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Waterever You Say [Private]

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"Water. Oh god, water." Zane stumbled about the evening streets of Hargeon, completely worn out as he approached the coastline. The people on this downtown shopping block seemed awfully weirded out by Zane. Bearing a pair of swim trunks and a simple t-shirt it looked as though the man was simply preparing to go for an evening dip in the ocean, but his face told a different story. His face told the story of a man who had just ran at top speed for 7 minutes, changed into swim trunks for 2 minutes and then had been running for another 7 minutes at a speed that was somehow even higher than his initial one. Perhaps the people of Hargeon were a perfect example of the bystander effect. All of them felt as though they should help, but none of them did. They all had a feeling that SOMEONE would give him water. Why give the poor man a drink if someone else was almost definitely going to do it anyways? But nobody did. Zane went through that whole block crying for the sweet embrace of mother H20...

All he had to do was pass through one park to get to the meeting place he had set up for him and Atani: a pier that was right next to a great beach. But Zane had something to worry about before he could begin to think about Atani. He felt like he was going to die. Would he even live to see that pier? Perhaps he'd die the moment he set foot there? And that was when he saw it. Like the glow of Illumin himself the park water fountain glistened in the corner of his eye, its holy juices just waiting to be taken from its metal exterior. Stumbling over to the fountain, Zane's hands gripped it with more intensity than a man who had just found the fountain of youth. Zane was saved.

A few minutes later Zane found himself leaning against the railing of the pier meeting spot, the wind blowing his blonde hair elegantly as he waited for Atani. His face seemed different from earlier. Whereas before he had come off as a beaten man on the verge of death, now he was without a doubt a confident, healthy and amazing young man ready for a date at the beach. A wide smile came upon his lips. "That's the power of H20."

To this day historians never did find out what compelled Zane to say that out loud while nobody was watching. Actually, wait. If nobody was watching then how did historians figure that out anyways?


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Atani Tathvir
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"I'm really doing this, huh," Atani mumbled to herself in her native tongue while getting ready for the second part of her date with Zane. She stripped off her blue dress and exchanged it for a white bikini. It had thin straps along both the top and bottom pieces. A bit too revealing to walk around Hargeon in for her taste, so the elf put on a beach wrap as well to give herself a little more modesty, at least until she arrived at the beach. After brushing her hair once more, she looked at the clock. Ten minutes till she had to meet Zane back at the pier, perfect timing.

Atani didn't live too far from the pier. She sped walked through a few parts of town, but was able to slow down and compose herself as she drew closer to her meeting point with Zane. Before rounding the corner to see him again, she paused to flatten the creases in her cover and ran her fingers through her hair as if combing any imperfections. Feeling prepared, she want to meet him.

The blonde haired man leaned against the rail that overlooked the pier.

"That's the power of H2O."

"The power of... water? I didn't think we'd be drinking much of that tonight."

She smirked as she approached the man. She didn't know what Zane was on about, but she hoped their night would be a little more fun than just that.
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Zane was startled to think Atani would show up at the just the right time to hear him talking to himself, his body noticeably shifting as he turned her way. "Ah! You heard me say that?" Zane asked, nervously chuckling. At least it didn't seem like she thought of him as crazy - yet, anyways. "By that I mean that H20 has the power to... err... bring us together. Though... travel?" Off to a strong start. Still, Zane could roll with it. Very boldly grabbing onto Atani's left hand, Zane brought himself beside her (though just a bit in front of her) and began leading her to the beach while continuing on with his rant about water. "Not to mention that our bodies are like, 60% water or something. Or was it 70? Or 80? Something around there." Zane smiled down at Atani with a confident grin, almost as though he expected her to be impressed with his extremely elementary understanding of science.

Zane led Atani down a flight of stairs, their feet finally embracing the sand of the beach. Some grains managed to get into Zane's sandals. He couldn't complain about this, honestly. Felt pretty nice on his feet. Slowly making his way up closer to the water, Zane noted that the beach was about as quiet as he expected given both the time of day and the day of the week. To the right there was a tiki bar where most of the people here were spending their time. To the center (and left) there was a huge stretch of beach, most of it unused save for some people that were far off in the distance. The beach was quite wide as well. It would most likely take the pair at least 2 minutes just to get to the water. Zane's hand gripped Atani's just a little bit tighter, his manner seeming rather hasty. "I wanna get to the beach soon, the tide's at just the right level. Not to mention it'll get cold soon. There's also the ulterior motive I have of seeing you without that beach wrap as soon as possible." There was also the ulterior motive Zane had of seeing her without th- wait. Zane's inner monologue had accidentally just poured out. His face turning a bit red, Zane stopped in his tracks, facing towards Atani. He had to think of an excuse. He had to think of a way to save it. "You know what? I'm not gonna make an excuse for that one." He confidently said, hoping his date would just find it charming. Or just forget about it. Definitely the latter. That would be the best outcome.

Having resumed walking, the two finally made their way to the water. Zane slowly stepped up towards the small bit that rested at the sand's edge. "These always were the best beaches in Fiore. Even the ones in Astera don't compete." While this obviously wasn't known to Atani, Zane had spent years exploring nooks and crannies in Fiore. If he said a town was the best place for beaches in Fiore he was most likely objectively right. Zane slipped out of his sandals by way of utilizing only his feet, eventually letting them rest on the sand. Then he took a step into the water, feeling how cool it was. "Ahhh, see? That's the power of H20. So, which one of us is gonna jump in first?" Zane had to admit he hoped he didn't have to do it first. As nice as the water felt on his feet it was quite cold.


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Atani Tathvir
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"You were right the first time." She paused. "Well, for the most part. Men are closer to 60% than women. We're a little closer to 55% if you want to be technical."

It was some simple biological knowledge she had picked up on while studying healing magic in Athalran. It did not have many practical uses that she could think of off the top of her head, but a healer had to have general knowledge on how the human body functioned. Or at least, they should.

She stepped down the wooden stairs with Zane. Their fingers laced together, Atani slipped off her flip flops with her free hand and let them dangle loosely, swinging gently as they walked on the warm sand. The soft grains felt nice between her toes. Skin against natural earth in any form let the elf feel grounded.

Zane squeezed Atani's hand ever so tighter, just as he frequently did when he was about to say something. As the trend went, words did follow his grip, words that left Atani with smirk across her face.

"Oh, do you now?" she teased. Zane's face gained a tinge of red. He said he wouldn't make an excuse for that statement to which Atani simply giggled in reply. She at least respected that he wouldn't. Making excuses could only work for so long. For Atani, she was never patient for those sorts of things.

Their conversation transitioned to Zane mentioning the beaches of Astera. From what she had heard of the beautiful town, she was surprised they weren't up to par with Hargeon. "So let's see... Orchidia, Crocus, and now Astera? You've been all over Fiore, haven't you."

Atani was jealous. She admittedly hadn't been in Fiore long, but that was all the more reason to have such strong wanderlust. Anyone who had the opportunity to fill that desire she was envious of.

As the two came closer to the water, Atani set her flip flops down. She took off her beach wrap and placed it by her shoes. Cool water lapped over her bare feet. It felt good after walking on all that dry sand. Zane asked who would jump in the water first.

"What, we're not getting in together?" She tugged on his hand as she stepped further into the water. "Come on, it'll feel nice."

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