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IV. Ventus

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

IV. Ventus Empty Wed Oct 26, 2022 7:13 pm

Kazimir Seiryu


Name: Ventus

Slot: Companion

Race: Spirit

Class: Legendary( 48)

Quantity: Custom

Element: Wind

Mana: 1500
  • Strength: 60
  • Speed: 60
  • Constitution: 60


Height: 2m
Weight: 50kg

Appearance: a wispy humankind figure made of wind.

Description: The celestial spirit that guards the wind clan, sent this servant of the wind to assist the clan. It guides one person at a time and stays with them until dismissed. The spirit is spry and agile, moving effortlessly across the ground.

Ventus was sent to search for Kazimir after he went missing. He found the wind mage held prisoner beneath the church and helped to set him free. The spirit's power is a tiny fragment of the celestial spirits and may grow with time. The companion was sent to Kaz because of his hunt for knowledge of the world.

Personality: Uncaring and bored unless there is new information to be gained. The spirit doesn't care much for the toils of day-to-day life and can be aloof emotionally. Although it is very loyal to its cause, the mission it was sent on by the celestial spirit, and its owner. The spirit loves history but not talking about it.


Requirements: Bond with the Celestial Spirit


  • Skill #1: N/A

Companion Perks:
  • Speech: The spirit is capable of speech

Partner Perks:
  • Winds of the Past: ┬áVentos is capable of seeing the history that is whispered in the wind. Ventos vanishes and becomes the wind, allowing it to pull information from past topics to share with its partner. The user can select one open or closed topic of their choice in which they were not present and know everything that happened there. The user may select a single topic once per month. This information may not be relayed to others.


  • Name: Whisper in the Wind
    Rank: -
    Mana Cost: 1,000
    Requirements: Ventus
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Wind
    Range: Topic Wide
    Cooldown: once per topic
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: The companion heeds the call of the user and can teleport up to 3 allies in the topic to a different location in the topic. All targets must be within 15 meters of each other. This can only be used for defense. As such no one that is teleported this way may attack or perform an offensive move after being teleported. This allows for escaping a topic.

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#2Kazimir Seiryu 

IV. Ventus Empty Wed Oct 26, 2022 7:14 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Claiming this from inventory


IV. Ventus Empty Thu Oct 27, 2022 6:18 am

Kazimir Seiryu has claimed their Ventus.

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