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It All Starts With An Egg [SL]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

It All Starts With An Egg [SL] Empty Tue Feb 22, 2022 9:39 am

Daiko Flayme
Split Phoenix Thoughts:

The journey had begun, faithfully so. The Phoenix had opened its heart up to Kerii, unbeknownst to it that it used to be her old, fellow Lamia Scale guildmate years ago. It was a strange feeling of familiarity that didn’t trace back properly, as if the Bird of Fire still suffered from the split personality disorder that it bound itself to. And yet, it had made its words clear and had promised that Daiko Flayme would return, so long as the elven lady would heed to the Temple of the Sun with it and ready the ritual in its stead.

There was only a little amount of woods between the port town and the beach if one ventured directly down south from the guild hall. The woods was lightly inhabited by creatures of the forest; you could scarcely find any foxes, though, for the climate here in Hargeon was unbearable for them for the most part. However, reptilians took full advantage of the long summer times, gathering energy for their muscles from the heat of the sun. In a way, they were able to transform heat energy into kinetic energy, climbing and swimming and slithering around once they had gained enough. That was one of the reasons why crocodiles, lizards, snakes and iguanas were often seen sunbathing or laying on a naked rock with direct exposure to the unforgiving rays of the sun…

However, their bodies needed more than just energy. It needed nutriments – in other words, nourishment. Food. Edible substances to gain proteins and minerals from. All of the reptilians native to Hargeon’s nearby wilderness were carnivores, preying on living flesh in one way or another. The iguanas sought to the fishes in the blue sea, using their expert skills in swimming to catch their prey from behind. Crocodiles were top ambush predators, lying in wait like floating logs until unwary prey stumbled into their striking range where none could escape. Some sought to the woods like lizards, feasting on insects and smaller animals, while a few species of reptiles feasted on inanimate infants and eggs.

Many of these lizards did pay attention to the egg in Kerii’s hands, but none of them made a move. It was too big and unconventional for them to achieve, for the act alone would cost more energy than they could obtain from it – the egg would ultimately end up useless to the lizards if they even attempted, so they simply stuck themselves to the tree crowns, branches and logs and glared at the elf. Perhaps, her elven heritage made things too clear to them… that the egg was important to her. It put them in a sort of state of blankness, halting their motion for a while…

“I believe that we must continue the other half of the journey by boat. The island is a good mile across the waters…”

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Atani Tathvir
Bâd gurth vi ngalad firiel
- 544 | @ Daiko -
Atani watched with eyes aglow as the phoenix before her dimmed its flame. The avian form shrunk in size and then condensed until it resembled a sphere of shining light. As the light faded, hardened scales of a scarlet color took its place. After the phoenix spoke its final words instructing Atani to venture off the southern shore of Hargeon, it completed its transformation. An egg full of life and color hovered momentarily in the air before gently falling into the elf’s arms. It was warm to the touch. The bird had mentioned the need to gather ethereon; Atani could feel the smallest bit sapping out of her hands from contact with her skin. If she wanted to, she could block it off considering it was such a small amount, but she wanted to give Daiko the best chance he could.

"It'll be alright, Coda," she told the raptor.

"We're going to head south and get Daiko back."

Maybe Coda understood the phoenix, maybe she didn't, but she believed the bird could understand Daiko, so hopefully she could understand Atani as well. At the very least, she hoped Coda would be able to understand her tone of voice and be comforted.

Some time later...

Atani, Coda, and the egg had been on the road for some time now, long enough for the scaled entity in her hands to begin to grow heavy. Though she the nature mage could quite easily summon vines to do the heavy lifting for her, she felt that the egg was far safer in her hands where she could both see and feel that it was safe.

Though it would seem that the woods was inherently an unsafe place to traverse, it was where Atani felt right at home. In any case, there were no animals that were particularly dangerous-- not any native ones at least-- therefore, it was the path she decided to take. If anyone in town saw the exotic egg the elf was carrying, who knew what kind of trouble would occur.

The animal that posed the most threat to Atani in her opinion was the species of crocodile that was native to Hargeon's waters-- not any saltwater crocodile, thank the gods, but the kind that preferred brackish or freshwater swamps-- but those should be easy enough to avoid by staying on dry land. Alligators were even less of a threat since they were skittish of humans to begin with.

"I believe that we must continue the other half of the journey by boat. The island is a good mile across the waters…"

The disembodied voice startled her. The Daiko-Egg hybrid nearly jumped out of her hands. It had been a long while since the thing spoke. She hadn't even realized it could speak due to its lack of mouth... but in the end, she did suppose it was all magic.

"There's a boat that would take us to the island?" The phoenix mentioned that the temple had supposedly been abandoned for 500 years, but perhaps that was long enough for explorers to discover and venture to the ruins, thus marking the best path able to be charted on the waters. Otherwise, she supposed it was within her abilities to hijack something and follow the phoenix's instructions.

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#3Daiko Flayme 

It All Starts With An Egg [SL] Empty Tue Feb 22, 2022 12:23 pm

Daiko Flayme
More Memories:

Coda sent a curious chirp towards Kerii, resting watchfully on her shoulder as they ventured through the light forest. Whatever words came out of Kerii’s mouth sort of… tickled the avian creature and made it rest at ease. Coda believed that she could bring Daiko back to life, and even without fully understanding the meaning of her words, Coda wanted to stick close to her and yearn for her falconer to return…

Truth be told, the bird was still sobbing a little. Deep inside, the weight of the previous episode still lingered in the bird, and she made no effort in concealing that. Animals were always genuine with their emotions, unlike creatures of higher sentiency – sometimes, you’d see a human being cry just to put on a stage or for no sensible reason, or sometimes you’d see a human being commit an act out of their own, natural behavior, but when an animal cried out in pain, then you’d always know that those tears were genuine…

Coda had spent years raising up under Daiko’s watchful eyes – ever since she hatched out of her egg, actually. Little Daiko was so happy to see her become his friend back when she could fit between his cupped, small hands as an itsy bitsy chicken. It was actually his mother who had caught the egg and decided to let Daiko raise the little raptor to be his hunting partner – it was a valuable trait of huntsmen to seek aid from animals in their hunting, and birds were easier to tame than wolves in that regard.

Coda and Daiko learned so much from the latter’s mother… even Coda looked up to her as a sort of surrogate mother. Coda was surprisingly intelligent from an early age, especially for a falcon-eagle-hawk-like creature that she was. She was Daiko’s precious bird…


That wasn’t a crocodile’s sound. However, the hiss made a few crocodiles shiver and return to the waters, while others simply stayed put and opened their ears to the slithering creep. Nah, that creature wasn’t a threat to the crocodiles… but it had a sickening reputation for eating their younglings before they even got the chance to hatch out of their eggs. This creature lived and feasted on eggs alone, often having been documented eating its own eggs in times of need – the desperate egg eater snake who, despite its diet, had grown quite abnormally big. It reached, at least, anaconda size.

And it made its way towards the elf, its hunger exceeding its instincts to bend to her aura. Rustling grass, shaking bushes, the ambient hissing, it made its presence known quickly… since it hunted eggs, it didn’t need to exert itself to stealth more than enough to snatch an egg from, often, parents out on the hunt who left their eggs unprotected.

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Atani Tathvir
Bâd gurth vi ngalad firiel
- 601 | @ Daiko -
Atani had asked the egg a question, but it didn't reply. Considering this egg was in part a manifestation of the phoenix, she couldn't say this behavior was atypical. She had asked the magical bird questions before when it was in its flaming form only to be answered by either silence or a statement of a completely different matter. It was also possible though, she presumed, that the egg couldn't hear her words either. In any case, she didn't see the point in repeating herself, so she simply continued on her journey through the forested area along the outskirts of Hargeon.

At some point along their journey, there came a hiss. Crocodiles and alligators were known to hiss, but this sound was not reminiscent of either reptile. As a matter of fact, Atani couldn't pick out what type of animal this belonged to. What was more, she had the ability to communicate with animals. This animal though... whatever was making the hiss, it wasn't an ordinary creature. Its sounds were incomprehensible to her.

Atani held the egg tighter. As the soft hissing became both louder and sharper, she could see movement behind the tall grass and bushes. Leaves quivered as the creature moved ever so delicately through them. Trained to hunt from an early age, the elf's sharp eyes peered through the greenery. Camouflaged against the background, she could make out a long, uniform shape that was low against the forest floor. With each muscle contraction, it stretched and curled its way along the ground with ease. It was movement that was typical of a snake, but knowing that she was incapable of communicating with it, Atani knew that this of course was no ordinary snake.

Cautiously, the mage willed vines to grow around her back to secure the egg. She slowly transitioned the egg into the clutch of her vines and summoned a bow from the pocket dimension of her golden ring. Atani didn't need to speak magic serpent in order to know what this creature wanted. If it was anything like serpents in the wild, it wanted to eat the egg. The raw ethereon that radiated from it must have acted like a beacon to this thing: a magical treat for a magical creature. In a forest like this, it was no doubt a delicacy the snake wouldn't pass up on. Unfortunately for Atani, this meant it wouldn't likely back down just from the presence of an elf like her. Any other mundane snake would, but this? Not a chance.

Soon enough, its head poked out of the bushes. Its tongue flickered in and out of its mouth, no doubt enjoying the delectable smell from the egg that permeated the air around it. Atani drew back the string of her bow as the snake coiled to strike. Its beady eyes were not focused on her, but rather the egg. It was Atani's hope that this would be enough of a distraction to hit the snake, but she would just have to see. It was large, and thus it was an easy target, but the muscles beneath the reptilian skin told Atani that it had the strength to launch itself at great lengths. In an environment like the forest, this left her with little room to escape.

Atani let one of her arrows fly. She aimed for the head-- a vital spot-- but the snake coiled to dodge. The arrow missed its target, but it hit the snake elsewhere on the body; however, it hardly reacted. Even her strongest arrow wouldn't be enough to pierce through its thick skin.


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#5Daiko Flayme 

It All Starts With An Egg [SL] Empty Tue Feb 22, 2022 12:53 pm

Daiko Flayme
The snake hissed loudly, but the arrow harmed it not enough to make it retreat. That egg was triggering all of its instincts, begging it to gobble it down its stretchy maw. That deep-red color and ambient, glowing shine was exotic, unseen and heavenly for the egg eater. Even if going up against an elf, it wanted to savor that egg – let it be the last thing it ever gets to do, it would follow through anyway!

Damn it, the elf was being cautious with the egg now… its attempt at stealth, as poorly as it was, obviously proved fruitless. The arrow from earlier could prove useful, however… for the snakes weren’t but upmost cunning among members of the animal kingdom. With its muscular tail, the long back end of its body that was as flexible as rubber, it picked up the arrow that bounced off of its scales and let it roll along its tail bone. It would also roll it back to the tip of its slithering, thin tail, almost looking like it was playing with the arrow in an attempt to aggravate and distract the elf. Snakes were often symbolized with bad things… especially if you were religious. However, contrary to superstition, snakes weren’t inherently evil creatures – just like wild hamsters, whales, bugs, birds and wyverns, they simply lived life according to one, absolute rule; survive.

Only those who survived would give birth to the next generation of snakes, if I’m not mistaken…?

The toying with the arrow did serve a purpose, in the end! As if sentience flew up in the snake’s brain, it managed to flick the arrow straight back towards the blonde elf with high speed – noticeably slower than from her bow, but with enough force to cause some pain if it managed to dig into her limb.

Even More Memories:

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Atani Tathvir
Bâd gurth vi ngalad firiel
- 302 | @ Daiko -
When her arrow hit the gargantuan serpent, it didn't disappear in the manner that she had expected it to. Given that her arrows were made of magic, much like weapons that could be created with maker magic spells, they often crumbled to nothing but dust the moment they hit its target. Strangely enough, this arrow didn't for whatever reason, and the serpent was intelligent enough to use that to its advantage. Rather than brushing the projectile off like a twig, it rolled it along its massive tail and flicked it back in the direction of the elf.

As powerful as a snake's tail was, it was no substitute for the strength and precision of a bow. Atani had years of experience training with such a weapon alongside other Wood Elves who did the same. It proved little trouble for her to dodge the attack. As she did so, she unleashed a spell that sent a swarm of butterflies to attack the snake. It was the same tactic she had used back in Astera when she fought a snake of an ever greater size than this one. Just as expected, the snake didn't know how to properly react to her spell, perhaps not thinking that it was even a threat since it consisted of winged insects made of moonflower petals. It might have assumed it was a distraction more than anything... It was wrong. It hissed in pain as the butterflies touched its scales.

"Coda!" Atani called. She looked to the scarlet raptor and motioned towards the snake who was momentarily distracted. The lifelong companion of Daiko had surely seen her fair share of battles with the kind of life a Blue Pegasus mage had. Given that the elf was more a healer than a fighter, she could really use the bird's help.
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#7Daiko Flayme 

It All Starts With An Egg [SL] Empty Fri Mar 04, 2022 8:28 am

Daiko Flayme
The snake hissed loudly, and for good reason – those small butterflies hurt. What was worse was that its muscles felt like contracting at the pain, causing it intense exhaustion! In the animal kingdom, there was a solid set of rules for predators that allowed them to survive this efficiently, and one of those golden lines was to avoid spending more energy than the prey could compensate for. This was far beyond the energy of an egg… or, well, any ordinary egg.

Yet that deep, crimson glow was irresistible! It wanted to keep going, to lock its jaws around that sweet, juicy egg and intake its nutritious contents! It was drooling, losing its mind and jabbing forward with the purest intent to eat that damn egg! What if it only managed to injure or tire the wood elf only for some other damn predator to jump in and steal its reward!?

Coda, on the other hand, was ready to join the fight, and while a jolly bird she was, her fury could be felt in the strong gust that suddenly cut through the air and left wooden logs falling. It felt like a sudden hurricane for the briefest of seconds…

The snake was torn apart. Coda had proven her part in the fight significantly, even having caused a couple trees to bend back and drop their fruits prematurely. The wind began dying down quickly, but other animals further away spotted the sudden change in wind speed and began running away. One could hear the constant rustling and crushing of leaves on the ground, and it was a generally panicking event to unfurl for the poor beasts…

Kerii’s ears would likely also pick up the sound of waves. Nearby, the edge of Hargeon’s woods could be found, where beach met the traveler’s foot and introduced to them a lonely, small wooden bridge… with a fair and usable rowing boat bouncing on the waters.

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Atani Tathvir
Bâd gurth vi ngalad firiel
- 237 | @ Daiko -
Despite the great sorrow that Atani knew weighed Coda down, when the time was right, she was able to pull herself together and help fight against the serpent. Her powerful wings sent strong gusts of wind to pummel the snake. Her sharp talons pierced its flesh with ease. All the while, Atani had sustained the spell she previously cast in order to continuously drain the reptilian of its life force. For extra measure, she cast another spell that would not just damage the serpent, but simultaneously heal any injuries that Coda may have sustained in her assault.

In no time at all, the serpent was defeated. Its corpse lay in a bloody mess on the marshy forest floor, a feast for any scavengers that would happen to stumble across it after she and Coda left.

"You did great," Atani said to the raptor. She scratched the feathers beneath her break appreciatively. "Now, to find that boat the phoenix spoke of..."

There were no other encounters with dangerous wildlife the rest of the trip. Perhaps the earlier fight had scared them away, but it any case, they all had eventually made it to the boat.

"This... is what we're sailing to the island in?" To put it nicely, their vessel was rather unassuming. It was nothing more than a fisher's rowboat by the looks of it. But if it was all they had, it would have to do.

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