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Festina Lente [ MMG - Meeting ]

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A costume party. How exciting. Maybe for his kids, the adult Crime Sorcière mage had more important manners to attend to. He was still dressed up though.

By using some of his former connections, he'd have informed various attending people in various positions of power -- urging them to come together and have a meeting pertaining to the current state of Fiore & more.

It has been a few years since he had been in Fiore, having come all the way from Joya since his departure. Upon his arrival he immediately heard word from various guards, local police officers and various other sources that the activity of certain evil guilds had gone unstopped -- their size ever growing, and their nefarious intentions grew in parallel. It had created some cause for concern for Noel, as he had fears of a war breaking out. Particularly, a war in which the 'bad' side of Fiore was destined to be the belligerent, and a smaller 'good' guild the target. In times such as these, it was important to bring everyone around the table.

To have a discussion, and to discuss the future.

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    It was for their sake Noel didn't mind spearheading this effort, though no plan could have a single point of failure. There were lots of subjects to be discussed, the tall mage would wonder how this potential pact was going to pan out.


    The Blue Pegasus Guild Hall was like a third home to him. Already being familiar with his way around the building, he'd avoid the large crowd of partygoers and sneakily took a staircase leading to the meeting room. He didn't want to run into an old accomplice and get sidetracked.

    This meeting hall was quite large primarily, the ceiling would be very high. A big round table at the center of the room, with many various chairs joined. Sandwiches had been laid out, and various other beverages.

    Of course when he noticed he was the first to be present, he'd start checking the room. Maybe it was bugged? Didn't seem to be the case.

    He'd open one of the windows and sit on the windowsill, looking over to the mardi-grass partygoers' down on the decks below. Their music was quite overwhelming, so he'd shut the window after a smoke and out of boredom start playing his own magic. With his gravity magic, he'd assume control of a few woodwind instruments, and a drum. He'd play orchestral music, while displaying his masterful control of his magic.

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    Kazimir Seiryu
    Kazimir tucked away the small invitation letter. "A meeting of guild masters huh...interesting." He spoke softly to himself. He had met with the others, but the final two were the most aloof guilds of the bunch. It would be nice to see what they are up to and plan for the future. Or at least lay the groundwork for it. He still wasn't sure how Crime Sorciere functioned but was interested in learning more as they were a very non-traditional guild.

    Crowds gathered at the gates of the guildhall. And while the festivities were sure to be nice. kazimir was not so much of a party person. he preferred to remain on alert, and crowds were tricky to navigate. The wind mage flew over the crowd of people hidden by the distraction of the fireworks.

    He landed on a ledge and made his way through a window and into a wide-open room. Once he stepped in, the sound of a different musical arrangement was playing. Instruments seemed to move on their own. Kazimir stepped into the open to see a mage manipulating the music with his magic.

    "A handy skill you have," he nodded to the man that was waiting. A table sat between them. "Noel I presume. I'm Kazimir. It's a pleasure. There's a good-looking spread here too," Kaz said and sat down at one of the seats. He waved his hand for Noel to keep jamming and let him know that he wouldn't be offended. In fact, Kaz rather liked the beat of the drums.


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    It was finally happening... And they had one man to thank for that. Alisa had been preoccupied nurturing her connections to her fellow light and neutral guilds, but only someone able to move this freely could have so easily organized a meeting as such. She'd done nothing more than provide the venue, and he took care of the rest. They'd gone to some lengths to keep their meeting on the down low, understandable as nobody would benefit from their foes catching wind of one such gathering.

    Between party downstairs, spilling out all across the streets of Hargeon, to the distant beat of the music filling even these hallways, Alisa cooly slipped away from the festivities, out of sight when she merely stepped through a doorway with the help of her skeleton key, before revealing herself right at the entrace to the room Noel and Kazimir found themselves in, an ethereal glow radiating from the doorframe until she closed it behind her. Clad in a flowing, silky dress draped loosely down her curvaceous frame, fluttering left and right with every heel clacking step, Alisa Vollan looked fresh out of the ball, as though she'd merey excused herself from the festivities to address important matters, and was instantly greeted by a harmonious sound, as though an orchestra had gathered in the meeting room:

    "My my~... You've never told me you were a one man orchestra?", announcing herself as that throaty, melodious voice filling the room, the lithomancer peeled down the masquerade adorning her face, chiming softly with a hint of admiration in her voice. Perhaps some other time she'd ask him whether he'd picked up that skill, at the guildhall or anywhere else. Even after all this time, the man was still full of surprises. Her eyes soon turned from Noel to her brother in law as she greeted the two of them, sashaying over to the table, running one hand down the flare of her hips, scooping up the long, flowing skirt of her dress before taking a seat an empty chair, "Fufu... A pleasure to see you both again Noel, Kazimir~... I trust you're enjoying the festivities?"

    Much like how Noel took care looking for bugs in the room, so did Alisa, easily evidenced by the whiteness of her left eye so clearly revealed. And yet she simply sat there, crossing those long, shapely legs under the table in a graceful motion as she rested against. Clearly, she saw nothing in the room or the immediate vicinity that they needed to worry about, leaving her free to enjoy the music and the companionship until the remaining guildmasters arrived.

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     Festina Lente [ MMG - Meeting ] CyhFjWA

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    There the tall beauty stood as she gazed over the City of Hargeon. She clenched onto the letter that was written by her Ex-husband who was now apart of some group she has never really heard of. It was written in a way where it could be written to anyone, so perhaps there was going to be Alisa and Kazimir as well assuming it was all the 'good' people. In her dress of black she turned away from the balcony and went down the stairs with her black and golden heel shoes. Her facial expression was a confident one as she had nothing to gain or lose out of this in terms of guild. What was going to be discussed this evening? She opened the letter once more as she walked the path that was described on the letter

    It should be a little entertaining, I suppose.

    She could hear Eris whisper things that reached to her heart and soul. She wanted chaos, but today she wasn't going to get the kind she wanted. Once she entered the location, she could hear music being played and ignored the people around her. Something felt different about herself at the moment, and she has yet to know what that is.

    Soon she entered the right door as she could hear Kazimir and Alisa talk to Noel. She didn't bother saying anything at first, instead she went to a chair that seemed comfortable enough. Her eyes of the black abyss gazed at them and smirked, "What a lovely reunion, isn't it?~", she nonchalantly spoke to all of them. She lifted her right leg to rest above her left in a cross. Her back leaned back and her body relaxed. She looked at her current husband, ex husband and her sister. If only Judith was here then it'd really be a full rush, but this was of Guild masters. She could say many things for each specific person, but alas she just wanted to enjoy the view.

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    Like those before him, and those after, Seika stood amongst the party-goers with a soft scowl on his face. It was honestly ironic how the situation was playing out. Only two years ago he had ranted and raved to both his compatriot in the Rune Knights, Jove, but also the current King himself, Reign, about the lack of effort the Light Guilds had been putting forth for a very long time. It had seemed that they were just... content with letting the Rune Knight's do everything while they kind of just... fought over the lands the King controlled and grew fat with the spoils. It was a level of self indulgence and hypocrisy that Seika couldn't actually stand for. Of course the fools would make some argument about how it was the Rune Knights job, or that they actually were secretly working on a plan to slow down or stop the rampant crimes that the Dark Guilds had been committing and the honestly ridiculous stream of new Dark Mages that had been popping up in recent months to years. All of this culminated to a situation where Seika had to begrudgingly accept the invitation to the meeting between the current Guild Masters to possibly discuss something important or another. It was at least important enough that a level of secrecy or confidentiality was necessary. Hosting a meeting under the guise of an important festival and masquerade ball was a nice touch however. Though having had a similar meeting in the past that dropped some pretty heavy and life changing information on his lap had lead to him being rather... adverse to the level of importance these meetings tended to have.

    Tucking a single hand into the inside coat of his haori, the large man began to stride through the crowds with a level of importance that befit a man of his station. Of course since everyone was currently in the middle of a rather soft dance, the amount of disruption his movement provided was minimal at best as he avoided any female suitors on his way towards the staircase. The soft tap of his sandals climbing the steps was drowned out by the music played by the provided orchestra and hid the soft conversation he had with the mages at the top of the stairs, slipping out the missive that had been given to him and handing it over to the 'guards' for the meeting. Being verified for the purpose of his arrival, the man would stride past, the cool white of his helmet dully hiding the light glow of his eyes from the purview of any spectators.

    It was when he finally stepped into the room that Seika could finally admit that he understood what it meant to have a 'seat at the table'. It was the first time that he truly felt he was interacting with those of at least a fairly similar station to himself. No longer dealing with the like of the mortals down below who danced mindlessly to a beat and were more concerned with social status and prestige, but also no longer conversing with literal god-like beings about the safety and security of the various realms underneath the Light. It was odd to not feel out of his depths however, everyone in the room seemingly held a level of power on a similar or higher level to his own. He was easily in some of their opinions, the weakest one here, but again Seika didn't care about any of that. He wasn't here to flex his social or physical power. He was here to discuss the future and hopefully get some answers about how the menace that threatened Fiore would be dealt with.

    And so, he would walk towards the provided table, taking a seat somewhere closer to the door than the others, and at the very least introduce himself just in case the others noticed his presence, "Good evening to you all." He would begin, his voice muffled and distorted, but deep and clear at the same time. Audible and distinct all the same, "My name is Seika and I represent the Rune Knights as an interim Kingsguard until another should be chosen. Thank you all for having me here."

    He swallowed his pride and forwent stating his status as the Crown Prince of Desierto, he forwent insulting those before him. He forwent scrutinizing their appearances or lack of seriousness. Instead, he went for displaying an outward show of cordiality and professionalism. It was time to get to business.


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    These were strange times for Kon, he had been chosen to represent the Infinity Wolves Guild in a Guild Master meet up. The reasons were otherwise unmentioned but with the absence of his Guild Master and any other perhaps more suitable founders being available to fulfil the role, he had taken on the responsibility. Only a few years ago he would have considered the people he would be meeting up with who held him in quite a low standing. Afterall he had been the guild master of the Sentinel Syndicate before forfeiting the title to see it crumble into pieces a few days later. In some way it could be said he was the glue that kept that morally bankrupt organisation running. Would they really be willing to accept Kon the former Unyielding Blizzard as a representative of the Infinity Wolves? He'd just have to find out. Not one for glamour compared to those he was about to meet, his own attire was fitting more for everyday occasions rather than a big function such as these, and Kon remained apathetic to the situation.

    For much of it, or at least from what he could see, it had just been long term colleagues, acquaintances and other associates mingling together. That was at least until Seika entered the fray. Kon had been waiting for the right time to join, this was his chance. Amidst Seika’s delivery, Kon pointed back and forth to Seika back to himself for all to see, essentially saying “I’m with him, I’m okay.” Before taking a seat adjacent to the prince, drawing back his chair as slowly and coarsely as possible leaving significant marks on the otherwise untouched floor, before dropping himself down and skirting the chair towards the table, practically hopping the seat forward. “LeeAnn sends her regards, I’ve been sent as a representative for Infinity Wolves, anything you say to me can be treated as though you are saying it to her, just as any decision I make is on her behalf and can be considered as though they were her own.”


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    Kazimir of Fairy Tail, a fellow wind user--no surprise his 'elementary' tricks did not impress him. All those who were invited were formidable in their own means. "Yes." He'd give the man a formal Joyan bow. This was the first time they could meet. He'd make a comment about the spread, presumably referencing the food present on the table. "Pegasus Catering -- not the worst in the world. Prease, be seated." It was actually quite culinair, but Noel had high standards.

    While doing his duty as the host of the meeting, the triumphant melody of the self set up orchestra had continued without skipping a beat. Like a beacon in the night, it had led the invited guests to their destination.

    Noel unmasked himself after the second member of the meeting had come in, who like Kazimir was also not masked up. Maybe the invitation Alisa sent him a while ago had been updated and he had not received the new version which didn't mention the masks. She'd make a remark about his musical talent. "These instruments are not the only thing I excel at playing with." And with a simple hand gesture, he'd point at an empty chair she could be seated at.

    While in talks with Alisa, his ex-wife Karisa had subtly joined and taken seat. Most guests had arrived, thankfully. "Yes. It is good seeing you again Arisa. You've been well?" Things luckily had wound on a positive note with his ex, despite having chronically dodged all child support payments.

    When the set of doors opened once more, his mood turned sour. Why? Because of his inherent bias against the Rune Knights. Noel is older than most of those present today, he experienced first-hand a lack of Rune Knights being present during Fiore's grandest crises'. During the darkest hours of its history, it was up to men like Noel to save it all. To take up arms while in a frenzy and bring order and stability back to Fiore. Not only that, he feels greatly injusticed by the Knights, thinking that they haven't given him personally enough recognition.

    This man particularly was a very well known Rune Knight member, mostly due to his notoriety among the criminals. Noel was a true diplomat, his old self would have caused a big scene. Though being the mature man he now is, and after many years of having similar roles in Joya -- he'd simply smile his inner pain away and greet the man. "Ah, yes. Please be seated." A girl seemed to be the Knights' attaché, Noel couldn't quite make out who they were, and assumed they were a Knight' until she elaborated that she represented the Infinity Wolves. That was fair. "Wonderful, my name is Noel." He'd specifically say towards the girl and the Knight, since he didn't know their names. He'd count on their sociable side to recognize that it was also an invitation to introduce themselves. "Since we're all here, let's quickly do a round of introductions."

    Noel waved his fingers around, and made the music stop playing--the instruments would store themselves. "I'll start." Being the assertive man he is, he'd take the opportunity to go first. "My name is Noel Raion. The Animagus del Mago. I have 3 to 5 kids and two failed marriages. My roots go back to Lamia Scale, then Advent World into Blue Pegasus and now Crime Sorcière. Gravity is my game, as is diplomacy. I stand for the weak and those who can't protect themselves. I'm also getting quite old, and would like to leave Fiore a better place for future generations to follow." It was quite a mouthful but it about summed it up. The only thing unmentioned was his perpetual midlife crisis.

    After the introductions were done, the closed door meeting could continue.

    "Alright, thank you all for coming. I'll get straight to the point. In the past few years the side of evil and chaos has grown considerably. I have seen this first-hand when I traveled to Oak. Beasts lurk in the shadows in that town" He'd recall the growing notoriety among the wicked, and their rise to fielding great powers. "While no direct harm is being done currently, I believe it creates a degree of uncertainty and chaos within the minds of those who you care for." He'd lean back in his chair and allow a pause before continuing. "My proposition is a defensive pact between all of those who are present and their corresponding guild, to have it in official & in writing. Lets have an open dialogue about this, and see where it leads. Maybe someone has really good ideas?"

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    Kazimir Seiryu
    Surprised by the bow, Kazimir returned the respect for his long-running heritage. "Thank you." Kaz respected the man's control over gravity. Then wind mage's magic only served to blow and crash. The wind mage walked over to the seat just in time to see Alisa making her usually elegant entrance.

    "Good to see you Ali," Kaz nodded and once again began to pull out a chair. The next person to enter was the woman he'd been waiting on and she was as dazzling as ever. Kaz sat near her and his family in the room. Now wasn't the time for romance but work. That'd come later. Already the wind mage looked around the room at the delicate navigations and remembered his talk with Kaito about guilds feeling like they were as connected as nobility.

    Kaz arched his brow at seeing a rune knight enter. It was unexpected but the wind mage gave a friendly wave. He had always wanted to see more of them around. "Nice to see representation from the Knights." He said to Seika. Kaz still held a soft spot for his time with law enforcement.

    Then followed a young lady by the knight's side that soon introduced themselves as with IW but not a name. Kaz gave a friendly nod at the person, even as the drug the chair across the floor.

    Noel then took charge of the meeting and introduced a great deal about himself. It sunk in that this was to be a more formal meeting. One whose tone reminded him of sounding off in the days of the knights.

    It was always awkward to talk about himself. He inched forward seeing if anyone was going to go and then spoke up to get it out of the way, "I'm Kazimir. I've been affiliated with the Rune Knights, The inquisition, Phoenix Feather, and now Fairy Tail is my home. I'm primarily a wind mage," he nodded to Noel out of reflex, acknowledging a fellow wind user. "I too want to make Fiore a safe place." Feeling like that was enough, he flattened his robes and took his seat.

    Kaz eased into his chair as the man continued. He suspected that this meeting would have something to do with that. And the guilds had been coming closer together in recent years anyway. Half the guilds present were already in an alliance as it was. He massaged the inside of his gloved palm, thinking about all the different angles and how this would play into the Rune Knights.

    "It's probably common knowledge that I'm married to the guild master of Empyrean Divine and Alisa is my Sister-in-Law. We've spoken about an alliance before and have somewhat of one established so for me I don't think it is a big leap to establish one with us all and am in support of that idea, wholeheartedly. I'm for supporting each other to react to threats that put the citizens of this land in danger. I agree...there has been an alarming rise of magical beasts of late. And if a guild here is put under attack by beasts or worse...the return of dragons. I have no problem with Fairy Tail coming to their aid." He spoke softly but in a voice that was more akin to his time in the knights.

    "Did you have anything specific in mind Noel?" he asked, trying to get a feel for what all the man considered in the Defensive alliance. Kaz was for it but didn't want to get embroiled in political affairs. With the rune knights, it made it interesting. They could work together easily, but the wind mage wondered if Seika would ask them to help with raiding and bringing in dark guild mages.


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    Indeed, the invitation only mentioned masks up until the moment they arrived at the meeting itself. Alisa had been careful to wear hers up until that point, preserving that veil of secrecy up until the last possible moment:

    "Ufufu, is that so...? You must make her especially happy with your playing~", she chimed back, winking knowingly at her former guildmate as she sashayed over to her seat. They'd never talked much about his significant other but she at the very least suspected he had one... Unlike Kazimir who's significant other was her own sister, "Likewise, happy to see you. It's been long overdue to see you at one of our festivals."

    And they didn't had to wait long before the one who bound them showed herself... Karisa, and the godmother of daughters to boot... Still, Alisa had to admit. This woman always knew how to make an entrance. Her brow arched as she followed her every step, eyes washing over her shape as she took in her stylish choice of wardrobe, watching her as she leaned back along the back of the seat:

    "And lovely to see you as well, Kari~", taking a pitcher nearby, Alisa poured herself a glass and brought it to her lips, idly joining her in enjoying the view, tempted to catch up with each and every one of them, but holding her peace for now...

    After all, not everyone had made their appearance yet. Soon they were joined by a tall, dark skinned male clad in distinctive joyan garb. His reputation preceded him, and she instinctively shot a gaze towards Noel, who she knew had a fair share of... Disagreements with the knights. She herself didn't really blame the Rune Knights for the debacle with the last civil war. Though she suspected some knights regarded the light guilds in much of the same way thanks to the present state of affairs, she herself saw no benefit in pointing fingers once the damage was done, and simply worked to fix it. They hadn't gathered here to discuss the plentiful differences between them, but rather, what bound them together. A common desire to protect Fiore:

    "Pleasure to meet you Seika, and not at all... Thank you for joining us.", her eyes turned back to the fair haired beauty whom she'd known as a man for most of his career, somebody who'd also been a Knight herself, and despite her at times dubious means often ended up on the right side, "And you as well, Kon."

    With everyone gathered here at last, their attention turned to their host, the man responsible for gathering them all here in this meeting. Her smile curled just a bit wider at his introductions, knowing that even though she'd spent a significant amount of time with him, this was probably the longest she'd ever heard him talk publically about himself. Quite a feat for a man as reserved as he was. Kazmir followed suit, and Alisa's turn came right after. Raising a hand over her mouth, she silently cleared her throat:

    "I'm Alisa Faye Vollan, Wizard Saint and Guildmaster of Blue Pegasus. The wife of Sofia Serena and mother of two daughters. I'm an Earth mage specializing in Crystal Magic, and some call me the White Empress because of it.", she too had never really talked about herself for this long either, "I stand for a country where everybody can live their lives in peace, without the threat of war or otherworldly beings looming over their heads."

    Leaning into the table once more, her elbow came to rest on the edge as she turned her attention to her sister, listening to each and every one of them as they carried on their own introductions. Their reputations preceded them, so odds were nobody would hear anything they didn't already know. But this would surely be the first time they heard it from the people themselves:

    "I completely agree with everything you said, a defensive pact would suit everyone's best interests. You can count on Blue Pegasus to uphold this alliance. We need to stand together, all the more so when we have yet to make our enemies show their hand.", Alisa shook her head, a smidge of annoyance crossing her face as she explained her reasoning, "As it stands, even if we were to raze their guild to the ground, the ones who evade capure will just carry on with whatever it is they're planning, biding their time and rebuilding while they await for their comrades."

    Both hands drew up to the table, brushing those loose locks away from her wine red hues, one hand idly gesturing over the table cloth as she described not only the events of the past few months, but stretched back to years ago, back when Fiore's most wanted was merely another revolutionary in Grimoire Heart:

    "Odin Morningstar already helped bring down one King... He threw himself at the crisis in Bosco with a kind of tenacity that leaves not a single doubt in my mind: He's not over his revolutionary days. Going off that assumption, there's a significant chance he has his eyes on the Kingdom of Fiore...", Alisa shrugged, having little else beyond her deductions to work off of, "But that's little more than a theory at this point."

    Always striving to at least acknowledge every possibility, at least long enough to think it through, she never dismissed anything, no matter how seemingly remote. And right now, the worst case scenario involved them successfully stirring up instability and using the chaos as an opportunity for something even worse. Like how the aftermath of the civil war resulted in the opening of the rifts and the abhorrent demonic invasions... With multiple former members of the Midnight Cult in Eternal Nightmare, that option certainly crossed her mind... Not knowing the answer irked her, like an itch she couldn't quite scratch:

    "And so, I propose we additionally commit to sharing every piece of information we come across about our foes. Even if it may seem irrelevant on its own, if we add all the pieces together, we could potentially learn about their plans before they're ready to enact them. Many of our guilds have clarvoyants with different sensory abilities at their disposal. More than enough to stay one step ahead if we can piece those clues together."

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    Karisa watched the process happen as she saw Kon, her cousin and Seika come in. She didn't know him personally, but the information on his base was up there. He was one of the people she didn't want to have problems with because that will cause problems for the life she wants. Kon was a puzzle piece that constantly changed as his life was mixed up in different messes and morals. That was how she personally saw it. She leaned back in her chair and shuffled a little, so her legs were in a comfortable position as they lapped over the other. Her eyes tiredly gazed at them all as Noel started his introductions. He didn't use name basis on the people he talked about, which she appreciated as she didn't even understand why this information was important.

    She had doubts that someone with Seika's status and Kon had no care in the world about what happened in his life. Maybe if he blew someone or thing up, the guilds perhaps, but not the relationships of his kids and ex's. Everyone had their way of introduction it seemed like Kazimir went next. In the old times, she'd be uppity about all of this. Happy to see many people from different places, but as she got older, she could care less. She just wanted to know what was happening even though she could have used her magic to find that out too.  

    Kazimir sweetly explained his background like Noel did but was more detailed. Her eyes darted away from the group as she was brought up. Did she like it? Not really, but she was proud to be his wife. Once again, she felt like this information is mute compared to what is needed to be talked about between them. Alisa went next with hers as she didn't go into too much detail. They seemed to be going in order as to who came in so she was next.

    "I am Karisa, some have known me as Arisa, Kuri or Kailette, but alas I am the Guild leader of Empyrean Divine. As such, I am here as a neutral party as my goal is to protect the innocent people, that is it," she calmly spoke as she had her own law, own order, but with a Rune Knight here she didn't want to bring that up at all. She had her own past with them. She had no words to say for now as she wanted to see what the others will say about Odin and the Guild he owned. She was semi-disappointed how this all turned out. From friends to simple romantic interests to frienemies. Karisa was getting too old for this shit.

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     It seemed he had a bit of a tag along, the Wolf he had assisted recently had decided to show themselves yet again. Life truly was full of interesting mysteries. The duo's appearance at the meeting hadn't been much of a shock, the invitation had requested the heads of all of the Light Aligned or Neutral Aligned guilds and the Rune Knights were invited because well... no one made moves in Fiore without the Knights or rather, the Council knowing and allowing it to be. Truly sometimes people seemed to forget that they were permitted to operate in this land and not the other way around.

    Seika's golden amber eyes drifted over the attending beings with little interest beyond memorizing the various faces as they were revealed to him. Keeping track of who's who was fairly important and while sure, their reputations preceded them, word of mouth was always so... imprecise. It was fairly interesting to see the level of familiarity that most of those here had however. It was so sickeningly exclusive that Seika felt like the third wheel at a child's birthday party and he was the parent that just moved into the culs-de-sac. Ironic how close to true that actually was. It would take a moment before their host finally decided to get on with the song and dance of things, but even he felt the need to pad out their wait time before they could actually get down to business. It was little wonder why these guilds seemed to do little but service themselves if they wasted this much time on stating who they were to a room full of people who knew them. Even Seika was at least vaguely familiar with who everyone in this room was. Not only being a Captain-Commander but also just paying attention to the the very powerful mages that lived within these lands. It was his job to know who these people were, if only to make sure that they didn't turn that level of sickening power against the land and it's people.

    Frowning at all of this from behind his mask, Seika would finally begin to remove it during Alisa's introduction. The sharp hiss of gas rushing out of the hydraulic chambers filling the room without being obtuse enough to cut the woman off. The distinct metal plates would disconnect before sliding back into their holding position behind his skull revealing his distinct chocolate face to the world around him, as well as his rather displeased visage to those who likely didn't care for his feelings. He would continue to listen however until it was inevitably his turn. He debated being combative and rude but decided against it in the end. He was here as a representative of the King. His feelings on this meeting did not matter in the slightest. He was only here to listen in and report the King's will. Nothing more, nothing less.

    "Hm. I believe I have already introduced myself but to reiterate, my name is Khnurn Atenhotep Crown Prince of Deseirto and a Captain-Commander of the Rune Knights. I currently serve as Interim Kingsguard until further notice. You all may refer to me by the name I use in this land as Seika however." He kept his introduction short and sweet. Somethings about himself such as his relationships did not matter for the sake of this meeting and any one with a passing knowledge of who the mage 'Seika' was knew that he used Fire-Based magics. Stating the obvious would be nothing more than stroking his ego.

    Turning his head to regard Kon for their introduction if they gave one, it would seem that they would finally be getting down to business now that the pleasantries were all exchanged. Shifting about in his chair to get comfortable, Seika would listen as the various leaders posited their worries about the current state of things and their goals for this meeting. The mention of Dark Guilds running rampant and the almost casual rebuttal of Dragons left a particular bad taste in his mouth. But it was the talk of a defensive pact that truly twisted the knife in his back. Here sat five of the strongest wizards in this country if he excluded himself, and all they wanted to do was protect themselves from the coming dangers. Not proactively handle the menace, not even fortify their areas so that the danger wouldn't spread and affect their people. No. A Defensive pact.

    It was so ludicrous that Seika actually laughed boisterously at the thought. He hadn't meant to and honestly it was so truly disrespectful that he immediately began an apology considering he was laughing directly after Karisa had spoke. "Ah ha... My apologies. Please do not take these next words at heart but all of this looks like... a facade. Don't get me wrong. I truly believe that you all want to do something about it. No person with good in their heart wants to stand by idly as the lands around them burn in chaos. But what steps have you all truly taken towards that endeavor before this meeting? Of course, it would be so crass of me to ignore your contributions, accomplishments and accolades. Trust in knowing that I know who you all are, and what you're capable of and what you've done. But if I may be so bold, that makes the words that come out of your mouths right now so unfulfilling and worthless that it tickles me pink.

    Five years... Five years since Reign has taken the throne and yet Eternal Nightmare still stands as a challenge not only too his rule but to the safety and security of this Kingdom. Now I will be the first too admit. The Rune Knights and the Magic Council have known of the guild and their enigmatic master for years and have done very little about his plans but to this effect we, and by we I mean the Rune Knights, are horribly understaffed and underfunded to actually manage this menace outside of keeping the relative peace. My predecessor and previous superior, Shichiro Uchida, was the only one who seemed to actually wish to put an end to the madness and took down the cursed Guild Master himself. But since then not only has the man broken from confinement, but another Dark Guild had risen in the shadows to also accomplish goals that would have inevitably lead to the destruction of this nation.

    And I say all of this to say, you know what I've noticed during all of this? Not one of you so much as moved a finger. Again I iterate, five of the most powerful wizards in this country, and not one of you so much as attempted to stop a known menace. If anything you've fraternized with them, made friends and comrades. Joined in happy celebration and fought foreign civil wars with them. You've spent the past years merrily claiming portions of your King's lands like some petty Lords and even went so far as to claim Taxes from them, yet you would not do your duty and put down antagonists to the throne.

    So I'm sorry if I personally can not support the notion of an alliance. I can not support an ideal based on lies and self interests. If you truly wish to deal with this menace then I am all ears. But if the purpose of this meeting is to encircle the wagons amongst yourselves then why are we here? All of you already know each other. You had no reason to call this meeting. You could've done this song and dance at a country club over wine and charcuterie. Is it to impress the King that you're finally taking steps you should've taken five years ago? Hilarious. The man does not care for your false gestures, he's too busy wrangling his rowdy nobles to care if you finally grow a spine. Is it to show strength and solidarity for your guild members and the citizens of your cities that you are sworn to protect? Another ridiculous notion. You all are as good as Gods to those people. You could step in shit and they would consider it gold. So why are you truly here? What truly is your goal for this? Because now I am interested. Truthfully I had intended to sit quietly and only voice the King's whim but the King. Is. Not. Here. And I wish to know why you lot all of a sudden want to hold some accountability over the lands you oversee. Of course you could disregard my whims, as many of you likely already have. Lambs usually scurry away from danger and aggression. Yes it is easier to move as a pack of sheep then step forth as the proud Lion's you project to be and be held accountable for your lack of effort. Truly the only one I expected this from was Lady Karisa over here as she has no ties to this land, but my point still stands.

    His tirade finally ended and his mouth fell silent. At some point during his tirade he had stood up and placed a hand on the table but now that his blood had finally cooled back down to a reasonable level, he merely adjusted his clothing and cleared his throat. Sitting back down in a posture that still demanded respect, the Prince would face down those he had accused with focused eyes of fire, daring them to test his claims or his resolve. He would burn this whole bitch to the ground before he allowed them to insult his honor.

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    All around him Kon was surrounded by powerful figures easily rivalling or downright stripping him many times over and yet his attention had been drawn elsewhere with the droning of the various high ranking members of their associated guilds and organisations waffling on. Instead he was focused upon the rapid, yet short flutterings of a youth with an unmistakable sense of urgency to reach their destination. As to not interrupt the conversation that was taking place, this unknown figure entered the room creating as much noise as a mouse compared to the mage’s own discussion. A quick glance with them now in perfect view suggested an aide or even a humble messenger, whatever the case was they were making a bee-line to him. Unperturbed by the presence of their new guest, Kon hardly moved a muscle as they leaned towards him giving the ranger a message reserved for him and only needed to be known by here. “Thank you for your presence as a representative of Infinity Wolves, however your guild master has arrived and your services will no longer be needed.” Nodding barely an inch or two, acknowledging the message. Kon pushed against the table causing both it and the chair to move respectively away from one another without regard to those seating around him, giving him enough room to leave his seat to a comfortable amount. As he rose from his cushioned position, Kon nodded at each of the members of the meeting before him saying as he did so. “It appears my presence is no longer needed and the invitation has been given to me purely due to a delayed response from my guild master, they will be joining you shortly.” With little more needing to be said, Kon merely rose his hand to gesture his departure, before heading out of the room through a side door using his skeleton key to return back to Astera.


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    Lee Nakamura
    The Fire-Breathing Dragon, herself.

    Fashionably late as per usual. She was never late without reason. This time she was actually on a personal meeting with a representative from the council for the new laws in place against races. Usually, she was ragged and all roughed up from fighting or training, but this time she wasn't. The clan leader and guildmaster wore her fancy armor from her elder brother's collection. It was now in her poession. It was worn only for special occasion such as the guild's grand opening. Walking through the familiar hallways, she was lead by a escort to the meeting. It was only her and no one else, Caspien, her spirit, sat inside of her head waiting with Monty to discuss personal matters. They combined their concession minds with Lee's creating a more true indiviual of herself. Her eyes were electric blue with her orange and red lizard-like tail dragging along the ground. She was told the basics of this meeting to discuss an alliance and about Odin. The demi-human was well aware of the skeleton and was probably the only one who hadn't met the guy, probably was a good and bad thing.

    "They are ready for you, Miss Nakamura," spoke the escort. LeeAnn gave a nod and thanked her for her help. She walked in confindently opening the doors. Spirts of embers came from her body as she entered shining some light into the room. Around she could already feel the tension in the air. She eyed several faces she knew or scents she was familar with the only two were Noel and Seika. She heard about them, but never really fully met them. Parts of her face were covered in splotches of scarlet red and firey orange scales. "I'm apologizes for my late arrival. My plans let me go earlier than originally expected. Hope I didn't miss much" she spoke. LeeAnn had taken Kon's previous seat. She could already see some people were either taking sides or simply being neutral.

    "I am sure everybody already knows who I am, but I will say who I am for formality reasons," she spoke. Monty interally laughed a little at the thought of Lee actually sharing stuff about herself. Though, only she heard him laugh. "The name is Lee Nakamura, head of the Nakamura family and guildmaster of Infinity Wolves. I'm a third generation Inferno Dragon Slayer. Previously apart of the Rune Knights and Blue Pegasus, now formed Infinity Wolves for the sake of giving non-races a place to call home. My guild will stand against evil with or without any alliance" she spoke. LeeAnn was neutral about this pact, while she would probably be for it. She wanted her ace's opinion on the matter.

    The guildmaster had no idea what everyone was capable of and really wanted to see what everything unfolded in front of her. She wanted to paint a better picture for her children and others around her, but already, Kon and the others went to attack Odin's guild with her approval. While, she was busy dealing with politics, Kon took over the basis of attack Enternal Nightmare. "If someone could so kindly, fill me on what's going on. I have a feeling I might understand by the seriousness in the room. Though, I am wanting to just be sure if my instincts are correct" she spoke. Already, she knew people questioned as to why Kon was here and his history. Anyone who was anyone knew that they were related or at least cousins. While her mother wasn't her real mother, she was still her mother. LeeAnn had her reasons to trusting Kon with his choices, even with her doubts and history. He proved to already be a good addition to her small group of founders.

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    Noel listened to the individual introductions of the various guild masters. Most of their philosophies aligned with his own, which made him happy to hear. It seemed that Kazimir opened the open discussion and raised concerns about dragons and monsters lurking the lands. "The evil that scorns this land knows no bounds; Kazimir, do you think those monsters and dragons will form a coordinated strike on any of the guilds present today? If that is the case, then I do think this pact should extend to it as well." From his own experience in Joya, the people there grouped up whenever a threat to their existence became apparent -- it made sense to him that this pact would do the same.

    Alisa raised concerns about a peculiar wizard lord; Odin. An individual he had met a few years ago who indeed seemed to be lined up to become a ferocious and persistent threat. "It is in my own opinion that Odin will not succeed in those goals, unless he manages to persuade members of this pact to follow his ideology. It would shift the balance in his favor." To Noel, the likes of Eternal Nightmare was a real danger--but more so to the individual guilds surrounding their lands as opposed to the Kingdom. He'd doubt that their power matched the power of the Kingdom. The Blue Pegasi guild master made the first quantifiable proposition; the sharing of intelligence between these guilds. "I like that idea, I propose that we have Intelligence-Sharing be the first article of our pact. We can agree to the finer details another time?" He'd look around and look at the faces of the guildmasters to estimate their reaction to this idea.

    Karisa from Empyrean Divine was less forthcoming about ideas and propositions, and instead introduced herself as a neutral party.

    Then the meeting took a turn for the worse. The Rune Knight member called the meeting a facade, and all kinds of silly things that weren't true. It seemed like a thirteen-year-old had possessed the body of the rune knight, and read a page out of their angsty teenage diary. "I understand that this is your own opinion, and not the shared opinion of the Rune Knights. This notion of, 'how come you haven't done anything until now' is simply untrue and false. You are either misinformed, or are lying for ill-intentions. The goal of this pact isn't to form an offensive coalition, and if you had listened to what we were saying you would have known this." Noel sighed, and he'd rest his head in the palm of his hand as he'd look around again to watch the reactions of the guild masters attending, once more. Allowing a pause in what he was saying before he continued on, unlike the rude Rune Knight guest. "If we had done as you say, the Rune Knights would cease to exist, they wouldn't be needed anymore. It is your responsibility to make offensive plans, not ours. This pact isn't intended to undermine the kingdom, they can still do things on their accord. And if it is an issue, the king himself should come out and join this table. And not send out an angry lapdog, who I severely doubt is spreading his intended word."

    This meeting was intended for already existing allies to make it official, and to expand the scale of the pact to include other guilds which have been shown to co-operate with one another. What the Rune Knight had been saying caught Noel off-guard; it reminded himself of when he was younger, and when he'd get angry at his boss he would write a long, offensive letter. But unlike the Rune Knight, he would sleep before sending the letter and reconsider what he wrote down.

    "In any case, Seika, this discussion shall not continue beyond this point at this meeting, we can talk about it at a later time -- it is not the focal point of today." Noel would ignore any further discussions that the Rune Knight was to raise after saying his bit. As he was explaining this, the representative from Infinity Wolves was swapped out with the actual guild master, Lee.

    "It is good you join us in person, Lee Nakamura. We are having a meeting to discuss the possibility of a defensive pact between all the guilds present today. Some of you already have such pacts among yourselves; and today is about making it official and brainstorming about avenues that relate to this." Noel felt he was talking too much a little, thus introduced pauses for other people to add onto if they wished.

    The wide doors of the meeting were opened by Blue Pegasi waiters, they in unison entered the room and served various meals, refilling drinks, and doing classical waiter stuff before leaving once more. Noel would gently raise the silver lid off his plate and use his fork to cut meat as his mind was obviously on other manners. "So far there have been two additions, that the pact should extend to monsters, dragons and their kin. And that intelligence should be shared between those present. I of course also have a few ideas that could flourish if the masters agree to it. My proposition is to bring back the Ace system; where a guildmaster selects their strongest member. Why?" He'd put his hands together. "I believe a serious way of deterring those mentioned today from attacking our guilds is to have a robust system set up. Where, for example, we could upon a guild being attacked send out all of the guild aces to defend. The Guild Masters themselves have a  responsibility of defending their own guild at all times, right?" He'd take a gulp of his drink.

    @Kazimir Seiryu

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    Kazimir Seiryu
    "Yeah, its taken me way too long," Kaz nodded towards Alisa. Finally, he had made his way to one of the famous celebrations of Blue Pegasus. Kaz shifted in his seat to see Alisa as she elaborated on what she was going for. It was a true statement. A guildhall served as a home but destroying one, would not stop the radical ideas that would swell within the members. Passion would always find a way to resurface.

    "Thank You, Noel. It is always a possibility. And more than an attack on the guilds. An attack on the citizens of this land." He thanked the man and was happy to see that he was willing to add the threat of the ever-increasing dangers of magical beasts. He mentioned this land but The wind mage would happily travel to any land in need of his service against that threat.

    'The events in Bosco'...he thought. He never went there but had heard many stories about what unfolded in the crisis. His old contacts in the rune knights always let a bit of information through. But no one missed the spectacle that followed the divine fire. Odin Morningstar and company standing strong alongside the newly appointed leader. Nothing subtle about that event. "The situation in Bosco brings up more questions than answers. Didn't Odin fight on the side of someone that turned out to be a good ruler for the land?" Kaz folded his hands.

    "Were I involved in that conflict...I may have ended up on the same side as Mr. Morningstar," he spoke with a mind focused on the good ruler that took up in that land. One of a handful of options.

    "Times of strife can blur the lines. I don't mean to imply that he is good, or should go unpunished for his crimes, or watched. But there may be more to his plans than simple revolution." He wondered why the terrorist would have supported a kind-hearted ruler. One that turned out beneficial for a nation. Perhaps it was time to track down his old...acquaintance after all. The wind mage may be one of the few in the room to sit and talk with the Lich.

    As expected from his wife, she played it cool and observant. Alisa proposed the sharing of information to which Noel agreed and wanted it added to the 'article of the pact.' A phrase and notion that took the vigor from the wind mage. it reminded him of all the years he had spent in the Rune Knights...and in many ways, the reasons that he left to form a group separate from the bureaucracy.

    The passive nature of the meeting was not mirrored by the rune knight. The very notion that they would be accused of not doing anything sent of shiver of frustration through the mage, coupled with a faint sadness that soon overtook that frustration. He had given his life in service to the country. fought countless battles and lost people along the way. Before Kaz could address the man. Noel spoke. It gave him time to ponder on what the knight had said. The frustrations that plagued the man were not all off base. A dark Guild had been allowed to rise...but it brought up the same questions as always...who determined them to be a dark guild and why.

    "Seika...It's true that the dark guild had not been dealt with. By either side. But to say that guilds have done little...is an insult to those that threw themselves into combat against the threats that faced this country. And the ones we have lost along the way. It would appear the situation with Eternal Nightmare is on more than one person's mind. I'll speak earnestly with you...You will not get anywhere by breathing fire. As an emissary of the king whether you decide to speak for yourself or not, all your actions reflect upon the King, the knights, and the leadership of the country. Flames will only burn the bridges between the knights and the guilds." Kazimir took a small pitcher and filled a cup with water. He then slowly slid it across the table to the knight. "I don't wish to silence you. And I understand there can be a lot of fluff in these meetings. but..the words that will be spoken in this meeting have the potential to change the actions of the guilds and in turn the country. We all know each other, but never before have we all come together to agree to defend one another. And in turn, create a safer structure for the people. And If you are the Captain Commander I hope you to be...You will want to be a part of it. If nothing else to report it back to the King and the council. And gain better insight into our goals."

    It was not long after this that Lee arrived. He gave a friendly nod as Noel caught Lee up on what was happening. The Idea of aces was brought up next. Something that the wind mage didn't think needed formalizing. The man spoke about reinforcing their borders and guildhalls. Kaz could see why Seika would be angry about this. Kaz also wasn't sure exactly what the goal of the meeting was. But the Guilds had never stood together like that before.

    Kaz looked down at the table in thought as Noel finished his suggestion. His fingers drummed once over his hand. "You know what's funny...I left the knights in order to get away from bureaucracy and even the oversight of the council and the king," he smiled thinking about his past.

    "In the end," he looked back up to meet the gaze of the people at the table. "We all have our agendas. Information sharing sounds good to me. For the Ace system...we can if you want. But Aces or not, Fairy Tail will send all we can to support not only our fellow guilds in danger but more importantly the people of this nation. I have little interest in hunting down bounties or trying to take Odin into custody. I'll be by anyone's side if Eternal Nightmare makes any moves against the guilds or the people, as of yet I haven't seen any. I trust Seika to monitor that. I'll also put time into having an encounter with Odin. He was at least on civil terms with the Lich. Something he wasn't going to bring up so quickly at the meeting.

    However, my attention will focus on the possible return of the dragons, and otherworldly threats. But anyone here may call upon me if and when the time comes," he made sure to look LeeAnn's way to let her know that included her guild as they had not talked much.

    He couldn't help but think how much the landscape had changed over the past few years. With little oversight by the council. In some ways...the guilds and organizations in this room, had done more to shape and impact Fiore than the council. Perhaps that's one reason why so many more independent guilds were arising.

    "What I am more interested in talking about, since we are all here...is everyone's opinion of the current King and the governance of the Magic Council?"


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    Alisa smiled at Noel's approval of her suggestion, though he did raise doubts about Eternal Nightmare's ability to take on the kingdom, something they could indeed find some measure of relief in, however minute. And sharing information would help keep them aware of their movements:

    "I agree... Thankfully they lack that kind of power, one civil war is more than enough for a century, let alone a decade."

    Kazimir too expressed his doubts, but not about the Wizard Lord's power, but his intentions. She had a measure of respect for the Lich as a longtime opponent... Bosco exceptions aside, they always had diametrically opposite views at every step of the way. But for all their infamy, Eternal Nightmare had yet to attack anybody, and Odin himself supported a fair ruler. They had no reason to attack them, and the last thing she wanted was another war, regardless of who brought it on:

    "Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe he had a change of heart, or he simply wanted to bet on the winning horse...", she shrugged, not really having anything else to offer to that particular question, much to her chagrin, "But even to put a just ruler on the throne, the unrest will affect the people first and foremost: Even with such a glaring power vaccuum in Bosco, that crisis didn't end without massive bloodshed."

    That's what happens when you use force to decide who rules, one way or another. They'd all seen what happened in the last civil war. Nobody who'd seen that would ever forget it:

    "I defenitely agree with you, there's defenitely more to his goals than revolution... His time in the Midnight Cult suggests as much."

    Alisa turned her attention to her sister, who for the most part remained silent... After so much time together, she knew fully well she'd much rather be anywhere that not here. But the Rune Knight's contemptuous tirade pulled her attention away from Karisa. Oh the irony... Even though they'd never see eye to eye, Seika did seem to acknowledge the threat of the dark mages even more than she did. Yet his were the words of a petulant child not allowed to have his way, one who'd turned to blaming the light guilds for his own inadequacies, real or imagined. Alisa's brow twitched... She hadn't come here to point fingers. Noel reminded him of the whole point of this meeting, while Kazimir, a former knight himself, defended the efforts the guilds had done for the people. But if he wanted to talk about hypocrisy, he could start by looking in the mirror:

    "You didn't care about strange bedfellows when you took part in that civil war, Seika. All of the heirs had supporters wanted in Fiore, and you didn't spend your time there hunting them all down.", Alisa frowned as she looked into the man's eyes, even though she knew fully well her words would fall on deaf ears. He'd already made up his mind, regardless of the their own opinions, or even those of his fellow knights, "And when you actually had some of them in prison, what did you learn of their goals? If anything, you'd have spared yourself of this discussion."

    If he had, everybody would know what Odin was really planning, instead of arguing about rampaging aimlessly in Oak hoping to stop a threat they didn't understand. Why did he refuse to stand beside the King he himself had helped put in power, and instead built himself a fortress? But the Wizard Lord never turned on the people of Oak, which meant Seika only idealized a war of one sided aggression:

    "Sending out forces against an opponent who has yet to declare war on anybody - people, country, or guilds - cause untold collateral damage, all in the name of a few jewels worth of bounty and a month in jail? Absolutely not.", Alisa scoffed with a dismissive wave of her hand, shaking her head. She supported those in her guild in their endeavours, even bounty hunting... But she'd never encourage them to do so, "Monitor, yes. Organize a defense, certainly. Declare war? That's between you and the King, Seika."

    Unlike what he believed, they hadn't come here to pat themselves in the back, telling each other what a great job they'd been doing. No, they needed to join forces exactly due to the limited progress on each of their separate fronts. Alisa took a deep breath as Noel called for a return to the matter at hand, and felt a smidge of disappointment that Kon soon departed, even without a guild to run she was still one of the most relevant mages in Fiore:

    "Very well, see you soon Kon. Do try to stick around for the festival.", who was she kidding, of course she wouldn't, she was gone the moment she stepped through that door... With a soft sigh, Alisa uncrossed her legs, brushing a loose black lock behind her ear, beaming when she finally laid eyes on her former guildmate for the first time in several years, "Good to see you again, Lee. Glad to have you with us~"

    They now had all of the Light Guild Masters gathered under one roof, and with everyone's agreement, these ideas could achieve far more than they ever could with smaller, isolated alliances. Alisa's hands came to rest over the table, nodding at Noel's proposition and Kazimir's response:

    "Likewise... Dark mages, dragons, otherworldly beings... Other threats we may not be aware of... You can count on Blue Pegasus to help protect our homes and the people of Fiore. Having a powerful Ace could go to great lengths, someone who could move freely without worrying what might become of his home. Granted, I won't hesitate to head into the fray myself should anybody come under attack.", Alisa paused as she took a sip from her drink, refilling her glass as she looked into the eyes of everyone present, "Which brings me to my second proposition... We should put forth our resources to each other's disposal as much we can. Each and every guild has their own specialties, and from Blue Pegasus, you're welcome to use Christina whenever you wish to mobilize your forces."

    Far be it from her to request a commitment she herself wasn't willing to make, regardless what her fellow guildmasters thought on it. Alisa's brow arched, wondering how each of them would take it, but in the end her eyes fell on Kazimir's question... She rubbed her temple, glancing out the window as she thought back to the King of Fiore, who she'd never even seen save for fleeting glances in a New Year's Ball all those years ago... He was indeed distant for a king so loved, far more so than any of his predecessors, making it easy for some to blame all the country's woes on his shortcomings while ignoring his achievements.

    "The King has done well for the people and kept the horrors of slavery from seeing the light of day again. True, he can be distant, and he may not have excelled at every particular aspect of governance... But there's no such thing as perfection, and King Reign has already vastly exceeded his predecessors. He's worthy of the throne he sits on.", but whatever confidence as she spoke of the king turned to doubt when she broached the other half of his question, her brow furrowing, "As for the Magic council... I can't speak on them, really. Kazimir and myself are both counted as Wizard Saints and even then we're not privy to any pertinent information. What we're doing here today seems to me like what they should have been doing all along."

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    Karisa listened to everyone clearly, or at least what she cared to hear. Truthfully, she was a neutral party as she wasn't here to take sides, to choose who her allies would be as she had her plans after this. Depending on everyone at this moment, her path will go somewhere. It could be helping Odin, Seika, or helping what someone else wants. It turned on them in the end and how they think about their goals and actions. Her abyss-colored eyes gazed at all of them as they spoke but then stopped at Seika as he ranted out a mouthful. It made her want to chuckle, but she held it tight and kept a straight face.

    The man started to talk about the steps everyone had taken, none concerning Eternal Nightmare nor Odin. Truth. She hasn't fought any of them since she lit up Caius during the war. Her actions against Odin were questionable, but that was for her to deal with, not them. Karisa thought of all her answers and things she would say at the end when it was her turn, but for now, she will think about it in sections. That was interrupted soon as Kon was leaving, simply giving him a slow wave goodbye. She and her cousin haven't spoken since long ago, so their relationship is non-existence for now. He seemed the type to stay to himself now and whatever he decided to research as she didn't bother looking that up.

    Soon enough, Lee joins as her other cousin from Kon's side sits on the seat. Quickly, she was into talking, not wasting any time. It was appreciated, at least from her side. The young lady was open that she would fight the evil with or without Allies. Karisa didn't expect anything from them much since they were new, but what had they done individually in the past, besides Kon? She hasn't known them for doing anything for Fiore. Not anything notable. Not even for other countries in hopes they could perhaps become allies for this Country.

    She shifted out of comfort and crossed her arms against her chest as she waited for more as they were still going. One after another, it was like a class where each one had a turn to share their views on a lesson. Once everyone had their say in everything, she slowly got up finally. Her eyes lowered to them as the tall elven woman was finally going to speak, but not before a motherly smirk, "Seika, was it?" she turned her head towards the young man, "I do say, I have to agree with you in taking steps, and anyone could take the initiative. Forgive me, but as someone who stands on the neutral side, couldn't anyone, anyone at all, have asked for assistance to go after Odin?" she sighed and looked back at them. "My real reason being here is not to ally but to see where everyone stood and because I was asked to. And I do have to agree with Kazimir on this one; fire and anger will cause nothing but more problems for those who are not here as well as each other," it was confirmed as she was invited here as the Guild Master of a neutral guild and anger caused nothing but issues for people. She was just glad Seika calmed down after it, or so she hoped.

    She combed through her long blonde-white hair with her fingers, as her dark eyes still looked at them with a warm motherly face, "I do have to say, though, the King is good, sure, but the nobles still have the views of the past, slavery, and horrors that even Odin himself was fighting against. The King lets them sit there as if it's not wrong. Nobles and the Mafias have secret trades even for slavery, as I had to save innocent people from them a couple to a few years ago. No one cares enough to find out or to help the actual people, as Odin, possibly the Guild, seems to be your only care. If you really see him as an enemy, then perhaps the nobles will be his first target, hmm?~ Don't take that I ignored the dragons as I was there to help. Still, as this meeting is mainly about Odin himself, that is my input for now," she slid her arm back to the crossing position and shrugged while her arms were still crossed against her chest.

    She started to sway towards the door but stopped before exiting, "I will be disbanding Empyrean Divine sometime soon, so my views no longer are in this for the rest of the conversation," her head turned. "Seika, if you need anything from me, let me know," she gave a sweet-motherly smile and then turned away with a wave goodbye, "Maybe I'll go for that wine you spoke about having, Seika," she chuckled and left.


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    Khalfani †
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    Blue Pegasus wasn't anything special in terms of appearance. It was beautiful, but not as grand as the Lion thought it'd be. Whenever the Godsblood thought about Blue Pegasus, they thought a grand castle, three or four buildings with loads of naked men and women roaming around. Needless to say that the Princex of Desierto was disappointed. Still, being here would serve at least some purpose. Despite the fact that they weren't acting guild master anymore, Paradise Dawn was still their home. The Nation of Paradise was still their community and it was because of Paradise Dawn and the entire North that they were here. About four royal guards trailed behind the Ascended, whilst another three led the way. Khalfani casually strolled through the halls, making their way towards where the meeting would be held. A familiar figure caught their eye, but he seemed to be leaving from the area Khal had been moving towards.

    Konyo wouldn't see them but the Princex decided that taking the time out to address them had no purpose. "Oh?" If Konyo was leaving then that could either mean the meeting was coming to an end, or he felt like there was no reason for him to be in attendance. Regardless of the circumstances, Khal wanted to see for themselves. One of the royal guards pushed open the door, only for a towering woman to strut through. Seems she was done here as well. With a warm smile, Khalfani nodded, then turned their gaze to the folks in the room. Alisa, Kazimir, Lee-Ann, Noel, and Khnurn. Five leaders, each representing a different faction. Upon gazing upon them all, Khalfani had collected everything they needed to know in an instant. Their politics were indeed different, but not too different. Khnurn was the most radical of them all. That one single truth was comical in itself, alas Khalfani would keep their words to themselves- at least for now.

    With confidence and a friendly gaze, they slowly walked towards the seat closes to Khnurn, the seat Konyo would have left open. "So much Tension." The guards followed, taking their position behind Khalfani's seat. "Brother." Khal would say to Khnurn, the man the rest of them would most likely have known as "Seika". The guards would bow to the other prince, addressing him appropriately. "Your Grace" they'd say. The Dragon Slayer would gracefully turn to the rest of them, making eye contact with each of the leaders. "Khalfani Atenhotep. Apologies for the late entrance, my Lords. Please, do carry on, I'll catch up~." They would then turn to nod at their guards before the seven of them left the room to wait outside the door.


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    The Bosco situation wasn't one Noel was personally involved with. He'd know the story from bits and pieces, told from traveling merchants--and rumors spread by the regular populus. After the rebuttal by the many guild masters towards the Rune Knight acting out on his lonesome, the discussion had turned back to the Ace system. "Very well, I think we are all in agreement concerning the ace-system? So I would like to proposition that you put forth an Ace candidate and formalize it as you seem fit." He'd watch the faces of the various representatives to see if anyone openly disagreed, and if so, he'd open the floor to them. If not, then this point on the agenda could be concluded.

    Blue Pegasus put forth that sharing resources could be vital; Noel agreed, and he'd expect the other guildmasters to do the same. He hadn't heard much from the Infinity Wolf Guild Master; perhaps they could have a private discussion later to catch up.

    Then the news broke of Empyrean Divine, Noel winced upon hearing the news. He was expecting them to become a force to be reckoned with, under the leadership of his ex-wife. But unfortunately, that couldn't come to fruition. "Best of luck in your future endeavours, Karisa."

    Hearing discussions of the King and his administration was quite amusing to Noel. Oh, how he had it so much better in Joya. In which the rule is much stricter, and the laws of man is very enforced. "Hmm, well--it seems the royal kingdom is even more than we are being accused of being; passive. Not saying it is wrong, but I do reckon he has a lot more resources at his disposal than we do." For an anti monarchist headliner, Noel felt he struck gold once more with that.

    Then another man joined the room, Noel paused for a moment. He didn't know who he was, after all, Noel had been absent from Fiore for quite a while. Unlike the Guildmasters he had specifically invited, and a representative from the Knights, this man had invited himself by the looks of it. A small group of guards were following this man. How unusual. Noel got up from his seat as the male walked in, and raised his hand, with the palm facing the newcomer. "Halt, you are not welcome here. You were not invited, nor have royals any business being here as we discuss private guild matters. Only representatives were invited to join this table, if you want to talk to your brother do it in the hallway or someplace else." Noel then sat down once more, sighing to himself--did this royal really expect a core group of guilds forming a pact with each other to be openly sharing those details with him? How absurd. Clearly this insanity ran in their blood. To be showing up with an escort, funny, did he think he'd intimidate arguably one of the strongest mages in the continent? In this moment, Noels opinion on royals degraded even further. Don't need smarts if you're born with a silver spoon, Noel thought--he is an old cynical man after all, pessimism has become his main drive. What this meeting didn't need right now, was more intrusions by outside parties and whatever agenda they wanted to push.

    Assuming Khalfani left, Noel had one final proposition before handing the floor to others completely. If he didn't leave, he would still belt out his last addition to the meeting--not that he was discussing dark secrets nobody could hear about anyway. It was more about the ability to have a conversation with the guildmasters while being uninterrupted by others. "My last proposition are veto-rights, everyone has to agree for a new proposition to pass, or a new guild being added to the pact. Meetings can be called for by individual guilds, and I think we'd all agree that we rotate the location every time. And if you all agree with this, I'd like to put an official title on the pact: the Clover Alliance."

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    As the first proposition formally agreed upon by all the guildmasters present, Alisa nodded as Noel asked for a yay or nay, to which the lithomancer quickly responded with affirmative words, and the name of her chosen Ace. At a later date she'd surely be asked to formalize it, but considering the importance of the Ace as the emissary for Blue Pegasus, she found it important for her fellow Guildmasters to find who to reach:

    "Then, I'll put forth Hitokiri Manzo as the official Ace of Blue Pegasus.", she spoke, giving the name of the Joyan Dragon Slayer who'd been in the guild even longer than she had. By seniority alone, he was naturally the first pick even if he hadn't already held the title unofficially.

    Granted, Manzo wasn't always reachable... But he'd always come through when she needed his help, and she didn't see that changing anytime soon. If anything, she hoped the more official bearing of his title would bring the man home more often than not. They'd known each other for over 10 years now, and she already thought him as close as family. Not unlike the woman she looked to as her sister, who surprised her with rather defensive views about Eternal Nightmare. Why would she rush to the defense of this man was beyond her, but she saved those considerations for a more private moment between the two and instead focused on the political aspect:

    "The King came into power as a result of civil war aimed to stop slavery. He himself opposes it vehemently, as you've certainly heard... So if you truly believe that amounts to nothing, and absolutely nothing has changed, then tell me. Why did all those people have to die during a civil war? And why would you shrug and pretend it's none of your business when you know fully well what happens when somebody decides to change the government by force? No matter... We'll discuss this afterwards.", Alisa frowned as she looked at her sister, shaking her head with a disappointed look, though none quite comparing to what she said next. That annoyance turned into sadness as she rose a hand over her mouth, shocked by the idea of her dissolving her treasured guild that she'd poured so much of her past few years into, "I'm disappointed to hear that... Whatever path you'll follow now, any guild would be fortunate to have you as their master."

    She'd oppose any attempts to force a change in government. Surely, one can always hope for a better king. But only an idiot would attempt to overthrow a government blindly hoping it would solve all their problems. It won't. They'd solved the problem of state sponsored slavery, but didn't change the minds of those in the ruling class who still depended on it. Alisa wasn't necessarily a monarchist nor a republican. For the most part, she was content to not care about the politics so long as they did their job to the best of their abilities... But she'd oppose anybody whose only solution was to overthrow the government, claiming the lives of countless people. So as long as the current King did right by the people, she'd never support any attempts to overthrow him:

    "Indeed. Though personally, I've never expected too much from the government...", she agreed, not because she opposed the monarchy as a whole, or that she thought the King was doing a bad job. Noel was simply stating a fact, and in her mind, she wouldn't expect a republic to act any different, "They abandoned their own lands and left them up for the Guilds to manage, and now, we have overzealous knights holding a grudge against us for doing what they blatantly refused to for several years."

    Though she doubted the King himself shared Seika's views, the irony behind them was laughable at best. The light guilds were pledged to defend the kingdom, and Alisa for one would never renounce that pledge. But she knew fully well just how one sided that particular alliance really was. Nobody from the Government's side had ever come to the guild's help in its time of need, they only had each other to rely on. Surprised by the ill timed approach, for the man hadn't arrived on time to catch most of the meeting, or to share his own insights, nonetheless, she initially presumed Noel had invited him as well:

    "Ah, good evening Khalfani... I take it you're here on behalf of Paradise Dawn?", Alisa smiled as she greeted the new arrival, all but chuckling as she wondered whether the man might have expected a gold laden palace welcoming him.

    Alisa was surprised, for Noel hadn't really mentioned them expecting anybody else. She trusted him to invite all the leaders of light and neutral guilds, but as he soon confirmed, the man had shown himself here uninvited. She shook her head at the notion, her chest rising and falling as she sighed... Having let Noel handle the invitees, she wasn't about to butt in. But at the same time, the ever welcoming hostess of the festival flashed the man a smile:

    "By all means, you're welcome to stay for the festival. If you're so inclined, we can talk more after the meeting~"

    In the end, whether Khalfani opted to stay or leave, Alisa still saw him as the leader of Paradise Dawn, and even if he bore the name of the foe who helped bring the guilds together, he hadn't really caught any delicate details about the pact to make his presence threatening. All that remained was to settle on the name for their pact, though Noel raised a good point regarding veto rights, Alisa cupped her chin and furrowed her brow before speaking up:

    "I agree with that. Every member is entitled to their own reservations, and they can't be expected to come to the aid of somebody they distrust. Whatever apprehensions one has about new admittances to the pact should be handled diplomatically.", she agreed, placing her glass back down, raising her hand over her mouth and chuckling as she shot her former guildmate a sly smile, "Ufufu~... How awfully nostalgic~ With a name like that, you'll have no objections from me."

    The ancestral home of Blue Pegasus. Alisa wasn't even born during the time when Blue Pegasus made its home in Clover town, but she knew they had, a long, long time ago. Clover Town itself had long lost much of its prevalence, being reduced to a mere village. But in it's heyday, it had been a popular site for guild meetings much like the one they now found themselves in. How awfully fitting~

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    Kazimir Seiryu
    Everyone spoke their peace toward the rune knight that had entered. Kaz leaned back in his seat taken in the bouncing discussion that was happening. The conversation brought with it some brief insights into the situation that happened in Bosco. Kaz hadn't gone to that one but heard it was a tense affair.

    Alisa made another proposition, "Fairy Tail will offer what we can, in terms of resources. too." He added, and crossed his arms to contemplate what all was being discussed. Between the dragons, Odin, and nobles, it seemed just about everything was on the table. She was also right about the council being distant, even though they were granted a title. Yet another mystery to uncover. Which made his future decision easier.

    He leaned into Karisa's words about the lich and how the being fought against the nobles and slavery in the past. It layered into the complex character that the Lich was being portrayed as. Some saw him as the worst villain in the land, while others a former hero to the people. He held his breath as Alisa remarked on Karisa's views on nobility. And he was not about to get involved in a matter between sisters. Soon the announcement of the guild disbanding was made and his wife made her leave. He knew she would bring it up sometime, but didn't expect her to sneak out so soon. A sad moment for sure, and one that he felt she was holding back true sentiments.

    He nodded towards Noel about the ace system. Once the transition was made, he would need Judith to take care of that. But that was a matter for later. The wind mage didn't see all the point in needing the system. For him, whoever was available to help would mobilize. It seemed like an extra step than was needed, but it made no difference to him. "We'll let you know soon about our Ace."

    The doors opened once more as another entrant made their way to the table accompanied by guards. Kaz looked toward Noel, to see if this was another guest, as Kaz wasn't aware of any other guilds in the area. Noel's reaction answered it all. The man had the fit and stride of royalty and perhaps the bravado that came with it. A sentiment that Noel seemed not to tolerate. It may be actions exactly like these that have caused so many mages to turn their feelings away from the nobility of the land.

    "So we will vote and determine what guilds we let in? And what sorts of propositions do you think we will be voting on? Sounds to me like we will be voting on which guilds we will acknowledge and ones that we won't? Something pretty close to what the magic council does," Kaz would ask, regardless of the newcomer's presence.

    "And the name of the Alliance works for me," he smiled.

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