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The Return of the Dragons

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While towering over Judina, Lanzerossa heard a few more questions. She remained at her spot but turned her face towards the next question. "I'm glad to hear that, young boy that looks like an old man." Lanzerossa replied to Kon's daring statement. Even without being aware of what it might mean to become a Dragon Slayer, the white-haired boy signed himself up immediately. Time was going to tell whether he would be able to learn it in the end.

Another valid question popped up. Lanzerossa turned her head once more, but this time to reply to Kurisa's question. "Hmm, I can sense that you are strong. I guess there are many dragons outside our faction who don't bother themselves with the struggle against the Nachtians. Since the Nachtians went into hiding, they didn't consider the threat big enough to get involved. I know someone who could be persuaded to join our cause. But he won't be persuaded easily. I'll send you towards his direction after you tell me your name."

Since multiple questions were following up, Lanzerossa backed up from Judina to address everyone accordingly. "A pleasure to meet you, Alisa. I have known many Masters from Blue Pegasus back in the olden days. I hope that I can rely on you as I did on them in the past. Regarding the conditions, I am unsure. The way the magic was designed, it cannot be learned by all races. In the past, humans, demi-humans, elves, and dwarves were taught the magic. Humans who had forsaken their humanity were unable to learn it." It was the truth. Lanzerossa didn't want to give anyone false hope by telling them that everyone could learn the magic.

Once Lanzerossa finished answering Alisa's question, she turned her attention back to Judina. "Judina Karlinus, huh? Oh girl, we are going to have some fun. In order to unlock your magic, I'm going to make you train day and night. Since Dante picked you as his successor, the pleasure is all mine." Lanzerossa was given a task by Dante and she would see it completed. Dante's magic, no, Zaggarodh's magic, regardless of how vile and wretched it was could be the answer to their problems.

She thought it was finally done until she heard something unexpected. "Wait, what?" Lanzerossa said as she turned around. She was aware that everyone would have many questions, but she didn't expect this question at all. "I guess I am, little girl. But I'm not interested in anyone right now." Lanzerossa replied while laughing out loud. She walked towards the girl, grabbed her, and placed her on top of her shoulders. What a silly little human, she thought. Somehow, humans would always surprise her.

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Kurisa listened to Rosa who also listened to the woman who was Judina. 'Better than to assume.' she thought as she grew up with Judina and the other siblings, Waylon and Regis. She rarely hears from those two anymore though. Her attention went back to Rosa who responded to her question and asked for her name. "Right, it's Kurisa.~ Didn't think you'd care."She replied and gave a warm chuckle with a smile. Not many people cared for names anymore, so why say it in the first place? She was happy that someone wanted to hear her name, not just for simple talk, but to actually know it it seemed.

Even though she and Judina haven't been contacting each other for a while due to their own life issues, she still cared. Her eyes wandered back and forth between Judi and Rosa till lastly looking at Rosa. "Not sure what you're all doing with her, but take care of Judina." It was not a threat, it was more like a friendly warning. There weren't many people left that she truly cared about, but Judina was like Judith, but it seems like Judina is set on an extra path before Kuri could get to her. The girl randomly asked if she was single which honestly made Kurisa chuckle even more. If she already didn't have her mind on someone, she too would care, but if not 'him', then she had a feeling another man is about to appear in her life unexpectedly.

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Reaffirming his position on helping her, Kon approached with reckless regard to his own wellbeing. “I’m being deathly serious, no matter the cost, I am willing to learn, I have put my life down for society, been tortured, maimed, exiled, throw whatever you have at me.” His words held no malice, only used to strengthen his resolution. He was a survivor going through ordeals that would send the layman down a more destructive path. His resolution and fortitude were like pillars of steel nigh unbreakable. Time and time again, he had been tested, conversely through it he had made countless sacrifices receiving minor boons for his losses. Recognizing that he hadn’t even given the sky dragon his name, he finally revealed himself. “Please you can call me Kon, I’d prefer not to be defined by my hair color.” Ending with a smile overwhelmed by the rest of his face grafted with sadness.

Understanding there was far more than just the two of them, Kon remained absent for the remainder of the conversation as Lanzerossa unloaded more groundbreaking revelations to various members within the growing group. Implications of another dragon to Kurisa, further alarming information on this so-called Dragon Slayer Magic to Alisa, all while a more intimate one on one took place between Lanzerossa and Judina including the name of a former Guild Master of a dissolved dark guild.

A rapid shift in tone and emotion came about as the sky dragon responded to the woman who could only squeak out her questions. Frustration overcame Kon with him biting his lip as he watched the messenger of their doom distract herself. A small trickle of blue blood dripped down his front as his voice raised his pace and tone. “You come here to blame us for something we likely didn’t do, reveal a groundbreaking secret, offer the solution, and instead choose to distract yourself!” Shaking his head, sending his fresh, ice-cold blood to his sides. “You mentioned it only being “learned” by people who haven’t forsaken their humanity? I haven’t, I have merely received the blessings of Illumin does that mean I am unable to help your valiant crusade against the Nacht?, Call me a child, Call me impatient I don't care, I've seen this all happen before, we don't have time for niceties or pleasantries, unfortunately.”


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Like a child whom did not know what to say, Masami silently stood there, almost curling himself while standing up. It seemed like he feared people arguing more than people physically fighting, the voices were suffocating him. He stood silent while people started their introductions, although he now knows everyone who had mentioned their own names: the one with raven-colored hair, the successor, was named Judina, but a woman who seemed to be taking the scenario more calmly than everyone else was named Alisa... Vollan? The name was awfully familiar, and she introduced herself as Blue Pegasus' guildmaster – now, Masami understood why his Sinese friend, Jan Ren, was so proud of his guild's master. The icy-cold man in appearance wanted to be referred to as "Kon," so Masami will do exactly that, except he was not asked to speak, so he will not.

Masami wasn't the type to become in need of greater power, who he is now matters to him, is that a red flag? Kon seemed to be in a much angry state tone now, and it was stressing Masami out. Greater power meant greater responsibility, and Masami had enough responsibility than he can already take, thus he decided to speak out, extremely calmer than he actually was inside. "I am willing to take such power," said Masami, stepping forward, "but I can't afford to be connected to any dragon, and I'm sure there are many who feels the same." unlike who he was in the theater, it wasn't Masami who was being the center of attention, it was that woman whom was also referred to as "Karlinus" as a more formal, family-name. Now that Masami was taking the role of a secondary, support character, he crossed his arms. "What's your solution to that, Miss Lanzerossa?"


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#30Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
Mary froze. A deep chill trailed down her spine. As soon as the words left her lips, she realized that a terrible mistake had been made. Not only had she wasted the only question she had the courage to utter on... dating status... But she was also shot down in an instant! Rejection number 197 for those who were keeping count. She was. The only twinkle of hope remaining in her bleak existence was that it would all be soon over. As the towering woman marched closer, she closed her eyes with a solemn sigh. Killed by a dragon... Hm, it did have quite the dramatic ring to it. Not the worst way to go.

...Unfortunately, she couldn’t have even that.

Much to the grim woman’s surprise, she was neither trampled flat nor scorched to cinders. Rather, the dragon... hoisted her up...? When she dared to open her eyes, she found herself sitting on the powerful creature’s shoulders, resembling some sort of spooky ornament. Or a particularly strange pet. She wanted to politely protest the treatment, but the words got stuck in her throat. To be fair, in the eyes of an ancient, towering being, she actually was just a little girl... Like a child before an elder... With that in mind, she chose to do the same thing she did around her family’s respected elders. She sat still and kept her mouth shut. Embarrassment was already burning on her cheeks badly enough.

The gloomy mage shuddered at the icy words flung by the white-haired man. Each one felt like an icicle stabbing through her chest, even if she wasn’t the primary target. W-well... He wasn’t exactly wrong after all... Where the braver souls dared to question and even berate the draconic woman, the eerie shoulder ornament said nothing. She couldn’t embarrass herself further if she kept quiet...

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#31Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir nodded back at Mary's shy show of gratitude. She was certainly a small breath of fresh air among the serious gathering that had called everyone to this location. The wind mage turned his ear toward the others and pondered what was being said. His curiosity spiked as the woman introduced herself as a dragon! Never had he come close to seeing one before. He had to wonder if they all presented themselves as powerfully as she did. More introductions followed and he turned his attention to Alisa. So it was her? Another guild master in attendance at this impromptu meeting for the safety of the world. Perhaps there was more to fate than he gave credit.

The story became grimmer the more she spoke and the more questions she answered. Until he followed her stride toward Judi and engage her personally.  He narrowed his eyes wondering what the woman was planning. And then it came to light. The lone warrior Judi had been the past year was due to this, Dante and his magic. Kon's temper began to flare and others signed up right away. At least they were all on the same page about facing this threat.

"I agree. I'd rather stay on task. After all, what you've said is monumental and I have a lot of questions as well."
He could understand Kon's frustration at hand. They had just fought for their lives and it was no time for piggyback rides.

"I'm Kazimir. It is nice to meet you also,"
he added, nearly forgetting his own introduction among the myriad of thoughts in his mind. "I'd like to learn more about this dragon slaying magic too. But I share the concern as I've stepped away from complete humanity. But you mentioned that in the end, you had assistance from other races. Does that mean it is still possible to defeat a dragon without the magic? Or did they help in some other way?"

He looked up at Mary awkwardly sitting on the dragon woman's shoulders. A whimsical sight among the heralding of dragons and ruin. "And I'd like to know more about our potential enemy and what exactly we let loose here. Dragons or something else with it? How big of a force did you seal away?" Of course the other burning question he had was unrelated and remained unasked. If she was a sky dragon he was tempted to know what her abilities looked like and what dominion over the sky she possessed.


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"Oho...? To think my predecessors waged a war against Dragons... Perhaps once this is all over you'd be willing to regale me with that tale~", the lithomancer's brow raised slightly as she not only mentioned knowing her guild, but having relied on them, in the aforementioned war no doubt. But in the end, she merely nodded as she flashed her a knowing, reassuring smile, "Worry not... Many years may have passed since then and now, but.. Some things never change~"

Lanzerossa had given her a lot to think about... For a moment there Alisa merely cupped her chin, mulling over the information, taking in her answers to other people's questions... The magic being unattainable to most who'd forsaken their humanity could prove troublesome. Clearly, they'd have plenty to think about. Even watching the draconian woman wearing the gloomy girl on her head got an amused chuckle from her lips, despite the tension of the situation. But she completely understood that others found it far less entertaining:

"Ufufu~... My, calm down, Kon... Losing your cool won't get us anywhere now, will it?", she spoke up almost nonchalantly, walking up beside the man she'd fought beside so many times. Sure, he might followed a far more dubious path since they'd last met, but there'll be no Dark or Light guilds if some dragon wipes out the world. Sinking on one hip, Alisa rested her hand there as she turned those wine red hues back to Lanzerossa for another question, arching her brow as she spoke, "While I agree those could be quite... Troublesome limitations... We may have have a bigger problem. How many allies do you have that could teach Dragon Slayer magic? You've done this before, so... How long did it usually take you to train a Dragon Slayer?"

While it's true that most people tend to trade off some part of their humanity in exchange for power - the strongest even more so - at the end of the day they simply might not have enough teachers for all the willing students. Which meant they could end up fighting a war with drastically reduced numbers. Learning how many Dragon Slayers she and her allies could potentially train would prove critical to their success:

"With an enemy as strong as you say, if we lack sufficient Dragon Slayers, we may just end up fighting a losing battle. Surely there must be another way to learn this magic?", she asked again, somewhat hoping that, if there was another way, that it might even enable otherwise incompatible mages like Kon and Kazimir to learn it, "Even if their quality might not quite measure up, the quantity could just as easily tip the scales in our favour."

As her fellow Wizard Saint Kazimir sought to know the enemy, Alisa did what she could to know just what kind of fighting force they could rely on when the inevitable battle arrived. Few people ever got to see the Master of Blue Pegasus truly worked up, no matter the severity of the situation... And right now would have been the worst time of all, after all, you can't really assess a situation and plan for it otherwise.

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"And who might you be~?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#33Judina † 

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Judina †
This was all interesting of situation for everyone else and well interesting for Judina as well. Then again all of this continued Judina's mind to think one thing, she really had not wanted then to be as open of public as it was starting too be. She was more in thought about it."Are you sure you want to go through with this?"Alistair had spoken for the first time since they arrived, Judina so far had not mention much about it, In fact the name Dante had not been spoken by her in front of anyone here, Seems this would maybe change.

"Everyone can have their problem, She is the only person who has: the information I need, the training and any answers I would want to know."There was no mention of trust, Judina was more looking for answers, knowledge and solutions. Emotions and feelings were something she was trying to avoid, Even if it was easily picked up that Judina was repressing her emotions for such a situation.

But she answered Alistair."I will be fine Alistair, I will be able to handle whatever this training is."It was most likely a lie from Judina to get her companion not to worry, After all maybe getting a six feet tall cat upset was not exactly the greatest of ideas. Internally might be very different but since she was not being open about it Judina seemed her normal.

Judina herself would not mention Zaggarodh by name, only because it was more of her still wanting to hold some things to herself. Knowing who all was here, Judina knew she was going to get a lot of questions if they were curious enough to find her. Something she also was not quite ready to deal with, So now Judina would just ask."What will happen with Alistair during my training Lanzerossa?"Which was a fair question, Judina had to make sure he would be okay.

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"No worries, I'll take care of her, Kurisa, cause from this moment on she is my student." Lanzerossa then turned her attention towards Kon again. "While I appreciate your resolve, you really need to work on that temper of yours. We cannot risk teaching someone this magic who gets agigated quickly."

The boy with the mask was worried about connections to Dragons. While Lanzerossa was unsure what he meant, she thought it referred to the subservient contracts signed by mortals to receive powers from the Seraphim and Demons. "Should you be able to learn the power, there will not be any bond of connection between you and the Dragon. We do not bind people to our wills via ancient magics such as the Seraphim and Demons when teaching them. It comes from a place of trust since we are teaching you something that is harmful to us in the end."

"Contrary to what has been told to many in the past, Dragon Slayer magic is not entirely necessary, Kazimir. Most magics can harm Dragons, however, Dragon Slayer is the most powerful magic that can be used against us. The other races supported us with their armies and mages when battling against the Nachtians. Out of them, only a few were actually Dragon Slayers." She replied to Kazimir.

Lanzerossa briefly paused her explanation and looked at the dungeon. Something was off. She couldn't sense Zagan being inside anymore. "The actual threat is the Nachtians trying to find a method to return Nacht, and inside that Dungeon, we sealed one of them away. We could not defeat him at the time since we lacked the numbers when encountering him and he turned out to be surprisingly strong. The fastest solution was to seal him, the Demon Lord Zagan, inside this Dungeon. We are unsure why he has aligned himself with the cause of the Nachtians."

A similar question was then asked by Alisa, the Master of Blue Pegasus. "I shall tell you the tales if we survive this ordeal. As I told Kazimir, we shall have strength in numbers. Dragon Slayer or not. It depends on their potential. Some learn it faster than others." Lastly, Lanzerossa answered Judina's questions. "Ah, your name is Alistair? Nice to meet you." Lanzerossa said while looking at the Cattian. "Alistair needs to be trained as well to assist you more properly in what is to come. I guess both of you need to train together to create a synergy between your moves."

Lanzerossa didn't want to scare everyone and tried to act somewhat lightly about the situation by picking up the child on her shoulder, however, in reality, she wasn't completely focused on the adventurers. She was constantly observing the Dungeon while waiting for her kin to show up in time to stop Zagan should he break free. Unfortunately, they were too late. She had to drop the act. "Everyone! Get behind me right now!"

Lanzerossa placed Mary back on the ground behind her after which she turned her face towards the Dungeon's entrance from which she stood 30 meters away. There was enough space for everyone to move because the area surrounding the dungeon was an open field up to a radius of 100 meters. If necessary, the adventurers could flee into the woods.


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Back in black
I hit the sack
I've been too long I'm glad to be back
Yes, I'm let loose
From the noose
That's kept me hanging about
I've been looking at the sky
'Cause it's gettin' me high
Forget the hearse 'cause I never die
I got nine lives
Cat's eyes
Abusin' every one of them and running wild
'Cause I'm back
Well, I'm back in black

Without a battle for his release, Zagan casually walked out of the Dungeon's exit with a cool and confident demeanor. Odin, Steel, Zane, and Ko followed the Demon from behind as they moved through the halls. The dark corridors of the dungeon were replaced with the summer sun shining brightly on their faces. Zagan had been waiting for this moment for a while now. He reached inside the inner pocket of his suit and pulled out a cigarette which he then nonchalantly placed in his mouth while lighting it up with his finger. He saw that Lanzerossa was already here, but the other Dragons weren't around. Lanzerossa was probably the closest one to the scene. Right now, the cards were in his hands.

"Hey, Lanzerossa. You here to put me back inside again? It took a whole group last time to get me in here. I don't see anyone else around this time except for the adventurers. I must say today's weather reminds me of that time back in Seven when you and Jurgander tried to ambush me and failed miserably. Oh, how his fragile ego got hurt by that. I cannot even finish this story without laughing again. Anyway, what's the plan? Stall me here long enough till the rest shows up? Unfortunately, I have matters to attend that are long overdue. So, if you don't mind, we have somewhere to be."

#36Ko Lesalt 

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Ko Lesalt

The moment they stepped out from the dungeon and into the light Ko let out a sigh of relief.  It felt like he'd been in that dungeon for weeks rather than just a few hours.  His relief dwindled when he spotted the group standing nearby, clearly arrayed in a manner that did not imply they were friendly.  All the same, Ko couldn't help but feel giddy already.  He was finally so close to being free from the shackles that held him down.  A mob of angry Guild Mages wasn't enough to quash that feeling.

Or, at least it seemed like they were guild mages.  The woman standing in front, who Zagan was addressing, didn't look like any mage Ko had ever seen.  He was immediately intrigued.  To make matters even more interesting, it sounded like Zagan knew her from when he was imprisoned...which made her really old.  "You didn't mention any old friends showing up, Zagan.  Judging by the horns, this must be one of those 'Dragons' you mentioned earlier."  Zagan had mentioned something about 'diversions' and 'dragons' in the same sentence, though he hadn't explained why they'd be a problem.  Probably something regarding Nacht.

Regardless, Ko couldn't help but stroke his chin contemplatively.  "She's nicer to look at than I'd expected.  Shame we can't stick around."  Behind Ko, Nantosuelta immediately started emanating more heat than usual.  The only thing holding her back from having a tantrum was the presence of the ancient Dragon right across the clearing.  Ko was likely to get an earful later.


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More familiar faces? Masami felt bitter now that he had grasped quite a look on newer people, unsure of why exactly his body forced him to do exactly as the dragon woman mentioned: get behind her. Masami was still sticking close to most of his guild mates, a hand holding the mask that hung upon the side of his face, trying to prepare for anything that needed preparation. "What... exactly is happening...?" all he ever wanted was the cure, it was his only reason of leaving Joya apart from other unnecessary things, but now he had brought himself up for sale in danger. Now that everybody would be creating either an offensive or a defensive stance, Masami tried to recall the woman's answer. He honestly didn't expect that she would answer him for lacking enough power, or whatever he lacked to become pleasing to such greed of power, but she had given him the answer either way.

It was a 'take it or leave it' scenario, and Masami was assured that the dragons will not force them to learn the magic. What are Seraphims or Demons, anyway? Nobody told these to Masami when he was leaving Joya, thus his lack of knowledge regards these terms. He had no time to answer for himself as to another character appearing the scene, one who had just lit a cigarette for him to smoke, followed by the new familiar faces that were mentioned earlier. "Seven...? Jurgander?" solemnly repeated Masami, trying to recall if these were familiar to him, although they were not. Now, he no longer knew what to expect.


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His perhaps overzealous attitude had shaken up the group with many shivering in their boots at his outburst, meanwhile, others shared his sentiment. It was only Alisa who chose to belittle him and to an extent Lanzerossa herself. Rather than throwing insults on the Wizard Saint or the Sky Dragon, he remained steadfast before her as she merited his concern for temper. It did certainly seem to give results however cutting through all of the fat that was being created with roughly half a dozen people talking. Holding his tongue further, Kon listened on as she unloaded more onto individuals within them. Truly a monolithic speech, only halted by Lanzerossa’s command, filled with an almost panic. Urging them to shield themselves behind her as mysterious figures exited the dungeon. A frown grew upon his face as both familiar and unfamiliar auras drew closer.

There was something foul afoot to be sure, this was undoubtedly the cult. Knowing little outside of what he had been told in the lengthy dialogue between them and the dragon, Kon took her comment under advisement and fell back tapping his chest before tapping her on the shoulder. “I might be on edge, but I’m no fool, please take this in the hopes it might protect you.” He muttered as he fell back staying within range just enough. As he did so, he also removed his Timcanpy safely stored within his pocket and threw it into the air pointing at the dragon, tethering immediately to her. With any luck his efforts would help her in what was to come, the worst-case scenario he’d just have to remake his beloved golden companion.

Having fallen behind the Sky Dragon, he drew up his inner strength, sending mana through his right arm, causing lightning to radiate from his Prosthetic replacing that which had been torn from his body. His sleeve turned to shreds as he watched more leaving the dungeon led by Zagan, later confirmed by one of their henchmen. Typically he would have liked to have shielded everyone, but there was just no time!



Companion Spells:


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#39Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
The grim shoulder ornament squeaked when she was suddenly placed back on the ground. “Eep.” It did give her the perfect headstart for following the order. She stepped close to the dragonic woman and quite literally hid behind her back. If there was such a thing as a safe place right now, this had to be it. So she reasoned at least. Quivering like a leaf in the wind, she dreaded to imagine what manner of danger would have a dragon this agitated... What manner of unholy monstrosity full of cruelty and hate...?

Instead of the growling of a monster, the gloomy mage was surprised to hear a suave voice addressing her protector. Caaaarefully she peeked from behind the protective back, only enough to reveal one eye. Her shock and confusion deepened when she spotted the same strange man who had... made her go poof... The earlier events had happened so quickly that only now she got a good look at him. Of his sleek suit... And handsome features... Oh no... H-he was... totally her type! B-b-b-b-but that was forbidden love!

However... Something else soon crushed the lustful thoughts...

Much to Mary’s icy horror, she noticed familiar faces among the emerging group. One in particular stabbed deep into her heart. Her eyes widened, glistening with forming tears. “M-mister Zane...?” Her wavering voice could barely reach him. She kind of wished it didn’t. “W-why are you... with that person..?” It was not polite to assume or accuse, so she tried to pose it as a question. Still, she feared the worst... Something about that eerie -and oh so very handsome- man felt... terrifying. ...Oooorrr maybe that was just her social anxiety flaring up again. To be fair, she felt the same way about every stranger she met.

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#40Odin † 

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Odin †

Four men, one ancient being and a fire drake looking creature emerged from the dungeon, just in time to meet everyone else. Looking across, there seemed to be many more of them on the 'good guys' team, but only one of them seemed to stand apart. The one that, shocking no one, was roughly as old, and on speaking terms with, Zagan. Lanzerossa apparently. Not a friend. Standing behind the woman was a great many faces, some of which Lucas recognised. Unfortunately for him, that likely meant there was, statistically speaking, at least one person there who would be able to see through his illusion, and could reveal Odin to the world once more, which would probably get him kicked out of Fairy Tail.

Most of the group simply waited and watched, but one of their number decided to be more proactive in his preparation. And, of course, it was Kon. Odin's eye watched the spell form, recording it and allowing the Lich to replicate it with some training. If this went south, it would actually benefit the dark mage more than if it stayed civil. The more powerhouse mages present, the more powerful the spells that he could steal.

"Well, it seems like we have quality while they have quantity." He would then raise his voice to shout across to the other group, "Anyone wanna place bets on how this will go? I'd be willing to offer my other arm?" There was no reason for Lucas to keep up the facade of his stump. It was bloody and gone, but it seemed pretty unlikely that any of the other side would care that he was a cripple, so why bother pretending.

#41Judina † 

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Judina †
Yes a very simple order, Judina would simple pat Alistair and point behind Lanzerossa, Climbing into place while Alistar moved into place, Alistair and Judina would end up behind like they where ordered, Just not too far away for the seemingly scared rather creepy ghost lady. Generally making sure she was close by in case she was needed for something.

When Alistair got to the spot he figured he would stop at,Judina would get off of him and be a if anything a few feet away from Mary, Alistair and Judina seemed rather settled and quiet even if the situation was stressful, Judina was not really like her mother, in some ways the opposite rather blunt and forward see the rather anxious woman even if creepy she would then would just make.

Judina would place one of her hands on Mary's shoulder and say."Too nervous pet Alistair, He will be helpful in coping with stress."It was blunt and monotone, To Mary if she picked up and remember Judina's last name was that of Judith's would see that Judina was much taller then Judith, Her hair was shorter and darker and Judina seemed more blunt and far less emotion seemed to linger in her voice. But she was steering her towards something to hold on too. Alistair also just to seem as a six foot tall cat could smile and say."Hello, I am Alistair."To kind of sound normal and happy.

Opposite to Judith, Judina also did not force Mary to do what she mention and implied for Mary to do, Just take her hand on her shoulder, To listen and observe what was going to take place. as long as Zaggarodh's power was not forced to be used by her when she had no idea Judina would be fine, But it seemed no matter what everything here was left between two power people and Judina was left to ride the tide.

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Steel walked with Zagan and the rest of the guys he had his sword over his shoulder. Out of them all he knew both Ko and Lucas. He actually saw Ko as a friend which was kinda weird due to the fact that maybe only a week before Ko had tried to kill Steel at the behest of some hooligan. Lucas was his guildmate and they had run into each other twice before this. Once at the guild HQ and once when Steel had invited him to a theater play in Marigold.

Exiting the dungeon Steel was momentarily blinded. It had been semi dark down in the dungeon the only lighting they had had was the smoldering lava which to be honest wasn’t the nicest. Steel had felt it on his way out but his armor actually felt colder now. He was kind of covered in blood but at least now his face wasn’t obscured by the large amounts of gore.

He noticed all the other mages out there. This seemed to be a confrontation and since he had given alliance to Zagan he was going to help out if they got into a tussle. He walked up next to Zagan forming a line. Standing there he looked over to Zagan and spoke. “So uhh what now?” After saying that he looked back at the large crowd of people he noticed Mary among them and waved at her with a happy smile on his face it seemed Zagan hadn’t killed her after all. He sneezed due to the change in temperature under the blazing sun. Then he shouted at Mary “Hi Mary, I am happy you are ok but it seems we are on opposite sides now!” He then got into a fighting position with his sword in front of him, squared his shoulders, evened out his center of gravity by going down into a lower pose and got ready to rush his enemies if he had to.

Strength: 43+60 from Earrings +60 from Sword +20 from Armor = 183
Speed: 31 +40 from Ring - 10 from Sword - 10 from Armor = 51
Constitution: 61 (HP + Armor = 2S ranks HP + 1S rank armor durability)
Endurance: 34
Intelligence: 21
Mana: 1635
Minor Armored Movement & Wielding: Half speed penalty on all heavy equipment except shields.

Weapon: Executioner Sword
Armor: Vanguards Haste
Earrings: Pyaar Earrings


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She listened to her say on how she was going to take care of Judina, good. She felt like there was enough going on that she didn't want Judina going off on some chase that she wasn't going to come back from. Sighing softly, peacefully even she listened to her respond to everyone else. It will be her turn and maybe she was just preparing for what was about to come next because that peaceful sigh didn't last long. Alisa responded to the white-haired man as Kon, Kon... her cousin. It has been truthfully a really long while since she has seen him. His wedding with Alice mainly.

Out of nowhere, a man appeared with a few other people - one she noticed right away. Ko was on the other side. While Kon was giving out defensives, she was distracted as she walked up enough to gaze at all who was there and they could see her as well. Her eyes glitched a full golden color as she looked at Ko and someone else. That older man who felt familiar yet she didn't know why. His appearance was no one she knew of so why was her heart-tugging her that way. Perhaps she will know sooner than later. What was bugging her about the other side? She stayed silent like the wind as she couldn't help but study the older man, ignoring the younger one who looked like he came out of some Lucifer video game.

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Zane's legs walked out of the dungeon alongside his companions as he raised his arm slightly to cover up the light of daytime. A song from ACDC, a band who is now canon in this universe, played in his head. Not like the whispers from before though. This was entirely Zane's imagination. Not having realized the true nature of the situation thanks to not paying enough to most of Zagan's explanations earlier, Zane saw his fellow mages. Some were familiar, some were new. There was one woman who seemed to stick out more than the rest to him, though.  She was extremely tall, especially for a woman - though this was a tall height for anyone regardless of their gender. Zane waved his arm to the other mages happily without truly realizing how some of them might have been looking at him right now. "Heyo, everyone!" His voice was in quite the happy mood, his dense mind not quite understanding the situation just yet.

Zane opted to stay close to Zagan, never getting outside of a few feet from the man. Zane figured that doing so would probably allow himself to look even more handsome. Zagan was also handsome, only slightly less so then Zane. This was a good strategy. They could multiply each others good looks rather than overshadow each other. Looking to Zagan with a confused yet amused face, Zane jokingly commented on his words. "This your ex-girlfriend or something, Zagan? Really didn't expect you to be into such tall women, but hey, you do you man."

Soon after these words Zane quickly recognized the situation was not quite as happy as it all seemed, the tension being enough even to metaphorically pierce through Zane's thick skull. His face lit up a bit when he saw Mary, glad to see she had made it away okay, yet also confused as to her tone and question. Looking over to Zagan briefly, Zane raised an eyebrow. What were the others here viewing them as? He knew he should've listened more intensely to Zagan's story... feeling a bit intimidated by the mood, Zane's expression turned a bit more serious as he positioned himself a bit further behind Zagan a few seconds after Mary's words had reached him, even if only by an extra foot or so. Hopefully his new friend would sort this out.


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Alisa would have certainly liked to discuss it more... The dragon woman reassured them that even the less than optimal magics could still hurt dragons, which was quite the reassuring piece of news, all but making Alisa sigh in relief. If Dragons could be hurt, they could be killed. Even without Dragon Slayer magic. After all, Alisa had no intention of forgetting the very reason why she'd learned Demon Slayer magic in the first place... And if she'd ever considered it, what happened next would have quickly dismissed any such notions as the caught sight of the one the Dungeon was supposed to seal:

"Hmmm, seems to me like we have more pressing concerns now.", noted Alisa, drawing the gleaming, jet back blade known as Yoru, holding it on her right hand, the tip ever so slightly pointed downwards, hanging inches off the ground. Far more so than the man who followed, she could recognize the real threat being the man in front of them, as would anybody would half a brain, "Looks like a troublesome one just showed up. And he found himself a couple helping hands as well~?"

Lowering her visor, Alisa tapped her foot and turned the entirety of her body and armor into a pure, crystalline white, hardened by a layer of diamond impenetrable to all but the strongest of attacks. And yet she had a distinctive feeling that it wouldn't really endure even a single hit from the mountainous menace standing before them now. At the same time as Alisa nodded and watched the dragon woman march off. She didn't seem particularly concerned with the Demon Zagan's posse or their pitiful provocations, looking between each of them as her eyes narrowed:

"Well, don't bother with the small fry.", she'd be damned if they couldn't deal with at least that much. Lanzerossa and Zagan aside, they largely outnumbered their enemies... Whatever differences they may have, Alisa and her sister, Kon and Kazimir. The four of them alone were among the most powerful mages in the country. Asking the four to work as a cohesive team out of the blue might be too much to ask, but if they could only avoid getting in each other's way, "We'll watch your back."

In the end, there was little more they could do but support her. Though frustrating enough a notion to leave her clicking her tongue, Alisa betrayed none such annoyance, her visage showing nothing but that ever present faint smile. She had no clue what Zagan was capable of... While Lanzerossa most defenitely did. By keeping an eye on their fight, watching every last movement... She could slowly get a feel for the kind of enemy they'd be dealing with in the near future. This was a golden opportunity, after all.

For now though, she had to keep them all safe, and move into position accordingly. As Demon and Dragon conversed, Alisa took her place, standing roughly two meters to Kon's side, ready to put some added distance between herself and Lanzerossa if needed to keep her allies safe: With two guild masters standing at the forefront of the group of adventurers, they could act as a veritable barrier between the soon to be dueling titans and the remainder of their companions. Each of them had members of their own guilds to look out for, but at this point, holding on to ideals such as guild identities or alignments would serve no purpose.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz stood with one hand on his chin as the sky dragon spoke about the mysteries of the past. He gave a small nod at hearing that the dragons were capable of defeat without the need for the slayer magic. It was a welcome relief that he'd still be able to do something in defense of the land he called his home. "Well, that's good to know. I can still be of some use then even without it. But I'm still curious to see just what that power looks like," a genuine curiosity. Yet that very existence created more controversy in his mind. What separated the power of angels and demons from that of dragons.

"An entire dungeon for a single being,"
he spoke softly to himself. Eyes landing on the doorway he and his guildmates had left from. Whatever monster that was held within had to be a threat to the very world for things to go this far.

Without much more time between them, the dragon averted her gaze toward the dungeon. A sudden command to all those around her to step back. Kaz stepped behind and to her side a few meters. A keen eye on the rest of his haphazard comrades. A man appeared, not like anything he would expect of someone emerging from the dungeon. The way he and Rosa looked at each other, it was plain to see the truth. "Him." There was almost a chill in the air. A dragon met a demon face to face. Mortal enemies of a time long past. And again they were caught in the turmoil of powerful beings.

Kon whirled around and cast a spell on the woman. Different magic than he had seen the man use before. Then again, Kon always seemed to have something up his sleeve. But the thing that truly rang out to the wind mage was the sound of surprise in young Mary's voice. One that carried a wealth of information. Betrayal. He looked between her and the one she spoke about. Perhaps Mary found herself on opposite ends, facing off against an old friend, was certainly difficult. Judina was always ready to comfort others and the sentiment put a brief smile on Kaz's face. It soon faded to a narrowed stare at the rest of the entourage accompanying the well-dressed man.

They were a brazen group and one of them he knew all too well. "I suppose I should have guessed I'd find you here," he spoke to Odin, the ever-elusive lich.

Kaz gave a small sigh at battle lines forming. Things always dissolved so quickly into bloodshed. He stepped behind Kon and Alisa, who were on the front line. The wind mage's magic, better suited for distance. He didn't know much about the powers of the others but if they were here then they were strong. "Indeed we will," Kaz reassured his position. He looked around him at the gathering of various guilds now standing to face a demonic threat and his gathering of warriors. Fortunately for them, they had a demon slayer on their side. Everyone else started to position themselves for the worst. "Seems we're in this together," he said as he stood ready. His hands were loose and at his sides ready to cast. His left foot shifted back, partially hidden in the flowing hakama pants he wore.

And he waited. Held still to see who would make the first move, or if they would be relegated to watching a battle between a dragon and a demon. His heart beat faster with curiosity, thinking about seeing the full might of the dragon.

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Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe merely stood by as events passed, listening while not contributing himself. The less he knew, the better, probably. He'd merely entered the dungeon in the first place in search of loot, and there was nothing to be done when it came to the follow-up. Dragons? Nachtians? Some kind of conflict? In one ear and out the other, mostly. He wasn't the kind of person that would save the world or fight for anyone but himself, really. That much was obvious to him from the start.

When conflict seemingly began to break out, Tomoe took a position closer to the back line where any support mages or otherwise weaker combatants might be. The less people knew about him, the better. The spotlight was for heroes and villains to duke it out on a grand stage, and the Joyan wouldn't dare enter that realm. His eyes scanned the new arrivals, recognizing one among them. Zane, the eyepatch weirdo from Myras!

"Heyo, Tornado.", Tomoe would call out to Zane with a wave, also ensuring that nobody would try to stab him in the back or front while he did so.

Tomoe would then take note of the fact that some of these people knew each other. It was a huge clique-y social web too deep and intricate for Tomoe to enter into, and so he wouldn't. Rather, he would stand and await the continuation of this potential battle from afar at the back line of his "side" in this confrontation. Scanning among them, he would defend himself from any potential threats that might come his way.


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"Correct, she is Lanzerossa, the Sky Dragon." Zagan whispered as he turned his head around towards Ko. He then returned his gaze towards the battlefield in front of him. "It seems like she is going to try to stall us, boys." Zagan sighed. Even though the cards were in his hands, Lanzerossa was not going to let him off that easily. She knew it would be better, in the long run, to try and stall Zagan right now to seal him once more with the aid of some others.

Zagan slipped his hand into his suit and pulled out a dagger that would change the course of this battle. It was the same item that turned the tide the last time. Zagan firmly wrapped his fingers around the hilt of the dagger while staring down Lanzerossa from a distance. If she wanted blood, she was going to get it, however, it was not going to be his this time. "Are we going to do this, Lanzerossa? Last chance." Zagan bellowed. His voice echoed through the forest and enfeebled the adventurers. Even the men standing with him would be surprised to witness Zagan with such a different composure in comparison to their brief meeting in the Dungeon. Regardless, it was made clear to the others, including Lanzerossa once more, that Zagan was not an opponent to take lightly.

Suddenly, Zagan disappeared. There was no trace left of him. Almost as if he was never there in the first place. As the adventurers would wonder about his whereabouts, Zagan reappeared among them while holding onto Masami's neck from behind with his open hand. He lifted the boy up and pointed him at Lanzerossa while glaring at her. With his fingers squeezed deeply into the boy's neck, he rendered him nearly immobile while hovering him above the ground. "Or would you rather let me spill their blood here?"

Zagan, the man in black, made it clear to Lanzerossa that he was not here to play games anymore. He wasn't above using Lanzerossa's weakness against her. Zagan sensed that there were some fierce adventurers standing with Lanzerossa, but would they be willing to sacrifice this child to have a chance at sealing him or would Lanzerossa make that decision for them?


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Lanzerossa didn't have any time to reply to the others anymore. All she could do was focus on the threat in front of her. Zagan was right, she could not possibly attempt to subdue him by herself. Not with that item. Still, there were others here who could be of great assistance to her in the forthcoming battle. She was weighing her options carefully as she carefully observed Zagan's moves. While some were surprised about what had just happened, the more seasoned adventurers realized it was ready to arm themselves. Whether to protect themselves or others.

Lanzerossa didn't give in to Zagan's taunts and demands and kept on analyzing him till he disappeared. He couldn't have gone too far away, she thought. As she looked around in distress she saw Zagan standing much closer to her than before. This time, however, holding someone hostage to negotiate. While some of her faction might have argued that saving one life wasn't worth over potentially saving many more in the future, she did not hesitate when making her decision. Her smooth skin quickly turned into white scales as her size expanded tremendously.

The Sky Dragon was no longer in her humanoid form. She was once again a behemoth in order to protect the adventurers from Zagan's threats. As she towered over the flock in her immensely grand form, she opened her maw and let out a thundering roar to intimidate Zagan. Quickly, she snapped Masami from Zagan's grasp with her maw and threw him up in the air while catching him on her head. She manifested her magic to hover everyone else from the ground onto her back while glaring back at Zagan. She knew that Zagan had won this round, but she would return one day with these adventurers and her faction to face him once more.

Today was not the day, she thought to herself. She spread her wings widely and flew away towards the sky. At that moment, she could see Zagan still looking her straight into her eyes. His menacing expression had changed into a smirk. A cheeky smirk. As if he knew that Lanzerossa would do this. The bastard had forced Lanzerossa to play into his hand and ensure his departure. With the adventurers on top of her, she turned around flew away into the distance.

"It has begun. Now, we must teach you the Dragon Slayer magic and other methods to obtain it." She said to the adventurers. Lanzerossa would continue to fly till she reached somewhere safe to drop them off. After that, she would meet up with her faction to discuss what was coming next.


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Steel watched as Zagan literally just disappeared from view. The voice he had used before disappearing had been a scary one luckily Zagan was on Steel’s side. The woman who had been standing around suddenly turned into a huge dragon. Steel was shocked by it even though he and the rest of the gang had already been told she was the “sky dragon.” Zagan had been wielding some weird knife and it seemed that the dragon was afraid of him now more than ever and to be fair everyone knew that the dragon had been scared of him before he drew the knife.

Steel waved at Mary as the dragon levitated them all onto her back and flew off. He knew their meeting had been brief and if they met again then they would no longer be able to be friends because she would be on the opposite side against him. He then looked over at where Zagan was standing now that the dragon had picked up their enemies and flown off and raised his voice shouting so that Zagan could hear him seeing as Zagan was quite a far bit away from him. “What now? What do we do now?” He wanted answers because he had now forsaken all of his old goals of becoming A hero. He was officially a villain.

Strength: 43+60 from Earrings +60 from Sword +20 from Armor = 182
Speed: 31 +40 from Ring - 10 from Sword - 10 from Armor = 51
Constitution: 61
Endurance: 34
Intelligence: 21
Mana: 1635
Minor Armored Movement & Wielding: Half speed penalty on all heavy equipment except shields.

Weapon: Executioner Sword
Armor: Vanguards Haste
Earrings: Pyaar Earrings
Ring: Haste Ring

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