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The Return of the Dragons

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The Return of the Dragons Empty on Fri Jul 17, 2020 6:12 pm


As the groups ventured outside the dungeon, they were awaited by someone standing outside. It was a tall woman with long white hair and menacing horns on her head. Some races on Earthland were born with horns, but somehow she felt different. It was as if they were presented with an existence none of them had encountered before. One thing was certain, she was powerful.

"Foolish humans, what have you done? Who told you to come to this place? Do you realize what you have all just done? We have dedicated ourselves for millennia to seal away everything and everyone involved with Nacht." It was obvious from her tone that she was angered and upset. Though, that was not all that could be deducted from her tone. She was also scared. "Why do you foolish adventurers want to see the world end so badly?"


The Return of the Dragons Empty on Fri Jul 17, 2020 7:59 pm


A dominating, refined and vocal figure came into sight halting them from returning to Civilization. Sharing similar traits to demons horns and all but without the venom or hostility towards everything around them. Her words were indirect, blaming everyone who spilled out of the “Dungeon.” Kon was confused about the accusations and remained silent as revelations of the end of times were revealed alongside an intimidating name that was uttered, Nacht. Another day, Another enemy at this point for Kon, he had already fought alongside his peers against another world ender, this Nacht would fall all the same. Approaching the horned figure with sliding steps, hands raised to emphasize his words, Kon began by generalizing the various groups around them with a sweeping wave of his hands. ”I’ll be honest with you, I don’t rightly remember who or what brought me to here, nor was my intention or my comrades to break a seal of any kind.”

Scratching the side of his chin, Kon continued. “Meanwhile bringing about some form of doomsday is definitely something that I’d prefer not to happen, I’ve already fought off two planes of existence doing so again would be rather tedious…” Ending with a noticeable resignation to his words. Admittedly Kon was tired of fighting against beings that transcended even people such as himself but if it was needed he would do so once again.

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A flick of her hand as she patted off her shoulders. The dust went off like a rug being smacked from her outfit. She felt like the dungeon was eventful, fun, and rather different than her usual duties in her daily life. The angelic woman stood tall and gazed down with her icy eyes as she listened to some woman talk. The appearance made her look like a demi-human who was a part dragon or in a rather distasteful manner, a lizard. Her cold stare moved to look at another man who was here. He had white hair and it seemed like he had something to say to the random woman who was here.

It was obvious that she didn't come from the Dungeon itself like him and herself. "He's not wrong. Whatever you think we were apart of with this seal - we weren't." She spoke up in her breathy tone and parted her bangs away from her own icy lilac eyes. She continued to give her a cold stare as she wasn't sure where all the others were. There had to be more than just her and this white-haired man. Where was her team? It didn't matter though as she will have to work with whoever ends up being here if a battle is sought out. The wind was settling, but enough to make her hair swish towards the left in front of her face and behind. Her gaze never left the woman's hundred percent. She could be dangerous and a foe, but in her voice, she seemed afraid of something. What if something could be helped that didn't involve them fighting each other if that was on her mind?



#4Mary Wraith 

The Return of the Dragons Empty on Fri Jul 17, 2020 11:48 pm

Mary Wraith
A puff of smoke erupted outside the dungeon, conveniently near the group already gathered there. From its gray wisps appeared a grim ghoul, a deathly-pale woman dressed in long, dark robes. Her strange spiral eyes swept the surroundings slowly... She was completely silent. Or perhaps soundless was more accurate. She didn’t even breathe. Bewilderment painted her features. One second she had been inside a volcanic area with her guild when a mysterious stranger appeared... And the next, she was outside among even more strangers. Her heart was pounding with growing panic. Shehadnoideahowtodealwiththishelp!

Surrounded by such incredibly powerful and intimidating figures, Mary felt completely out of place. In stark contrast to the beings that radiated untold power, she radiated nothing more than fear. Scratch that, utter terror more like. To a vivid imagination -or sharp senses- it resembled a violet veil of gloom hanging over her.  Her knees were trembling so much it seemed like her whole body was vibrating. The furious questioning made her recoil with a pitiful squeak. “I-I’m sorry...!” Out of reflex, she dropped to the ground and bowed her head as deep as she could.

While the others defended their case, the ghastly woman could only try to explain herself. Soft sobs slipped between her words. “I didn’t mean to come here... I just... appeared... and my guild did too and we were trapped inside and and... Unfortunately her vague mumbling grew more incoherent with each passing moment. She honestly had no idea what was going on here, but she had already accepted that it was somehow all her fault. Naturally, now a grim question was beginning to seep into her mind like dripping ink staining her thoughts. How would she atone for this grave mistake...?


The Return of the Dragons Empty on Sat Jul 18, 2020 12:09 am

Turns out, it wasn't just Masami and his fellow guild members. More and more, unfamiliar faces – some which Masami could somewhat identify from the news, some were people he had met. Perhaps all of them were fated to meet in one place, perhaps someone hosted such an event to take place. The woman who took the center of attention, she whose draconic horns stuck out of her head, had a gaze in her eyes incomparable to those Masami had already witnessed before. When she spoke, Masami immediately understood that she was no human. "To see to world end—so badly..." audibly uttered, Masami tried to think of an answer to the woman's statements. Why is it that she seemed to have been blaming everyone, awestruck and confused, in the current location they are in?

Immediately afterwards, the people's conversations had started. One who had admitted unto no memory of being teleported here, then few whom agreed. Masami would agree as well, but he didn't want to catch their attention. All of them seemed to be mages—guild mages, to be exact; Masami was no different, yet he still wanted to somehow side with a completely different ideal. 'Foolish humans, huh.' thought Masami, the woman's words getting into him. Must she be wrong to assume something so pathetic, something so conservative as to confuse the rest? Another part of Masami warned him, thus he stepped backwards, staying near his guild members. The same part of his own had warned him for another possible fight, but is he ready this time?


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#6Raymus Kouris 

The Return of the Dragons Empty on Sat Jul 18, 2020 4:18 am

Raymus Kouris
Quite a crowd seemed to gather outside the dungeon just after the Blue Pegasus managed to clear it. At first, the woozy headed Raymus figured it was a welcoming party for their job of clearing the dungeon. Alas it quickly became clear that it wasn't the case. Many high ranking mages seemed to have come out of the dungeon at the same time. All of which, including Blue Pegasus were being scolded by some woman.

Twitching his nose slightly, the tall slender woman gave off a much different scent than the mages around him. It was nothing Raymus had ever smelled before and it alone made him very skeptical to approach without his guild mates by his side. Like a guard dog evaluating a threat. To be fair though, the horns and her general attire and tone didn't seem to bode well and it didn't take a genius to figure that out.

"Hey, don't lump me in with these, I'm no human." Raymus said with a quick retort that he quickly regretted. Still, he kept his ground and so long as the other really strong people were around he was sure she wouldn't attack. And if she did, he could always throw someone else like Jan or Daiko into the firing line to save himself.


The Return of the Dragons Empty on Sat Jul 18, 2020 4:42 am



Much to her surprise, the very moment the battered and bruised team strode triumphantly out of the dungeon, they were met by a rather draconian looking female, attractive enough for Alisa's gaze to subtly wash over her form, at least, until her words made her eyes widen. There were a lot of things wrong with this statement, to see that woman walk up and trying to blame them for breaking a seal. Alisa crossed her arms, as a visible twitch of her brow betrayed her annoyance. First off, she only actually came to warn them after, instead of before. Second, there was no way they could know.

"Well, if a couple dozen adventurers are enough to break the seal by accident, then it was bound to happen sooner or later.", shrugged the sculptress, brushing her long hair behind her. Sure she acknowledged how among the people in here, she, Kon and Ari at the very least were powerful enough to disrupt quite a number of magics... But could they have seriously hidden such a world ending threat and hoped everybody would steer clear of it without any idea of what lurked below. In the end, she couldn't help but draw a confident faint smile on her lips, "Granted, this... Isn't the first time someone thought the world would end."

Despite the visible wariness in the way the protective Guildmaster looked at Raymus, Daiko and Jan at her side, another, entirely different side of Alisa betrayed a completely different emotion. A lingering glint of excitement. Of course, even her faint smile faded at Raymus' choice of words, frowning as she looked at him:

"My~... So eager to throw everyone else under the carriage, aren't you Raymus~?", scolded the sculptress.

Strength is also Beauty

"And who might you be~?"
- Alisa Vollan

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The Return of the Dragons Empty on Sat Jul 18, 2020 5:07 am


None of them were aware of the possible consequences of entering the dungeon. Someone had lured them here with promises of gold and treasures. Someone from the outside. It could not have been Zagan, because he was still in there. Lanzerossa understood that it could only mean one thing. The followers of Nacht were no longer dormant and were making moves again. Sending the adventurers towards the dungeon was clearly a declaration of war, Lanzerossa thought. It worried her that the battle would no longer be fought in the shadows, but out in the open instead.

"The wheels have been set in motion. They are returning."


The Return of the Dragons Empty on Sat Jul 18, 2020 5:32 am



The woman hardly even answered any of their questions, which made Alisa's brow raise. She looked well and truly terrified by the prospect of what would come, enough for anybody to feel how serious it must be. But in the end, the woman never actually spoke the one bit of information that actually mattered here:

"Who are returning?", asked the lithomancer, hand slipping down and resting beside her hip

Demons and Seraphs once again? No, defenitely not... This woman's draconian appearance was an unsettling clue, yet one Alisa wouldn't readily assume. Dragons were, after all, a thing of myth. There was a time when they were indeed around but unlike Demons and Seraphs, they were living creatures of flesh and blood, who were now extinct.

"If there's a new threat on the horizon, the more people know about it the better.", she reinforced, hoping she could at least have the mysterious woman telling them all about this even more mysterious menace they'd unwittingly unsealed.

Otherwise, being cryptic and secretive about it just tends to lead to adveturers breaking seals they didn't even know were there, but an elegant woman like Alisa was type to rub it in any further. Not the type to cry over spilt milk, Alisa would much rather focus on who the enemy was and how to go about defeating them, hopefully in a way that wouldn't result in them randomly coming back thousands of years later, when most of everybody who remembered the threat was gone.

Strength is also Beauty

"And who might you be~?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.


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“The wheels have been set in motion, how insightful, please do go on.” First judgement and now vagueness from this mysterious woman, neither were helpful. “Who are they?, I’ll need a bit more than just Nacht... Are they some demon, a spirit from another realm, a vengeful soul plagued fiore, I think we’re going to need a bit more information…” Even the most basic of knowledge was unknown to Kon, the name of this woman, how powerful she was, all a terrifying unknown. Few had such an ability to conceal themselves from his golden gaze, even Seraphim were vulnerable to his piercing vision. This woman was definitely beyond what he had seen before, probably more than what any of his counterparts had either.

They all shared the same sentiment as Kon, lacking any knowledge of a seal, with Alisa making the only real addition to the conversation commenting on the vulnerability of the seal. It was true, if something was so devastating caged behind it why could they destroy it. Perhaps they were merely a distraction for a bigger plan? Scruffing up his head thinking to himself, Kon offered his suggestion to the horned being before them. “Are you sure there wasn’t something else that broke the seal and are just using us as a smokescreen, look at us, we’re strong as Alisa mentioned, but we’re world-ending seal breaking strong…”

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The Return of the Dragons Empty on Sat Jul 18, 2020 9:41 am


What were two people talking to the lizard chanter, was now a circus of more people who were in the dungeon. Her icy eyes caught on towards one who seemed to be having some panic attack towards this whole situation. Did this chick really frighten her though or was it an act? She blinked a few times confused and studied the others that came out as well. There was a tall annoying one, throwing people into the race of humans. Masami was here as well and then finally her blood-sister was here, Alisa. It felt like it has been ages since they last saw each other, her last life at that.

Kurisa didn't feel like asking the lizard woman any questions - everyone else seemed to have that covered. Her eyes looked at her own tails as she noticed some dirt underneath them, cleaning them. "This is quite the company." She spoke quietly and then gazed back up at this woman. "This is rather bugging me, do you have a name?" She questioned the chick at the bottom of the stairs. Truthfully, just seeing her as lizard chick could get a little annoying. Rather than it being because of formalities, it was more because she wanted a name to put on that face.

#12Mary Wraith 

The Return of the Dragons Empty on Sat Jul 18, 2020 11:34 am

Mary Wraith
Deep breaths... Were doing absolutely nothing! Mary’s confusion and fear only grew as more strangers entered the heated exchange. Some asked questions, others shifted the blame. As a simple scholar she was completely unprepared to handle the idea of the end of the world. She had neither the power nor the knowledge to... well... do anything about it! And that only fueled her anxiety. All this talk of seals and... wheels? ...was going way over her head. Panic was an awful soil for any kind of understanding to take root, much less bloom. She couldn’t even fathom who "they" could be... But she did have an uncomfortable gut-feeling, or a chill down her spine more like... Whoever they were, they had to be something terrifying for this imposing woman to get so agitated.

Caaarefully the trembling ghoul lifted her gaze from the safety of the dirt. Since she was still -unfortunately- alive, she kind of got the impression the angry stranger didn’t want to kill her. A shame... But it did raise several questions. Unfortunately, when she opened her mouth to ask one, someone else did so before her. Who were they...? What were they...? And who was the horned woman herself...? Each time she was simply too slow. In the end, she quietly picked herself up from the ground and dusted her clothing. She failed to contribute anything to the conversation... As usual...

#13Tomoe Tanaka 

The Return of the Dragons Empty on Sat Jul 18, 2020 2:25 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe would remain silent as he made his way to the vicinity of the woman. There was little to be said that wasn't already asked about; those fit for the spotlight would do the talking, and he would simply listen in and await answers or perhaps a conclusion to the whole ordeal. Escaping the blistering heat of a lava pit was enough for him at the moment, and whatever treasures they had obtained along the way weren't worth the possibility of death. Walking over to Masami, Tomoe would put a hand on the kid's left shoulder while still keeping his eyes on the strange horned woman.

"There're a lot of people 'round here that seem capable. It's likely that not all of 'em are trustworthy. Stay on your toes, eh, kid?", Tomoe whispered to the boy, patting his shoulder before breaking physical contact and moving closer to the woman.

"How 'bout you explain a bit more? It's real hard to feel guilty about anything if we're dancin' in riddles and speakin' mysterious. If Fiore's due for more demons, we'll just force 'em back down their holes.", Tomoe spoke aloud, intent clear as day on his face and wishing that the odd woman would speak plainly.

Demons were a force that couldn't be allowed to plague Fiore again. He had failed to protect people from them the first time, but he wouldn't fail again. Why? Well, he didn't know the answer to that. Pride, probably. There was no sense of heroism in his intentions, certainly. He didn't have a selfless bone in his body, and that was the truth. It had to be the truth.

Thus, the selfish man stood alongside the rest of the present individuals, voicing his own concerns. Whether it was demons or some other force, it didn't matter; he would stop it regardless.


The Return of the Dragons Empty on Sun Jul 19, 2020 2:36 am

Although sudden, Masami intently listened to what Tomoe had to tell him. Masami heard everything that needed to be heard, even what the icy-cold man uttered, and then Kurisa's question regards the dragon lady's name, and then Tomoe. He was correct, and Masami had almost forgotten how everybody isn't as nice as they seem to be. To expect that everyone was benevolent—Masami was being stupid on that part, thus gently slapping his cheek after his guild master detached himself from the boy after a light tap. For some reason, Masami expected that his guild master would create an offensive-defensive stance, but he seemed pretty cool (and also very confused) about the scenario—based on Masami's perception, that is. Thus, Masami's voice amplified when he made a question out of curiosity, just like the others.

"You're not going to be the cause of that end, are you?" asked he, who had realized the tone of his voice only after he had finished speaking. The tone of the dragon lady's voice, for Masami, sounded like a bluff. What if—just if, she was lying the whole time? None of everyone here seemed to know the reason why they were here, and Masami didn't feel like he was in a position to act tough. "Ah, I'm sorry," said Masami, shaking his head a little, "it's just that everyone did their best to escape—to live, only to get dragged in something they aren't even aware of." To Masami, that felt unfair. Why is it that these humans have to take the blame of something they didn't even know? Masami wasn't even questioning nor looking for answers, a part of him wanted the dragon woman to apologize for her ignorance, as well—her ignorance of not realizing that everyone, too, is ignorant. Masami, being one of those who 'do not know' had made him feel upset about himself.


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#15Raymus Kouris 

The Return of the Dragons Empty on Sun Jul 19, 2020 4:11 am

Raymus Kouris
Since everyone else was bombarding the horned woman with the same question spoken in different flavours, Raymus elected to remain quiet and bite his tounge. Although he would be lying if he said it was the only reason. As if she could read his mind, his Guilmaster picked up on his brash nature and admittedly selfish nature and knew quite well that he wouldn't think twice about involving the others should things go poorly due to him. It honestly took the werewolf by surprise that she picked up on it so quickly and quelled any thoughts he had about picking a fight. Then agakn given gow everyone was aggressively asking rhe same question towards the woman he doubted he would be the one to spark her attack.

In thinking this though, the woman didn't seem like the type to become agitated over a few words. She was calm and composed like a school teacher scolding her students. Almost like Alisa in a sense, giving the group a warning. The only difference being that instead of deterring the action she was warning them of the consequences which she had yet to explain. But would she even explain them? It'd be a pretty big waste of time for her not to. She did just warn them that the seal was broken and some unknown force was going to come for them. It would be pretty pointless to leave now. Almost as pointless as starting a fight over this whole shebang.

#16Kazimir Seiryu 

The Return of the Dragons Empty on Sun Jul 19, 2020 9:25 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir left the fumes of the volcanic room behind he was meet with fresh air and the chatter of voices. Almost as soon as he left the dungeon he could hear the ominous voice of a woman speaking about something...to do with Nacht? She questioned their reason for being, but before the wind mage moved any closer he checked on his team. In that time more and more people poured out of the dungeon hellscape.

The wind mage finally walked over to the now large gathering of people. Some were recognizable by reputation alone and one stood out to him. The other Nephilim he had encountered a few times in the past. It seemed they had a knack for bumping into one another in the tensest situations. Which only served to show the mage how dire this moment could be.

He joined the group to see a woman just picking herself off the ground. He walked by her and as he did, he conjured a gentle breeze of wind to help her knock the dust from her clothes without ruffling them to much and gave her a nod. "There ya go."

A draconian woman stood in front of them all. Horns protruded from her head, unlike the demons he had fought before. His eyes narrowed in contemplation as to what she was. Catching what he could of the conversation on his way up it seemed they were to blame for somethings arrival, or at least she held them in that view.

"I'm curious as to what is coming this time as well,"
Kaz said as he stood with the rest of the group. A friendly nod towards Kon out of respect for their history. Kazimir's robes were still burned from the volcanic battle and gashes littered his armor.

He didn't need to know many of the faces around to tell that they were filled with magical power and magical items of all power. There were only a few instances he could recall that this many warriors and mages had gathered together and it put a pit in his stomach. He kept his attention on the woman that was radiating her own intense aura of power. If something was sealed here, just what part did she play in the whole thing?
Dozens of questions swirled in his mind but amidst the barrage of questions already, the only one that mattered to him..was what was coming next and what was her intention.


The Return of the Dragons Empty on Mon Jul 20, 2020 8:21 am


Lanzerossa was caught up in her own thoughts for a second. She was wondering about who could have sent these adventurers here. Even though she already she knew the faction behind the actions, she was wondering about the details. Why now? Suddenly, she snapped out of it after hearing everyone asking questions. They deservered answers. "I am Lanzerossa, the Sky Dragon." The girl was right, Lanzerossa had to introduce herself to reveal that she was not a threat to them. She then continued answering their other questions.

"The followers of Nacht, also known as the Nachtians or Nachtian Dragons. Nacht, the Dragon of the End, the Nightmare Dragon, is not someone that we can possibly consider to stop by ourselves." It probably meant nothing to them. They had short life spans and their faction had done everything in their power to remove any reference to him from history. In order to clarify it all, she decided to give a brief history lesson.

"Long ago, Dragons were the rulers of the land, and other races were considered to be merely a food source for them. Over here in Isghar, many Dragons lived in harmony with humans and others, while in the other continents most Dragons were vile and attacked them. As the makings of an intense war were beginning to form, we came up with the idea for Dragons to be able to pass on their Magic in order for humans to aid them in the war, later being known as Dragon Slayer Magic." Lanzerossa paused for a moment to observe her surroundings. She was unsure whether they were all still safe here. Nothing had changed, but it could change at any moment.

"The wars caused our numbers to dwindle, but with the assistance of the other races, we managed to stop the followers of Nacht. As a result, we made sure that anything and anyone involved with Nacht was sealed away so that history would not repeat itself. We formed the Magna Carta with the Kings and Queens of the races at the time. We would not interfere with them, and they would not interfere with us. And by us, I mean our faction of Dragons focused on preventing Nacht from returning."

Once more she stopped. She was willing to answer their questions as long as it was safe. And right now, she had a bad feeling about what was to come.


The Return of the Dragons Empty on Mon Jul 20, 2020 2:14 pm

Wondering to herself why exactly she was here, when she was far more invested in other things on her mind, Judina would much rather take her time getting to the conversation, After all too many people far too many factors to keep in mind and sometimes things did drag on.

So Judina upon Alistair coming into the conversation, Generally Judina would start taking note of the people here, How many she knew already and how many she did not know. Getting close enough Judina got off of Alistair since they were slowly given a history lesson about dragons and what happen while they where around, even if it was simple and not in depth.

Judina would find a fitting place to observe as she wanted too part of her wanted to stand next to Kazimir since it was normal to her, but Alistair might get into the way of other people wanting to see this dragon lady.

War always was interesting to learn of the other ages, Part of her wanted to remember this conversation for the sake of writing it down later, Would be wonderful for some kind of book if ever took into greater details and names.

Lenzerossa was an interesting dragon to meet, Far less dragon and more human looking, At least it was far better then dealing with demons. There was a nice amount of interest over all, Now the followers of Nacht since they seemed to be gone, who was really the threat? Judina wondered, still remaining quiet not speaking a single word. First the Plane Eater, Now was it possible the followers of Nacht might risk a return? it was an interesting thought. Judina would pet Alistair for a moment. So far she remained the farthest away from the group for now, in the event anything else happen.


The Return of the Dragons Empty on Mon Jul 20, 2020 11:38 pm


Wars, Treaties, Doomsday level cults all rolled into one grandiose story. “Fantastic…” He muttered under his breath as the self-proclaimed Sky Dragon revealed her species dominance over all others. “It must have been quite a difficult thing for your fellow dragons to seek the aid of us humans going as far as to teach us magic designed to kill your kind, just to fight off Nacht.” As scowl grew as Kon continued to break down her lengthy exposition. “Why not just kill these followers of Nacht rather than seal them away allowing them to consolidate their power and slowly break the seal without your knowledge?” While the answer was probably obvious with Nacht being near impossible to kill directly, the same with his disciples. Nonetheless, Kon remained curious about the need for such a seal.

Kon had seen this all happen before with different players, this time would be different, this time he had direct knowledge of what was to come and a chance to truly help fight against their shared enemy. This was assuming Lanzerossa was willing to teach them to fight against Nacht and his cult. Unfazed by the distinct difference in power between them, he probed further. “If Nacht is returning it is critical for us to be capable of resisting his influence.” Continuing in his confidence unrelenting tone. “Provide us with the powers to defeat your opponents once more, We don’t have the luxury of time, mistakes, or indecision.” Pleasantries were never his strong suit, he was a blunt man, speaking his mind, caring little for the opinions of others even within his guild.  

The Return of the Dragons 6LwW1QF

The Return of the Dragons Empty on Tue Jul 21, 2020 7:57 am


The white-haired boy was right. It wasn't easy to convince the others to teach them magic specifically designed to slay their own kind. "We have slain many of them, the rest went into hiding and operate from the shadows. I don't know what gave them the confidence to suddenly resurface again and openly wage war against us. Others that could not be defeated by us were sealed away instead." Lanzerossa replied. "I fear we have no choice but to share this magic once again with you all, however, not all of you are capable of learning it."

Suddenly, she felt the familiar presence of an old friend among the adventurers. Dante? She looked around, but she couldn't see him anywhere. Did he hide himself among the group? Or did he manage to pull something crazier? Lanzerossa had lost contact with Dante for a while now, but that was not unusual. Dante would disappear to the ends of the world from time to time.

She stopped her explanation for a second while walking into the group to find Dante among them. Not this one. Not that one either. Hold on, this one? She stopped in front of a girl with a giant cat and stared into her eyes. Dante? No, this was not Dante. But why did she sense Dante in her? Why did Dante move himself partially into this girl? Unless? She was suddenly confronted with an overwhelming feeling of sadness. Lanzerossa realized that it could only mean that Dante needed someone as his successor. And the reason why he would need a replacement would be because he probably realized that he was going to venture towards a mission he could not return from. That selfless bastard, she thought. He could have at least contacted Lanzerossa. Perhaps there was something that she could have done to help him out. It wouldn't have even been a favor. Simply a debt repaid for all the times he helped the Dragons with the Nachtians.

Either way, it seemed as if this girl was still unaware of how to use her powers. She sighed and wondered whether she recalled Dante's silly antics correctly as she poked the poor girl on her forehead. Luckily, she recalled it correctly. The poke caused a minuscule fraction of Dante's mana to pour into Lanzerossa with a message.

"Hey Rosa." It was Dante's voice playing in her mind.

"Dante?!" Lanzerossa loudly exclaimed in her mind.  

"If you are hearing this, I am probably no longer alive."

It seemed that the message was recorded in advance.

"In order to satisfy Zaggarodh's hunger and prevent the Archangels from razing Earthland to the ground to find the Uldyssian, I traversed into the Lucent and took the battle to them. I don't expect to return. I'll at least cause enough damage to their realm and numbers to stop them from coming to Earthland again for a long time. I used the Oracle's All-Seeing Eye to see into the future of this girl, but could see at most up to this day. Good to see that you are still alive. And beautiful as always. I'm sorry that I won't be able to assist you with the Nachtians anymore, but I have selected a successor. She has a lot to learn before she's ready to save anyone. But I believe she can save the world. Please look after her."

Once more, Lanzerossa was overwhelmed with sadness after hearing Dante's final message to her for it confirmed her suspicions about his demise.

"Oh, gotta go! Yes, thank you, this is my order. Wait. I forgot to stop recording. How does one forget to stop recording with their own mana, you might ask? I get distracted easily, okay? I can feel you judging me from the future. Anyway, see you on the other side, Rosa!"

Somehow, even in death, Dante managed to make Lanzerossa crack a smile. With Dante gone, Lanzerossa would have teach her how to use her magic in Dante's place. "So, what's your name?" Lanzerossa asked while towering over the girl.


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Wars, Treaties, Doomsday level cults all rolled into one grandiose story. Practically admitting their past failures, Lanzererossa elaborated in the underhanded tactics their shared opponents undertook which forced their hand in sealing them into this long-forgotten tomb of a dungeon. The dragon even carried his own belief that they should receive the magic though it seemed to have a huge burden on a person. There were many around him that could undoubtedly take such power including Kazimir and Alisa, both Wizard Saints with nearly unparalleled strength. Meanwhile, there were others who were like ants to them only appearing like a flickering candle compared to their glowing rays of light. Kon unfazed by the risk stood up to the risk. “I am committed, Lanzererossa, gift me your power so I may protect the realm from the surge that seeks to bring about such devastation and destruction.” Holding steadfast to protect the realm and without a shred of fear.

While Kon was certainly a villain in the eyes of the law and an ethically questionable man, it didn’t mean he sought to bring about the doom of the entire civilization. Perhaps that was what stopped Alisa and her group from attacking him, the shared understanding that there were bigger problems to deal with than a person’s bounty. Having entered a dialogue with the woman, he would have expected a courteous response however he was instead met with indifference as she focused towards a familiar face, one whom he hadn’t seen for years now. Her behavior was most peculiar however everything had been up to this point. Frustrated beyond belief at the constant shift, back and forth of the woman, and now this, he scrunched up his nose and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his golden fingers. “Damn it.” he muttered. Now they would be stuck in unimportant dialogue while the “powerful threat” was released into the world.

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Kurisa felt the winds change as her eyes were placed on a woman who randomly appeared. The girl looked familiar as if she just saw her a week or so ago. She waited on a voice from their lips to determine rather or not she knew her then. There were a few people she knew who liked to change their appearance. Was she one of them? Her eyes looked back at Rosa who too noticed the woman. Thankfully, she asked about her name for her, but not before the white-haired guy asked for power. 'How thirsty.' Ana thought and chuckled with her arms crossed against her chest.

"Although I don't want your power, I do want to ask if I could search for anyone to perhaps help me in helping you and the world perhaps." She shrugged and was confused by her own question, but at the same time perhaps Rosa could help her with herself. She had her own life troubles and maybe they could help each other with this. Kurisa wanted to help people and never could she not help people. Even her past life she helped people constantly, but sadly none of that fame/reputation was known on her right now. She already had her magic, but if she was able to add things on top of that then sure? Why not, but Kurisa wasn't going to ask for power - no, she rather ask for companionship or in other words, help. This was all asked after the woman answered what her name was of course.


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"Well, pleasure to meet you, Lanzerossa. I'm Alisa Vollan, Guildmaster of Blue Pegasus.", Alisa was surprised nobody actually bothered to introduced themselves.

No doubt assumed a dragon wouldn't actually give a flip about any of their names, and though she acknowedged that, the lithomancer nonetheless flashed the woman a graceful faint smile. In the end, no way an elegant woman would be so rude as not to introduce herself when a stranger gave her name.

In the end, she merely stood there and listened, folding her arm under her chest as she took in the ageless woman's tale, brow raising at the farsight it might have taken for such powerful beings to understand they'd need to share their power with others. Her eyes turned to Kon as he asked a rather pressing question, why actually around and seal dragons when they had the means to kill them... And as it turned out, they really didn't... Alisa sighed, rubbing her templed as she asked yet another question:

"And I suppose without that magic, fighting them won't accomplish much hmm...? Well, like Kon said, the more and the sooner people can learn this power, the better our fighting chance will be.", she could already guess the answer to this question, and didn't exactly need the answer, "Well I'm already used to Slaying Demons. I suppose however Dragon Slayer magic works, won't be too different in the end.", noted Alisa, "Well then, if not everybody can learn it, do tell us. Who can? What are the conditions for learning it?"

Granted, all of their questions seemingly faded into the background as she walked over to Judina, in a way that actually made her eyes widen... What on earth...? When did that girl have time to meet a dragon~? In the end the thought all but made her chuckle as she rose a hand over her mouth.

Strength is also Beauty

"And who might you be~?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.


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So now the quite possibly the vary thing Judina wanted to avoid was now happening, She was now the center of attention, Such a situation given other stages and being younger in life Judina would have most likely try to leave, now days she was a far different woman.

Judina was normally the tall one from most people she was around, Now however she seemed bested in that manner, Not that she mind at all it was just an interesting thing for her to note. She was taking various pieces of information and things she noted about this tall dragon woman, It showed wonders and marvels in how things magic and life could always achieve for Judina to be poked on the forehead again, Wonderful she could only assume this had something to do with him and with the plane eater now, Something she was hoping to not worry about right away.

Even with the poke, Judina did not seem phased about it right away, Hoping this would end shortly to worry about she needed too. Letting the moment be taken in when asked she would answer."Judina Karlinus."She mentioned to her since it was simple to ask.

Judina so far did not pick up on the connection between her and Dante, That would most likely be to come and Judina would learn, much as she always had to learn know, For sadly her life would carry a lot of added stress now."It is nice to meet you Lanzerossa."She also was still rather polite for just being poked on the forehead out of no where, This was still not something she expected. But life threw that at her. She also was covering up any feeling she would be feeling being poked for no reason, Judina was not really one for up front touching new days.

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Mary Wraith
The ghoulish woman froze when a sudden breeze blew around her. She shot a frightened glance at the startlingly handsome stranger responsible. ...Then immediately looked away. Back at him. Aaaand away. After much hesitation, she managed to mutter something resembling gratitude. “T-thank... you...” It did take all the courage she had gathered thus far. At least her clothes were clean now. Kind of. ...Aside from all the volcanic ash and soot. And the slowly spreading bloodstain on her back. Actually, all that frantic dusting had accomplished very little in the end, much to her growing embarrassment. Oh how she wished, prayed there would’ve been something to divert all the attention away from her. And for once in her life, the silent prayer was answered.

When the stranger introduced herself, the gloomy mage’s eyes widened with wordless shock. A dragon... The world echoed within her mind several times. A mythical creature she had thought to be just a legend, one that had lived for untold ages... Yet now one stood right in front of her. Every nugget of information was new and invaluable. She found no reason to question it either. Rather, the thought stirred her curiosity as a scholar. Anxiety was pushed aside for the moment. She couldn’t even begin to imagine what manner of incredible wisdom the ancient being possessed. If only she could scrape together enough courage to ask a single question...

But what would she even ask?

The briefly forgotten anxiety came back as a tidal wave. Mary started twiddling her fingers together, as if trying to knit words to say. Questions flooded her mind, from magical knowledge to ancient history and even dating advice. There was so much she wanted to ask, yet only one chance to do so. Worse yet, the conversation was rolling onward relentlessly. With a pitiful squeak, she struggled to get her voice heard. “U-um, e-excuse me, Miss L-lanzerossa...”  Taking a deep breath, she haphazardly picked one of the questions swirling in her mind and blurted it out. “...A-are you single?” Chilling silence followed... The kind where one could hear a socially awkward woman die a little inside. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

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