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Treehouse Valley [Open to Hildegard Supporters]

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#1Hildegard Sachsenwald 

Treehouse Valley [Open to Hildegard Supporters]  Empty Sun May 16, 2021 11:56 am

Hildegard Sachsenwald
"Feels like a beautiful day to me, don't you say?", she questioned in a muffling tone as she noms on a piece of wheat. Her voice was soft and high-pitched like an innocent and soothe-toned child. She was the youngest of her siblings and sometimes she felt like that got in the way of things. That and the fact she was elven from her mother's side. She felt the elven culture was beautiful like some of the cultures from humans. Her fingers grasped onto the branch she sat on as it felt rough against her skin. She loved being in high places due to the feeling of the wind against her face. It made her feel free and peaceful. Her sea-green eyes gazed towards the demi-human of a squirrel that sat next to her.

The people within the city judged her to the point where she ran off into the forest area to make her new home. No one should have to live a life like that. "It is! The trees make a good home and hopefully within time this village will be truly peaceful~", the demi-human spoke with glee. The village she wanted to roam about today was filled with Demi-humans that were kicked out of the main city or mistreated to the point of them leaving it to make their own home.

The treehouses they created were poor looking so today she wanted to find help from her supporters. Her eyes gazed at the list she suddenly pulled up. The paper felt smooth as it was fine paper made out of wood. As much as she loved nature, there were some things that must be sacrificed to create essentials. If she did not, toilet paper will not exist which will terrible.

  • Building their homes with better quality wood and other materials

  • Create a food source of farm-like foods and gather animals that give resources like cows, chickens, etc.

  • Protect them from rebels that are against the elven and Demi-human race.

  • Reassure them of their safety to gain their trust and support.

"This looks like a good list, right?!", she excitedly put while showing her demi-human friend. She swiftly put her nimble small fingers through her green locks to flip it to the side. Hildegard gave a pure smile as her eyes were sparkling with determination. Oh, how she felt so helpful and to the people that deserved a good home. Her feet started to kick playfully as she put down the list to hold onto the thick branch the two sat on. Her eyes then wandered around the area as she awaited for perhaps anyone. The morning was leaving soon so she wanted to get started. Thankfully, she saw some randoms show up. Some were races that were seen as mutants and some as evil, but through their hearts, they were not. As they came she started to instruct them to different places.


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Despite being one of the more evil mages in Fiore and currently in Bosco, Odin had actually had more experience with royals than many would expect. For one he had served under Crowley, better known as the past king Arthurias, and had almost taken his offer of joining Kingsguard before the untimely death of the man. And, much more recently, Odin had received an invitation to Mercurius from the office of the King. He had seen the new king in person and, as much as he never got the opportunity to speak to him, there had been many royals and nobles present that day. Interacting with people who wouldn't give Odin the light of day was more common that one would expect.

That was why he jumped at the chance to meet with, and ideally speak to, Princess Hildegard. She was the royal heir to whom Odin had pledged himself, and he was eager to assist her in taking the crown of her homeland. She had given her aides various different tasks, some more suitable for the Lich than the others. After all, he was definitely better suited to protecting elves and demi-humans rather than trying to reassure people. He didn't have the friendliest face.

For today, however, it seemed he would be building houses in the small village they were situated in. Likely the elves and demis would be apprehensive at his assistance, but they would soon see that he only wished to help.


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Genevieve would not be too far behind Odin as she walked close to him, smiling a smile at the other Demi-humans and some elves they passed by. She remembered nearly being killed herself because of her demi human blood, she was only saved because a demon thought her a good vessel, something it would soon regret. With that being said she was amazed at the sheer amount of demi-humans around and she wondered if she would run in any that shared her own features. Her curiosity nearly led her to wander off and away from Odin but she soon found her way back into his presence. It's nice to be amongst people like me. The words weren't towards anyone in particular as she spoke them, and more like she was just thinking aloud.

Like Odin, she was around to hear Hildegard speak of the things that were needed in order for her to gain more supporters. Genevieve could do any of the tasks requested but she chose to stay closest to Odin and partake in any task that he would be doing. Their time together wasn't always long so she cherished every moment of being in his presence. Blissfully unaware if he even wanted her around as often as she wanted to be around. As the two walked her eyes met with the woman of the hour, Hildegard. Genevieve was dressed down in a white shirt, some green pants, and a pair of boots. For once her bat wings were let out as she felt comfortable enough here to do so. Once she met the woman's eyes she smiled and waved. It may have been custom to bow or something in front of royalty but the only person she'll ever bow to was Odin.

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There was quite the assembly of races in Hildegard's presence.

There were elves such as Atani, demi-humans... Even a lich. The elf shot a wary eye to the skeletal man. As poor of a reputation as liches received though, it appeared he meant no harm. Maybe it was that he sympathized with the struggles the others faced in Bosco. Whatever the case, she supposed that any support Hildegard received was welcome. Even so, Atani still decided to steer clear of the lich.

While the princess was up in the trees, the wood elf stayed down by the ground. She felt that if this was an elven settlement, she could be of more help, but there was still plenty she could do among demi-humans. At the very least, she would still present as a friendly face among the citizens of the demi-human town. In that regard, her skills were more suited to facilitating reassurance and comfortable discussion about Hildegard's plans. She also knew the basics of woodworking-- it was a common practice in her homeland. Though she was no expert. If needed, she could do some construction as well. Whatever her assignment, she would not put up any complaints. As long as the town was able to be improved by the end of the day, that was still a win in her book. In the meantime, her eyes searched for any familiar faces among the crowd of helpers.

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#5Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
For someone not particularly interested in politics, Raymus seemed to be putting in quite the effort to help Hildegard in Bosco with the whole succession thing. There were many reasons for the werewolf to get involved however none of which played any small part in his decision. For one many of his other guild members and even their master had joined up in the conflict, so naturally it seemed liked a worthy cause. But probably most notably and the reason Raymus bothered to help at all was the help and well being of the other races that found themselves caught up in this mess. People such as Elves and Demi-Humans seemed to be getting the worse end of the stick, not to mention all the other races that probably weren't having too good a time either. Having been on the receiving end of such abuse before, Raymus wanted to lend a hand to the leader who offered to give direct aid to those people. That of course being Hildegard.

The blue haired werewolf arrived on the scene along with his guild mate Atani. Along the way the two seemed to bump into the other two people Raymus had gotten acquainted with through this event, that being the Demi-Human Genevieve and the Lich Odin. Both he and Atani naturally avoided the two, although in fairness to Eve it was mainly due to Odin's whole infamy and threat level (but also in fairness to Odin, he didn't slaughter people in quite a jovial way as his subordinate, at least from what Raymus had seen). While they were on their side, the aid they received from Eternal Nightmare made the while situation morally questionable for the young werewolf to the point where he wondered about his own actions he had taken due to his race. But for now he had to push all that aside. He was here to meet the Beast Master Hildegard herself and to help along with the rest. And the best part was he didn't need to worry about transforming to do so!

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Requiem hummed a tune to herself as she arrived. Her back itched and her hand twitched when she saw the lich, and while she couldn't completely keep the distrust off her face she was quick to look neutral again. This was going to be difficult, but she'd make a point to at least try and get along despite her preconceptions toward the skeleton.

She stood on the far end, feeling like the odd one out...which.... Requiem realized she was the only human present well, this is either going to be awkward or interesting. Still, Hildegard was working at cross-purposes against Brunhilde and the enemy of my enemy is my ally. The treatment of the non-humans also tugged at her, reminding the former cult child of a time she wished someone had saved her.

Today, if she heard right, they'd be working on building tree houses. Her woodworking skills were unfortunately limited to making crude trinkets for children. Leaning against a tree, Requiem twirled her dagger between her fingers out of boredom waiting for things to begin as she started humming again while her gaze wandered about. A brightly colored bird caught her attention as it sang.

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#7Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin eased into the village. The inhabits seemed hard at work but their faces showed a weariness set upon them from the trails of conflict. And perhaps even before all this uproar had happened. Jin shook his head with a sigh. "Conflict is always the same for some," he stepped through the crowds of people seeking out the rumor that the heiress would be here.

A young eld scuttled by him. Jin brushed his hand against the man's shoulder. "Here," he gave the weary worker a small heal to rejuvenate him through the day. A small flash of light appeared at his hand and a smile came across the man's face. "Let anyone know if they need any healing I'll do what I can. Upset stomach, heartburn, you name it." The elf nodded and returned to his ramshackle treehouse. One of many that dotted around the village.

Jin drew closer and the people began to change from demi-humans to humans and then....a lich. A frog caught in his throat and he forced the gulp down. Some of them only known through reputation but that was all that needed to be known. He walked by a more stoic seeming lady with a nod towards Requiem.

"Hey," he replied to his fellow guildmates with another simple nod and stood closer to them than the others, while he waited on Hildegarde to speak.

#8Hildegard Sachsenwald 

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Hildegard Sachsenwald
She couldn't believe how many were there to support her and the people. "Oh my,~ I didn't expect so many!" she stood up on the branch surprised. Her hands placed themselves against her hip as her eyes looked at every single one of them. They were all so different looking and that was great. She loved the equality here and it just meant that people will finally work together knowing their differences, right? A big grin grew on her face as her eyes sparkled, "I thank you all for coming! There is an extra list of things to do to help this town. I hope to flourish this place into an amazing haven for all to come," Hildegard was full of hope and was very excited to see where this all goes.

She has heard that people from Fiore were coming to help, but she didn't know so many were going to be on her side. Slowly, she walked towards the edge of the branch, arms out on each side, and hopped off to land on her two feet. Once she was on the ground she let her arms dangle, ending up joining the Fiorians. There were so many people and surely they had interesting stories to tell while they work! The young lady let her fingers comb through her long green hair and straightened her outside before walking towards the interesting Lich and a rather beautiful woman closest to him.

"Greetings, travelers. I want to personally thank you and every one personally for coming to help. If you two have any questions then please ask!" Her hands clapped happily as she was excited about this. "Which task do you two wish to do?", she wondered while lifting up her list and offering them it. She was not sure if they knew the options. She wanted to offer it them out of genuine kindness.

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The radiant sun shined brightly overhead, the whispers of the forest drawing him ever closer to the forest abode of Hildegard the Beastmaster. The towering spires that loomed overhead seemed to soak in the life giving light of Sol with a fervor that Seika could only hope to match one day as he strode calmly through the leafy undergrowth. He was careful not to set any fires now, knowing his flames would disrupt the delicate balance of nature and care that had been cultivated over so many generations. He had only arrived recently, originally planning to swear his allegiance to Wilhelm the Conqueror; he had unfortunately been blindsided by the news that the warlike prince had conceded to his siblings. The news threw Seika for a loop because had traveled all this way just to help grant this man victory but now that he was gone he was left with few options. He had studied the other siblings in preparations to defeat them soundly, but now his research was used to lead to him where he now stood in a clearing filled with other individuals.

Looking up towards the branches and homes that hung overhead, he was greeted to the sight of the diminutive ruler-to-be. The small statured princess commanding as much respect as her small frame would allow her. His eyes impassively took in the sight of the others gathered about and nodded to himself. It was a good crowd of followers and helpers, they would be able to accomplish much here if possible. He would wait patiently for the young woman to make her way down the list, eager to see how he could help in his own way.

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Odin had grown so accustomed to the looks people gave him that he almost laughed, as each arrival of Hildegard's supporters came with at least some look of wariness at the Lich. Some of them only knew the reputation of Liches in general, unaware that they were looking at the one who had created that notoriety. Others recognised Odin, knowing he was the dark mage-wizard lord-guildmaster that the majority of Fiore knew of. It mattered very little to him, as long as no one tried to attack him or arrest him for whatever reason. For one, they weren't even in Fiore anymore, so the laws of another country took precedent, and Odin didn't have a bounty in Bosco.

For another, Hildegard was preaching equality, and it wouldn't be in keeping with her beliefs if people were to attack Odin because he was a Lich. Instead, everyone seemed to stay civil as the heir they had all pledged to stood from her tree and addressed her supporters. She wished to turn their current location into a true haven for elves and demi-humans: something that, from what Odin could see, did require a lot of work. They were surrounded by ramshackle huts made of wood and a couple of farms and farm animals. Turning it into a bustling metropolis in Bosco would require a lot of effort. But, then again, that's why they were there.

Facing Genevieve, Odin would begin, unaware that Hildegard was approaching them, "I will likely focus on gathering materials and protecting the location. Keeps me out of the way of the inhabitants which I imagine will make everything progress a lot smoother. You are more than welcome to join me, but do not be discouraged from completing tasks that better suit your skills." Chuckling lightly, he continued, "You are much prettier than me after all."

It was then that he would hear the half elf's voice, thanking the two for their assistance in granting her the throne and showing them a list of potential tasks that they could complete to help her. Bowing his head slightly at her gratitude, Odin would begin, "The honour is mine, Your Highness. After looking at your list, I believe I'd be better suited to gathering the better quality wood and protecting this place from rebels. If you know where would be best to look for either item please let me know." He would raise his head then, and await a reply.


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She would only give Odin a smile at his compliment towards her. She didn't want to admit it but he was probably right. She would more than likely fit in better working with the people. She wasn't as strong as he was so she was probably going to be nothing but a burden if she stuck around him while he did his work. At some point, Hildegard came over to the two but Genevieve did not follow Odin in bowing, she just continued to smile but this time towards the woman. Hildegard was an even more beautiful close-up and as the two spoke Genevieve looked over the list that was handed to them. With each task seemingly more simple than the last she decided she would help with the food source problem.

" I'll help with the food source. There are some fruits and vegetables that grow well in places like this. And I can teach others how to forage as well. If done right it's good for a constant stream of food "
With that being said Genevieve handed the list back to Hildegard and took her to leave, making her way towards a group of oxen like demi-humans who were situated around some farm equipment.

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It seemed his presence was no longer needed in the clearing, the young lord having already chosen her chosen fellows that she would bestow words of flavor and favor upon. With an acknowledging nod to those around him, Seika would proceed to turn and walk out of the clearing itself and back into the forest surrounding them. It was moments like these that he appreciated the loving embrace of the sun, it was always a constant companion in the loneliest of moments like these where his own natural way of interacting with the world seemingly isolated himself from those around him. Truly one day he would find a reason to open up to others and interact with those around him, but today wasn't that day. With a grunt and a wave of his hands, his body shimmered as his magic went to work, dredging up enough heat to form a small heat wave that obscured his form from view. The last thing any of the people in the clearing would see was his slowly fading form as he disappeared into the flames surrounding him, the illusion of a slowly spreading fire engulfing the world around him. It was time to light a few fires.


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