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Dark Universe Incursions - Catastrophic

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The Sylvan Fay

There was something off.

Atani didn't know what it was, but there was a strange feeling in the air. The forest hardly stirred. Not even the wind dared to disturb the leaves. It was unnerving... She had felt this way before years ago. She had experienced the same signs. She had hoped she would never feel this way again. And by the gods, she hoped that feeling wouldn't result in the pure terror it did last time.

Initially, Atani was just passing through one of the settlements in Worth Woodsea when the unease began. She didn't think much of it at first, but then wagered it would be a good idea to check it out. With the power of Elfaron at her fingertips, the elf transformed into a kite and soared into the woods to scope out her surroundings. If there was truly any threat, her predator eyes would find it.

Golden wings wove through the tree branches in near silence, but no matter which direction the elf-avian travelled, there was no trouble to be found. She fluttered to a stop upon the stump of a decaying tree to rest when she felt it. A drop in pressure. She reverted back to her elven form. Her ears began to ring. Then, in a spot far beyond her within the forest, it was like the world itself was being ripped in two.

Atani could feel her stomach drop. She knew these portals. They were the same that appeared in Astera all those years ago. They carried demons, demons that tore apart every living thing in their path with no remorse leaving a bloody trail everywhere they went. Only this time, these didn't bring demons-- she'd heard of these things before. They went by many names, but it all circled back to them being invaders to Earthland, and their prime targets were the cities of Fiore... just like the one the portal opened up in front of. Before she could even think what to do next, Atani found herself putting one foot in front of the other, running towards the danger. Her bow found its way out of the pocket dimension and into her hands. The settlement needed a protector, and she wasn't betting on one magically showing up out of a portal on her end.

@ Zane, Erebus

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Flying high over the sky was a winged horse, it’s hooves lit aflame and it’s eyes icy blue. Erebus rode atop it’s hide, clad under his hood like the reaper of souls and stormy nights, only tonight? The sky was clear, and the stars were out. Erebus watched as a bird flew in the distance and dove for the trees. He could sense the same weirdness in the air, that Atani had felt. However as he came down about 60m to the right side of her, he hadn’t noticed it was another person until her transformation back to her elven form. He merely landed on his own means, and wafted through the forest, letting his Dhuilin fly away and do as it always did until he whistled to see the creature return.

Pushing through bush, and plant aside Erebus finally saw Atani in a clearing and in the direction she was looking, a rift had appeared. A magical tear in the dimensional atmosphere. From out of this distant parallel universe brought a new group of enemies— never seen before— to emerge. It was just as the rumors around Oak foretold. Erebus readied himself, gripping all three of his weapons, and wearing Lerzar’s glove. He silently preyed closer and closer as they began to move on Atani’s position.

Erebus merely circled behind the shadows of trees, his plan? To flank the runners. Sure he didn’t know this elf, and no... Normally he wouldn’t just save anyone in the forest because his bounty would leave him a target, but he was here to test his worth. His mental and his physical, in case these same creatures made their way to Eternal Nightmare’s domain. It was not to Erebus knowledge that Khal the Usurper had just arrived as Erebus made his way in the night towards the North to find these rumors of portals.

However, if he could stand a chance against the foot soldiers. Perhaps, the true challenge was within his control. Only time could tell but for now, Erebus made his way to the back of the portal just as it shut, there was probably fifty invaders and they began to move in a coordinated stance against Atani. Raising a shield wall and trudging 15m/s second towards her at her location of 50m away. Erebus was about 20m behind them when their portal officially disappeared. He waited to see if she would bomb the area or cast a spell. If the coast was clear, he’d spring his own attack after hers.

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It had been a rough few months for Zane and Beelzebub. Upon a series of failures, Zane's more consistent social isolation and avoidance as well as a few other factors, the two had most certainly hit their biggest slump yet. Zane had become nothing more than a petty thief, roaming from town to town to steal what he could and add it to his collection. Beelzebub was happy about his protege's now endless greed, though he missed both Zane's former ambition and wackyness. He never seemed to go all, well, Zaney anymore. At least not very often. Zane had stolen a few valuables from a house in a settlement in Worth Woodsea, eventually choosing to nap high atop a tree branch in the nearby forest. "You ready to go yet?" Beelzebub asked, admittedly impatient with the way that Zane so carelessly wasted his time doing quite literally nothing: at least in the past he'd waste it doing something dumb. "Nah. I think I'll stay here for a while." Zane replied internally, even his tone of voice seeming awfully half-assed nowadays.

And that's when it happened. Rifts in the sky began appearing, immediately catching Zane's eyes. They were just like the ones that showed up in the incursions all those years ago. "Demons, huh...?" Zane wondered aloud, looking up to one of the portals. [color:a736=#9999ff]"I don't know about that. Feels... different." Beelzebub remarked, though his hypothesis was based on nothing more than a simple hunch.

Looking in the area around the commotion Zane spotted a pair of people in a large clearing. One of them looked much like Atani did, though Zane wasn't quite sure. From this distance - about 100 meters horizontally and 10 meters vertically - it could have simply been any elven female. "Would've thought you'd be more excited about seeing a woman in distress, Zane." Beelzebub remarked, almost thrown off guard by how indifferent Zane was to the situation. Zane stood up from the branch he was laying on, placing his left hand on the tree to balance himself and looking down towards the action. "Well..." Zane sighed to himself. That could be Atani... he told himself he didn't care about anyone nowadays, but he supposed he cared a tiny bit about her. Just a little.

"I suppose I can observe for now."

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The Sylvan Fay

It was difficult to see the full extent of the army she was dealing with due to the clutter of trees and foliage blocking her field of view; however, her best estimate was that it was a large enough army such that she could not deal with it alone. This was based on both the size of the rift and how long it had been left open for the invaders to pour out. Shew knew firsthand the kind of power it took to transport enemies this way, and whoever made the portal before her was certainly nothing to be trifled with.

Though Atani did not believe she would be able to neutralize the enemy on her own, she was confident she could at the very least slow them down until reinforcements from the settlement arrived-- if they arrived that is. Worth Woodsea was not exactly known for producing warriors. If all else failed, she could at least reduce the damage done. That much she was sure of.

The elf began to pour magical energy into her bow as she drew closer and closer to the impending army. Once she got a clear sight of them, she drew back her bow and... paused. The portal closed, and she was able to get a clearer view of what she was up against. The verdict was: these were nothing like the demons she fought before. They were organized. Their frontlines made a shield wall for protection. A single shot from her bow would serve as no more than a nuisance for them.

Change of plans. The mage took her hand off the string of her bow and thrust it into the air. Centered on the front-most part of the army, a magic circle blue as the Azure Sea grew to 4 metres across. Storm clouds formed above and rained down upon the army. The raindrops would feel like needles against bare skin and would slowly corrode any armor or shields, but only for the invaders. They were the only ones she saw as enemies. Anyone else would go unharmed. Maybe a little wet from the rain, but unharmed nonetheless.

While this was going on, Atani had not yet took notice of Erebus or Zane. Zane was much too far away, but perhaps the other would make himself known soon. In the meantime, the invaders halted when she first cast her spell. After they gauged what they were dealing with and saw the elf who cast the spell, they retaliated by sending an arc of fireballs in her direction. It seemed they had mages in their ranks too...

@ Zane, Erebus

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Erebus lifted a hand, as the Lerzar’s glove flew forwards, then he activated pull. Sending a lightsaber hilt to his hand which would vibrantly light a 5m radius, after activating his mana blade, he pitched it through the air, simultaneously controlling the Lerzar’s glove with another to snatch it out of the air. In wicked agile ways, the combo of the red laser and floating glove targeted the reverse of the unit at the flank of the shield wall, in the front a storm cloud rained needle water droplets down upon the front half. Erebus assumes the Elf ahead was responsible, a pretty good spell, but it wouldn’t last too well, the men merely blocked most of the damage with their wooden shields, but their armor did show signs of rapid corrosion.

Needless to say, the shield wall began to up it’s speed as they broke out into sprinting and retaining their shields up, after 5m of travel Erebus had to retract his mana blade, having successfully cut his sword into two-five invaders at the back. However the rest were picking up speed quickly, three mages began to levitate ominously, first conjuring forth large spell seals before thrusting S-rank, 16m Fire-Bolts down upon the location behind Atani firstly, and then the location she sat upon now. This was to provoke her forward as opposed to swaying her to run backwards.

It seemed evident they intended to kill the elf after all. They were here in conquest of the Woodsea. It didn’t matter who this mage was, she wasn’t getting any mercy.

Suddenly the same levitating mages, came together and touched hands, creating some sort of triad— they began to spin, garnering forworth wind magic seals at their backs, moving away from the shield wall towards Erebus, in the form of a mighty tornado. These creatures had expanded the damage of the tornado to 3x-S rank



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CD: 2
Lerzar’s Glove (400) - Used
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The Sylvan Fay

Atani squinted her eyes. Through the thick of her miniature rainstorm flashed a sleek yet brilliant crimson light. With seemingly a mind of its own, it cut into the army. She would have thought it was her foe's magic at work had it not been for their angered uproar at its presence. It seemed that the Wood Elf was not alone in her endeavors to fight these otherworldly invaders... but who exactly was this person? Either she couldn't discern who it was through the forces before her, or they were still lurking in the shadows.

For the moment, she wasn't entirely sure the enemies could see who the other fighter was either, for their firepower was still focused on herself. Perhaps it was because they saw her as an easy target, a lone elven healer in the middle of the forest. An arc of fireballs were sent her way. Given their speed and trajectory, she would have no trouble dodging them. Her usual strategy would have been to retreat back and gain some distance for another attack had it not been for yet another volley of flaming spheres sent in quick succession. These were not aimed for her, but rather to a spot someplace behind her. If she retreated back as planned, she would be ash. The only option was to move up. Toward the army.

"Delos," she grunted as she leapt from one imminent danger into another. The gap between the elf and the army was growing ever smaller; her enemies seemed intent on closing it. It was not an ideal situation, to say the least, for a ranged fighter such as her. She could feel the intense heat of the flames as they crashed in her wake. These were no amateur pyromancers, and if they kept at it with their taunting assaults, she would be walking straight into an incinerator.

The elf sustained her rain spell, keenly intent on doing whatever damage she could do the armed forces before she made contact with them. Beyond the reach of her spell, a triad of mages spun into the air. The wind picked up around them. At first she thought this was another spell directed at her, but no. The tornado that formed went off in another direction. Towards the other combatant.

Returning the bow to her hand, Atani shot an arrow towards the mages. Hovering in the air, they were a clear target. The arrow pierced one through the back causing their stream of mana to be interrupted. The twister was weakened, but still remained a fierce threat.

For the enemies in front of her, they took her moment of distraction and met it with an opportunity to attack. This time in the style of a rumbling earthquake with jagged pillars emerging to pierce her flesh.

@ Zane, Erebus

Ranya [-40 Mana, Sustained]
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The sound of armor jangling, creaking, and hardening up could be heard. It was becoming harder for the invaders to move around in their armor, visual display of rust was showing from Atani’s rain. However, it was pretty dark and seeing it was only discernible at a close proximity— Erebus happened to be closer so he had noticed it as the three mages reached the air and began to spin. Conjuring a synergy-made tornado.

Although with Atani releasing the arrow into one of these entities backside, the twister awkwardly tilted, sucking her rain cloud spell into it and causing the spell to disable upon itself. The two mages left within the interrupted triad then fly in an arc— attempting to pull the twister away from their troops, as they tilt the tornado, it spins around at 180 degrees, which pointed then upon Erebus location as it aimed closer to the ground now. They moved it quickly, so as to not hit their own troops.

Erebus was sucked off the ground and pulled into the spiral of torrenting winds, which cut his gear and broke it, as well as causes his hood to tear a bit. His hands instantly summoned forth two daggers, as his glove fastened itself back to his palm and the hilt, was gripped. With it in his hand, he could land a harder punch, but the cooldown before he could activate the mana blade again was in effect. Through the air, numerous men below flew upwards and began clashing their weapons upon Erebus— which glowed with purple light. Some kind of offensive mana blade spell. Obviously, he couldn’t fly like them, so with every strike Erebus made sure to simply clash his weapon against there’s slowly damaging his items but overall, enabling his avoidance of serious harm. Erebus used his force to propel off his targets and stay afloat as he made his way around them. Further flying through the air— he could feel his daggers, in their steel and mithril shades, plunging within the weak spots of the invader’s armors. Pitiful flesh, weak and helpless; next to hard metal, dipped into them and released pools of dark red that covered Erebus and them as he massacred his foes. Thousands of bloody droplets fell through the sky as each raider that took to the air to harm the adventurer was met with brutal counters.

Eventually Erebus had to come down to the ground, some ten to thirty seconds later. As he fell backwards, he simply somersaulted backwards, catching the ground with his hands— Erebus hit a handstand and spring-boarded back to his feet with acrobatic flare. He could see the elf not far off, maybe 15 meters diagonally in her position. The shield wall from earlier, seemed to have changed it’s plan for Atani whilst Erebus was busy and he was only seeing their plan now. They had pushed their blades between the shields. Then, multiple seals lit the ground. The shield wall had become a spiked shield dome. And they were preparing a new strategy that took off almost instantly as Erebus was putting the clues together.

All of a sudden, the seals seemed to fuse and grow out into the max diameter of the entire shield dome. One grey large, S-rank spell seal glowed and hummed with power.

The entire shield wall dashed at max spell speed towards Atani. If hit with their 16m diameter, she would take S-rank damage. The shield dome is capable of spinning, and shooting off at sharp turns.



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The Sylvan Fay

Her enemies were classical elementalists. First, they attacked with fire. Then, it was a windy twister. Now, Atani was moments away from being impaled by the earth itself.

Admittedly, most of her fights were not this one-sided. The last time she fought an army this large was against a hoard of demons years and years ago. They were larger in numbers, but their minds, their intelligence... it was lacking. They were not organized in the manner this group was. She was not accustomed to keeping track of so many damn things. Sooner or later that was going to come back and bite her.

So, what exactly was going on? The tornado had sucked up her rain clouds in its path of destruction, ending the attack that was steadily eating away at the army all this time. It also pulled in that mysterious stranger who she could now see for the first time: four-armed and equipped to the brim with weaponry. Who the hell was this guy, some sort of demon? He attacked like one, that was for sure. Despite being propelled into the air, he still fought with maddening precision, eliminating any enemies that challenged him in a bloody mist. Gods, she looked like a sitting duck compared to him. Speaking of which...

The jagged stones were erupting out the ground in straight line aimed at her precise location. Assuming they didn't grow any larger as they approached her, she would have just enough time to get out of the way if she lunged to the side. And she did at a speed of 17.5 m/s, but there was another attack that flanked the primary one. The ginormous shield wall struck her from her exposed side. Her shoulder took the full blunt of the impact. Atani could feel her bones grind beneath the pressure as the resulting momentum from the collision pushed her even further towards the left. It was a heavy blow, but not too heavy; she would manage.

The elf stretched out her injured arm-- it burned in protest but she had to keep it moving-- and made a slight upwards gesture with it. A green magic circle 8m in diameter appeared beneath the feet of the enemies in front of her. From it, glowing spores rose. They appeared even more innocent than the corrosive rain, but they packed even more of a punch. The ones whose armor had been damaged would be impacted far more with some even falling to the ground in defeat as the spores burned and ate away at their exposed skin alive. She herself was not within range to be impacted by the spell, but if the four-armed stranger found himself entering its area while in the battlefield, he would have his injuries healed of S-Rank damage.

@ Zane, Erebus

Tuilas [-80 Mana]
Ranya [2 Post CD]

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Erebus finally dashed after the dome shield but not before it apparently hurt Atani, Ere swung in wildly & punched his gripped knuckles against the dome at one of he shield panels. He found himself beating on the panels trying to find his way in, though he slit himself acros the chest, draping his shirt and allowing a modest flow of blood down his side.

Atani has reacted it seemed, as most of the other side of the shield wall was suffering from a devastating spell of her’s. Fungus or flowers of some kind seemed to being growing from their burnt skin and open flesh, then spell did well to hold the rest of the walls lines back, simultaneously it knocked the frontlines out of the way and weakened their formation entirely. For some reason it brought a freshening scent. The smell like that of a bouquet penetrated the nostrils of the adventurer. Wildflowers— and a fun yellow light glowed behind the soldiers. This allowed Erebus to gauge where the light was and the extent of the AoE affect (8m).

Unfortunately for him, he noticed how it was also killing the men and Ere took no time deciding not to travel through the spell, instead assuming it was offensive and damaging by nature. He used the interior of the shield to stab fast successive neck jabs with the daggers, wearing out the invaders and dwindling their unity. In no time, one by one, the shield wall was taken out.

After a few moments, Erebus burst from outside of the other end, lunging near Atani to safety as he turned. He said nothing at first as he took note of their situation now. Things weren’t looking bad, but Erebus had a hunch this couldn’t be too easy. He came back to his feet and stared at them again. This time their ranks were hurt, their numbers scattered, they weren’t fully out of the fight yet, but they were weakened. A few men still alive, readied their shields with desperation, but it was obvious to Erebus they were not backing out. Killing them now was simply their only option if they’d refused to back off.

“... Where do these soldiers come from.” Erebus finally mentioned, holding his daggers defensively.

One of three warriors left, stood forward. Nothing exceptionally special about the man, he wore the same outfit and gear they all had— his hair a platinum blonde. However, suddenly, Ere smirked as his mass began to increase, size double, and his morph with that of a large snout. It  extended outward with ears on his head. His muscle mass too expanded, with the armor scaling up to the size with the beast.

It seemed the being was a Werewolf. Behind him, another became a Changed Vampire, while the third became none other than a Daemon with wings. This was a band of entities, all from different cloth, fighting for their universe.

They would not be easy pickings.

Ere glanced towards the blonde elf, she was a talented mage. He guessed that if they were going to fight these invaders together they might as well communicate. When he finally spoke, he hoped they could work together against the foes ahead. “Which one are you taking? Big ugly one? His brother there at spot number two, or the Daemon?” he said, as his eyes shifted between each of the monsters preparing their attacks.


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