spit took her drink and coughed a little upon seeing him. She turned away from him to clear her throat. Ragtime was in the corner laughing and cackling like a Hyena.

Alex saw everything with the reaction of the two women from across the room. It didn't phase him with those kinds of reactions. He was popular with the ladies, but he really wasn't good with women. A simple raised eyebrow was the only question he had before turning to his father. "I believe you owe me an explanation of why you forced me to come" he spoke. He seemed a little irritated. The former Rune Knight stared at LeeAnn with a stirred confusion expression. His father spoke about the Nakamura family situation. Once Alex realized it was Lee, his eyes lit up, and began to walk over to him and Atani. If Atani could feel her heart beat or see how she stood, Lee was basically feeling completely nervous. "LeeAnn Nakamura? Wow, have you changed since we were kids. You look...absolutely stunning. It's great to see you...who's your friend? I am sorry, where are my manners. Alexander Overby" he spoke. He had the most gentle voice when he spoke to her. Though, anyone could tell he was really checkig out LeeAnn, which was not something he did lightly.

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Atani Tathvir
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Atani gave the kitsune a curious look as she seemed to grow quite excited over this 'Alex' person. Evidently, they were childhood friends. The two brothers, Alex and Liam, would train with Lee and her own brother. In the girl's own words, they were 'close.' Though Atani knew that doubtlessly applied to both Hikaru and Liam as well, she had a feeling that there was something deeper between Lee and Alex. She certainly didn't get that visibly excited over the Overbys, nor did she show much kindness towards Liam earlier. Perhaps her teasing mind was getting ahead of herself, but still...

While the family waited for Alex's arrival, her and Lee were offered some water to sip on in the meantime. Come to think of it, they hadn't had a drop since they began this pile of paperwork. Gratefully taking the cool glass, Atani gave her thanks to Connor before taking a sip herself. Seemingly right as she did so, the father announced that Alex would be coming in shortly. When the door swung open, the elf nearly choked on her water. She did a spit take.

Why the hell was Zane here?

But... no. It wasn't Zane. Though their facial features were strikingly similar, including that of wearing a patch atop the right eye, there were several differences, namely in that this man wasn't human. He had wolf-like features, the most obvious ones being ears and a tail. Overall, his physique was far more built than Zane's, and the voice that came out of the man's mouth was a far cry from the goofy, upbeat one she'd come to know.

The more she looked at him, the less he seemed like Zane, but there was still that baseline of resemblance Atani couldn't get over. Though admittedly Zane did change up his appearance, the man standing before her now still strongly resembled how she first met the wind mage. Aside from the demihuman features, it was uncanny, right down to the eye patch even. Atani still couldn't believe how strange of a coincidence it was.

Initially, the man appeared irritated. An expression came across his face that she had not ever seen on Zane's. It was strange, but gave some sense of comfort in knowing that these were definitely two different people. Once Alex read the room though, his expression softened. It was replaced with delight as he recognized Lee sitting across from him. Atani glanced over to the kitsune, the vulpine dripping with anxiety. She stifled a smirk. It looked like her earlier assumption wasn't too outlandish.

Seeing as Alex started to come closer, Atani gave a subtle flick of her wrist beneath the table. Any water that had been spewed out their mouths was magically whisked away just in time for Lee to come face to face with her childhood more-than-a-friend. Stunning, he called her. Stunning. Oh, there was definitely something going on between the two.

After greeting Lee, the demihuman turned to the healer and formally introduced himself as Alexander Overby. She, in turn, faintly bowed to the man, as was typical of elven mannerisms to such cordially dressed strangers. "Atani Tathvir," she responded. "I'm a friend of Lee's. I'm one of the mages starting a guild with her, and from my understanding, you're one of her good... friends?"
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#5Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Ragtime didn't like the thought of Lee dating another guy, but remained silent about it. She grew a goofy smile when he walked over. LeeAnn was starting to fangirl inside with how polite and gentlemen he was. Growing up, she had always admired Alex from afar. They were quiet around each other, but they did have some history together. Anytime someone would pick on LeeAnn as a kid, Alex was the first one to hop on their case. Hikaru was too, but Alex was quicker. He did have some mannerisms of her elder brother which made her think of him. Silently, she could smell Atani's thoughts gearing from how she was behaving.

Atani introduced herself to Alex, giving a small bow. Alex smiled and bowed back the same way. He was amazed to finally meet a wood-elf. "Finally, I get to meet a wood-elf. Now you have me wanting to ask so many questions, but I think that would be for another time. I don't want to bore you or anything. So, a founder, hm? I thought so" he smiled. When she mentioned about good...friends. He blushed a little already growing nervous. Both, he and Lee, turned red and laughed nervously in sync. Lee gave Atani a suspicious look, knowing what she was getting at. "I-I...what? Why...you... I guess we're more like...uhm...Lee what does he mean by 'good friend'" he whimpered.

LeeAnn's face grew even more red. Her draconic eyes stared at him then at Atani. "Uuuhhmmm..." she started, tugging on her collar. Beads of sweat started to go down her face. It wasn't news to Alex's family nor hers that she like Alex, infact she was going to ask him out when they first joined the Rune Knights, but she was already engaged with Hans when he proposed. "Is it hot in here or is it just me?"

Alex felt guilty for putting her through it. "Fire mages don't get hot, Lee. That's rule number one" he laughed. LeeAnn nervously laughed before clear her throat. "We...were very close growing up until I left the Rune Knights. It's been a while since we've seen each other" she explained.

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