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Cape - Heracles' Nemean Mantle

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Name: Heracles' Nemean Mantle.

Slot: Cape.

Type: Cape.

Class: Legendary.

Quantity: Limited.

Element: None.

Durability: This item is indestructible.


Description: Long ago, Heracles slayed the Nemean Lion as one of his twelve labours. It could not be killed with mortals' weapons because its golden fur was impervious to attack. Its claws were sharper than mortals' swords and could cut through any armor. Upon wearing the mantle made out of the Nemean Lion's fur, the user feels a great increase in their physical prowess.


  • The user must purchase this item from the Mysterious Merchant in one of his topics.

  • The item may be indestructible, but it does not offer protection. This means that attacks aimed at the back of the user bypass the cape in terms of regulation. In topics, the user can represent this by accepting the damage done against their backs and stating that the cape got very lightly damaged.


  • Name: Nemean Mantle's Might
    Rank: -
    Mana Cost: 10% of Total Base Mana
    Requirements: Heracles' Nemean Mantle
    Type: Transformation
    Range: Self
    Cooldown: 3 Posts
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: Many popular stories were told of his life, the most famous being The Twelve Labours of Heracles. The first one was to slay the lion that was attacking Nemea. Since the Nemean Lion could not be harmed by swords or magic, Heracles slayed him with his bare hands. After he succeeded he wore the skin as a mantle to demonstrate his power over the opponent he had defeated. Upon using this spell, the user becomes more muscular. The transformation increases the base Strength, Endurance, and Constitution of the user by 50% as long as it is sustained.

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Buying this for 3,000,000 J from the MM auction.

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#3Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Aegis has purchased Heracles' Nemean Mantle.


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This item can now be purchased again.

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Buying this for 2million please

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Achlys has purchase this item for 2,000,000.

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Daiko Flayme
Buying this for 2,000,000 Jewels from MM auction

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Daiko has purchase this item for 2,000,000.

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