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White and Blue [Atani] [Sugma Ball]

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"I worry about how much time you and this girl spend together." Beelzebub admitted, Zane nonchalantly listening as he ate a small portion of pudding while near the dining tables of the ball. "Yeah yeah, I get it. I'm stupid around women, blah blah blah blah..." Zane rolled his eyes, tired of Beelzebub churning out the same old tired lines every single thread. "I spoke not for you, but for her! If she's agreed to see you on this many occasions then there is most certainly something wrong with her head. The poor woman..." Beelzebub let out a soft sigh, a rare thing to hear from the demon. Zane rolled his eyes again, this time so far that he physically felt paint, letting out a little groan in return. "I never win with you..."

Zane wondered if Atani would come. He had only just remembered now that he had sent her a letter inviting her to the ball, calling it their "third date". Perhaps the reason Zane had forgotten the fact was due to Beelzebub's constant teasing. Maybe he had just mentally blocked it out or something like that. He truly was a victim... putting down the pudding, Zane backed away from the table of food for now. Searching around for Atani seemed like a good way to use his time for now. At the very worse he'd end up running into someone else who was interesting. Wandering the ball, Zane's eyes passed by every blonde woman he could. "Here's hoping luck brings her to me sooner than later." People passed by constantly, all in a bunch of different ball dresses and suits. If anything it was more likely that Atani would spot Zane. His outfit was rather unique among the crowd. While it was certainly over the top, Zane tended to like it. "I'm not too sure you'll find her easily, Zane. You might not even recognize her if you do stumble upon her. Many of the women here wear long dresses, something that I fear could impede the main way you identify her..." Zane immediately went to swat Beelzebub out of the air, only to then realize that he was simply a voice in his head rather than an actually tangible fly. Grumbling to himself, Zane continued his search in silent.


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Atani Tathvir
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Zane wanted to go on another date with her. And not just any date, but a date to Empyrean Divine's ball. She too had received an invitation since she belonged to Blue Pegasus, though she hadn't intended on attending herself. Balls were new for her. Though they existed in her homeland, they were reserved for nobles or those with similar wealth to nobles. Atani never fell into that class, but it seemed guilds in Fiore did things differently.

She had to admit though, regardless of whether or not she wanted to go to the dance for the celebration, the appeal of venturing to Stella was attractive. Despite the political climate, her stay in Bosco was an incredible experience. With Hildegard soon to be the ruler of Bosco, however, things have finally began to calm down. With the Stellan rebels, there was no way Empyrean Divine would choose to have a celebration in their country. But now, that was not the case, and for once Atani could enjoy a country on her own terms.

She had to admit though, she was a bit apprehensive about accompanying Zane to this ball. The last she had seen of him was in Hargeon when he took on a devilish appearance and then left with little explanation. Transformation magic existed in many forms, but there must have been a reason he only claimed to possess 'wind magic' up to that point. She wanted to know more, but thought it inappropriate to ask at a gala. Perhaps another time.

As for the event itself, Atani struggled picking out an appropriate gown. She knew not what was common for humans to wear at these things, but elected to buy something she had seen in a Stellan store. It was adorned with golden accents reminiscent of the jewelry she had seen many of the native citizens wear. Overall, it was far more extravagant than what the young elf was used to, but she supposed she was indeed going to represent Blue Pegasus of all guilds. Extravagant was what they were known for.

Once she arrived at the ball, she felt far less out of place. There were those dressed in all sorts of attire. She scanned the crowd for the blonde fellow she remembered, but he was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he simply had yet to arrive... The night still was young.
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"Nope, not this one either." Another blonde elf woman passed by Zane, her blue eyes being a clear identifier that it wasn't the woman he was looking for. "It doesn't help that just about every elf we see is blonde. The race truly could use some visual variety..." Beelzebub had an excellent point. Zane was blonde as an elf, as were his family. He had never actually met any elves with a different hair color, though he had no doubt that there were SOME who lacked golden locks. Zane looped around to a different section of the ball, keeping his eyes out for any women with blonde hair and elven ears. And that's when he saw her. All of her, actually. Zane had managed to spot Atani from her side, recognizing her face almost instantly. For someone as chaotic and free flowing as Zane it was rare to meet people multiple times. There were probably only a dozen or so people he had seen on multiple occasions in the last few years. Atani was one of those people, so Zane made extra sure to remember her, especially considering his interest in her overall.

Zane was still a bit away from Atani at the moment. While he could just walk up to his date and greet her normally, his twisted mind had a different entrance in mind. He circled around her, blending into the crowd as he made his way to the back of her. He'd then slowly walk up to her, taking care not to be noticed. It certainly wasn't a hard task considering the massive amount of people at the ball. The sounds of a single pair of feet would do nothing but get lost and blend in with the sounds of the other hundred pairs in the room. Finally having gotten right behind her, Zane gave Atani a very sudden hug from behind, his arms wrapping around her shoulders. Zane thankfully put his arms in a half decent position here - any higher and this would seem like attempted murder. "Boo!" A somewhat childish tone took Zane's voice, his bits of immaturity seemingly not always related to matters of the body. He was an elf before he became human after all, and his late 20s would have been rather early in his lifespan.

Now that he had probably scared the living daylight out of his date, Zane took his arms back to his sides, stepping around Atani so that he could face her from the front. "That's a rather grand gown, Atani. A very good choice." Strangely enough Zane's words seemed very genuine. While it would've been safe to assume Zane would've preferred Atani wear something of a different style than the average gown - something like her guildmaster's attire at this event for example - he still could appreciate the rather flashy nature of her dress as-is. It went quite well with the rather flashy nature of his own attire, though Zane's undeniably stuck out just a bit more. "I'm glad to see you made it too. I wasn't entirely sure you'd accept my invitation." Correction: Beelzebub wasn't entirely sure she'd accept his invitation. When someone quite literally lived in your head it was rather easy to mistake their thoughts for your own. "It seems you've taken as much a liking to me as I have to you. I can't blame you! I'm pretty amazing. All the other women here will no doubt be shooting envious glances your way." Zane happily grinned, a humorously proud look on his face.

"Now..." Zane held out his hand to Atani, bowing a little as he did so. He wasn't sure if that was actually something one was supposed to do at balls or simply a common trope of fiction, but he enjoyed doing it nonetheless. "May I have this dance?"


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Atani Tathvir
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Atani regrettably found herself in the middle of the crowd on the ballroom floor. It was the area she felt least comfortable in. Not in an anxious way, but in an... unpleasant way. She supposed that was an appropriate word for it. The reclusive girl liked to retreat to the corner of the room when possible, but that was not a very good vantage point for scouting out her date, nor was it a good place for her to be if Zane was looking for her as well.

There was a moment where Atani was about to give up for the time being. She supposed at this point, if she hadn't seen Zane by now, it was because he hadn't yet arrived at the ball. She was about to reach for a flute of champagne sitting on a silver platter when all of a sudden--


Atani flinched as a set of arms draped across her shoulders. "Zane!" she replied with alarm. Not a moment later, he came out from behind to face the front of her. Though she knew it was him because of his voice, the man before her was not the same blonde fellow she knew from Hargeon. His visage contained the same impish expression as always and his blue eyes maintained their same childish gleam, but his hair framed his face in a whole new light. It was a light auburn rather than blonde. It was thicker too. Wilder. More Zane.

"You've changed," she said in a surprised tone. Not startled like before, but rather laced with curiosity. "I like it. I think it suits you." The elf flashed him a grin. He in turn complimented her on the dress.

"You think so? I wasn't sure what was appropriate to wear here. I bought it in Stella last minute." As she spoke, she looked down at her dress and flattened out the creases along the skirt. She then looked back up to Zane and his own snow white outfit. "You look rather extravagant too."

Atani smirked as Zane continued on saying all what he usually did. The mage was quite the flirt, and flirts weren't usually her type. But Zane? Somehow, he made it work with his own mischievous charm. Characteristic of the young man, he gave a small bow and offered Atani his hand for a dance. With one hand, she held out the skirt of her dress in curtsy. With the other, she gently took Zane's. "But of course."

A slow song began to play, a Bellan classic if memory served. Couples across the ballroom floor swayed to the music with ease as if they had done it a thousand times. The same was not true for Atani.

"Have you done this before?" she whispered to her date.
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"Ah, you're the first one to notice my new style!" Zane happily exclaimed. Almost a little bit too happy. Despite the fact he had darkened his hair and completely changed the style just about nobody had made any sort of note of it - excluding Beelzebub's usual snide comments. "I'm glad you like it, though I must admit I miss the eyepatch a tad..." It had been his trust companion for quite a while after all. "I certainly don't miss it." The demon figured that Atani's opinion was probably closer to Beelzebub's. Most people Zane met on his journeys, especially women, seemed to have thought that he was much more handsome with both of his eyes uncovered. "For a last minute buy that dress certainly is something else. I definitely didn't think I could like the look of one that puffs out so much on the bottom half. As usual Zane's comments were laced with some sort of immature tint, though this one was definitely more subtle than his usual.

Taking Atani's hand, Zane got the two of them into some matter of dancing form. He was reminded of the time they did something like this in a bar. He couldn't really use the same form here. There he had rested his hand on a much lower part of Atani's back, but that wasn't really an option in this case. A dress was a lot more restrictive than a bikini. He simply placed his other hand on her center back this time around. Zane attempted to straighten his own body out a little while he was at it. Zane took the lead and led the duo into a rather, well, mediocre dance. It was definitely a fair bit worse than all the other couples that surrounded them. "Depends on what you count as having done this before." Zane was scanning the feet of the other ballgoers to see if he could pick up on some tips. "Do you count the two of us drunkenly stumbling around in a tiki bar?" He asked, turning back to Atani and smiling. He supposed that even this rather sad performance looked a million times better than what had happened there. "I excel at just about everything, but..." Beelzebub highly doubted Zane's statement. "I'm afraid dancing will never be a part of that long list."

Speaking of the tiki bar, Zane probably should've realized that they'd be dancing horribly again when he invited Atani to this ball. Sober or drunk, Zane's skills were clearly lacking either way. He supposed he really only chose this activity for the pure spectacle of it all. "I suppose we need to avoid dancing for our next date." Definitely a lot of confidence, assuming there would be a next one and all. "Though you know... we don't really have to stay in this ballroom. We didn't stay at that tiki bar for long after dancing either, right?" A small little smirk crept up Zane's face as he remembered that night. He was definitely a little bit more proud of that first date than he should've been. Just a tad. "We could always employ the same strategy again, you know~" While Zane was usually 100% sure that his plans would work, there was a very small seed of doubt here. Atani had bought a nice dress for this ball and everything. Perhaps she would want to properly soak it in. Not to mention the fact that Zane's suggestions about where they'd go after were probably pretty predictable. There were only a few ideas in his mind, all ones his date could probably guess easily enough.


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Atani Tathvir
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"Do you count the two of us drunkenly stumbling around in a tiki bar?"

"Not really," the girl chuckled, smiling back at Zane. As much fun as that was, it was a far cry from elegantly slow dancing at a famous guild's formal ball. Despite elves having a reputation for being creatures of grace, Atani had to say that her skills when it came to dancing did not live up to such expectations. She could balance atop tree branches with ease. She could step lightly through the forest, not even alerting her presence with the crunch of a leaf or the snap of a twig. But dancing? Some people equated it with combat. Despite being able to flow with her opponent in fight, she could not do the same in dance.

Zane was in the same boat as her. In fact, he alluded to not dancing during their next date.

"Next date?" she teased. Though in reality, she hadn't planned for there to be another one. "You're lucky I was able to make it to this one. I'll be... busy when I return to Fiore."

Helping her friend Lee, founding a new guild, venturing to find what happened to the spirit she once knew... Even if Atani wanted to date someone, she was afraid she wouldn't have the time to do so. But now, she supposed, she did have time at her disposal to do whatever she wanted. Empyrean Divine's event in Stella was a rarity. The mage didn't know when she would next encounter a chance to completely relax for a week or two. Might as well make the most of it while she still could.

"Ballrooms aren't really my thing," she admitted. "So I wouldn't mind if we went someplace else, preferably something a little more private. This place is too crowded for my taste~"

Though for her and Zane to have the same experience as they did last time? Atani wasn't sure if that would happen. Certainly not while she was sober, that was for sure. That said, she and Zane had grown closer since they first met; however, the elf felt as if she needed to know him better before anything greater than slow dancing between the two happened.
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"Pretty busy, huh?" Zane asked. He supposed most people were probably pretty busy. Not everyone just roamed around cities getting into trouble like he did. Then again, he had plans for when he got back to Fiore. The conversations he had at this ball all made him realize that he wanted to become a bit more involved with his own guild, though he wasn't quite sure in what way just yet. "I might be a bit busy too. I plan to be a bit more involved with my guild's..." Zane stopped himself for a moment. He hadn't mentioned a guild to Atani yet, had he? For all she knew he was just some guildless mage. "Why would it even matter?" Beelzebub asked. Zane usually had no problem admitting these kind of things to people. He had gone on and on about it earlier when he was talking with Alisa. Why was he so reluctant to tell Atani? Was it because he cared more about how she thought of him than most? He quickly denied any such thought in his mind, though a hint of uncertainty still remained. "My guild's affairs. They'll probably need my help. Nothing worth noting, though." All he could do was hope she wouldn't ask further, though he couldn't but worry she would. Atani was a curious sort.

Luckily Atani's agreeance to go somewhere else meant Zane had a very good way to take her mind off it. "Ah, good! These kind of stuffy, snobby places aren't my thing. They sound cool on paper, but while I'm here, well..." Zane slowed down his dance, preparing to stop. "I just get the urge to do something stupid and leave. Speaking of which..." Zane let go of Atani's back, though his hand still remained on her hand. "Let's go steal some shrimp or something and get on our way." His grin seemed a bit more mischievous than usual. He had made no indication to Atani thus far that he was one to commit crimes... even if this crime was rather petty by all accounts. Zane had a feeling she would probably find it more exciting than scary - he was only asking her to help him rob a buffet table, not a bank.

Zane held Atani's hand as he led her through the crowded hall, trying to hold on tight so that she wouldn't be lost in the sea full of extravagant dresses. There was thankfully a buffet table not too far from where the two of them were - and thankfully not too far from the exit either. Zane continued holding onto Atani as he sped past the table, """""""""""""""""subtly""""""""""""""""""" picking up a plate of sweets as he went along. Gourmet chocolates from the looks of it. Most people at the bar didn't care, though some raised a small eyebrow at him. Depending on how Atani's face looked at the time some people might have even thought he was stealing her along with the chocolate. Still though, the bystander effect came in strong: most people assumed a guard would just handle it. Thankfully no guards ever noticed.

Zane had finally led Atani out the side exit of the building, the stolen plate of chocolate still in Zane's hands. He let out a humongous sigh of relief. His heart was admittedly racing. While he only stole something as small as chocolate, that chocolate was being served at a gathering of intensely powerful people. It would be very unlucky if one of the super powerful mages that could his head off with a single spell was some sort of chocoholic. "Oh god." Zane said to himself, soon after laughing out loud. "Stealing chocolate has never been so nerve-wracking." Zane let go of Atani's hand for now. There was nobody else on the street they had found themselves on now and they were a decent way's away from the ball entrance. Zane held up the plate of assorted gourmet sweets to Atani. He still had no idea what she thought of what he just did.

"Go on, pick. Ladies first, right?"

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