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Bhuttan Morilech, the Wild Beast

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Bhuttan Morilech, the Wild Beast - Page 2 Empty on Wed Nov 25, 2020 3:23 pm


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For the most part, she couldn't see them... But she knew her guildmates were working their damndest to cull the barbarian horde as quickly as humanly possible. How did she know that? For the simple fact that none of them had even the slightest chance to interfere with their fight, hell, not even cheer for their boss. Seeing that, Alisa knew she couldn't let up for even the slightest moment, barely wasting a breath to swat away at the excess dust as she charged at the titanic enemy before her. Devoid of her sword, Alisa is forced on the defensive, aiming to engage her dual wielding opponent in Melee range, firing the odd spell here and there. The man seemed to shrug off most of the spells she shot at him, as if bolstered by an impressive resistent to magic almost as large as his ego:

"What's wrong, what's wrong?!?", he roared, laughing out loud as he swung away with his axe, forcing Alisa to defend, soon shattering her defensive spell and ripped through much of her armor.

Though she focused on defense, Alisa never got struck quite hard enough to knock her back as far as the first time around and with every blow traded she gets a feel for her opponent's pace, like an opportunistic ambush predator waiting for the chance to move.

And then, she sees it.
Before she knew it, her chance appeared right before her eyes, just as her overeager foe pulls his arm back for a swing, crossing what few meters of distance remain between them. In response, Alisa merely thrusts her hand out, shooting a crystalline blade, effortlessly piercing through his armor. Her foe did well to guard his vital organs, but Alisa still seized an opening to pierce through his abdomen, making him spit out blood. Even then, he growled and grinned:

"Pathetic...! You thought you could kill me with that little needle.", despite the wide eyed, startled look of shock as he halted his advance to examine his wound, he soon laughs it off, barely paying any mind to the spear embedded in his torso.

"No... You're already dead.", she retorted, nodding towards the crystalline spike embedded in his body, mercilessly crystallizing the surrounding flesh until the man shook with pain, bringing his idle hand to his would as he sneered.

"Ain't gonna go down... From something like this...!!", and with what last remained of his energy, "I'll admit that much, you bitch... You're strong!!"

Well that was impressive, she'd give him that much. Even as he stared down his own death, her foe charged fearlessly into the fray, hoisting his last remaining axe, hoping to put his all into a final blow. Alisa would have even liked to give him the satisfaction of accepting it... But as the crystallization spread through his body, the charging barbarian found himself frozen in place, locked in that last ferocious strike, doomed to never reach his target

"You hopeless beast, not even a crystal statue is a good look on you.", chided she sculptress, shaking her head, yet still admiring her enemy's tenacity not enough to shatter his statue outright. Sighing as the enemy leader stood defeated before her, Alisa turned to the shivering lot who fought beside him, utterly baffled at the sight of their crystallized chief. Very few of them remained in the wake of Sofia and Daiko's onslaught, but even then, Alisa spoke to what few yet stood, "So, who's next...? Whoever still has a weapon in hand in the next 5 seconds will end up like him."

Pointing her thumb menacingly at the defeated enemy behind her, Alisa strutted over to her companions, looking through each and every one of her enemies as she reinforced Sofia's words, barely having time to rest a hand on her hip before a myriad clanging sounds of weapons falling on the ground made itself heard, earning a smile from the guild master:

"Well done, you two~"


Used 700 Mana (50% discount from INT)

Name: Vajrahasta (वज्रहस्त)
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Crystal Demon Slayer
Type: Offensive
Element: Earth/Light
Range: 25 Meters
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: By thrusting or swiping her hand in the chosen direction, Alisa produces a diamond blade stretching from her arm, which can swung or fired up to 25 meters away. When it hits a target, reaches max range, or simply when she wills it, the blade will release a pulse of magic up that spreads up to 16 meters large capable of covering the entire area and deal crystallizing damage to anything inside. Being struck by the pulse or the blade deals S-rank damage, but surviving enemies are not rooted in place by the crystallization.

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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#27Daiko Flayme 

Bhuttan Morilech, the Wild Beast - Page 2 Empty on Thu Nov 26, 2020 11:31 am

Daiko Flayme
With Daiko’s spell settling, the barbarians felt like having lost more than they could have ever expected against the three Blue Pegasus Mages. Well, sucks to be bastards around these mountains - nobody wanted marauders to assault and steal goods on a daily basis, so when Sofia pointed the sharp edge of her mana sword towards them like a captain, Daiko was glad to see that they were too shaken to ever meet her match. That was when she stated the obvious; the odds were against the hooligans now, so why not give up and surrender to the mages? At first, Daiko didn’t think that they would go along with that - their constant notions of masculinity was closely tied with pride, and who would throw their pride away? Especially as the first?
Alisa appeared to have concluded the fight when she joined up with them again, and that was when he heard the clanging of fallen weapons from the rest of the barbarians. They were all looking at their… their… sculpturized piece of art of a leader-
“Holy moly…” was all he could say to the scene, watching as Coda nonchalantly perched on the crystal sealing of Bhuttan. Even when Alisa praised them both, Daiko soon remembered that Alisa had performed a demonic spell a moment ago, and he would likely only benefit from asking right now. Still resting on his butt, he looked up to his Guildmistress’ face - despite it being difficult to eye her from this angle due to certain factors in the way.
“A-Alisa… what was that magic? That spell, I mean, I could’ve sworn I heard you scream ‘demon’, but…”
Some of the barbarians heard his words and shivered in fear, beginning to mumble stuff about the Crystal Mage and the word ‘demon’… it soon turned to accusations of her having made a deal with the Devil for this level of power, to which Daiko’s face gained paranoia. He didn’t mean to say it out loud, but now look what he had caused… shit…
A vein pressed itself up against the inner side of his skin, and his teeth grinded violently against each other as he rose up. He wasn’t having any of this. “Shut up, shut up, shut up, SHUT! UP! THE NEXT, LITTLE SHIT WHO SPEAKS ILL OF HER, I’LL RIP YOUR TONGUE OUT!”
His voice almost cracked mid-sentence, but he got his desired result… for now, at least.
“*huff*… *huff*…”

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#28Sofia Serena 

Bhuttan Morilech, the Wild Beast - Page 2 Empty on Fri Nov 27, 2020 10:26 am

Sofia Serena

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No bandit is a match for my Lisa when she gets serious? Supressing the urge to give a glee filled giggle when she saw her sparkling siren at last seem to deliver a rather magnificent finishing blow to the fool who ruled the mountains, Sofia couldn’t help but smirk at the playful crack that their luscious leader had made about his image, and on the whole found herself agreeing with the method that her marvellous mate had chosen for victory. Certainly, even the crystalline structure of his makeup not doing much to improve the image of the belligerent Buttlan but the impact of the moment having a greater meaning, he would stand atop these peaks as a monument to warn others of the folly of engaging in such villainy for ages to come, provided he didn’t see himself picket apart by avaricious hands in the meantime of course.

“Easy Daiko, the fight is over, there’s no need for more violence from anyone…?” Wanting to rush over to her ravishing raven and offer her the spoils of their victory in the form of a deep and loving smooch immediately after but the reaction of the surprisingly rowdy lad something that prevented this, with the remainder of the bandit force quelled by her offer of mercy Miss Serena could hardly let this display continue, as exciting as it was, and as such she placed a gentle hand upon the shoulder of her friend in order to help settle him.
“We at Blue Pegasus are men and women of our words, so we will let you leave here with your lives now that you have laid down your arms…” Shaking her head as she kept her hand there to try and quell the fire that had seemed to kick up within Daiko and then looking to her wonderful wife a moment later, the green gaze of the girl washed over the remnants of the clan and reassured them that they would meet with no harm so long as they remained peaceful, and she hoped that their angered ally would respect that decision as well. There was no point in promising peace and then reverting to warlike ways, was there, especially now the fight was won?

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- Sofia Serena

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"Indeed, you heard correctly, Daiko.", spoke the sculptress, nodding unflinchinhly at the word demon, quite the opposite, her smile all but widening with visible pride at her magic, only for her brow to raise as she stroked her cheek, "Oh, I suppose I never got around to telling you about it, have I...? This is a Lost Magic known as Crystal Demon Slayer. Like the other slayer magics, it takes upon the aspects of notoriously resilient creatures as a means to kill them."

As the sculptress spoke, she clenched her fist, gripping it tightly as a faint ribbon of violet magical energy swirling around it, the very same Demonic mana they'd grown to identify, yet with the unmistakable glint of light magic. The magic for someone whose very career as a mage had been forged out of a desire to hunt down dark forces. Yet for all her bloodlust, Daiko felt a rather similar emotion towards the survivors as he roared at the foul mouthed survivors:

"The fight is over now, Daiko.", she spoke, gripping tighter to his shoulder, brow furrowing at the sight of the foul mouthed barbiarians, "The battle is over now, is it not? With the defeat of Chief Bhuttan, surely no other innocent travellers will vanish along the way. Naturally if any further innocents were to disappear without a trace... Then we'd have no choice but to come back and annihilate every last bandit in this mountain range."

Without losing her cool or even that serene, honeyed tone, Alisa made it all too clear she'd hold these handful survivors accountable should any further events such as these happen again, her glared decidedly glacial as she

"...For now, see if you can't find some survivors.", she spoke, smiling as she nodded to some of the tents and shacks all around them.

Alisa knew that hateful gazed filled with warlust all too well, and knew of no better way to soothe it than to remind oneself of what they were truly fighting for, to have him care for others than simply cut them all down in one fell swoop. She'd watch as Daiko headed off to find those survivors while she herself:

"Everyone deals with the horrors of warfare in their own way, my love...", spoke the sculptress, perhaps feeling a hint of regret at having exposed them to such a battle. Daiko had been raised as a wild boy, he was no stranger to violence... But her wonderful wife... Alisa clicked her tongue... Despite that hint of hesitation, as she looked into those vibrant eyes of jade, she found herself draping an arm around her lover's waist, giggling happily, heartbeat racing as she smiled, brimming with admiration, "Though I must say, you looked utterly dazzling out there, Sofia~"

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"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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#30Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Not gonna lie, seeing Alisa smile upon hearing his question caused him to shiver for a bit. Just what… just what was it? This magic that she showcased right now… it didn’t make sense in his humble bird brain. Surely, only demons could cast demon spells, right? Was Alisa a demon?! No, no way, she had never shown such traits - while her alluring nature could be called devilish, Daiko would never think of her as some otherworldly creature in that sense. Besides, during the Demon Break, she had shown signs of utter resentment towards demons, which was the catalyst for his confusion at the very moment - c’mon, bird brain, mix some reasonable explanation up-
Oh, thankfully, Alisa came to explain it. The spell came from a Lost Magic, a classification of magic that originated from ancient times and were thought completely lost in all manners of memory and documentation. That much, he knew; her magic, her Crystal Demon Slayer Magic, was under that category… woah, hold up. Hold up for a second-
When had she learned that magic? That made him panic even more! Who had been teaching her Demon Slayer Magic?! … Had a Demon actually been teaching her that? Was it one of the Demons that they waged war against back then? And if so, how the hell did she convince such a being to teach her? Yes, she was already an extremely powerful sorceress, but meddling with demons felt like just inviting trouble in the eyes of the Fire Mage. Man, to even just go up and face them to begin with- Alisa sure had balls of steel, that was for sure! Daiko knew that he wouldn’t last that long in the presence of evil demons-
Evil… oh yeah! Maybe she met a Demon who wasn’t evil! Yeah, like humans, demons could be good too - that could exclude any demons from the onslaught that happened about a year ago, but it still begged the question; who taught her, then? Did Sofia know? This was new and actually pretty big to him! Or, or, maybe she had been using this Demon Slayer Magic all along? But clearly, she would’ve expressed so in a way that Daiko would realize it himself… like screaming the word ‘demon’ in her casting of her spell, for instance. That never happened before, so clearly, she must’ve learned this very recently…
His head began to hurt with all of this unneeded speculation. Nonetheless, Demon Slayer Magic sounded absolutely amazing - at first, it sounded a bit like Takeover Magic where a person embodied another entity in combat, but she had still utilized pure crystal spells without transforming herself. Hmh…
He then saw her clench her fist, releasing just a tease of Demon Slaying Aura from it - to his shock, it wasn’t as stereotypically Demonic as it was… bright. The aura was brighter than expected, and it had scents of some kind of Light Magic. Damn, that was an enigma - did demons possess Light Magic too?
Argh, all of this braining was too much for Daiko. Perhaps it was due to exhaustion; the latter could explain his sudden outburst earlier too. Alisa was so precious to him that hearing anyone talk shit about her, calling her a damned witch, calling her a devil worshipper - after what the two of them had achieved back in Orchidia - it just wasn’t tolerable by him. He had growled, showed signs of clear resentment and enmity towards them despite Sofia already giving them a clear, calculated ultimatum. Things should have been settled now…
His head lifted up in a mild surprise, feeling both Sofia’s and Alisa’s hand on each of his shoulders, holding them tightly with stern but rather compassionate looks on their faces. It was stated clearly to him that the fight is over and that he shouldn’t try and reignite a fire that they had persevered to extinguish as a main goal. Why pick a fight with the barbarians when their mission had been completed? He could’ve ended up worsening the situation… he felt like such a hopeless child.
It was embarrassing, really. He even hid his face away under his arms. “S-Sorry…”
Alisa pointed to the tents near the barbarians’ camp, and there could still be survivors in them. Survivors like Criss… people who had gotten their lives and freedoms taken away by these men. He slowly rose up on his feet and strolled towards each tent, hoping to come face to face with these victims. Things would turn brighter now that Blue Pegasus had ended their lives in slavery.
While some of the tents were merely camping sites for the marauders themselves, some of the shacks as well as a third of the tents contained chained-up people of all ages - from younglings, kids younger than ever, to elderly men and women who didn’t have the strength to defend themselves anymore. And to make matters worse, most of them were injured…
He took his time in the tents and shacks, tending to their wounds before bringing them outside. It was strange, really; if he tried his best, then deep inside of him was a cure rivaled by none in the whole realm, a cure for any gaping hole, cut, bruise and broken bones on the living creatures’ bodies. And here he was, using band-aid and thinking that was the best he could do…

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#31Sofia Serena 

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Sofia Serena

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“Honestly, it’s wonderful to see that mighty, lion-like side you keep hidden Daiko~” Smiling and shaking her head as Daiko apologized for his outburst, Miss Serena couldn’t help but feel like she was talking to her younger brother or something as she offered a little sagely advice and encouragement to the embarrassed lad, and rested her hand on his shoulder as she did so as a little but of reassurance toward him in order to try and soothe the fieriness he was feeling right now.
“But I think great people carry both might and mercy in equal measure, and know when to use which best~?” By no means wanting to stifle his ferocity in the face of an enemy of course but noting that forgiveness could be as powerful a weapon as any blade, she let that green gaze linger on the face of her friend for a moment or two before watching him slip away to search for the captives, and though she felt it might have been best to follow him couldn’t help but want to linger where she was for a minute or two.

“Well, I do my best, but then I have to don’t I~?” Those emerald eyes eagerly searching for the image of her ebony enchantress after all, Sofia’s lips curled upward in response to the compliment she was given by the woman nearby, though she played her enjoyment off in as casual a fashion as she could despite how much the princess savoured the praise of her beautiful black bride.
“After all, the wonderful white empress makes for some rather striking competition when one tries to shine and sparkle~” It rather difficult to get too much of a lofty head when one had the shining example of a dishy diamond diva to compare oneself to in a battle like this, after all, while she was certainly proud of the result and the methods she used to get here the fascination of the foreign fox quickly fell toward the fine femme beside her, and she couldn’t help but nibble her bottom lip a little bit as she took in the breath-taking glory of her glorious gothic goddess fresh from a fight, and likely hungry to explore other cravings their feats had inspired…

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"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

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Alisa, Daiko and Sofia have slain Bhuttan Morilech, the Wild Beast.

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