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Daiko Is Dead [SL]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme

If Shahrbaraz, the old man, saw him in this state, then he’d be disappointed. It felt like the air around him suddenly drew away his breath, making it more and more difficult to follow up and breathe properly. On top of that, his head was ringing… sudden buzz and commotions felt like audial torture at this point. If there was one thing he hated in this world, then it was the presence of sickness and diseases. He had been contracted with a lot of them throughout his life; crocodile belly, arthritis, the common cold and many more, but his body always rose back to health after a day or two. He chalked it up to the beast within, the immortal bird granting him some of its longevity. It was magical…

But… it’s been over a month now. He hasn’t been outside during that time, simply confined in his room here in Hargeon, the seedbed and HQ of his winged guild. His skin was slightly… wrinkling. It looked as if he was growing a little old, with his hair having lost some of its spikiness and falling down into long bangs that covered his view of the room around him. His whole body ached… how long was he going to stay here?

The granny from Myras, the one who ran the nursery where he met Criss, had even come all the way to treat his illness. He was so relieved for a while, wanting to be diagnosed with some random name and figuring out how to cure it, so that he could go out and take quests, train and walk for a change. She’d had to take a few uncomfortable tests on him, like a blood test and whatever the hell she needed his piss for, but he complied gratefully.

Soon, he could recover… he just knew it. Besides, Kerii had mastered a new healing spell from what he had heard. She could probably heal him back up, so that Alisa and Sofia wouldn’t stress themselves near dead because of his pains.

One week later.

Granny had no luck determining the affliction on Daiko. It wasn’t contagious, and it wasn’t a virus or bacteria… it almost felt like a curse. At this point, he could feel his heart sink whenever he closed his eyes and opened them again, in the company of his raptor Coda who slept on his lap day and night.

He had grown wearier. His hair was losing color, and he could barely rise up. He felt so… helpless. So weakened.

“… … … C-… Coda… … … it’s so… … … q-… … … q-quiet… … …”

An hour later…

… Was… was he sleeping? At this point, it was difficult to tell… his breathing was so calm and silent.

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Atani Tathvir
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Never in Atani's life did she think that so soon after joining Blue Pegasus, she would receive word that one if her guild mates was dying.

It was one who she had only met during the egg hunt. The one whose bird had grown quite attached to her. The one who radiated the most delightful energy. When she met Daiko, it was like he breathed life itself. And now, he had fallen ill.

She hadn't even noticed. But now that she did think of it, she hadn't seen the lively phoenix mage within the guild hall, and she certainly never saw Coda either. The elf had been so focused on her own affairs, she didn't even realize that one of her friends was in danger. And not just in any sort of danger. Daiko was on his deathbed. And now Atani might have been too late.

Upon hearing about his state and his request to see her— for what reason, she could not fathom other than her being a healer— Atani rushed to see her dying guild mate. He was resting in a bed in the guild hall. The guild hall. How the hell had she not noticed?

She sprinted all the way from her apartment, to the entrance of the guild hall, to the space where Daiko laid. Upon seeing his state, the wood elf gasped. A hand flew to her mouth. His skin was wrinkled, his hair was dull. Everything about him just seemed... fallen. It was as if life was being physically sucked out of him, though the only thing she knew of that could do such a thing was magic, and no mage she knew of could keep a spell like that up as long as Daiko had been sick. Whatever he was afflicted with, Atani had never seen anything like it. She was at a loss.

"Daiko..." Her voice was breathless. She stepped closer to his bed. Coda was in his company, comforting its ailing companion. It pained Atani to see the look on its face. "... what happened?"

She didn't even know if Daiko could answer her in his state, though there were others she knew who were summoned to be by his side. Perhaps they knew more than she did, but the chances of that were slim. If she, a healer, in all her years of experience, didn't have the faintest idea what sort of illness Daiko contracted, she had little hope in finding the diagnosis in time.
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Daiko Is Dead [SL] Lu7gGv2
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Just another morning for Alisa... That's all it was... Just one morning like all the others, after a long, stenuous workout at daybreak... The lithomancer strode back inside the guild hall dripping with sweat, her hair yet tied up into a sporty ponytail, her pale, silky smooth skin tinged with a flushed, heated glow from the stenuous workout, those dewey droplets glistening under the morning sunbeams as they gleamed through the windows, the sculpted outlines of her toned, honed muscles all too visible with a subtle, eye catching swell...

"Mmmm~... Defenitely a lovely day for a workout~...", she chimed, flashing that vibrant faint smile to the closest of her guildmates as the man approached and kindly offered a towel, which she promptly took and ran over her chest and shoulders, drying off the worst of the wetness that built up as she walked up towards the stairwell, wanting nothing but a hot, steamy shower to wash off the sweat and grime

Even the most eager of Pegasi had all but grown desensitized by now, used to seeing their master casually stroll around in a shorts and sports bra combo, flaunting that well trained figure... Alisa was in a good mood today. The last doctor she'd seen gave her a good prognosis for Daiko's condition. She didn't know whether he was genuine or whether he was just telling her what she wanted to hear but... She believed him. She wanted to believe him. Bad enough that she'd pay him and whoever else gave her good news to stick by his side head to toe:

"I wonder how he's doing... Hopefully he's doing better?", even with all the good news, there was still a nudging hint of anxiety, some gut feeling she couldn't quite shake, one that would ultimately turn out to be true.

He'd been stuck in his room for a while know, almost scary how unlike him that felt... But she'd been consulting the best physicians money could hire. For a moment there, she saw a light at the end of the tunnel... She thought he'd be okay... But as she walked past his room and peered inside it:

"D-daiko...!!", her voice little more than a gasp, almost a startled little yelp as she saw took a look, eyes shooting wide, feeling an unmistakable, dreadful sensation shooting down her spine at the sight of him, paler, grayer in hair than she'd ever saw him before. The sight before her shook her to the core, so much that she dropped the towel around her waist in a crumpled mess, rushing to his side, taking hold of his hand, "Don't fall asleep...! Daiko!!"

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Daiko Is Dead [SL] CyhFjWA

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Teeheeheehee… He's an outdoorsy boy, so I bet if he sees a bit of nature, he'll perk up in no time~ The spirit of optimism seizing the soul of Sofia Serena and forcing her to step out into the outskirts of Hargeon to see what she might find, with no power to heal or mend whatever the cute little brother she had never been given she had instead elected to take more of a vague and homeopathic approach to his recent unwellness, and as such could have been found for the moment plucking the prettiest wildflowers she could find from beside a riverbed rather than one of convalescence, trying to find something to brighten up the spirit of a boy who she had met in conditions not too dissimilar from the ones she enjoyed right now. However, it would seem her opportunity was to be cut short, all too soon.

A message…? Catching sight of something with wings and an envelope in its beak crowing above her and then flapping it's way down on a mission of delivery, the girl hoped that it was news that the various potions and spells had finally done their job on whatever it was that was plaguing the lad, and she could head hope to see him grinning sheepishly about the worry he had caused everyone. However, as wonderful as that might have been, unfortunately today hope seemed to be in short supply.


What in the? He can't be… A half-filled basket still in hand as a small, snapping pop sounded to signify the arrival of Miss Serena via the means of magic, though the note that had been sent to her prepared the princess for the worst she still couldn't help but feel confused and frankly terrified as she warped into the room with a half-filled basket in hand, and saw both the state of the boy in the bed and the bodies gathered around him as he lay there, looking like someone so far removed from the energetic and enthusiastic delight that was Daiko that if she hadn't known better she might have thought this was a trick. Or rather, in her heart of hearts, she hoped that it would all be some elaborate prank, but she knew that it wasn't.

I've never seen her look so upset… Better be strong. The reactions of those that had gathered all clearly spelling out the fact that this was no act of tomfoolery or at the very least showing that they were rather committed to the bit, Sofia couldn't help but look toward the woman she loved and see an expression like no other she had ever seen before on her face, and one she honestly never wished to witness again. That confident smile and mystery in her eyes replaced by the image of heartbreak, it was strange to see a woman who was so strong and assured looking so crushed and pushed the usually bubbly brunette toward the brink of desperation as well, but rather than collapse herself she tightened her fist for a moment and opted to be the pillar of support that would stop the rest from buckling.

“M-My word, look at this, a bedroom full of pretty girls, all looking toward you adoringly…” This something that perhaps she had been accustomed to back in her life at the palace where she needed to live a double life, after swallowing the lump in her throat the lass marched forward and spoke up with as much lightness and levity as she could manage, hoping to rouse the spirits of those around her as she rested the basket down and then leaned forward to look into the face of her friend more fully.
“Teeheehee, looks like my little brother is a chip off the old block, eh?” Giggling softly but in a forced fashion that did not quite hide the little buds of wetness which built in the corners of her emerald eyes, Miss Serena placed on hand upon the shoulder of her lady love and the other on the forehead of her friend, stroking it softly as she tried to show him warmth and love even in this most dire and distressing of situations…

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Daiko Flayme

Daiko’s brow twitched for a brief moment at Kerii’s entrance. Coda, on the other hand, rose her avian head energetically at the elf’s arrival, at first thinking her coming here to rid the affliction taking over him. The bird looked joyous for a brief, brief moment… until she noticed the unchanged look of anxiety glued to Kerii’s face. It was… torturous to look at. Coda slowly cowered, lowering her vermillion face into the sheets carrying the slumbering Fire Mage.

His mind was still alive, somewhat. He could say so, because it felt as if he was lost in a desert of memories with sand corns blowing into his face with each step that he took. Was he… walking? But he was lying in his bed a moment ago-

And he still was. On the bed, in the company of Coda and Kerii, Daiko still lied in deep, deadly silence.

What was the meaning of this? Why was he so weakened? Why did this happen to him?

He… he… he was dying.

It was made too clear to him; the vision of the surrounding people, while he slept away, it all hammered the phrase deep into his heart; he was going to die.

But Alisa had helped him! She and the doctors… they told otherwise, didn’t they? Why didn’t he feel any better now? It felt like his mind was going more and more numb, paining him in his own fever dream…

The desert storm kicked up again… but the sand corns didn’t phase him. No, this time, a terrible heat rose from nowhere and enveloped him in the form of large, colorful wings; much akin to the wings that he manifested from his own Takeover Magic. He recognized those wings immediately, but it was so weird to see them detached from his own body… wait… no, they were still attached to his back! Was he using his Magic right now? In this condition?!

The wings began to take shape of other, fire-generated forms… he recognized her immediately. Alisa! As alluring as ever, even as a flame avatar… and Sofia was next to her. He saw Ray, Jan, Criss and the other Blue Pegasi too… no… he saw everyone.

But now… he saw only fire. He couldn’t make up the forms anymore, they all vanished into the inferno.

In the outer world, outside of his head, nothing else happened. He didn’t snort, his breath was calm as void…

”Half a millennium is about to pass.”

A loud, ringing noise called out to… someone deep within his head. Daiko found that voice belonging to no one he knew. At first, he looked around himself, but the voice intercepted:

”I cannot allow myself to fail my next resurrection! My voice has grown… dissociative!”

… How was this possible? His own mouth was saying these words, in another person’s voice! That wasn’t his voice! He didn’t sound so high-pitched, so sharp and ear-ringing! Daiko, what had gotten into you?

Daiko… Daiko!


“… A… Alisa…” he spoke up with whatever strength he had left, his voice hissy with exhaustion as he gently squeezed her grasp of his hand. Upon opening his eyes, he saw Kerii situated next to his bed as well, her face just as contorted to sorrow as the Guild Mistress’.

… That dream… he was dying because of his Magic. There was no doubt about it.

And that voice… his voice. No, the other voice that, somehow, came from him as well… it didn’t feel so strange. He wondered why…

Sofia… she entered too, shining still with optimism and even commenting the scenery with a tint of comedy. Her gentle touch of his forehead did generate a little fire… but just a little one. Who knew how long it could last…

“Sofia… and you…” he mustered up more words, moving his eyes to face the blonde elf whom he had known for longer than the two Blue Pegasi, “Kerii… s-sorry…” He felt like apologizing, for one reason or another, to the elven girl… he felt like making amends, for his time was running short.

“… M-My Magic is doing this…” Once he realized it, he grew in spirit and began talking a little more, as if fate allowed him a final rite or testimony, “… A half millennium… I said that… e-earlier.”

… He grew tired again. This time, his eyes were the ones to grow droplets of tears akin to Sofia’s as fear and worry clawed at him. “… I… I don’t wanna… I don’t wanna die yet…” he beckoned to no one, looking straight up at the ceiling with his gasping breath. Once his breath settled, he continued: “I… I haven’t grown up yet… I haven’t… seen Coda lay eggs yet… I haven’t… I haven’t… loved…”

He felt like he was going to miss out on big things in life. It pained him even further; especially the last part… just like Alisa and Sofia, he too craved love. Love… just like…


It was a lost cause from the beginning, Daiko. Your heart wasn’t very fair to you, especially in the presence of those two. It was never meant to be, and yet your heart flutters.

In the waking realization of this, this… embarrassment, perhaps death suited him. He couldn’t help but look at Kerii first, the longest friend he had ever had; now reduced to a shadow of her own past. She didn’t remember him… or Lamia Scale. Perhaps, that was for the best; her inner pain would only have grown in size if that was so… but it didn’t help his own pain. “Kerii… n-no, Atani… I’m so sorry…”

His tears gave up on clinging onto the corners of his eyes and finally trickled down his dry, greyed cheeks as he glanced at Sofia and Alisa. He felt that they, too, deserved an apology. “Alisa… S-Sofia… sorry… sorry for… for… for falling in love with you both… when it was never meant to be…

His heart was ever naïve, just like his spirit and person. He so easily fell in love back then, didn’t he? He never admitted it, always clinging to his manners and what his mother had taught him, but… he felt like he had caused them wrong… so please…

Forgive him.

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Atani Tathvir
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Two other people came into the room. The first one she of course recognized. Blue Pegasus' guildmaster Alisa Vollan. The other? The brunette girl with emerald eyes... Well, Atani had never spoken a word to her before, but she seemed quite close to Daiko. She called him her little brother. And what did that make Atani in all of this?

The people closest to Daiko were by his side. His longtime avian partner, Coda. His guildmaster, Alisa. His quasi older sister, Sofia. And... Atani. He didn't even so much as know her last name, nor did she know his. They only just met at one of the guild's festivities held in Hargeon. Even then, she donned a mask. All he did was discover her name. He couldn't even see her full face that day. To her, he was no more than a lively fire mage with a kind heart. Likely to him, she was no more than a quiet elf who was reluctant to show her face.

This felt wrong. It felt as if she was intruding on a personal moment. She should let him be with the people who cared for him most... At least until she could get some space to try and heal him. Just as Atani was about to open her mouth and say something to the two other women in the room, Daiko's voice croaked Alisa's name, next Sofia's, and then... Kerii.

Atani felt her heart skip a beat. Her stomach dropped. There was that name again: Kerii. Daiko was not the first to use it. Zane had said it before. In fact, he insisted that it was indeed her real name. And now Daiko? He was apologizing to her. To Kerii.

"Don't be," she replied in a hushed voice. She couldn't even begin to comprehend what he could be apologizing for, but whatever it was should have been the least of his worries as he trod so close to death's door. He shouldn't have any regrets or sorrows in his final moments. "It's okay."

He continued to speak through a pained voice. He believed it was his magic that was doing all of this. His takeover magic? Never had she heard of someone's taken over soul causing such severe damage to the user, but at the same time she had heard of magic that influenced others in... less than desirable ways. She had been victim to that once, but it never put her in a state as grave as Daiko's. Even knowing that, there was little Atani believed she could do.

He mentioned a half millennium, or in other words, 500 years. It meant nothing to Atani. Nothing of significance, to say the least. If it did, would that have even made a difference though? The way Daiko seemed, she doubted she could procure an adequate healing spell even if she had all the pieces to the puzzle, but that wasn't any reason for her not to at least try.

Daiko wasn't ready to die. It pained the elf to hear him talk about all the things he was going to miss out on.

She couldn't let that happen.

"You're not going to die," she said through gritted teeth. He was far too young. Atani walked closer to Daiko's bed. She raised her hands and let healing waters spiral gently around his limp body. The spiral glowed to life with magical energy, but it did nothing. There was no physical indication that his condition improved as a result of her attempt at a spell. The girl's lip quivered and her hands fell down by her side. The water disappeared into the air. And even after all that, Daiko continued to apologize.

"You have nothing to be sorry about," she insisted, "I'm sorry I couldn't have done something sooner."

Atani brought a hand to her mouth to hide her trembling lips. There was nothing more she could do at this point. She wasn't strong enough to bring someone back from the brink of death.

She felt helpless, of course, but perhaps moreso confused. The Wood Elf didn't understand why she was getting so emotional over someone she hardly knew. Yes, this person was a member of her guild, but for someone who was raised in a society where guilds were not present, it meant little to her. This confusion only left her feeling more emotional and frustrated. Through years of having been expected to keep a level head, however, she suppressed these feelings outwardly. Though her mouth still gently shook behind her hand, no tears had yet made their way to her eyes. But still, her mind ravaged for any possible explanation for her state of fearful sorrow. It was almost as if she had known the dying mage for years... The same sort of feeling she got with Manzo, though she knew in her mind that was not possible.
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"Mmmm, defeninitely sounds like a fitting description hmmm~...?", spoke the sculptress, Sofia's voice never failing to bring a smile to those plush pink lips as Alisa nonetheless just squeezed tighter to his friend's hand, reminding him that she was here, just like Sofia and Atani, "At this rate, you should get better in no time, won't you Daiko...?"

They wouldn't leave his side... Indeed, for a moment there, Alias barely even noticed anybody else in the room but him. She'd known Daiko for many years now, not long after she'd joined Blue Pegasus. Between Manzo, Finn and Snow from Blue Pegasus, to Arisa and Daiko from Lamia Scale, the relatively small of number of people she still remembered from those handful years ago grew smaller by the day. Arisa had died many times but her memories passed on to a different person. He was one of her oldest friends out of those she was still in touch with it... Somebody she'd have done anything protect... And yet... What eventually got to him wasn't anything she could have done anything about. A sense of powerlessness that weighed her down with every breath, something that her friends no doubt shared as she saw Atani come over and use her magic to try and cure what ailed him. Alisa looked up at her, and even before looking at the spell she could tell it had failed... She could see it in her eyes. The fighter couldn't protect him, the healer couldn't fix him...

"You're not going to...", once again Alisa repeated those same words that left the healer's lips, like a mantra, like something that could possibly save him if they said enough times. Her other hand fell over Daiko's too, squeezing his weakened hand between hers, loving yet sternly, an almost pleading look in her eyes that made it clear she wasn't about to let him go, not time and not anytime soon. She'd lost friends before but... Most of the times they just disappeared without a trace, leaving her to grieve slowly over the course of years, "You still have so much to live for... So much you haven't done... So... Don't fall asleep Daiko."

As she looked into her graying friend, Alisa's heart ached at the sight of someone so young, younger than her even, looking older than even her uncle... Truly, there was nothing natural about this, starting with the crippling illness that overwhelmed such a vigorous young man, from the relentless fashion with which it drained the life away from his body as such, leaving him as little more than a shrivelled husk... And his magic had done this...? Alisa gritted her teeth at the thought, thinking back to Esperia and her own Demon Soul magic:

"If it's your magic that's doing this then... We can purge it.", a last resort crossed her mind, one last sliver of hope crossing her eyes, though in the end, it amounted to little more than last ditch desperation. Even if by some miracle it could have worked a few months back, it was too little too late, only a desperate woman would put her bets in such a flimsy, "Those potions, what are they called? Quickly, someone go to the apothecary and grab a magic cleansing potion!!"

She shouted her frantic command to nobody in particular, but almost immediately her eyes fell on one of the other members of her guild hanging around the doorway, leading to a pair of strapping young males quickly leaving the area and rushing out to grab it, just as Daiko apologized for something Alisa already know... On any other day, she'd have something cheeky to say, like reminding him that if she cut off every friend who had feelings for her she'd have already lost a fair number of friends... But right now, she couldn't:

"S-silly boy, who cares about that now..?!", Alisa's brow furrowed, chiding him as she shook her hear, leaning in and wrapping her arms around him, her chest resting on his as she reminded him that she never really thought any less of him for it, "You... Can't really choose who you fall in love with."[/b][/color]

She loved him, but not in the way he wanted. That mattered just as much to her, after all, whenever she looked at him, only one thought came to her mind... Family. But as she hugged him she could feel it. This close she could feel the moment he drew his last breath:

"D-daiko... Hey, Daiko, wake up!!", she spoke, shaking him once as that might bring him back, tears dripping down her eyes as it dawned on her, "Daiko! Daiko!!!"

She couldn't save him. Once again she couldn't save him. Nobody could really, but in the end, guilt weighed crushingly on her heart as she thought of everything she could have done to stop this situation, shivering as she balled her fist against the wall behind him.

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“Indeed, not one nor two but three pretty nurses like us?” Smiling and squeezing the shoulder of her wonderful wife that little bit tighter, Miss Serena nodded at Alisa's comment about their trio being the perfect 'gift' to help him feel better and let loose a breathy sigh as she did so, partly in an effort to vent a little of the ill feeling that seeing the usually vibrant lad looking like this created in her.
“You'll be better in no time, I'd say~” Leaning a little further forward as she continued to be the 'rock' for everyone in the room who needed her and nobody more than Daiko, the green gaze of the girl stung a little bit as she looked into the eyes of the lad she saw like her little brother and stroked his forehead slowly, but she wasn't about to let that oniony effect let tears run down her cheeks. That felt like giving up to her.

“I'll be the fastest…” Gasping as her beautiful bride had an idea about purging the problem when it seemed to be a malady rooted in the magic that their patient possessed, Sofia nodded at the words of her wise wife and straightened up as she realized that this was the perfect job for her, after all, what better use was there for teleportation than bringing help to someone who was suffering in the blink of an eye.
“I can be there and back in a flash…!” Nodding as she lifted her fingers to her forehead in order to facilitate this fast-as-light transition to and from the closest potion brewer, the brunette finally felt like she was useful in this capacity and began to picture the place she needed to visit, but before she could found her progress halted by an astonishing confession.

“Love huh? Well, I'd be offended if you didn't fall for me, or the beauty I call my bride. All it tells us is that you have good taste, nothing to be ashamed of…” Shaking her head and maintaining her composure as best she could as Daiko admitted his amorous affection for both her and the woman she had married, Miss Serena couldn't help but channel a little of the cool allure with which Alisa had been so generously blessed as she showed little judgement of the confession, and instead chose to see it in a flattering light which she could definitely approve of.
“And that's all the more reason to keep fighting, right?” Leaning back in as she saw the chance to try and build a little more energy in the boy and wrapping not one but two of her hands around the soft skin of their poorly patient, the emerald eyed enchantress looked deep into the windows of the soul that she saw in the bronzy-skinned boy, and then leaned forward to lay a kiss on his lips a moment later, which she guessed given the circumstance her magenta minx would have no issue with.

“There's plenty more pretty girls in the world like us, and all of them would be lucky to have you, and that's a promise.” Knowing all to well the strength that love could give a person and perfectly happy to exploit it in order to find a happy ending here, the conquering power of attraction and cherished affection was what drove her through her hardest days, like this one, and she hoped that the same strength would be something that could help her little hero hang on until he could be cured.
“Tell you what, when you've gotten over this pesky convalescence, we'll find you someone really worth falling in love with, won't we babe? A princess for our lovely prince charming~?” Even then the battle she had on her hands not going all that well and the dewy buds of tears seeming to sprout in the corners of her eyes as she tried to remind her friend that there was plenty worth fighting for and vowing to help him find it as she clung to his cheeks, smiling as brightly as she could even as she felt her eyes flooding with wetness, and not wanting to let go of him for a single second until she knew that the boy was on the mend…

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Daiko Flayme
It was strange seeing Kerii like this… but it was to be expected, wasn’t it? Daiko didn’t know what had happened to her, precisely, but even with her odd interactions with him, she was still Kerii to him. He was glad to have met her again, scarred of the disbanding of his old guild where they were once guildmates. Fate had been generous to him for reuniting them again.

But fate demanded its price now. Even the slightly refreshing spell from Kerii that engulfed his body for a moment merely brought health to his spirit, but his body was yet on a one-way ticket to the afterlife. His heart grew heavier, uncertain of what he was going to find on the other side…

… But Alisa wasn’t ready to give up on him. Hearing his raspy words from earlier, she desperately called to obtain a last resort; a magic cleansing potion. If he ingested that, then… would he survive? Would he be able to, somehow, cheat death or avoid it at the last second? But he had been mentally preparing himself to die all up to this point, hence it would probably scramble his mind in the end… but…

He did want to live.

His little confession was thought of him to have been taken as a surprise, somehow. Yet, he shouldn’t have been too surprised to realize that Alisa might’ve caught on to it a while ago, in which he began to wonder if it was even necessary to say it here and now… he was just causing them more pain, wasn’t he? Damn it, Daiko…

Even now, so drained of energy, when Alisa embraced him so tightly and reassured him that his feelings weren’t his fault, he felt so… unbelievably happy. Surely, under normal circumstances, he would’ve fainted just by the overwhelming sensation of her chest spilling out on his torso, but such bliss flowing through him kept him awake just for a little while longer. “I-… I-I’m awake… I-I think…” he mumbled, a strange, shaking and faint smile creeping up on his lips.

Good taste… Sofia seemed to compliment his affection towards them both. It was just the kind of confidence that he associated her with, ever since they met at the lake near Orchidia… if Alisa wasn’t vixen enough, the duo only doubled the troubling feelings in his chest. And if Alisa’s embrace wasn’t making him the happiest man on earth, Sofia’s unexpected approach and… h-huh…?

His eyes widened up in… shock. She just… kissed him. His lips touched hers, without even a warning. She… she kissed him, she really kissed him. His eyes grew teary, now, processing this heat that clung onto his dry lips… b-but… oh… uh…


“I-I love you… I love you, I love you,” he gasped out as small embers began to escape his eyes, making them lose the dark tone they usually had and leave only a whitened tint behind, signaling his transition, “I love you… I love you so much… I… I love… I love… … … … … …”

And when his head turned to the side, the whitened tint where his irises used to be made it all too clear to them. The potion would have no effect at this point, for… Daiko had passed away, at last. Uttering the last thing his heart felt in this short life of his…

Coda… forgive me… and stay with our guildmates. I’m… I’m sorry that I couldn’t be with you any longer.

The raptor began uttering a raspy chirp at the sight of him, revealing floods of tears escaping from her yellow eyes. The intelligence that she carried only increased her in pain as she truly realized that her partner was no more…

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Her magic had failed. Daiko was no better than he was before she tried anything, but at least what she had done didn't make him worse. Atani was out of options. Without knowing the mechanics behind the boy's magic, there was nothing she could do. She didn't know what he had was a curse or something entirely different. Regardless, it wasn't something she could fix, at least not in time to save his life. If she knew of a cure somewhere in the depths of her mind, it would be impossible to prepare it fast enough.

"If it's your magic that's doing this then... We can purge it."

The guild master spoke up. Atani stared at Alisa like she had two heads. Purge a magic? Outside of her personal experiences, she had never heard of such a thing. When Atani possessed nature magic, it was due to the power a spirit granted her. Cleansing the spirit from her body also cleansed the magic from her system. But Atani knew spirits. No spirit would destroy its host's body to the point of death and risk losing that symbiotic relationship. Perhaps Daiko's situation was a unique case?

Alisa mentioned a potion. A cleansing potion. She wanted someone to hurry to an apothecary, but could they even return in time? Two guild mates by the door who had heard the commotion rushed out of the room, presumably to follow their guild master's orders. She prayed that they would be quick enough. Sofia, who Atani hardly knew, said she could be there quickly. Atani watched in anticipation as the brunette looked as if she was about to cast a spell, perhaps to teleport or make her run quickly, but no spell came to fruition. She was interrupted by something Daiko had said. Something about love.

Daiko loved both Alisa and Sofia. He loved them both when it was unfortunately never meant to be. Though she knew neither of the women well, she could see why they held his interest captive. They were both beautiful. They had breathtaking figures and features of elegance. And from what she could tell, they cared for Daiko deeply. There was a bond between the three that was formed under circumstances unknown to Atani, but she could tell the experiences they shared ran deep. Once again, the elf was left feeling like a complete outsider in the situation. She had assumed she was there to work her magic on the dying fire mage, but her magic failed. It wasn't even close to being strong enough to bring him back. It wasn't even strong enough to give him back the slightest bit of strength. Her work was done, but it seemed inappropriate to leave. Not when he was still dying, not when her guild master and her guild master's bride were emotionally distressed by the soon to be death of their close friend and ally, not when the two men belonging to Blue Pegasus had yet to return with the cleansing potion.

For one last effort to comfort Daiko, to finally give him some sense of... closure was it? To give him part of his dying wish? At the very least, as a show of their love for the boy, both Alisa and Sofia embraced him in a hug. Atani, not feeling that she should interfere with that touching moment, refrained from doing so. This was something Daiko should have alone with the two women he once fell in love with. Not her... Not someone he hardly knew. Certainly not someone he had only met hiding behind a mask. No, the three pegasi deserved those moments alone.

Sofia planted a parting kiss atop Daiko's paled lips. With the warmth from their affection for him, Daiko croaked out his final words. Echoing 'I love you' over and over again like a broken record, his life slowly faded away. All remaining color drained from his eyes like dying embers. His body fell limp. The wizards who had fled to retrieve a potion were too late. Atani didn't even need to check her guild mate's pulse. It was clear that he was completely drained of all energy and life force. The gentle rise and fall of his chest had completely ceased. Despite everyone's best efforts, their friend had passed away, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

"I'm sorry," Atani found herself saying. Her voice was soft. She couldn't even let her eyes meet Alisa's or Sofia's. She was sorry she was unable to do anything more. She was sorry she wasn't a strong enough healer. She was sorry for their loss. Whatever steps came after this, she was prepared to help her allies with anything.
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Alisa smiled at her luscious lover's reassuring words, doing her damndest to think of anything other than the despair she felt... That there was nothing they could do. There had to be something, anything, some manner of magic they had yet to try, some healer that could possibly save them. By now it felt like too little to late, every time she humoured the thought with even a slightest hint of rationality behind it:

"Yeah... You'll see Daiko, you're going to be fine.", she spoke, smiling as she squeezed her friend's head tightly, not about to leave his side for anything. The sight of her guildmates darting off brought her a sliver of hope, though nothing quite measured up to the sight of her beloved Sofia raising her fingers up to her forehead, a gesture Alisa knew all too well. Indeed, with Sofia's magic, she could be there and back again in the blink of an eye, faster than you can say 'teleportation', "Ufufu~... Nothing quite as reassuring as teleportation when you need to travel in record time hmmm~?"

Indeed, there might be time. The last ditch measure that probably wouldn't even work, but the fact one last option even existed filled the sculptress with hope, her pale pink lips widening into the barest hint of a hopeful smile, a little chuckle escaping her lips as she saw Sofia ready to move out, keeping Daiko company in the meantime. Yet the short lived sliver of hope shattered in an instance, and Alisa came to the gloom, heartbreaking realization that even teleportation might just be too slow:

"Don't give up Daiko...!!", urged the sculptress, her pleading eyes falling right back on her fallen friend, watching him hopelessly struggle to form words, professing his love for them like the last words he'd ever whisper. The sculptress couldn't help but shook her head, the fight in her eyes crumbling before the inevitability that even mages as powerful as the three of them could do nothing to halt the death throes of one they loved so...

The sight of Alisa leaning made her eyes shoot wide, in shock not at the sight of her giving a dying man his last wish, but the realization that Sofia had already started to accept that there was nothing she could do... The same dewey rivulet fell down the corner as she watched beloved bride pulling away from the kiss, encouraging him to keep fighting so they could possibly find somebody more worthy of attentions... Alisa understood why, giving a dying man that one last solace before his soul departed for the afterlife. Indeed, she didn't really mind watching her press her lips to his, didn't think any less of her for it. She and Daiko went way back however, they'd been friends for almost as long as Alisa had been in Blue Pegasus, having met not long after she first joined. With that much history, she thought of the young man before her more as a little brother, reaching a hand up to stroke his cheek:

"M-My, how silly of us... All these years, and we could have already been looking for a proper bride for you. I suppose that just means...", Alisa sniffled, running a hand over her misty eyes, wiping off the tears as she smiled. If there truly was... Nothing they could do... Then she her smile to be his last memory of her, reaching her hand up to stroke his cheek, "...We'll need to make up for lost time hmmm?"

She just sat there... The smile on her face contrasting with the river of sorrow flowing from her reddened eyes, Alisa taking long deep breaths. Cool as a cucumber she may be, even a woman like her struggled with keeping her composure. One of her oldest friends, laying helplessly before her, making her wonder if every breath would be his last. Before long whatever energy he had to speak ebbed away entirely, and in that moment, all of the memories flashed before her eyes... Their sparring session on the grassy plains of baska, something that arguably made him blush quite a bit more than any boy should. At any other time she'd have defenitely chuckled at the thought, finding him impossibly cute like that. It felt like eternity had passed by the time announced that his master had passed away, and Alisa took a long, deep breath:

"Goodnight sweet prince...", spoke the sculptress, drawing a hand over his eyelids, before cupping both his cheeks as she once again leaned in, planting a soft, affectionae kiss on his forehead. Her heart ached with every word from her lips, but... Alisa had to be strong. She barely spoke, instead pressing her face against the inside of her elbow, wiping her eyes once more as she stood up from beside the bed.

She looked at the bright blonde elf, feeling something in her heart clenching once more... She... She knew Daiko before. Alisa wanted nothing more than to talk to somebody who'd known Daiko for as long as she had if not more so but... She no longer had any of those memories, did she? The affection she held for him now had been built up from scratch, ever since she joined Blue Pegasus. Regardless of how long they knew him for, the three women joined Coda in the mourning of a loved one. Alisa walked up to her... She didn't didn't know what she could say, after all, nothing she said would make it better now, would it? Seeing the elf apologizing for her failure, Alisa walked up to her, and without a single word, she pulled Atani into tightly into her arms, squeezing the girl close, nails gripping tightly to her back, not letting go, her lips close to her ears as a breathy, solemn whisper finally left them:

"It's not your fault...", she spoke... They had been close acquaintances before, maybe even friends, but so far they had yet to mend whatever bonds they once had. Seeing her here with Daiko brought her a measure of warmth, knowing full well that nobody deserved having to grieve alone, "You did the best you could... We all did."

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“Don't be sorry, Daiko, we love you too…” The fingers of the femme curling around the face of her friend as he seemed to be overwhelmed by emotion, Miss Serena's emerald eyes could see how the fire within the irises of the lad seemed to be dulling and diminishing like an ember spat from the fire and cooling in the air, and was not about to letting the light and life of the lad die out without a waging war on whatever was affecting him so, that was for sure.
“So fight, for us!” Halfway tempted to lay another kiss on his lips in the hopes it might give him the energy and more importantly the strength to fight against what was happening to him, ultimately the grabbing a hand that felt hauntingly cold and squeezing it tightly, the brunette begged the boy to keep going if not for his own sake then for the sake of the people who had gathered around him, and while they seemed to soberly accept his fate she refused to.

“Come on, where's that brave blazing bird boy who saved me from the serpent in the lake? Eh Daiko?” Shaking her head and feeling her eyes stinging with greater and greater ferocity as she sought to deny what was happening before her, the foreign fox chose a feisty spirit over the recognition of their defeat, and even as the boy seemed to grow silent and still pleaded with him and perhaps the forces of fate as well to change what was happening here.
“Daiko?” Blinking at the absence of a response to her words and feeling the tumble of tears down her cheek as the truth began to set in for her, this was something that the aquatic angel just simply wouldn't expect, so after wiping her eyes she simply questioned what was happening before her and fought even harder against the tragedy that was unfolding.

“Daiko…? Come on, stop joking around…!” Shaking her head as she fought against this cruel trick of destiny  and resolute in her refusal to acknowledge what was occurring, the paw of the princess prodded the young man as she continued to try and stir his spirit from what looked like a rather well-needed nap, but as even this failed the femme did not give up just yet, just grew more and more desperate.
“Don't you dare give up on me… You hear?!” Moving her mitts to the shoulders of her appropriated brother and gripping them tightly, the water witch rocked the body of the boy with increasing strength as she tried to throw off whatever had its hold on him, but was made painfully aware of the fact that regardless of the effort she put it in was having no effect upon him.

“Why're you…?” Still accepting no part of her that wished to surrender and even seeming to reject the women around her when they both seemed to yield to the undeniable truth of the situation, wetness rained down Miss Serena's cheeks as she looked first to Atani and then to Alisa in sheer disbelief at his defeat, and as she did so felt her stomach growing cold like a big, jagged shard of ice had been jammed through her heard and plunged deep into her belly beyond it.
“He just… He can't be, right?” Simply unable to comprehend what was going on as the strength she had tried to show for the group shattered under the weight of what was occurring, the hands of the girl with the green gaze trembled as she reluctantly released her hold on Daiko's shoulders, and instead moved them both back to the mitt she had been gripping before, which itself felt like it was carrying a haunting coldness about it.

“We've just gotta…” Unsure of what to do because of this but some part of her seeming to finally seem to recognise the truth, while the mind of the young woman continued to struggle to make sense of what had happened and seemed to linger close to the realm of denial, Sofia found her body seeming to find something close to acknowledgement as all the energy and strength in her seemed to suddenly and spontaneously disappear from her and leave her to slump over the bed before her.
“Find the right spell…?” Sinking forward as her heart was dragged down to hell and realms beyond that and still not quite seeming to realize the depth of what had occurred, all that the usually so feisty femme could do was buckle and cling to the hand of her brother as she questioned all that had occurred and all that had failed for them, and emotion overwhelmed her too. All she could do was cry and wail, and wish all of this was some bad dream she'd wake up from in three… two… one…


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