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Way of Water [Elyse]

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The Sylvan Fay

The Sultry Heights was home to many popular pools and hot springs, many of which could be frequented year round, but perhaps one of their lesser known attractions was something just to the east of the Heights' main plaza. Down a pebbled path lined with lanterns in the night laid a warm and quiet body of water. It was a natural part of Hosenka's river that had been sectioned off and augmented with magical properties. Atani figured it had been made when Hosenka featured an influx of mages from all sorts of guilds-- many would venture down to it to either rejuvenate themselves or hone their magical abilities. Today, she had come to do the latter, albeit in a more relaxing fashion.

Once the Wood Elf approached the shore, she slipped off her shoes, then waded into the water. She had only gone shin deep, but even that was enough to let her begin to feel refreshed. She bent over and dipped her fingers in the water. From them, thin tendrils of light flowed and mixed within the water. She took a deep breath in, then out, as she tried to imagine the water before her rise in a spout. However, she found Yuan's magic to be rather difficult to control. Even the simplest of spells struggled to react to her whims. Gods, it was almost as if she were starting her training anew.

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