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Bhuttan Morilech, the Wild Beast

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Bhuttan Morilech, the Wild Beast

The Avvar mountains houses many powerful barbarian tribes. The vile Bruggar tribe have been capturing traveling merchants. When the scouts investigated the matter, they found out that these captives were sacrificed in order to revive Bhuttan Morilech, the strongest chief in the history of the tribe. Bhuttan was unstoppable in his days and needs to be dealt with immediately before he rises his numbers again and expands his domain through blood and conquest. The adventurer must fight their way through this horde and find Bhuttan Morilech to slay him.

Quest Enemies

  • Bhuttan Morilech:

    • Rank: S-rank (700,000XP)
    • Weapons: 2x Bhuttan Axe (+120 DMG, 3x S-rank Durability)
    • Armor: Shoulder Plate and Belt (3x S-rank Durability)
    • Resistances: Minor Physical Resistance and Minor Magic Resistance
    • Strength: 300 STR
    • Speed: 200 SPE
    • Constitution: 300 CON
    • Endurance: 300 END

  • Others:

    • 100x Bruggar Barberians (40 STR, 20 SPE, 30 CON, 20 END)
    • 60x Savage Bruggar Barberians (80 STR, 20 SPE, 50 CON, 40 END)

Quest Details

  • Reward: 20,000 Experience, 500,000 Jewels, 10 Statistic Points and 1000 Fame.

  • Requirements: 5000 words per participant, spread over at least 10 posts. It must be attended by Alisa, Sofia, and Daiko.


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Finally... Finally they had all the information they needed. It took over a month of insistent work, gathering clues and hints, procuring every last ounce of information they possibly could. And even know, for everything they knew, there was much else they knew not. Thankfully, they could now find where the nomadic Bruggar tribe had settled in, hidden somewhere in the mountains. Thanks to the aid of a few fortunate survivors, they had narrowed down the potential locations until just one remained. Thus, the time to go on the offensive was finally upon them. As the other two involved in the investigation, Alisa called upon her wife Sofia - freshly returned from Myras - alongside her close friend Daiko, slipped on her armor and marched on ahead. With the sun yet high on the horizon, the tall sculptress chose to take shelter under the shade, fanning herself ever so slightly, silently noting how lucky she was that her dark, skintight armor was actually deceptively cool and comfortable in the hot weather. Though it didn't stop the odd bead of sweat trickling down her cheek, the statuesque sculptress waited patiently with a cool smile on her face, leaning against a tree as she shot a glance up the mountains:

"...We'll finally get to see what those sneaky Barbarians are getting up to..."

Alisa worried for the safety of the hostages they captured... It had been much too long, and had they been hoping to ransom them all, then surely the city's authorities would have caught wind of it by now. From what she heard, the Barbarians weren't exactly cannibals either. Then if this was neither act of war, nor a hostage situation, or even predation... Just what in the devils could they be up to? Alisa didn't know, and judging from her frown as she looked up the mountaintops, she had a bad feeling about it... Cooly standing beside a tree at the intersection at the slope of the Avvar mountains. Alisa merely waited. Sofia and Daiko would be here before long.

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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#3Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Truly, this investigation had been going on for too long in the Fire Mage’s eyes, but all came to an end and had to be wrapped up. The events taking place in Myras, the distraught merchant at the inn, Alisa’s research and Sofia’s investigations all made things clear to him, and Daiko was generously informed along the way of their next actions. What he remembered, the merchant from the inn did reveal that he was assaulted along with his caravans by a bandit tribe living in the Avvar Mountains, and after extensive digging, a very authentic location of their main land, base of village was now in the hands of Blue Pegasus. After the issues that they had witnessed as a direct result of this tribe, there was only one thing that the illustrious guild prepared for them…
Daiko had gotten quite accustomed to the black robes that he bought a while ago. His cap along with that made him look like a fine, legendary knight. It wasn’t that heavily consisted of steel - simply the hooks around the shoulder-pads, belt and cape were - but it still provided dependable protection. The cape also doubled as an object of intimidation, but… he could also use his wings to do so. Transforming in this coat would definitely rip the cape apart, but that was a sacrifice that Daiko was willing to make.
Coda oh so gently rested her wings above the waves of wind that carried her slowly over the street. Daiko was following suit below on the surface, his boots stepping on the debris and granite as he made his way towards the location where he was to meet Alisa and Sofia. It appeared that the three of them were to retaliate against the Bruggar tribe, which Daiko was completely fine with. He hadn’t seen Sofia since they tamed those serpents together… oh man, maybe it had grown up?! Maybe it was now a powerful companion to her, just like Coda!
This only made him speed up, until he spotted Alisa waiting under the shelter of a tree’s shadow for them. Time was of the essence and of importance, and Daiko closed his eyes for a moment before braking next to the Sorceress, looking towards the end of the road with dagger-sharp contours in his gaze. His Mero Gauntlet crackled when clenching his fist.

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#4Sofia Serena 

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Sofia Serena

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“Heeheeheehee~” A gleeful giggle sounding out from a girl with a gaze as green as any precious gem, even as she stood there with her ethereal cloak fluttering in the breeze over the indigo garments which she had chosen for this little adventure Sofia couldn’t help but throw her arms around the luscious lover she had next to her, and didn’t for a second consider how her actions might have made the lad at their side feel. Overjoyed to finally have a chance to go somewhere exciting with the ebony haired enchantress whom she called her wife, in all honesty she had been missing the minx she married or at very least the chance to go somewhere that would entertain them, and while this was hardly a simply stroll through the mountains to take in the air it still felt special and important her for reasons beyond simple work for the guild.

“Sofisa, back together, for another awesome mission~” Cooing with excitement as she squeezed that firm and fantastic frame against her own and purring into the ear of her perfect partner, the degree of delight that the dainty dish felt meant that she experienced little self-consciousness as she indulged her intimacy even in this ‘three wheel situation, and Miss Serena hoped Daiko didn’t mind letting her have her way for a moment or two either, but not that his objection would stop her right now.
“I’ve missed this… So much!” Hyped up far more by the fact that she had the woman she loved alongside her at last after what felt like so long waiting for her, the emerald eyed enchantress clawed at the lips of her empress hungrily before smiling and cupping the woman’s cheek softly in her hand to bathe in the bliss that was the magenta hue of the icon’s irises, before sighing and eventually tearing herself away. After all, she didn’t want to make their birb boy blush too much.

“So, what’s the plan, boss?” Peeling away from her lovely lady because of that but the smile she wore for the woman lingering even as she did so, after shaking her hair in the wind the bubbly brunette hummed and looked toward their target with an ounce of assurance on her face and mischief clear in her tone, and playfully addressed their lead as she asked her how they should move forward. Eager to get things started so that she might celebrate their victory even sooner than that, while perhaps she was counting her chickens before they came to roost Sofia couldn’t help but feel confident in her company, and hoped that she could keep up with both the master and their aerial ace as well as they got underway…

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- Sofia Serena

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"Oh, good afternoon Daiko~ How have you been?", at the sight of the first arrival, Alisa's cool smile brightened as she peeled off the tree trunk, sashaying over to him, hand resting, on her hip as she greeted him, brow raising, curious as to what he'd been up to the past few days. But before they knew it, Sofia made her appearance, drawing the tall woman's gaze away as her long dark hair whipped gracefully behind her, eyes shooting, "Sofia...! Myy, what on earth took you so l-..."

But Alisa would have no chance to complete that sentence, whatever hopes she might have of keeping her cool melting away as her beloved beauty threw her arms around her, pulling her into a long, loving kiss until her heart skipped a beat at the mere feeling of her warmth pressed against hers. Indeed, it had been too long... Much too long, and Alisa didn't quite fathom just how long it had been until she finally had her wonderful woman in her arms, squeezing her sinuous softness into hers, all but purring as those luscious lips took her breath away, her nails digging ever so softly to her back as she held her close:

"Mmmn~... I missed you even more, my love~", she replied, her cheeks warm to the touch as she took in those enchanting emeralds, her heart still thumping in her chest even as their lips parted and she could truly gaze upon her face, until the smitten sculptress couldn't help but curl them, savouring the after taste before planting a loving smooch on that marvellous mitt, "Those poor barbarians have no idea what just got into hmm~?"

Though careful not to let Daiko feel left out, Alisa still made the most of this moment, giggling as her hand caressed up and down her wife's bare back, twirling with a lock of her hair, breathing in that sweet, salty scent of her seafaring siren before finally, reluctantly peeling away, letting her hand slide down Sofia's arm, squeezing her hand for a moment before addressing both her companions:

"Simple~ We go there and dispose of these pesky barbarians. See if we can find any survivors to bring home safely.", she explained her plan, looking between Sofia and Daiko, and even glancing skywards to see if she could spot Coda anywhere. Both of her guildmates were far superior to the grounded crystal mage when it came to flying, and this is where their ability would shine brightest. But for this to happen, they needed to mind their mana, "Also, make sure to preserve your magic power. Though I highly doubt any of them can pose a threat to either of us individually, we hardly know how many they have."

Unless the two of them had any questions, Alisa would soon turn and march onwards towards the mountain. They still had a long climb up the slope after all...

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"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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#6Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
“Pretty great. Criss is… starting to settle in. Although, I don’t think she likes me a lot-“
Daiko’s ear twitched by the recognition of someone’s voice. Yup, that mischievous voice caused him to shiver for a brief moment, upping his guard in case she had any tricks or games in mind. With his arms raised, he soon came to realize that she embraced Alisa in a warming greeting, which reminded the Fire Mage that the two of them were a couple… just like she said so long ago. Perhaps he had nothing to fear, anymore… but that feeling was quickly substituted with a slight taste of awkwardness in his throat.
They… they knew he was watching, right? Weren’t they being a bit too intimate, right now? Wasn’t stuff like deep kisses and such reserved to private moments? Why was he looking? He shouldn’t be looking! The Fire Mage turned his gaze away forcefully, his face red with embarrassment. Glaring at people kissing each other was awkward… and it was slightly painful, too.
… Wait, pain? Why did he feel that? It wasn’t that much of a surprise that they were together, he knew it long ago. His mind was sliding off a cliff, probably, and irregular thoughts began popping up. He had to focus on the task at hand, hoping that the two ladies remembered. While having turned away, Coda was far more direct and unphased by their loving embrace, almost salivating over the two sirens.
Finally, Alisa addressed the mission, allowing Daiko to turn back to face them both. He looked… bashful, to say the least, but he was listening. The barbarians likely held more hostages, thus a clear objective to free them was presented. And, obviously, they had to drive out the very people who kidnapped travelers and merchants across the Avvar Mountains. Also, advice was given to preserve magic power, and if Daiko didn’t wield the Mero Gauntlet, then that would cause him to sweat a little.
“Alright, then. We should hurry up…” Daiko replied, although a faint break of silence emerged from him as he simply looked at Sofia. Sharply. His eyes darting towards her. That was Sofia, alright, but she looked… different. He wasn’t having a fever dream, right?

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#7Sofia Serena 

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Sofia Serena

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“Mmmnnnnnn… My love~” The sharpness of the sting of Alisa’s nails seeming to make Miss Serena shiver, it acted as a perfect counterpoint to the bliss that the kiss provided the mischievous mermaid, like having just that hint of bitterness in order to fully bring out the sweetness in chocolate or something like that. The breathing of the brunette growing heavier as a result of this and the affections that her wonderful wife returned to her, she felt the muscles at her lower back tighten as her excitement built up more and more and more while her heart throbbed with desire to find a different means than battle to sate her sense of excitement, and probably would have started exploring them if not for the fact they had company.

“Ooooof, look at us, leaving poor Daiko out~?” The water which tearing her lips away from her luscious lover and gasping as she heard the young man at her side speaking, as Sofia turned to see her old friend from the guild and most prominently a little adventure in the lake fidgeting next to them she couldn’t help but smile, and wonder just what it was about the steamy moment which seemed to bring him such a degree of discomfort.
“You want a taste too, cute boy~?” Purring as she teased him about the possibility that his uneasiness stemmed more from jealously or the desire to be included with his tantalizing teammates than anything else, the prankster side of the princess of the pegusi reared its head as she shot a smouldering look to make him squirm that bit more, and even went so far as to run the tip of her tongue around her tinted colour that framed her teeth to tease him futher and taste the flavour of her fellow femme which had been left there.

“Heeheehee, ‘hail the conquering heroes’ huh?” Nodding when Alisa laid out their loose plan of attack so to speak and smirking as she did so, while the idea was simple it seemed to even the crafty mind of Miss Serena that they did not need any particularly well-honed tactics for the battle to come given the fact that they were three of the finest in the guild, and even if it perhaps showed a little overconfidence not to plot too much she knew that both her and her amazing amazon were more than prepared to roll with the punches.
“These guys won’t know what hit them~”  Strong but certainly not consumed simply by the effect of physical might, one didn’t rise to the positions they had without being sound and sharp of mind, and they could also boast the assurance that experience provided them as well. After all, would bandit’s everbe able to compare to the horror that was a demonic incursion? The green eyed girl thought not.

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- Sofia Serena

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"Fufu~ That's alright, she didn't seem to like me that much either...", she told Daiko, chuckling almost dismissively at the thought of the girl she saved, who looked so frightened she lashed out at everything on sight, Alisa included. All the more reason why they couldn't leave her alone... If Sofia met her, the sculptress knew her loving wife would readily agree. After all she seemed to have a soft spot for cuties, even if she had a tendency to tease them more often than not, but Alisa wouldn't miss the chance to tease her back eyes narrowing as she winked at her, "Ara, ara Sofia~... There you go distracting the man before battle~"

Indeed, conquering heroes was the right way of putting it. Once they finally got under way, Alisa kept most of her weapons and gear hidden in the golden wedding ring on her finger, ever so softly toying with it as she lead the way, guided by the clues she'd collected over the past few months. Before long, they finally spotted a trio of Barbarians on the other side of the road, but before anybody could make any sudden movements, Alisa raised her hand to her companions:

"Wait for my signal...", she'd tell them, not really explaining what the signal would be, knowing they'd understand it when they saw it. Instead, she merely marched forwards, the three of them looking just like ordinary adventurers when the Barbarians finally spotted them in turn.

Preserve the element of surprise... The three mages of Blue Pegasus most certainly outmatched their enemies, but without any semblance of hint regarding their numbers, they hadn't the luxury of squandering their strength:

"Good afternoon~... I don't suppose you'd happen to know the road to Myras...?", spoke the sculptress, flashing that cool, vibrant smile as she raised her hands in front of her, rubbing behind her neck with an almost awkward hint on her face, "We seem to have gotten a bit lost~"

For all her honesty, Alisa had no qualms decieving her foes as much as she needed, after all, all war is based on deception. The longer they could keep their enemies peaceful and unwary of the invaders closing in on their camp, the easier it would be to conserve their power, and more importantly, the lives of what hostages may yet draw breath hidden amidst their camp.

"Oh, more travellers huh...? Wait, do we actually still need more...? Didn't the chief already come back?", well they weren't exactly quiet, or really subtle in any way. Shooting the three Pegasi a menacing, aggressive grin, they all too quickly turned to each other, one of them scratching his head as he turned to his buddies, looking between them and the presumed travellers.

Alisa's brow furrowed at the sound... She wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth, and this was certainly the first time she'd heard anything about a Chief coming back. What did that have to do with travellers anyway. Before long though, the other one of them shot the three a lecherous grin, all but leering at the two women:

"It's alright, I'm sure we can find some use for two beauties and an able bodied guy.", one of them finally concluded, he too striding confidently to meet the Pegasi halfway.

As she talked though, Alisa made sure to keep both hands between herself and the enemy trio, pointing at the road behind them, gesturing with every word... And there was a very good reason for that. As well as seeming as least threatening as she could, she could readily defend herself should any of them try to get his hands on her and her companions... And that wasn't all she could do... The moment one of them got within reach of her strikes, Alisa made her move, thrusting the higher hand out forward, a swift, merciless blow on the Barbarian's throat, quickly collapsing his windpipe and silencing all attempts to utter even a single sound. Yet he wouldn't get a chance to fear for his life before the second blow came immediately after, a swift, full powered left punch to his sternum, packing the full brunt of Alisa's power, more than enough to shatter his ribcage and send him flying a good few meters back, before the gawking, startled gazes of his buddies.

Dead or dying, he wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon, and with her companions at her side, the other two wouldn't either..

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"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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#9Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Urgh, this had no end, did it? What’d they see in Daiko that made it so easy and tempting to poke at him and tease him like this… that, he would likely never know.
He would forcefully turn his face away again, trying his best to focus on something else other than Sofia’s soft lips that had just attempted to merge with Alisa’s. There was no doubt that it was Sofia; she must’ve colored her hair… how and why, though? She looked great with blue hair…
Finally, they all agreed on aiming for today’s clear enemies; a group of bulky bandits were located on the road further away from them. They wore rough, leathery clothes and had quite some primal looks on them, something that took Daiko back to Worth Woodsea and the gear he used to don in that shrubbery. These guys must’ve been part of the Barbarians, so they would also be their first obstacle.
Alisa approached them first, obviously wanting to judge the situation and give Daiko and Sofia a chance to uphold the element of surprise. It was… strange, seeing her act like this. Daiko almost stood out on the road, his eyes not believing that he was experiencing such a side to Alisa - albeit a fake one, of course, but seeing Alisa act anywhere near ‘awkward’ or ‘timid’ or anything like the usual states that he found himself in was a one-time experience…
… Wait, he did speak like that. He would also have rubbed the back of his neck like that…

Was she mocking him? Well, that thought caused a vein to pop on his forehead. Even in situations like these, she found ways to jab at him…
Maybe he was overreacting, but regardless, the random roadmen weren’t discreet in the slightest. Their next phrase was ‘do we actually still need more…?’, which gave it all out according to intel; human trafficking bandits who stalked the roads through the Avvar Mountains, kidnapping and raiding passers-by and merchants, it began piecing itself together in the bird man’s birdy brain.

When one of them approached her and got within reach, Alisa threw the façade away and introduced her fist to the poor barbarian’s throat. That was when Daiko rushed in and found his gauntlet-wielding fist buried into the stomach of the other bandit. It was a dud, though, for the bandit attempted to retaliate with a sledgehammering strike from above with both hands held tight - in which the Fire Mage turned around him before he could be hit, grabbed his waist and suplexed him into the granite floor.
They were told to safe their mana…

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#10Sofia Serena 

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Sofia Serena

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Heeheehee, I may have to ask her to revise her little act of helplessness in private a little later on… It’s cute seeing her like this~ Honestly finding it rather hard to maintain a straight face as her wonderful wife put on her little act of being the most delicious damsel in distress there ever was, Miss Serena supressed a smile as Alisa acted all lost and innocent, and couldn’t help but toy with ways in which she might be able to exploit this state of her ebony empress herself if she had the chance. Quite a few ways, in fact.
“Like yeah, we uh took this turn and I wasn’t sure if it was the right one and now it feels like we’re just going round and around in circles? We’d really appreciate the help of a strapping bunch of guys like you!” That mischievous side of the minx unable to stay still however, and in her own way trying to channel her sense of excitement into something productive rather than destructive to their deception as she stepped forward to and sent a pleading pair of eyes toward the barbarians, though her sense of amusement perhaps prevented the playful princess from fully indulging her ‘lost little lamb’ vibe she did her best to add a little bit of conviction to the performance and even batted her eyelashes innocently, and was honestly flattered and just a tiny bit curious when they mentioned ‘uses for beauties’ a moment later. However, this was not the time to indulge it.

Looks like we’re getting this underway~ The emerald eyes of the enchantress widening with a mix of surprise and excitement when next their luscious leader leapt into action and dealt with the lead enemy in a rather handy fashion, Sofia’s own effort seemed to stall for a second as she found herself taking in the vibrant visage of the vixen next to her taking out such a rough and tough fellow with a single smack, she would have been lying if she said that her heart hadn’t skipped a beat when the black beauty lunged forward and clattered their lead. Missing this kind of thrill ride, this spice between them, even though she had to share her amazing amazon action with a partner it was still awe inspiring to see her heating up like this, and seemed to blow the cobwebs of the brunette as well as she too felt a sudden thirst to indulge her exhilaration.

“You know…” Lunging forward in perfect unison with the dashing Daiko and following up on the attack of their lady lead by lifting her heel and spinning in a movement reminiscent of dance, while Miss Serena lacked that raw physical power she was certainly no weakling thanks to how much training she had done with Alisa, and proved that as she drove her foot into the gut of their last would-be accoster and send him spilling to the ground in a manner that was as effortless as it was elegant.
“I’m kinda disappointed…? Aren’t mountain man supposed to be tough~?” Smirking when she was done however and looking back toward the lad and the lass with whom she had arrived, the mischievous mermaid couldn’t help but grin as she was watched her foe gasping on the floor and finishing him with a kick across the nose to send him into unconsciousness, looking just that little cocky as she wondered aloud just how much of a challenge they would really be facing today…

> Sofia goes along with Alisa’s lost traveller act.
> Marvels at Alisa’s pawnch.
> Boots the third attacker in the stomach to wind him, then kicks him again to knock him out.

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"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

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How would she have ever felt the need to give them any indication whatsoever? The moment she sprung into action her teammates followed suit, Sofia too pounding into the barbarian with such force to put the grown man to shame, and Daiko into turn with his mighty gauntlet. Alisa smiled, glad to have finished her foe first that she could just stand there and watch, hand on her hip:

"Myyyy~... Beautifully done you two~", she praised, stepping forward, resting a hand on each of their shoulders, "Come on, let's keep moving... Surely there'll be more where those came from~"

But even Alisa couldn't quite tell just how right she was, or how quickly those words would prove true. This time, they had no way of fooling such an imposing posse of Barbarians, numbering in a couple dozens or so. Out hunting perhaps? Either way, they wouldn't have too long to think about it as this particular group, no doubt emboldened by their numbers, wouldn't really give them any time for pleasanties:

"I suppose the element of surprise just went out the window hmm?", spoke the dauntless sculptress, eyes narrowing the the sight of the enemies, not backing down even an inch as clubs, maces, and rough looking swords were drawn from their respective sheathes, the group closing in on them with confident grins on their faces, "I suppose we're doing this the old fashioned way after all~"

Thankfully, Alisa didn't let that stop her, stepping forward just as resolutely, calmly flipping her hair behind her as that permanent faint smile drew on her lips. No doubt precieving her confidence for the determined defiance it was, the easily infuriated Barbarians charged. Before letting the hopeful horde swarm and surround her and her friends, the Wizard Saint dashed in. Yet she'd meet her attackers not with spell and sorcery, but strength and steel. No doubt, a language the Barbarians would far more easily get through those thick numb skulls.

"HaaaaaAAAAAH!!!", letting out a booming, bellowing battlecry, the sculptress produced the gleaming midnight blade from the pocket dimension stored in her wedding ring, a blade with more than enough size to shock the witless barbarians, and enough power to rip through their front line, slashing across them with tremendous force, far sufficent to knock them into the unexpectant arms of their companions, giving her more than enough room to take a single step back into the horde and once more swing her sword out in an arc the other way around, slashing her way through a huge chunk of the horde and staggering the remainder.

Barbarians defeated: 10

- Praises her teammates for a job well done
- Spots a group of 20 Barbarians further ahead.
- Too many to fool their way through, she charges instead, pulling out Yoru from its pocket ring
- Steps in and meets them halfway with two slashs, cutting down 6 barbarians

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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#12Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
These guys… they didn’t pose as great examples of the brutality of mountain marauders. Daiko had met tougher marauders in his time, believe it. Yet, it was at least an easy match; he, Sofia and Alisa beat them up beyond raiding anyone ever again, and that level of difficulty would hopefully follow them to their next destination - wherever they settled their base. Wherever their returned boss were.
Having Alisa’s hand on his shoulder filled him with courage. He was doing well. He had grown stronger, more efficient in combat, deadlier, quicker and more agile than ever before. His gauntlet was a brilliant addition to his arsenal, and his Takeover Magic was pulsating deep inside him, urging to light aflame.
He nodded in agreement. They still had to find the base, and they would have to stick to sneaking and keeping a low guard. Discretion would allow them to spare their mana, so that if things went down south, they could always draw upon their magical reserves for a way back out. It would require Daiko to transform, so a moment of no interruption was needed before he could use big spells like those he had just developed. Oh yes, he had some new spells up his sleeves - spells he failed to use against his fight with Aegis back in the tournament.
Oh, well, there went their discretion and secrecy. A horde of about a couple dozen barbarians approached them from the end of the road - it looked to be around 15, but Daiko couldn’t see all of them due to how tight and close they were to each other - and they wielded heavier weaponry than the few idiots they just faced. Maybe he needed to draw from his magic this time… but Alisa approached them first, confident yet in her physical prowess to take them on.
But she had a huge sword that could solidify distance between them and her - Daiko’s melee weapon was a gauntlet attached to his arm, which still needed him to get closer to them… wait, the gauntlet’s ability! Maybe it worked on things other than people! With that idea in mind, Daiko ran up to them, warning the sculptress: “Back away for a minute…!”
His gauntlet’s clenched fist was launched directly to the ground beneath him as he then dashed back in a few jumps. The barbarians were somewhat confused by his actions, but they still began running towards him to make up for the ten fools who fell to Alisa’s sword. And when the eyes on the gauntlet lit up, the ground shattered and caught their feet as they cried in shock - after-damage had proved a useful trap mechanism.
“It worked?! Coda, it worked! Alisa, Sofia, did you see that?!” Daiko proclaimed with his fists held up high while running back from the cracking earth. That was a new thing, a new idea that came to mind and paid handily.

WC: 492
TWC: 1704

#13Sofia Serena 

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Sofia Serena

WORDS: 626 | TOTAL: 2142 | Bandito Huntress

“As if you’d expect any less from your two best aces~?” Wrapping her arms around herself as their luscious lady lead complimented their efforts, Sofia beamed with pride at the words of the woman she called her wife, and basked in that praise no matter how small the effort was to earn it.
“Right Daiko~?” Happy to share it around as well and cocking her smirk toward the boy of their little ‘tricycle’ of battle a moment later, the pugilistic princess puffed her chest out with pride at the little victory they had earned together, but knew that this moment wouldn’t last all that long given their situation. Three bandits was a nice appetiser, but the main course would be a lot more filling for all of them, and arriving even quicker than she expected.

She’s so bad at holding back, isn’t she~? Thankfully it seeming that the temptress who led their team was hot on her heels when a far bigger ‘dish’ was brought out to whet the appetite of the group, as Alisa ran forward and seemed to swipe through what looked to be half the pack in a single stroke Miss Serena couldn’t help but smirk at the efficiency of her ebony enchantress, and remembered the hard time that the woman had when the two had started training together at first.
I almost feel bad for them… In many ways her beautiful black bride the sort of soul who was practically peerless in the land when it came to battle, the emerald eyed enchantress could remember how much she had struggled in training when facing her sable seductress, even when the woman had been trying to subdue herself, and honestly did not envy anyone going up against her at full force for a single second, that was for sure.

“You’ve got an idea~?” Not one who wished to be left behind either but seeming to be cut off in her path when it seemed that the lad among the ladies had a plan to deal with more of their detractors, Sofia skidded to a halt at the request of the bird boy and held herself back as he readied his attack, and had to admit that the short wait was certainly worth it.
“WHOA! That was amazing buddy!” A big grin appearing on the face of the foreign fox as now it seemed that she was cutting a swath through a group that had set out to ambush them, the water witch couldn’t help but feel a sense of poetic justice in the fact that they had been cut off in their attempt by a trap from one of their own team, and felt even more assured in her battle knowing she had not one but two powerful allies by her side. Though that didn’t mean she was about to let them do all of the fighting.

“Looks like you’ve got a rival for group badass, babe~?” One again setting off with her heated heels and drawing something spicy from her side as she did so, Miss Serena smirked when she saw the stunned expression of the bandits as her trusty lightsabre ignited before her, and all too quickly was cutting her own path through them with that honed blade of energy in order to watch the back of the beauty she loved so much. Skidding once more but this time so that she could swerve around and defend the divine derriere of the dark dish known as Alisa Vollan, the Valerican Vixen hummed almost as loudly as her weapon as she took her place behind her beloved belle and chopped down a couple more would-be attackers, knowing all along that even a mob this size wouldn’t last long against their combined might…

> Brags a little at the little win.
> Watches Alisa start cutting down enemies, and hangs back to let Daiko do his thing.
> Moves in behind Alisa to watch her back, cutting down 3 enemies in the process.

Stir Up Some Excitement

"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

credit to nat of adoxography.


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WORDS: 2500 | TAG: @Daiko, @Sofia | ARMOR

Just as easily as she told them to wait for a signal without ever needing to mention what it was, so did the sculptress knew to pull back as Daiko called out to her, not finding any need to ask what he was up to. Trust. The kind of understanding you only gain after sharing countless battles together in the widest variety of missions and engagements. Alisa saw no need for a third swing as Daiko blew a crater under the feet of their enemies:

"Araaaa~...? That gauntlet of yours sure packs quite the punch hmm~?", inquired the sculptress, visibly bewildered by the blazing display put on by Daiko.

But in the end, nothing looked quite as breathtaking as her beautiful bride pulling out and swinging a blade of hard light, cutting weightlessly through flesh and bone of whatever enemies tried to circle around them. Even standing back to back as such, Alisa couldn't help but glance over her shoulder, her lips parting in awe as she held her own blade upright, speaking up:

"Ufufu~... Have you been holding out on me~? When did you get your hands on such a marvellous weapon my love...? It suits you~", praised the sculptress, half hoping to meet her wonderful wife's jade green gaze, throwing her a knowing wink before proceeding to finish off the last of the barbarians, "Well, that's the last of them for now...", she noted, swiping her sword clean, "But if there's this many of them in one group, surely their camp can't be too far."

And even Alisa had no idea just how right she was. Before long they spotted smoke in the distance... A few meters ahead of that, they could finally make out the outline of a guarded palisade, from while a couple of guards quickly spotted the three armed intruders, steadfast on their march towards the camp. Before long a loud, boisterous horn resounded through the air, soon followed by an overwhelming cheer as Barbarians started spewing out from their camp in large numbers, just under 20 meters away:

"My apologies, but... This opportunity. Is a bit too priceless to resist~", in the end, that faint smile widened as Alisa swept her idle hand in front of her, snapping her finger as a large, wide magic circle appeared right under the gateway from where the barbarians so eagerly poured out. And from the center of that magic circle, an explosion. Sudden, unexpected, but not entirely unannounced as from a wide, all encompassing blast of crystalline shrapnel encompassed the whole area as the Barbarians funneled themselves through it.

There would be no survivors. Few people were strong enough to withstand such tremendous piercing power, not when no manner of armor could actually hold a candle to those razor sharp diamons, hard enough to pierce through all but the sturdiest of magical defenses. In the end, Alisa had to break a rule she herself set, but for some reason, she was quite convinced her companions wouldn't really mind:

"Fufu~... How nice of them to roll out the red carpet for us.", little by little, small hints of that Alisa's ruthless fighting instinct began peering through the cracks in that cool, collected visage, her eyes glimmering with a passionate, insatiable hunger...

Alisa had to admit... It had been much too long since she was able to cut loose like this, and was very much thrilled by the opportunity. The fact that she could not only have Sofia at her side the whole way only excited her that much more, and to think she'd even managed to bring Daiko along for the ride... It's not every day she could scratch her itch for action and adventure like this~

Barbarians defeated (by everyone): 40

- Watches with awe as Daiko and Sofia finish of the rest of the barbarians
- Marches on ahead until they finally see the Barbarian camp
- The moment they spot them, the Barbarians sound the horn and rush out of their camp
- While they funnel through the entrance, uses her stone storm spell on it, killing a good number of them


Used 100 Mana (50% discount from INT)

Name: Crystal Demon's Stone Storm (晶魔の嵐石, Shōma no Ranseki)
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Crystal Demon Slayer
Type: Offensive
Element: Earth/Light
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Alisa opens her palm and produces an crystalline explosion from a focal point within twenty meters, shooting sharp adamantine fragments in every direction up to an eight meter diameter, knocking people back one meter with concussive force and dealing A-rank damage. A wide magic seal marks the targeted area as the explosion occurs. Upon reaching max distance, the crystals whirl around, encompassing the whole area. If Alisa's focal point is herself, the spell will instead erupt from a crystalline shell around herself which shatters to produce the explosion, leaving only a safe area immediately around her body, preventing Alisa from getting torn up by her own attack.

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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#15Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Huh? That wasn't a kind of sword that Daiko had seen before... where did Sofia get that weapon from? Now, he wanted one as well! It looked so stylish and practical - how the blade was almost summoned forth by unseen prowess could prove an element of surprise in close combat, and just like Alisa's spears, it granted the aquatic mage quite a reach... unlike, y'know, Daiko and his gauntlet. Blast it all, he could afford to punch people straight in the face.

*sniff* The scent of smoke was strong enough for his ordinary sense of smell to catch. It smelled like a huge bonfire, which alerted him and the group that the barbarians' camp was nearby. Maybe they heard the screams of battle and were preparing for a second wave? He hoped that they wouldn't be much more than the last group in terms of numbers and difficulty.

The horn was sound, echoing through the mountain range. Daiko shrugged Coda off to let her fly above the mages who faced an even bigger horde of barbarians, all brothers in arms with the intent to slaughter the Blue Pegasi in front of them who had wrecked havoc on their brethren. Daiko was still intent on using his bare fists and punching his way through them until he reached the boss, Bhuttan, but Alisa saved a lot of time for them by summoning a magic circle underneath the barbarians' feet. This circle exploded into millions of shrapnel, tearing through their armors and flesh. It was a bloody sight to behold - had it been hunt on woodland beasts for game, then Daiko wouldn't mind as much about the bloodshed. This, though, was a testament to Alisa's ruthlessness in warfare... something he hadn't seen since they let demon worshippers' heads roll in that manor.

"Ali... alright, pretty sure we can throw our big games down, then," he commented before sprinting towards the entrance to the camp. The element of surprise was thrown out of the window, but they were clearly too much for these criminals. "BHUTTAN! COME OUT AND FACE ME!" he roared, in sync with his wings bursting out from the back of his coat, "I'LL MAKE YOUR HEAD ROLL!" As far as he was aware, these barbarians hidden in the Avvar Mountains had brought hell to Blue Pegasus long ago... through Criss. Unforgivable.

WC: 393
TWC: 2097

#16Sofia Serena 

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Sofia Serena

WORDS: 603 | TOTAL: 2745 | Bandito Huntress

“Heeheehee, what, this old thang~? I suppose it is rather handy, isn’t it~?” Grinning and taking the praise from her partner as reward of the highest order, though Miss Serena tended to lack the same ruthless love of battle and powerful ‘punch’ of the White Empress she was happy to inflict a little harm for the sake of the woman next to her, and on account of all those souls who had been lost thanks to the efforts of their enemies here.
“Did you think I spent all that time you were playing guild mistress pining after you, waiting for you to come home to your hot little waifu working at her hot little stove~?” Smirking at her sable siren as she wheeled her blade around to hack through a far less elegant edge than her own and send its wielder spilling to the floor in agony as she did so, the girl with the green gaze grinned at her gothic goddess and then struck out to slay another soul who might have otherwise sought to strike out at the back of her black beauty, and breathed a sigh of a relief when it seemed that their foes dwindled in number around them until there was nothing left. At least for a minute.

“Wow, you really are maniac when it comes to fights, aren’t you~?” Those emerald eyes growing wide as her ebony enchantress let loose an attack which seemed to be matched only in its ferocity by the beauty inherent in it, though it seemed that her cohorts were gearing up to throw their caution to the wind when it came to keeping their magical reserves intact, Sofia opted to show a more calculating and patient bent as she continued to wield her sword but kept her big spells in reserve for what might have come next.
“That blood of yours seems almost as well-heated as a certain someone’s loins are when we get the weekend to ourselves, huh~?” Instead relying on the swiftness and her strength as she teased Alisa before kicking off the ground to create a magic circle, her blade hummed as she lined up a row of would-be aggressors who seemed to have escaped the broad blasts of her buddies and cut through them one at a time with her sword, making easy work of them as she rushed forward with no more than her simplest dash spell to cut them apart as she sliced away at three bodies all in a shower of sparks. However, it seemed her coolness was contrasted by an unexpected boisterousness nearby.

“Wow, and suddenly I see why our shy little bird boy has his fire magic~” Daiko usually so quiet and subdued that Miss Serena could hardly believe what she was seeing or hearing as he began to bellow at their enemies, she flicked her hair and fought against the urge to giggle at the change that she saw in the lad, and felt as if it was suddenly like seeing a lapdog roaring in rage at someone who threatened its favourite toy.
“Maybe we should leave this all to him, hm~? What do you reckon, babe~?” Knowing better than to expect that the flaming fellow was all bark and no bite however, as the bubbly brunette bounded back to the side their lush leader she shook her head and smiled at what she saw, wondering aloud if they should give him a chance to let loose a bit of the fury which clearly seemed to be bubbling away beneath the surface. Both for his sake, and her own amusement of course…

> Cuts down a couple more people while guarding Alisa’s back
> After Alisa uses her stone storm, Sofia uses a D Rank Dash (Astris) to line herself up to slay a trio of stragglers with her blade.
> Teases the idea of letting Daiko handle the rest of the fight, given how fired up he seems to be

Stir Up Some Excitement

"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

credit to nat of adoxography.


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WORDS: 3200 | TAG: @Daiko, @Sofia | ARMOR

Unsurprisingly, Daiko was just as charmed by Sofia's exotic choice of weapon as her wife was. Alisa made a mental note to ask her about it later, though she wouldn't go as far as saying she desperately wanted one for herself, well... Honestly, the thought crossed her mind a bit, though more for the delicious, delectable thought of wielding the exact same weapon as her beloved bride:

"Ufufu... I can only imagine all the things you were pining after, my love~... I sure hope you'll regale me with more of them one of these days.", even in the heat of battle, Alisa couldn't help a graceful little giggle as she looked over her shoulder, shooting her a smouldering gaze, nibbling her bottom lip for good measure, "Ever so attentive towards anything well-heated about me, aren't you, Sofia~? I suppose it's one of your many talents."

In the end, Alisa knew better than to let her eyes off the prize, for the very moment she turned her head forward, she conjured her powerful magical visor in front of her eyes, endowing her with an all encompassing, 360º sight that let her take in each and every last enemy around them.

"Well, at the very least. We should make sure our fiery fellow has adequate support~", replied the sculptress, flashing a calm, knowing fate smile at her beloved, "...We still don't know what manner of might our enemies have and... We wouldn't want any harm coming to him now, would we?"

Perfectly content with letting one of her strongest mages take the lead if he so desired, Alisa was, in the end, a front line fighter through and through, and as a commander, that mindset would never change. She lead from the front lines:

"...I suppose we better catch up~", she replied at last, winking knowingly at Sofia as she charged forth. With Daiko having done the bulk of the work at clearing out the small fry.

...Daiko on the other hand, had finally come face to face with his mark. As he charged and plowed through the battlefield, he'd have had a bunch of Barbarians coming out to meet him. Alisa had trimmed a huge chunk of the horde, meaning he'd have a fair amount of time to just beat them the odd straggler here and there before catching the big boss lumbering a few meters ahead:

"Tch. The hell is all this? Sounds like a piglet squealing for a sow’s tit!", roared the tall barbarian, towering even over the best fighters at his side, a horde easily numbering in the twenties with many more behind him.

Clearly, all the grunts they'd been facing so far had nothing on the big boss and his grinning elites, all bearing menacing weapons, some as big as themselves. For not though, they kept to his side. The boss didn't seem overly concerned with the grunts who yet did their damndest to swarm around Daiko, only to be cut down by Alisa and Sofia in turn as they too rushed in behind him:

"What’s all this racket, boy? Did you come here with those women as tribute, looking to join the great Bhuttan?!", he asked, crooking his brow as he stroked his beared chin, leering at the lovely ladies on the dark skinned male's either side, until even Alisa couldn't help but roll her eyes as a look of utter disgust crossed her face.

But in the end, if something pissed her off more than the look he shot her... Was the sight of him shooting that lecherous, damn repulsive look at her refined, ravishing wife, something that made Alisa heft her sword

"My my... That's quite a bold statement for a greasy pig whose men have been dropping like flies.", taunted the sculptress, despite the aggravated hint in her twitching brow.

While the big man himself just left out a hearty, dismissive laughter that only made the tall woman grit her teeth, his men weren't nearly so forgiving. Hearing the insult to their boss and their tribe, a good 10 of them joined the grunts who kept rushing down and trying to surround the Pegasus trio, making Alisa hoist her sword as she spoke:

"Here they come...!"

Barbarians defeated (by everyone): 50

Savage Barbarians defeated (by everyone): 0

- Flirts with Sofia~
- Watches Daiko rush on ahead and urges Sofia to join her in supporting him
- Looks utterly disgusted at the Barbarian boss' lecherous lines to Daiko
- Taunts the Boss and his men until 10 Savage Barbarians join the attack.

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

#18Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Slowly, glowing bones stuck out from Daiko’s face, specifically at his cheek bones and out from his chin - shot and sharp, these edges resembles broken plates from a previously worn mask… or the core bones of a fossil bird’s beak. It hurt a bit at first, but he didn’t mind it and thought it as part of his Takeover Magic; the more of the transformation that he underwent, the more magic he could pour out. And it looked to be needed, given by the audience that he made. His darting, furious eyes locked onto the barbarians who stormed out to face him distracted him from anything his guildmates spoke of behind him, but they approached him right when the barbarians piled up on him, too tired to challenge him one-on-one which would clearly be the honored way of a man who treasured his physical strength.
So Daiko’s fuel was unleashed, a sea of fire spouting upwards in all its unbearable heat, scorching black marks onto the barbarians who poorly got caught in the literal crossfire. The fire was released from his back, extensions of his fiery wings that quickly shrunk back to their original sizes. The fire must’ve reached at least a dozen meters up in the air, and the sudden change in heat had pushed the air away rather viciously, leaving some with torn-off or incinerated limbs, all but a few willing to cross him… until their boss stood forth.
He was way taller than all the other barbarians… he was definitely their leader. There were many more behind him, causing Daiko to take a step back. It was frustrating and had him gritting his teeth together, for these men looked tougher and wielded bigger, heavier weapons on their persons. Nothing like the grunts who got caught down by Alisa and Sofia who quickly joined up with him. He threw a glance behind him, gazing at them with a look of slight worry stuck in his face before facing the leader once again.
The worry was rapidly switched out with anger, for Daiko had no intention of joining the likes of him. He spouted dumb words without knowing a single thing about Alisa or Sofia or him or anyone from Blue Pegasus, thinking them to be some lowly gypsy crew when they were so much more than that! Alisa wasn’t a tribute; she was the one who took Daiko in and let him join the guild when he had suffered the loss of Lamia Scale! Despite his habits, his wild and unpredictable nature, his often noted-out hypocrisy, she valued him as a friend and vice versa! And Sofia wasn’t a tribute either; she was ‘stranger’ than Alisa, but she was just as heartwarming and friendly to him as her! They were his beloved guildmates, some of the greatest women he had ever known! Just hearing those words coming from that pile of shit made Daiko furious, causing huge veins to pulsate on his forehead and arms.
While Alisa retorted with an insult to Bhuttan, immense heat escaped Daiko’s mouth and signaled his next move. A beam of fire was released in an ear-deafening shriek, inhuman and unyielding as it scorched a hole through the circle of elites and aimed straight at Bhuttan. He would move around his two guildmates, coating the elites in carpets of fire and giving Alisa and Sofia lots of openings for them to attack while their enemies were too busy trying to extinguish the fire.

WC: 581
TWC: 2678

#19Sofia Serena 

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Sofia Serena

WORDS: 801 | TOTAL: 3546 | Bandito Huntress

“Heeheehee, I fear I am like a moth to your flame, love~” Sword still busy, whether it was a tactic to leave her enemies stunned by scintillation or not the feisty foreign femme did not stop her flirtation for a single moment, and instead would be found giggling gleefully as Miss Serena buried her blade in one body or another all while exchanging her usual flattery with the fine femme she loved so much, and honestly couldn’t have been happier.
“Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t resist that lure~” That surge of adrenaline and ounces of accomplishment which accompanied her act of felling foes combining into rather the intoxicating compound, the wicked water wench tossed a wink toward Alisa as she found the heard thinning around them, and wished that they could spend the rest of their battle like this, but apparently someone had other plans.

“Gosh, whoever knew that sweet and innocent little Daiko could get so fired up~?” The big chief finally making his appearance proper and shooting words which really seemed to rile up their beautiful bronzed buddy, though likely the great bandit aimed to be the big attraction here Sofia for one couldn’t help but feel more impressed by the fervour she saw in her friend, especially in light of how he usually seemed to act around her.
“I suppose the clue is in his magic~” Recalling the fiery ferocity with which he had been capable on their first meeting because of that and giggling a little at the contrast between the meek young man and the blazing badass he became in battle, she needed no urging from her lover to follow after their passionate partner as he set off in front of them, and guessed that despite his bluster he might need some support from someone with more of a cool inclination in mind. And a prankster as well.

“Excuse me, sorry, did you say the great ‘Buttman’~?” Smirking as she drew within earshot of the head honcho and shaking her head as she did so, while she had no error in hearing him speak up earlier in spite of their windy locale Miss Serena couldn’t help but make light of the name he had taken for himself, and how very similar it sounded to something with a much more vulgar interpretation.
“Hells bells, I suppose if we came to the mountains looking for sophistication, we clearly chose the wrong one eh?” In her own way looking to draw the ire of the loud leader and his men toward her as much as it was directed to either of her buddies for this battle because she knew that they would have a much harder time with a divide and conquer type of approach, if anyone one of the three was bombarded by such numbers and whatever potency that was possessed by the head of the pack they were sure to buckle quickly, and as such the siren sought to ensure they would keep their enemies on their toes as they dwindled those numbers down to nothing.

“Cest le vie, I suppose you can entertain us in other ways~” More of a devious tactician than her flippant manner might have implied and perhaps even a little bit ruthless in her way, while the pace of the playful princess might have been enough to allow her to catch up to the young man who set out in front of them, she showed a little cheek in the fact that she chose not to and instead allowed him to gain the kind of lead she could take advantage of. That charge naturally enabling a good dozen men to swarm in behind it regardless of Daiko’s effort to detain them, both she and him might have been looking at some rather nasty words had the mischievous minx not been gathering her mana in the meantime, and ready to unleash one of her strongest spells the second they stepped within her territory.

“If you can keep up of course~” Unfortunately for her enemies afforded the time she needed to build up a great swell of magic power and swirl her free hand around to cast a spell with it, after winding her mitt around the young woman conjured an orb of light which was almost as bright and brilliant as the sun itself above them, though far more deadly in the immediacy. Barely needing to aim as she flung the blinding ball ahead of herself right between her and her dashing lead and let it explode like a bomb, though the act forced her to need to close her eyes for a moment the result spoke for itself; light magic erupting outward in a moment like some celestial explosion, and wreaking havoc upon anyone or anything caught in her wake…

> Flirts with Alisa while cutting down a couple more Banditos, then follows after their fiery friend.
> Shoots a cheeky comment at Buttlan and his cronies to enrage them.
> Fires A Rank AOE Spell ‘Nova’ at a group trying to seize Daiko’s flank, taking out about 8 Banditos, and 4 Badasses.
Name: Nova
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Heavenly Body Magic
Type: Offensive (AOE)
Element: Light
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Whirling her hand around in a circular motion, Sofia generates a magic circle which creates a whirling ball of light, which she can hurl anywhere within spell range and ‘detonate’, creating an 8 Meter wide vortex of swirling and cascading energy that does A Rank Damage to anyone or anything caught within it.

Stir Up Some Excitement

"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

credit to nat of adoxography.


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WORDS: 4000 | TAG: @Daiko, @Sofia | ARMOR

"My, my Daiko~... Feels like forever since I've seen you cut loose like this...", spoke the sculptress, hoisting her blade, not for a moment letting the admiration distract her from the mission at hand.

With the enemies distracted by the phoenix's fireworks, the sculptress focused the bulk of her efforts in thinning down the horde in front of them, slash after slash. No matter hwo strong they were, none of the barbarians here could ever hope to survive even a single slash from the Guild Master, and to their credit, both of her guildmates boasted the exact same capability if not more so:

"Fufu... Yes indeed my love, that seems to be exactly what I heard as well~", snickered the sculptress, shooting her luscious lover a cheeky little wink, giggling as the three mages watched each other's back's, slowly thinning down the hordes of enemies, "I suppose we shouldn't tease a man for what he does in his bedroom now, should we~?"

For a moment, Alisa wished she could have stood there and watched the dazzling light show her wonderful wife put on for her, but as Sofia covered Daiko's back and allowed the man to charge on ahead, the sculptress soon found a far more ferocious foe worthy of the whole of her attention:

"Hahahah!! You two bitches have a nice little bark, but not nearly enough bite!!", not looking nearly as aggravated by their words as one might think, the beefy barbarian merely grinned as his men gladly stood between him and Daiko, taking the hit for their boss who merely pulled out his axes and scowled at the two, "...You really got no idea... Who ya fuckin with!!"

Determined to give them a little demonstration, the man charged with all his might, taking aim at Daiko, the enemy closest to him. With Sofia preoccupied with thinning the horde and doing a rather wonderful job about it, Alisa had all the room she needed to charge on ahead, intercepting the mighty mountain of man before her actually got within striking range of Daiko, swinging her sword into the path of his axe, blocking it with relative ease...


The impact resounded through the air with thundering ferocity, enough to shock the minions in the immediate vicitity, utterly stunned at the very though of this mysterious assailant somehow managing to match their legendary leader blow for blow... No, match him wasn't quite accurate. Alisa was winning, knocking back back the barbarian's blow, sending it reeling while her own momentum merely halted:

"Fufu~... Keep looking away from me and this will be over a embarassingly quickly~", spoke the sculptress, eyes narrowing as she swung her sword with full force, striking into the barbarian's mighty axe, parrying it with relative ease, that confident faint smile clearly drawn on her plush, pink lips as the mountain of a man staggered from the impact, "Who on earth do you think you're fighting hmm~?"

The fact that Yoru all but chipped from that hit barely seemed to register on the battle minded warrior mage, but make no mistake... Alisa saw it well enough. By her estimates, it would last through another hit like that without shattering... The Barbarian's axe, however, wouldn't survive another hit, and the man knew it. As Alisa's back recoiled from the impact, the trained sculptress flowed with the motion, shooting him a fierce glare starkly constrasting with her almost laid back posture. Like a raptore eyeing its prey, the relentless Guild Master wasn't about to let an opening like this slip by. Staring wide eyed at the foe before him, startled by the sudden show of strength, Alisa could see it in his eyes, an experienced fighter like him could tell he was in trouble. And so, he took the only reasonable course of action, stepping back as he staggered, doing what he could to step out of the range of yet another devastating blow from that menacing greatsword.

"Tch!!", clicking his teeth as he stepped back, it was all the man could do to raise his other axe in a hopeless attempt at defense.

"Too slow...!!"

In the end, another clashing of metal resonated through the air as Alisa struck the other axe, nearly breaking it as she pressed on the offense.

"W-Whoa... The chief... Stepped back?!", for a moment, the distracted minions could look on wide eyed at the sight of their renowned leader actually pushed back a couple steps.

Yet for the man himself, the unexpected scale of the opposition he'd met hardly deterred him in the slightest:

"So, ya got a bit of fight in ya, huh? That'll make it all the better when I break you eh?!", quite the opposite, the moment his surprise gave way, his grin all but widened even further, blood boiling at the sight of the titanic battle he'd found himself in, the likes of which he probably never had even when he was alive, "Well, since you're so desperate for a piece of me I suppose I'll oblige, but don't say ya didn't have your chance to run away!"

Barbarians defeated (by everyone): 70

Savage Barbarians defeated (by everyone): 20

- Watches both Daiko and Sofia's offensive displays
- Uses the openings provided to cut down a few more barbarians.
- Watches as the babarians block Daiko's attack on their boss
- Intercepts Bhuttan's attack and challenges him to single combat

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

#21Daiko Flayme 

Bhuttan Morilech, the Wild Beast Empty Wed Oct 21, 2020 10:40 am

Daiko Flayme
Despite the coverage, the fire emitting from his lungs didn’t really let him keep a close look at his surroundings. Some of the bandits were trying to flank him, and while he could twist and turn around to spread the fire, the chance of hitting either Alisa or Sofia was there too. He stepped back a few steps, trying to see if he could cover a wider area in front of him via that maneuver, but perhaps most of them were already scorched to ashes? Maybe he cut a bit too loose?
Well, at least he managed to impress them both… oh wait-
It didn’t appear to be the end of it when he heard their cries as some appeared around him, but before he could cancel his spell and react to the surprise flank, blinding light enveloped the space in front of him. That must’ve been from… wait, was that Sofia’s spell? She was a Light Mage, now?!
The group in front of him found themselves quite devastated by the sudden light, many having taken gross scorch wounds on their skins as a result of being too close to the point of impact. Even the ground had a black mark of ash that spread out like a drawing of an exploding star. “Oooooh! Wait, that wasn’t your Water Magic?” he asked quickly, “You got a whole new kind of magic?!”
He wasn’t allowed to keep up the small-talk, for the brute known as Buttman - hehe, good one from Sofia - was unscathed by his fire breath. His men, some of the new barbarians, stood in between the blast and him, most of them now having been reduced to scarred veterans while Buttman swung his axes around and charged at the Fire Mage, still intent on disrespecting his lady friends. Did this idiot want to die that badly?
Although, Daiko wasn’t quicker than Alisa, and before he could meet the attack head-on, Alisa blocked the axe with her sword. His hair flew back by the impact, and Daiko stepped back in a mild shock. She scared him, there… but it was good to know that Alisa was more than capable of absolutely humiliating this piece of shit. The barbarians behind him, though, were getting a bit too comfortable, so Daiko glared at them with the eyes of a bloodthirsty beast and caused them to shiver. They noticed him eyeing them as Alisa was busy abusing the pride in strength that Buttman possessed, and they began to back off before Daiko leapt forward and turned into a ball of fire, tackling them one by one and leaving them with terrible, second-to-third degree burns.
“It doesn’t matter how big or bulky you lot are,” he roared amidst his pursuit, “None of you can hope to beat Alisa! You know nothing about her!”

WC: 471
TWC: 3149

#22Sofia Serena 

Bhuttan Morilech, the Wild Beast Empty Sun Oct 25, 2020 12:52 pm

Sofia Serena

WORDS: 702 | TOTAL: 4248 | Bandito Huntress

“Heeheehee, my dearest Daiko~” Smirking and giggling at the astonishment that her fiery fellow showed her as a result of her blast of light, that alone seemed like it was worth the cost of Miss Serena’s mana without even considering the number of enemies she had felled with her attack, since it finally seemed to help her feel like she just might be on the level of the blazing bird after so very, very long training to catch up to people like him and of course Alisa.
“When have I been the sort to conform to expectation, hm~?” All too clearly recalling that day in the water when he had needed to rush to her rescue when she had only been in this fine land of Fiore for a short while as she took a breath and then began to cut through the stragglers who had been on the fringe of her light blast, the blade of the brunette seemed hum with excitement as she returned to the task of felling the fools as they stood there in a stunned state, and compelled the cheeky young woman to show a little flourish as she continued.

“You’ll learn that a fine woman is much like the sky itself~” Hopping from one to the next and swiping at them in a clean manner which likely resembled those of her lady leader given the fact that much of her swordplay was inherited from that stunning source, Sofia opted to show her own style as she drew her arm back after felling three in turn and opted to double her number by using the special spell she had learned to use with her magical blade, and in a moment had sent it whirring through the air as a wheel of destruction on her enemies.
“Sometimes bright, sometimes dim, but always changing, and always beautiful in the end!” Eyes glued to that shining sword as she threw it in a looping arc which sliced through another couple of enemies in turn, one might have suspected it to be quite the foolish move since she would be deprived of her principal armament, but such assumption in itself would be painted in rather the imprudent light as the lady of light pulled her hand back, and with another weighty use of her mana returned the weapon to her hand in an instant; as if it had been carried to her by some strange and invisible force.

“But I suppose if you’re missing your wonderful water witch, I can always oblige with this!” Shaking her head a second later as she spied her sable siren getting the better of the brute in charge and feeling inspired by the act, Miss Serena licked her lips before lifting her hand up and swiping at the air to summon yet another devastating force into existence, and on this occasion had it shaped like a beast from the deep who was made of nothing more than water, but no less destructive for that fact. Using her hand to guide her manufactured minion forward with both a sense of malice and a hint of amusement as she had it race alongside Daiko just close enough to put the fear of god into their foes before arcing to the side away from him before they crossed paths and cancelled one another out, though it had been a considerable drain on her reserves to use so many big spells in such short succession the fluidic femme could see the numbers around her steadily getting thinner as she continued to have her seething serpent smash through her opposition.

“With firebirds, supernova and sea dragons at our side, they never really stood a chance, did they~?” Setting them up like pins in an alleyway to knock down with little effort of resistance, and likely to break through all but the most ardent battle spirt which could remain in any of them. After all, even with the White Empress herself distracted by their boss they weren’t doing any better against the terrific twosome that remained, and Sofia for one couldn’t help but crow a little as she pressed this fact verbally once she had caught up with Daiko once more…

> Cuts down three normal banditos with her sword, then blade throws it to take care of a couple more, before returning it to her hand with the sword’s ‘pull’ spell.
> Follows up with her seething Scylla spell, using a curved trajectory to have it rush alongside Daiko before arcing away from him as it cuts down 7 more basic bandits, and 4 super banditos.
Name: Seething Scylla
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Heavenly Body Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Water
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Swiping with her hand, Sofia creates a magic circle with births the head and neck of a 2 meter wide draconic sea monster effigy comprised of powerfully swirling water currents, which rushes forward in the direction she casts it, dealing A Rank Damage to anything in its path. Sofia can also ‘bend’ the trajectory of her ‘monster’ by guiding it with her hand, but doing so doubles her mana cost.

Stir Up Some Excitement

"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

credit to nat of adoxography.


Bhuttan Morilech, the Wild Beast Empty Sun Nov 22, 2020 2:54 pm


WORDS: 4400 | TAG: @Daiko, @Sofia | ARMOR

Ultimately, Alisa couldn't help but feel thankful for the innate abilities of her Visor. Even while keeping her eyes firmly locked onto the foe before her, the wide area sensory ability allowed her to keep an eye on her allies... Initially worried about how well they'd fair against such an outrageous number of foes, it felt as though Alisa really had nothing to worry about:

"My my~... How you've grown~...", mumbled the sculptress, her faint smile widening as she sidestepped her enemy's retaliatory swing, taking his left flank as he swung that axe down in an attempt to bring her down. Now that Alisa had challenged him to one on one combat, none of his henchmen dared get in her way. Though the sculptress could respect it, she also chided their folly... If he thought he had any chance to prevail over her in such a manner, he'd all too soon find out just how wrong he was. As she stepped away from the attack, Alisa took a long, deep breath, her chest rising as she filled her lungs to the brim, glaring at her foe before unleashing a devastating spell, shouting with all her might, "Crystal Demon's RAGE!!!"

Once again, the thundering shout reverberated across the battlefield, followed by a shattering sound as a myriad of crystalline fragments shot forth and collided with the barechested foe standing before her. No matter how strong he was, or whatever magical protections in his armor, a blow this ferocious couldn't easily be shrugged off. In the end, the man was stood shredded and bloodied, wide eyed, barely having even the strength to hold his ground and raise his arm to shield this eyes from the blast. The mere fact that he did was laudable in its own right, leaving Alisa to raise her sword as the man charged forth despite the grievous wounds:

"DON'T GET COCKY!!!", he roared, closing the gap with powerful, boisterous swing of his axe.

All too easy for Alisa to dodge, yet she certainly didn't expect the second one, forcing her to raise her sword in a desperate attempt to defend herself from the furious blow:

"Gahhh!!", to no avail. Chipped from the earlier clash, her sword no longer had the kind of durability to endure a hit that strong, and in the end, the barbarian's blow ripped through the jet black blade known as Yoru, colliding with Alisa's body and sending her flying a few meters away, collidiging with the nearest building with a loud crash...

Tch... That hurt... Even with all the layers of armor protecting her body... That filthy piece of horse manure. That fucking hurt. Growling with annoyance, the sculptress stood from the rubble, standing up and swatting the dust of her bodysuit, her brow twitching in annoyance, glaring ferociously at her foe as she coated herself in a sleek, glimmering layer of diamond white armor:

"You had one chance you worthless lump. This was the best you could do hmm...? I must say, you almost had my hopes up for a moment there~...", she growled, charging back at her foe, ready to continue the fight before letting the man recover.


Used 450 Mana (50% discount from INT)

Name: Crystal Demon's Rage (晶魔の激昂 Shōma no Gekikō)
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Earth Demon Slayer
Type: Offensive
Element: Earth
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Sustained
Effect: Alisa casts this spell by opening her mouth. When cast, she can shoot a cone shaped, whirling vortex of sharp rock fragments that spreads out up to eight meters wide at peak range. The high impact can easily push people back one meter along the direction of the spin while they take damage. If she has others rocks in this spells trajectory, they will be sucked and rolled along the vortex. It deals A-rank cutting damage.

Name: Vajradehā (वज्रदेहा)
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Crystal Demon Slayer
Type: Offensive
Element: Earth
Range: 25 Meters
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Extending a grabbing fist, Alisa produces a magic seal around it, adopting an adamntine form over her body, clothes, and weapons. The transformation marks the activation of the spell, but to actually use it, she must target a focus point touching her or her spells, within 25m. From this focal point, she projects her petrifying touch as S-rank damage. Alisa can exercise some control over what it petrifies, allowing her to grab things without automatically destroying them. If damage is not dealt in the initial turn, it can be sustained, but goes on cooldown after dealing S-rank damage.

 Barbarians defeated (by everyone): 85

Savage Barbarians defeated (by everyone): 40

- Watches both Daiko and Sofia's offensive displays
- Uses the openings provided to cut down a few more barbarians.
- Watches as the babarians block Daiko's attack on their boss
- Intercepts Bhuttan's attack and challenges him to single combat

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

#24Daiko Flayme 

Bhuttan Morilech, the Wild Beast Empty Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:48 am

Daiko Flayme
It was true, Sofia was never predictable. Her very first encounter with Daiko was anything but predictable, and so was any other encounter with her from that day on. She was always flattering, and while he didn’t get the example with the sky at first - skies weren’t beautiful as Sofia and Alisa were, anyway - it was true that she could show many emotions and still be, y’know, Sofia. And so could Alisa!
And hey, so could he!
The blade that she used to cut through their barbaric enemies like butter even returned to her hand as if pulled back by a magical string. He wanted to impress them even more, now! But all he had was fire spells, and while he was a skilled Fire Mage, he didn’t possess a second type of magic totally unpredictable from his person… okay, other than the Mero Gauntlet.
And just as he tried to one-up Sofia by increasing the intensity of fire covering his skin, guess who grabbed everyone’s attention with their loud shout and- wait, she said Demon, right? Was that a Demonic Spell?!
While the magnitude of her Crystal Spell blew his hair back, Daiko was more shocked by the name… where did she learn Demon Spells? It was a Demon Spell, right? It had the word ‘demon’ in it, so that must’ve been the case. After everything that Daiko and Alisa had been through concerning demons - from their exploration through that mansion in Orchidia to the whole Demon Crisis about a year ago - it was perhaps the biggest shock of today to see Alisa release a demonic spell at the leader of the barbaric marauders. No, no… it couldn’t be, maybe it was just a cool name that she gave her spells, for he didn’t see Alisa as someone who would willingly learn Demonic Magic. How would she even get her hands on such?
One of the stronger marauders tried to intercept his thoughts with a tackle, but Daiko released jets of fire from his palms and smashed the enemy several meters off with a big, fiery explosion that quickly died out in ashen fires. At that point, he saw Alisa when she charged back at the leader, coated in strange, crystalline armor and still holding up a fight.
It looked like she would need more time to finish him off, in which Daiko realized that the numbers of the barbarians had dropped - only about 10-15 young marauders were present, while a few dozen more were standing near the fight with Alisa and Bhuttan.
He could use that old spell of his, now… they appeared to be standing in one line, save for a few lower marauders who were running for their lives from the water serpent that Sofia had swatted after them. He saw how they were about to join the line of sight from Daiko’s position, in which his smile brightened. “Thanks, Sofi! I got them, now!” he thanked her before inhaling deeply, his lungs expanding violently before a deafening shriek was released followed by a burst of what looked like a laser at first, but what appeared to be a highly concentrated, pressurized blaze escaping his mouth much like Alisa’s spell right before.
He gave it his all through that spell, a spell older than his Takeover Magic… one of his first spells ever produced. The lightshow provided with background flares to Alisa’s and Bhuttan’s fight, and he couldn’t see if he accidently hit Sofia’s water serpent too. When the blast died out, he fell onto his knees, breathing heavily as his lungs were overheated.
“*huff* I *huff* k-kinda… *huff* overdid it…”

WC: 611
TWC: 3760

#25Sofia Serena 

Bhuttan Morilech, the Wild Beast Empty Wed Nov 25, 2020 12:26 pm

Sofia Serena

WORDS: 665 | TOTAL: 4913 | Bandito Huntress

It really is hard to think that the sweet and shy normal Daiko and this one are the same person, isn’t it…? The emerald eyes of the enchantress growing wider as Daiko unleashed an attack that even left this green gazed goddess somewhat gobsmacked, the sheer heat of his blast seemed to diminish any effect that was left in her Seething Scylla spell and even left Miss Serena feeling momentarily rather stifled, but given the result she was more than happy to let both issues slide.
“Damn, you’re really going all out for your ladies huh~?” It hard for her to argue with any kind of result when what was left of the main force of these bandits merely being the odd straggler here and there that seemed to be scared into near-submission by the blazing blast that the bronzed boy had unleashed upon them, though she could feel her own Mana beginning to struggle a bit after letting loose so many high level spells in a row the Valerican vixen showed no signs of tiring outwardly as she moved in to cover their fatigued fireboard, and if anything found that her stamina was shooting upward rather than downward because of the way the momentum seemed to be with their small but potent party.

Looks like the writing is on the wall all around, isn’t it? More than experienced enough with the antics of her ebony haired empress to know that despite the bellow of the boss that the fight looked like it was pretty much over, as if that dazzling diamond vortex wasn’t enough the wife of the warrior woman knew that few had ever managed to best her beautiful bride once she donned her crystalline cuirass, and she doubted that this weary and wheezing leader would have the strength to do so either given the way the battle had turned, and she decided to do something a little bit diplomatic because of that..
“There is no reason for any more of you to fall to our attacks, bandits!” The sword of the siren held out in front of her frame as she warded off any would be attackers who might have hoped to take advantage of her glorious guildmates breathless state, though she had little expectation that many of them would submit to her attempt it felt important to her to give them a chance to throw away their arms and their loyalty to the pig that they called their chief, and as such opted to stall her fight in order to provide that.

“Lay down your arms, release your captives, and swear to never plague Myras again and we will let you live. Refuse, and we won’t hesitate to cut down who continues to oppose us.” Perhaps demonstrating a sense of naivete as she appealed to the remaining fighters around her to throw away their desire to battle rather than their lives, in truth while she could find a sense of thrill in combat Miss Serena had no taste for any remaining massacre, and opted to provide the remainder of their enemies with just a dash of mercy because of that.
“This wild idiot has taken enough from everyone in these mountains, and we need not include what remains of your lives in that number…” At least a hundred people dead or maimed by a battle that had never really needed to take place and in the opinion of this particular princess that more than enough justice for one day, though she was firm in her orders the foreign femme chose to be forgiving and understanding, placing her faith in the fact that what had happened here would have taught the remnants of the battle what real power looked like and what grace was as well, and hoped that they would have enough of the latter to preserve their lives over silly notions of pride or misplaced loyalty as she offered all around her the option of a dignified defeat over death…

> Moves to defend Daiko because of his exhaustion.
>Notes Alisa’s dominance over the boss, and expects their fight is nearly over.
> Shows mercy to what remains of Buttlan’s fighting force, giving them the option to surrender and live.

Stir Up Some Excitement

"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

credit to nat of adoxography.

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